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10 REAL People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters!

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Top 10 REAL People Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters Subscribe to Top 10s ► https://goo.gl/zvGBHe Other videos you might like: 10 Grandparents You Won't Believe Actually Exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGBAexEZJig&index=12&list=PL1pdD-buunJMA4UAkc5vtZok-_nuiUYGr 10 HARDEST Mind Tricks (90% Fail) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv6q9tWpXVc&index=4&list=PL1pdD-buunJMA4UAkc5vtZok-_nuiUYGr Description: Charlie #Top10s counts down the the top 10 REAL People Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters! Social Media: Subscribe ► https://goo.gl/zvGBHe Twitter ► https://goo.gl/VGwAQF Instagram ► https://goo.gl/9xUb4m Snapchat ► http://bit.ly/top10ssc Google+ ► http://bit.ly/top10sgplus Featuring: Shrek Up Elsa Frozen Peter Griffin Family Guy Ned Flanders The Simpsons Rapunzel Tangled Disney Ratatouille Johnny Bravo Mario and Luigi Eric Cartman South Park Top 10s is the best YouTube channel for top 10 lists on viral videos, shocking facts, most amazing people, trends, YouTubers, controversial topics, scary stories, urban legends, funny things and facts you won't believe. For business inquiries, issues or other contact, please message me via YouTube or email [email protected] Intro: MRVLZ - Never https://soundcloud.com/mrvlz Thanks To: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyuMuYW1rD8N3BMJB_TASBg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7DqDEeovdA
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Text Comments (6511)
Top 10s (1 year ago)
Comment any video ideas you guys want me to make below!
Luke Mangan (1 month ago)
Lourdes Martinez (1 month ago)
I watched Johnny Bravo
Kaydan OReilly (3 months ago)
Litten Plays (4 months ago)
Top 10s sonic real life
Sydneyy xo (13 hours ago)
Kiana Carlisle (1 day ago)
expansion _of_kong (3 days ago)
Deadpool Deadpool (3 days ago)
South park says a lot of bad words
Deku Boi (5 days ago)
I played as LUIGI to😃
kevin davis (5 days ago)
If you think cartoon characters are real then think again 😱
Its Shanelle (6 days ago)
1:45 is that my teacher???
Best Dabber21 (6 days ago)
QMellow B (6 days ago)
Right after you said Anna faith I searched her up
Mr. Magistral Malik (7 days ago)
My History class compares my teacher to Thanos from Marvel.
Kalab Gebresillasie (7 days ago)
Jonny bravo
Tazo Shuka (7 days ago)
i think animation creators saw it and make t hat guy i think
Emma Johnstone (8 days ago)
i do who is weld
Shrek and Flanders
Jamilah Munkayilar (9 days ago)
hello mamie i used loveJohnny bravo
Jamilah Munkayilar (9 days ago)
Tracy Lopez (10 days ago)
Intro music savage!! Wat called?
joeyboi 730 (12 days ago)
How dare you compare a misformed human with Shrek? Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
sound wave6 (13 days ago)
Ned Flanders😊
Kim Weatherford (14 days ago)
I did watch that show to
thunder wolf (18 days ago)
Can it be 12 and different charcter if it is i choose RHALP FROM WRECK IT RHALP DENNIS from hotel transelvania beast boy from Teen titans jake and fin from adventure time
Filipino Panda 16FO9 (19 days ago)
Kicker 444 (19 days ago)
Nothing is fake actually it is sometime
PizzaANDMilk (20 days ago)
I played Luigi
The Four Foot Giant (20 days ago)
Why are there two people talking at 7:54
Joseph M. S. (21 days ago)
Now, I have to admit this right now: I actually love content like this, and here's the thing; I actually wanted a girlfriend like Princess Peach, and now that I've seen this video, I would want one that looks like her. lol (And on purpose, and sounds like her both in tone and pitch (perhaps (like) the fairy (Ghost of Christmas Present) from Scrooged?) for extra information.)
Haider Khan (21 days ago)
Obviosly shrek
The mighty-leader (21 days ago)
You trash
Satire Zeby (22 days ago)
*Yeah, you 100% found these on your own*
Alan - Roblox (22 days ago)
Brutal Ghost (24 days ago)
Do the monkey lol
Phycokid 3089 (25 days ago)
I am just.. hmm I don't know what to say😂
Howard Nudd (25 days ago)
I Don't think the guy in the thumbnail would be happy if someone thought he looked like shrek. Just saying.
Rania Faisal (26 days ago)
kajetan domżalski (26 days ago)
The thumbnail is an exact match!
Kaylynn Murdock (1 month ago)
I really like this video, the comparison of Cartoon Characters and real life people are actually insanely perfect. But when it got to Ratatouille it reminded me of BTS Mic Drop Remix because I think Suga said Ratatouille. *uh.. never mind*
Lucas Michaud (1 month ago)
I look like Miguel from the movie Coco. I didn't notice this until I watched the movie.
Mother Knows Best (1 month ago)
She doesn't even look like Elsa, what is wrong with people?!
Robloxer clayton (1 month ago)
Kenneth see (1 month ago)
People said I looked like superman especially when I was big from working out
Unicorn Angel (1 month ago)
Elsa and Rapunzel
alysee griffin (1 month ago)
Peter Griffin, Shrek and Flanders was spot on💯💯💯😂😂😂😂😂
David Moore (1 month ago)
Your suck a looser
Billy Gain (1 month ago)
2:13 I turned my volume to make a earrape shrek
Angel Ventura (1 month ago)
I did watch bravo
Marshy E3 (1 month ago)
I used to play super morio like if u play
i3rr0r _ (1 month ago)
her name is anna but she looks like elsa. what the fuck
Stuart Davidson (1 month ago)
Actually shrek was actually modelled after Maurice. The designers stated that
Herwen Castrence (1 month ago)
And Cartman
Herwen Castrence (1 month ago)
Johny bravo
Eddsworld edd matt tom (1 month ago)
😲😲😲 shrek in real life looks ugly 😲😲😲
Ria Nielsen (1 month ago)
what happend at 7:52?
Faheem Uddin (1 month ago)
savannha reed (1 month ago)
#luv Shrek hate frozen 🦄🦄🦄🐶🐶🐶🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺
sonic Real fan (1 month ago)
2:13 cry laught
Brooke Ammann (1 month ago)
shut up friker some one is a little kid
edditing fail 7:54
Pizzabro 1920 (1 month ago)
Colin Hobson (1 month ago)
Foot 51 (1 month ago)
He pronounced Mario wrong
Emma Brown (1 month ago)
... you leave me speechless all the time...
Chinese Alien (1 month ago)
Shrek 2 what have you made? Your son is worse!! (I liked myself because im a lonely alien😢😢)
Bendy and Mace DeMarco (1 month ago)
I think these are all fake what if these pictures were taken on Halloween
JimmyTheBusDriver (1 month ago)
Xulf (1 month ago)
Dude I get so triggered when people say Mario like MARRY-O
Grant Rissley (1 month ago)
Johnny bravo-lets do the monkey
Grant Rissley (1 month ago)
Lmao education
furry cat ;3 (1 month ago)
There r mario and luigi cartoons tho soooo dont worry u did notning wrong
Jon Thornton (1 month ago)
Jack Garvey (1 month ago)
You shouldn't make fun of these people it's not their fault they look like them so stop making fun of them you Assholes
Muzzy Blanco (1 month ago)
these people work for them
Muzzy Blanco (1 month ago)
all fake
Anthony Mekemeke (1 month ago)
The man who looked liked Shrek was a French wrestler in the 1900's
Lochlan Emerson (1 month ago)
This person sounds like memeulous??
The Pepsi Cola PeopleYT (2 months ago)
The old guy,the fat kid... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
The Pepsi Cola PeopleYT (2 months ago)
What was that weird thumbnail?
Qumer Ul Zaman (2 months ago)
I use to watch johnny bravo
braafheid rachel (2 months ago)
this fidio is boring
Micro Drew (2 months ago)
Elisha Walker (2 months ago)
OMG! You also look like Vardy
Shilah Martin (2 months ago)
yes I did watch before and I was born in 2000 8
IDCGaming (2 months ago)
I watched Johnny Bravo... I was born in 2003
IDCGaming (2 months ago)
6:17 He looks like harry potter... in his 60's
The cartman guy dosent look Like the guy irl.They just have the same clothes
Lucida 28 (2 months ago)
I wondering if there is a people who looks like bart simpsons
CRTF Brebu (2 months ago)
i used to watch it until it was no longer
CRTF Brebu (2 months ago)
fuck you south park for insaulting romania (my country
Rost (2 months ago)
Johnny Bravo liked girls and wasn't afraid to show it, sounds like an Alpha to me. Every single one of us is vane in our own way or degree, it's only noticed when its somebody who's attractive by societal standards of alpha.
Mario Nechita (2 months ago)
TEAM DADEN (2 months ago)
Whoever said Shrek was a cartoon ? I believe its an art form branching out to become better and better. And Shrek has been around for centuries so I dont think Shrek is a cartoon and you guys should do your research to know that 😒
Supershawdow Kid (23 days ago)
How did you get those pictures of those people they did it on purpose
Andrey Masiclat (2 months ago)
I wish it
Eniego And Bendy (2 months ago)
Terry Aguilla Jr. (2 months ago)
Bogdan 12 (2 months ago)
i think the 1954 wrestler suffered from Acromegaly
RaGing WOLF (2 months ago)
I watched Johnny Bravo
Mr Cyclops (2 months ago)
There is a ned flanders tribute band called okilly dokilly. And they all look like ned flanders. And i think that guy was from okilly dokilly.

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