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10 REAL People Who Look Like Cartoon Characters!

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Top 10 REAL People Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters Subscribe to Top 10s ► https://goo.gl/zvGBHe Other videos you might like: 10 Grandparents You Won't Believe Actually Exist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGBAexEZJig&index=12&list=PL1pdD-buunJMA4UAkc5vtZok-_nuiUYGr 10 HARDEST Mind Tricks (90% Fail) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kv6q9tWpXVc&index=4&list=PL1pdD-buunJMA4UAkc5vtZok-_nuiUYGr Description: Charlie #Top10s counts down the the top 10 REAL People Who Look Exactly Like Cartoon Characters! Social Media: Subscribe ► https://goo.gl/zvGBHe Twitter ► https://goo.gl/VGwAQF Instagram ► https://goo.gl/9xUb4m Snapchat ► http://bit.ly/top10ssc Google+ ► http://bit.ly/top10sgplus Featuring: Shrek Up Elsa Frozen Peter Griffin Family Guy Ned Flanders The Simpsons Rapunzel Tangled Disney Ratatouille Johnny Bravo Mario and Luigi Eric Cartman South Park Top 10s is the best YouTube channel for top 10 lists on viral videos, shocking facts, most amazing people, trends, YouTubers, controversial topics, scary stories, urban legends, funny things and facts you won't believe. For business inquiries, issues or other contact, please message me via YouTube or email [email protected] Intro: MRVLZ - Never https://soundcloud.com/mrvlz Thanks To: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyuMuYW1rD8N3BMJB_TASBg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7DqDEeovdA
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Text Comments (7401)
Top 10s (2 years ago)
Comment any video ideas you guys want me to make below!
Joanne Coleman (2 months ago)
Lillian Chuchro (4 months ago)
Luke Mangan (8 months ago)
king fortnite dafalt (9 months ago)
I watched Johnny Bravo
celticbhoy2010 (10 months ago)
SavageAbriQueen (1 day ago)
2:13 why are you so mean to my ears?
koolkid the G.O.A.T (6 days ago)
We want to see people who actually look like the cartoon character not people who dress like them
Michael Dagostino (25 days ago)
That Jonny bravo guy is photo shopped retard
Gold King (1 month ago)
You forget pinokio😂😜
Anjela Anjela (1 month ago)
Всегда была уверена в том, что старика с «Вверх» списали с Джигарханяна. Удивляло - отчего избрали конкретно его
djali Ezmer (1 month ago)
Fak you
Marko Milic (1 month ago)
Druze, mnogo seres
Deisy Gonzalez (1 month ago)
tyson King of funny (1 month ago)
Heck yeah I watch cartoons! They are the best thingz eva made
up old guy look like pakistani politician Asfandyar Wali Khan
The Purefan (1 month ago)
Boobies 4:09
Danny Abboud (1 month ago)
My favourite is rapunzel
mathew venturi (1 month ago)
Razvan porojan (1 month ago)
Up i's Robert DeNiro
BMW E63 player 97 (1 month ago)
Sons of bitches
Gareth Stone (1 month ago)
Wow cool
Kaliana Bird (1 month ago)
charlie do u bite people
deeq dalmar (1 month ago)
3:20 sure
Vid Žaren (1 month ago)
Bart Simpson
Crazy Busters (1 month ago)
Sub me plz🥺🥺🥺
Reckworld Music (1 month ago)
Show us ur dick, we will give 10000000000 likes... Fucking bro lier
Aragami oni (1 month ago)
4:07 damn Hot!!
Vlasios Tavlaridis (1 month ago)
Tracey Falconer (1 month ago)
My ex looks like shriek lol
Mekka Abdul (1 month ago)
Nobody wanted to know her instagram
mark devine (1 month ago)
hey pretty mama lol
rachelle Evans (1 month ago)
Arrrrgghhhh talk less 😬😬 sounds like your on speed or something! !! 😂
rachelle Evans (1 month ago)
@eyemme ohigho 😉
eyemme ohigho (1 month ago)
Stick to weed fuck speed
OffdaRoots (1 month ago)
3:03 look no further and search on google for “Asfandyar wali khan” a politician from Pakistan who is a doppelgänger of the “Up” animated movie old dude.
Michael Felix (1 month ago)
There's something wrong with you.
JoeVil2 :P (1 month ago)
I saw shrek, I click
Stephen brown (1 month ago)
He said balls for the chin😂😂😂Lmaooo
olddogg eleventy2 (1 month ago)
The narration was really unnecessary and a tad irksome. IMO
John Smitherson (1 month ago)
Well...people says I look like the fat kid in UP so I dress up for Halloween as that fat kid :).
Bill Gega (1 month ago)
I think there is living shreck apart from that guy
Hey Broda (1 month ago)
*The guy in the thumbnail looks scary*
Mert (1 month ago)
that is one red nose
longshaftsas 1987 (1 month ago)
Shrek.....my mother in law
Serena L (1 month ago)
That thumbnail looked like the guy from prison break
Anita Thompson (1 month ago)
Very cool thanks 4 sharing have a blessed day today in Jesus Christ our Lord GOD and savor JESUS CHRIST BY
black Vénus (1 month ago)
You speak too much....😰
josh blake (1 month ago)
You sound way to excited for this shit
haixt1993 (1 month ago)
I know a man who looks carl Fredicksen more alike than your pic.
antoni polikowski (1 month ago)
Dont talk to much just show pictures
sreerag mg (1 month ago)
Pause the video you feel great relief
sunrisegal75 (1 month ago)
Who eles watched this in 2019?
ali abdullah (1 month ago)
Omg you talk sooo fucking much duude
Benny Neumann (1 month ago)
What a bullshit of video
Chloe Animations UwU (1 month ago)
*_O H E L L O D H E R E_*
Charlotte Chipchura (1 month ago)
Have these people dnt look nothing like these chsdtchers
Gvidas Milieška (1 month ago)
You just talked about jhony bravo more about who is why where cuz you needed 10:06
The One The Only (1 month ago)
I was watching Shrek yesterday randomly on cable TV and thought to myself there's gotta be a guy who looks just like Shrek in this world.. Lone behold this video gets recommended to me.. WTF? Lol
Adriana Martinez (1 month ago)
Good stuff 😆😉👌🏼‼️‼️
Pat Renhard (1 month ago)
Way too excited. Too much talking.
Larry Halloway (1 month ago)
You should have put the okily dokilies on in for ned Flanders.
green ranger alex (1 month ago)
I like luegi as well
Sam White (1 month ago)
All skinny white chicks look alike sooooo.. no seriously swap hair and eye colour and boom...
Sam White (1 month ago)
@Government Official Ya.
Government Official (1 month ago)
taaatie tollie (1 month ago)
Couldn't watch the video. Your voice was just too annoying so I just left 😢😢😢. I have to go for therapy now. Thanks a lot 😛
Reeeh Reeeh (1 month ago)
2:22 soccer player? Its football player I guess this man is american
Andrew Baha (1 month ago)
Military abuse of EMF.
j p (1 month ago)
Popeye character...
rthelionheart (1 month ago)
If only they could skip/cut the crap and go straight to the pictures.
Dovyeon (1 month ago)
Why don't you have it on mute? They're just images
the vampire (1 month ago)
If only you weren't so rude
MUZI ROBERT (1 month ago)
"Balls for a chin" 😂😂😂 like if you get it..
Puti Game (1 month ago)
4:08 she really attractive
Mike Fisher (1 month ago)
Shrek was on purpose but it was backwards They made Shrek to look like the wrestler on purpose💯
Mahmud Masud (1 month ago)
You are very genius 😀
Kris Ayla Bautista (1 month ago)
Can you talk less?
Kris Ayla Bautista (1 month ago)
Can you talk less?
deamonfroggy (1 month ago)
Shrek was based off that man.
TheOutlander82 (1 month ago)
yeah, and u was based off shreks farts
Still I think Shrek is a lot cooler than this guy 💯
RSRamos (1 month ago)
I thought Jaime Lannister and Prince Charming of Shrek was on the list.
Oh my God, Peter guy !😃
Gabbi hey (1 month ago)
I did watch Johnny Bravo even though I am born in 2002
Vondre Bridges (1 month ago)
Gabbi hey I was born 2004 and still watched it
Rauni X (2 months ago)
Kodak black and the Simpson character
The_Truther_Files (2 months ago)
[email protected] 10s not the type to play Mario? Have you lost your mind!!?...so I guess when these guys were growing up in the 80s they never played Mario....what a wonderful excuse...btw the guy that "looks like shrek"... he don't look like shrek, but rather shrek looks like him... he from the 50s shrek is from the 2000s...and It wouldn't sound far fetched to me that he inspired them to create the character.
MiXeR Pranks & Vlogs (2 months ago)
I met 3:10 and if you know then search thne name Asfanyar wali 😂😂
WolfFC (2 months ago)
Why did people look different in the 1980s ?
Domenico Miele (2 months ago)
....haa, d'ora in poi la pubblicità non si può saltare, capito??.....
Philippe S-Gaudreau (2 months ago)
That Shrek guy is a scary fucker
PETA (2 months ago)
*6:14** RAPIST*
Quentin Kubajak (2 months ago)
When I used to be in 4th grade there was a person in my class who looked like Moana
fbi hacking manager (2 months ago)
my favorite is peter what a coincidence!
ADIL NAWAZ KHAN (2 months ago)
Up cartoon #3:41 is look like Asfandiyar wali khan
Doug Green (2 months ago)
Blah blah blah blah blah shut up and get to the point
Sonic The hedgehog (2 months ago)
1:34 you FUC-
Volga Wolfhounds (2 months ago)
I am sooooo fucking sick of that bitch and her hand held translator.
Athena Battenberg (2 months ago)
Scott Johnson (2 months ago)
The elsea girl his the hottest girl on the planet
Timothy Phipps (2 months ago)
Got a friend who looks like Homer Simpson!
Dee P (2 months ago)
They forgot hellboy and r kelly!
Cat noir girl (2 months ago)
Disney has left the chat...
Mikes Karaoke (2 months ago)
Theresa may looks like a mop If she dose a hand stand during brexit.
Mango Teen (2 months ago)
I watched Johnny brovo
Paul Furey (2 months ago)
Ooops! You have 7000 unlikes!
William Ayoor (2 months ago)
They found a fat kid from up too
Benjamin Webb (2 months ago)
Hard to believe but wow
B1G D4ddy (2 months ago)
Elsa and repunzel are easy all blondes look the same
The black Lion #kurd (2 months ago)
I would say mike Tyson look like shriek
Abdul Aziz (2 months ago)
i was born in 2000 and i remember johnny bravo
Vondre Bridges (1 month ago)
Abdul Aziz I was born 2004 and watched it growing up
Teodor Kunchev (2 months ago)
What is soccer
Teodor Kunchev (2 months ago)
Give this guy a medal
Teodor Kunchev (2 months ago)
American way of saying they are fucking idiots
Michael Brown (2 months ago)
The Elsa look alike also has that eyebrow thing going on too

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