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Sea dragon computer game on the TRS-80 Model 1

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Similar to a game called Penetrator which I've also uploaded but in this one you're underwater! There are a few more parameters to consider like oxygen supply for example. Good fun, and, like penetrator, a reward at the end. Pretty hazardous in the tunnel though! Gotta love the low-res graphics and general cheesiness but hey, this is 16 kilobytes of RAM and 1978 technology we are talking about here! From the System 80 section of my retro-computing archive website at http://www.classic-computers.org.nz . The System 80 is a TRS-80 M1 clone. The video was recorded from an emulator, called HT 1080z which is discussed here: http://www.classic-computers.org.nz/system-80/emulators.htm
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DAVID GREGORY KERR (3 years ago)
Looks like Mission Alphatron but the graphics don't look good.
Laura Ess (4 years ago)
That was a ripper of a game!
Thor1702 (5 years ago)
This was my favourite one. I played on a genius 1.
freethoughtmusic (7 years ago)
Ohhh memories. Thanks for uploading.
Francois424 (7 years ago)
Ok so that's the version I remember from when I was 5yo. Used to play this on my father's TRS80. Ok, now I feel old
CHOPPERGIRL's AIRWAR (8 years ago)
Oh snap I played this on a Model III back in the day one summer. I have a Model 1 in pristine condition in travel case with monitor, that I have never fired up, and two Model IIs, one with the 8 inch drives. I didn't know the Model 1 could play Sea Dragon.
od090 (9 years ago)
ChmarrCheetah (9 years ago)
What? You didn't capture the intro "sound effects" ?? SEEEEEEEA DRAAAAAAGOOONNNNNNN!!! :)
DrLeavingsoon (9 years ago)
Missed one - Volcano Hunter. Still downloadable!!
Hoopermazing (9 years ago)
My older brother had a Trash80 model 1 level 2 w/ the green screen. I used to have to load games on it with a freaking casette player. The damn thing didn't originally have a hard drive or anything resembling a floppy drive.
David F. Kramer (10 years ago)
Great game -- I bought my Model III in 1981!
Bob DeFalco (11 years ago)
16K...you DID have mad upgrades. There was NOTHING this machine could not do. It was awesome! (until the Model 3 came out...then...damn!)
321fdotnet (11 years ago)
I had the Atari version of this. Better looks and sound, but it got very tough!

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