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Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor ft. Pitbull

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Music video by Jennifer Lopez performing On The Floor feat. Pitbull. © 2011 Island Records #VEVOCertified on April 15, 2012. http://www.vevo.com/certified http://www.youtube.com/vevocertified
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Text Comments (367648)
Nam Trần công (10 minutes ago)
Site October (36 minutes ago)
December 2018
Anıl Metinkaya (38 minutes ago)
best game music
Mother Fucker (50 minutes ago)
Renato Samuel (1 hour ago)
Sweet Lazer (1 hour ago)
2019 anyone??
あ あ (1 hour ago)
Naresh Chodi (1 hour ago)
Nice song i love music
sajith bandara (1 hour ago)
2019 anyone? Still love this song
Beauty beast (1 hour ago)
Get on the floor 😁👆👏🤘🎵🎵
Ougo David (2 hours ago)
2018,waiting for 2030
William Robert S (2 hours ago)
Its my fav song.... i just love it 😍😍😍😍
özlem ensen (2 hours ago)
Hi!! Jeniffer..
If your b-day is on December like this comment ❤❤?
Caio Oliveira (3 hours ago)
rojina khatun (4 hours ago)
Who is listen now???
隆二今市 (5 hours ago)
amela koni (5 hours ago)
Entering 2019 💃
Gold Gold (5 hours ago)
Jennifer..always on the floor...
林法蘭 (6 hours ago)
2027 anyone?
Vishnu priya (7 hours ago)
Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega...
Omar Tariq (7 hours ago)
KAVITA MEASALA (8 hours ago)
Sochna kya jo bhi hoga dekha jayega.... 👧
BUN EH (8 hours ago)
this song is still new to me and it will never get old.
Sandeep Yadav (9 hours ago)
Jennifer good dancer
Diee Hernandez (9 hours ago)
2:40 wtf! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
cheesecake_24 (9 hours ago)
Almost 2019 n Im single and i cant do this alone 😅
iNeverB9 (9 hours ago)
2020? too soon?
ДЖонь ДЖонни (10 hours ago)
loves 😍😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚🤗🤗🤗🤗
Gabrielly Barcelos (10 hours ago)
Eu amo ela 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
San Electra (10 hours ago)
Muhammad Farid (11 hours ago)
Maximus Szczerbiak (11 hours ago)
I love this song.
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (11 hours ago)
Why you are hotter today.than ever before?.
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (11 hours ago)
My mind is so big.i can handle everything you try.
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (11 hours ago)
Who is in control?.
Victor Müller (12 hours ago)
Uau! A Kaoma tá tão diferente nesse remake, né?
Mirela Hajdarević (12 hours ago)
Mirela Hajdarević (12 hours ago)
AJ Bautista (12 hours ago)
December 2018? 😊
Fatima (13 hours ago)
highschool memories lol
Mary Tube (13 hours ago)
Alguém português? Kk
Wisnu my (13 hours ago)
Hari Kamis pagi 2018.dengar lagu ini berasa kembali tahun 2011 jaga warnet
Bebaios (13 hours ago)
2018 and it is still a bop
Mohib khan (14 hours ago)
Wow Nice......
me encanta
Wendel Tancredo (15 hours ago)
Abdaka Ouldji (15 hours ago)
ماشي شابة سارة يالحمارة انا ڨاع ماعجبتنيش يا لبهلولة
Xinifer (15 hours ago)
2019? 💖💖💖💖💖
Nemo Silim (16 hours ago)
Swarovski ده احلي برفان نازل باسم شركه الالماظ دعايا للشركه معرفش تمنه بالمصري تقريبا هوبينزل كويت بس فتمنه بالدينار حتي علبته عليهاالماظ من بره انا خايفه علي العلبه وهي بتتعتق بالفريزر بس هو لايت بيطيربس رحته مبتروحش ينفع الصبح بالشغل
Mae Lois (16 hours ago)
This song is such a fucking bop after all these years i still love it just as much since i first heard it in the radio 5 years ago
Acik Jai (17 hours ago)
13/12/2018 : 0418 AM
pawan kumar (17 hours ago)
Evergreen for ever wow fact awesome 😍😍😍😘😘😘
Md Rasel (17 hours ago)
12.12.18 have a anyone
Maropeng Rampyapedi (17 hours ago)
I knw ppl don't like pit, but I like him.
Harika _ Videolar (18 hours ago)
wowww hugeeee great music
Iuliana Păuna Official (18 hours ago)
Maria Santo (18 hours ago)
Eu 2018
S k N (18 hours ago)
Neko sa balkana
Sanjana Biswas (19 hours ago)
December 2018 anyone??
S k N (18 hours ago)
Da, serbia
shri awas (19 hours ago)
Juwita Nigita (19 hours ago)
its amazing😘😍
Nikesh koladiya (19 hours ago)
T S M cReATioNs (20 hours ago)
I am from india
naveen kumar (20 hours ago)
Zeynep Nehir Koçyiğit (20 hours ago)
Imran Atique (20 hours ago)
Which o me which find miss my
Ваше то 2010 год же
tik tok social (21 hours ago)
watch indian songs
Kadir (21 hours ago)
Duygulandım lan metin2 zamaları geldi aklıma.
Hozaifa Saurav (21 hours ago)
L.S GAMING (21 hours ago)
12/12/2018.....Still i love this song and also love it in future.....
Bhargav dharap (21 hours ago)
Miroğlu Yusuf (21 hours ago)
Liam Griffin (21 hours ago)
Just came to see views
Sahana Shaila (21 hours ago)
Still anyone think all of them are just dust of eminem foot?
ADEL CNE (21 hours ago)
J lo for ever
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (22 hours ago)
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (22 hours ago)
Ya tienes la ruta. Dale.aqui te espero.
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (22 hours ago)
Segura que quieres venir ?.
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (22 hours ago)
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (22 hours ago)
Vengan pa qui.1175 nw 79 street .Miami.33150.
Ernesto Cedeno Mesa (22 hours ago)
I'm ready for my man .mandalo para aqui.atrevanse Dale.
Ashma Hazaana (22 hours ago)
ENG Ahmed SHEKH (22 hours ago)
TOHIN KHAN (22 hours ago)
Julie Heurtier (22 hours ago)
Il me semble reconnaître la mélodie de la lambada de Kaoma
Nav een (22 hours ago)
Giulia Longo (22 hours ago)
Ma sono l' unica italiana qui??
Marsh Mello (23 hours ago)
PUJA UPRETI (23 hours ago)
Beautiful Song
ijaz hussain (1 day ago)
who is 2018 dec
Yan To (1 day ago)
Desember 2018?anyone?
smita dutta (1 day ago)
1.2B views😍 This is what success looks like.
Muayad Emad (1 day ago)
Ok 👌
Annisa Ayu (1 day ago)

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