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Jake Owen - Down To The Honkytonk

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Music video by Jake Owen performing Down To The Honkytonk. © 2018 Big Loud Records http://vevo.ly/DxML7z #JakeOwen #DownToTheHonkyTonk #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (514)
faisal alshihry (4 hours ago)
Two words:Jimmy Kimmel
John Mindler (11 hours ago)
Every time I turn on Sirius Highway channel, this song is playing, How can anyone not love the line: Gotta girl named Sheila, she goes bat$#!+ on tequila? Nobody gonna name their babies after me.............. Soon as I heard this song I bought it for my iPod and iPhone. Fantastic lines!
Wompa pa (14 hours ago)
I can’t get this song out of my head I’m going crazy
Michelle Mccomas (15 hours ago)
You know ones going to name their babies after you but I have a friend named owen and a friend named jake
Alezandra Davila (16 hours ago)
Skye Stambaugh (1 day ago)
ill go to the honky tonk ❤️
Alan Niebergall (1 day ago)
Good song wow amazing
Shiela Brumbaugh (1 day ago)
He sang this song about me!!!
Derek M (1 day ago)
Holy fuck this is gay even for Jake Owen
Natalie Mcgill (1 day ago)
Fun song
Corbyn Rykhus (1 day ago)
Damn nice song hot diggity damn
Josh Bertino (1 day ago)
Love the song, however he doesnt look like somebody who fits in down in the honky tonk... more like L.A
Marcus Dickie (1 day ago)
Great song love it 💕
The One (1 day ago)
I'm coming to visit you in the honky tonk 👍😉😄
Crash Bandicoot (2 days ago)
This song from Jake ownen is the best
Chrissandra H (2 days ago)
I named my fur kid after him two beautiful hounds Jake and owen :)
A B (2 days ago)
Sounds like country music should.
Mercian Gains (3 days ago)
He looks like the American version of Cesc Fabregas
Will it work? (3 days ago)
New favorite song by far
Gaige Not Gage (3 days ago)
I didn't know Ryan Reynolds did country music
Brian Gold (3 days ago)
Let me tell ya Jake that is one hell of a song ya got there I f n love it
Jacob P (3 days ago)
Love this song
Thor Odinson (4 days ago)
Alrighty then. Guess who im naming my future kid after you dick
skeetwuzhere (4 days ago)
Fkn beautiful. Somebody got me a tissue.
debhra patchell (4 days ago)
I love it
Nessaholiclover1 (4 days ago)
Real question for you guys, I want to get a consensus of country lovers. I'm 28 Latino and I like like your typical Mexican guy. I really like country music and I would ideally like to attend country concerts or the lifestyle, would you guys think I would experience racism? Should I forget those ideas I have?
Holly Ort (5 days ago)
This is the most nine country song I heard in a while. This song is not that good no offense but what happened to country music this sounds like a robot.
Sarah Lester (5 days ago)
I love u Jake 💙💜💙💜😘😘
Kylee Baker (5 days ago)
I love Jake owen this Is an amazing song!!!
Elizabeth Hostetler (5 days ago)
Sounds like old school country!! Love it!!
A Bed (6 days ago)
If this isn’t the most Jake Owen Song/video then idk what is😂 I love this so much
dawn howard (6 days ago)
Great song.. love this <3
Patrick Parker (6 days ago)
I'm so confused. Did he go down to the Honky Tonk or not ?
pastor Kerry Lewis (6 days ago)
Lil_Maverick ‘ (6 days ago)
Sheila is my moms name
Emy Recker (6 days ago)
why isnt this on amazon music anymore??😭😭
Robin Hood (6 days ago)
Yep....#1 soon
Bradley Wagler (7 days ago)
Well I might not end up in the hall of fame, or a star on the sidewalk with my name, or a statue in my hometown when I'm gone. Dont know why this line always gets me pumped up ...
BAILEY PARSONS (7 days ago)
Castlevania Skeletor (8 days ago)
This is the only actual country song I’ve heard these days
Mohammad Kayyal (8 days ago)
It's in New York?
yongre lim (8 days ago)
Oh god, I m obsessed with this song!
Wynonna Mammel (8 days ago)
I was looking for this song but couldn't remember the title and clicked on this song to listen to while I looked for this song and I only realized it as it said the line I remembered
Matthew Rammig (8 days ago)
This is awesome! Reminds me of the “As Good As I Once Was” video by Toby Keith
Douglas Price (8 days ago)
My Favorite Song!
dawson degroot (9 days ago)
only 2 mil views?!?!?!
Amie Stuart (9 days ago)
"Down To The Honkytonk" is my favorite song off of his "Jake Owen" album and it is also track 4 off that album.
Lisa Christina (9 days ago)
This song is amazing lmao 😌🤠
merchant099 (9 days ago)
This song is my life ugh
Rachel B (9 days ago)
Be home h can bqwerttyy6uuujjuikkkkiiiiujk k uyqqwryooo9p
Derante Hardin (9 days ago)
As a black that grew up on hip hop I love this song
Brian Keith (8 hours ago)
It's a catchy tune forsure
Finally. Someone singing a real country song , no rap shit involved. Not all about losing a girl, not trying to sing like a boyband or a badass just country honkey tonk.
William Scaff (10 days ago)
Now That's How Country supposed to sound
Chloe Elsner (10 days ago)
This song makes me in a good mood I was at your concert when you song afford the reds game because they won the game you said that was your first time singing this song to a crand
T Spang (11 days ago)
This is my boyfriends song! He literally has a dog named Waylon and a boat with a two stroke and my name isn't Sheila but I do go batshit on tequila 😂😂😂
Skadoosh Meh (11 days ago)
A music video with actual effort put into it 😁👍 me likey
Lara Pageau (11 days ago)
can't get this song out of my head. love it!
Richie Bustamante (11 days ago)
this song is what country music should be all about~! it's nice to have this song in the midst of pop songs claiming to be country
Jessica Maestas (11 days ago)
My dogs name is Waylon and my fiancé’s moms name is Shiela and she’s pretty batshit. 😂😂
Max Brandt (12 days ago)
He looks more like a rodeo clown in that bright, sparkly shirt then a country singer. I think there is some verses missing, they go like this: "I got a GED that needs completin', I got some teeth that need some brushin' but I'm too busy playin' honkytonk!"
Addy vlogs (13 days ago)
Their is a guy in my class named owen though😂
Ande Farr (2 days ago)
Addy vlogs was it after Jake Owen? No so stop
Eddie Mosier (13 days ago)
This is bangin 👏🏻👌🏻
1Lifeonearth (13 days ago)
Heard this twice on the radio, had no idea it was him
Jeff Jones (13 days ago)
This song and video are awesome. Another hit. Love what ur doin, plz keep it up!! We like it....
Stephen Collins (13 days ago)
there we go, finally producing country
Brian Stancato (14 days ago)
"Friends in low places" Anyone????
Friend A (14 days ago)
My favorite song ever
chado malfeild (15 days ago)
This the best jake Owen song by far good job jake props to you.😉😂
chado malfeild (1 day ago)
I forgot his other songs sorry I'm stupid
ernestoalonzo_ (11 days ago)
you obviously haven't heard "Tell me" or any of his older albums. I respect what he's trying to do here. Gotta stay up with the times and go pop and chase that paper. He's been doing that since he cut his hair.
The Chosen Outlaw (15 days ago)
This dude aint never seen a honky tonk
Richard Neeley (16 days ago)
The music is a throw back to the 8-track Days
Ty Cutler (16 days ago)
Love this song
Matthew Wieske (16 days ago)
Am I the only one who noticed the lady at 0:46 is different than the one at 0:48?
robin zatulovski (17 days ago)
Real country finally
gretchen ortner (17 days ago)
I love guys with low singing voices 😍
Jimmy Nebadon (17 days ago)
Nashville Music executives are turning Jake Owen into Joke Owen the lousy Elvis impersonator. Jake is lost to the industry greed now and the true art is gone. It's commercialized trash now. Jake...... I am disappointed man....
scott wilkes (17 days ago)
is that howard bellamy in the white cowboy hat and grey beard?
Liz Loveday (18 days ago)
This song is so feckin' fun! Just get pissed & sing along!!!!
Scott Wilkes (18 days ago)
Is that Howard Bellamy?
xpurr (18 days ago)
I honestly despised country music for the longest time and now it's what I turn on anytime I have my radio on. It's just so much FUN!!
Mitchell Stone (18 days ago)
Such a good beer drinking song
Paige Quarles (19 days ago)
Haylee Blackmon is in this she is my hip hop dance teacher
Grace Francis (19 days ago)
This is perfect for a dance line
leo kinney (19 days ago)
the best song in so long I love it 7
BBogertTheBoss (19 days ago)
Why doesn't this have more views?? Its the best country song of 2018!!!
stormynite1969 (19 days ago)
Shelia goes batshit on tequila
Al Swearengen (20 days ago)
Thanks so much for reposting the lyrics. I'm deaf.
curtis grupe (20 days ago)
damn this song really hits it i love it
LeeAnn Berke (20 days ago)
I just want to go down to the honky tonk now 😩😭
Gerta Goodwin (20 days ago)
Oh cool
Born again 86 (20 days ago)
This is not country music! 🤮
J H (20 days ago)
Real honkeytonks don't allow line dancing.
Zach Parker (20 days ago)
For people saying this is the only country song of this year, I'd like to agree with you! However is another you need to know of, it's called On My Way To You-Cody Johnson.
black lab vlogs (20 days ago)
Love you lit
Grace Olson (21 days ago)
He’s so good
Sarah Lester (21 days ago)
I love u Jake u r so special to me
Randy The redneck (21 days ago)
Randy The redneck (21 days ago)
Randy The redneck (21 days ago)
Randy The redneck (21 days ago)
Randy The redneck (21 days ago)
What do u call a lesbian dinosaur ???

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