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Jake Owen - Down To The Honkytonk

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Music video by Jake Owen performing Down To The Honkytonk. © 2018 Big Loud Records http://vevo.ly/DxML7z #JakeOwen #DownToTheHonkyTonk #Vevo #Country #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (2004)
Maureen Klotz (2 hours ago)
Autonomous138 (16 hours ago)
My 3 year old daughters favorite song lmao
Josh Fountain (17 hours ago)
Dow to the honketonk is swsome/cool you my favorite singer
Carla Ratton (19 hours ago)
Ok, this may sound all crazy fan, but I LOVE the shirt you are wearing in this video. You’re safe though; I can’t see well enough to stalk you for it. LOL 🤣 Now if you wanted to wear it and then donate it I’m sure we could work something out. I mean one day (some years back ) when Alan Jackson was rehearsing for the Opry I offered to trade his jeans with holes in them for mine without holes. ROFL - I don’t think I said it loud enough for him to hear exactly what I said (younger & much more shy) but he looked our way so I counted that. 😜 JUST KIDDING- mostly - but not really....... 😀😁😂🤣😆😃😇
Laura Merrick (1 day ago)
Glyn Hughes (1 day ago)
Herd this in aussie on holiday # love it
Jonny Love (1 day ago)
Any saw with a LEGIT Waylon reference and no cookie cutter lyrics is a gem!
Doktor J (1 day ago)
Ls (1 day ago)
Honk Honk
HV (2 days ago)
Dear comments section, I just read a comment that called the women in R&B videos derogatory names in order to complement this video. I gave it a thumbs down and went to reply and - upon hitting sent on my reply it failed to send as the comment was freshly removed. I just want to say I'm so proud of y'all. You downvoted a disrespectful comment to the point that youtube's algorithm removed it. This is the comments section I'm proud to be a part of. :)
STAR (2 days ago)
Me love this country song. And he is so mmmmm. 💖⭐ --Star
Ryan Stanfield (2 days ago)
watched the whole video.. now ima local legend on a friday night😎
Jake Wilson (2 days ago)
Love this song
Rcbremen (2 days ago)
I love this song...wish, I lived in Nashville...looking for a job now.... love Broadway street
Owen Jones (3 days ago)
I gotta loan at the bank it’s a big one. :)
Julie Bramhall (3 days ago)
I love this song my two year old son calls me a bossy hillbilly lol
Over Armour (4 days ago)
Minion king Aleks (4 days ago)
Honk Honky Honkler
AEROSPECT GAMES (4 days ago)
pause it at 0:48 is that dude picking his nose
justin k (4 days ago)
Peyton Lambert (4 days ago)
Didn’t realize who it was
Dead Coyote (4 days ago)
He was better looking with long hair
Michael Boles (4 days ago)
Love this song lmao
Jimmy Charles (5 days ago)
Adding this one to my list I can ee the requests coming no in DT Nashville!
Connie Abel (6 days ago)
I just love the song "Down To The Honky-Tonk" By Jake Owen 🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙🤩💙
BRAHSKi (6 days ago)
Pooping while typing this
Isabelle Fedewa (6 days ago)
No no
ME WE 13
D Pat (6 days ago)
Nice!! That good REAL country sound. Get it son
Robert C. Tomas (7 days ago)
LOVE Tootsies! Forever wishing i was there while this was being filmed! :)
Junior Short (7 days ago)
My girl friend ❤️💕❤️ Miley Cyrus is my further wife number 5509734. Alfred Wayne Short Jr.
Kylie Ray (8 days ago)
Honestly... Country these days, are like country mixed with some pop. lol
spider boi guy (6 days ago)
Its true
tb1234621 (8 days ago)
City boy trying to be country. I would spit in this boys face.... dam city boys giving country a bad name..... dam nerd...
28Lynaya Heeter (8 days ago)
I named my son afree Jake Owen!
Sara Neil Thompson (8 days ago)
Go down "at de" honky tonk not down to the honky tonk bo
Nancy O (8 days ago)
Jessica Milner (8 days ago)
Can we just take a second to look at his golden cowboy boots
Trigg Adels (8 days ago)
Strong Jake Owen #JakeOwen
Trigg Adels (8 days ago)
I'll play this at my funeral in fame of you Jake #CoolJake
Trigg Adels (8 days ago)
Listened to it 20 times today. great song.Whoever punched you show them you rule!!!
You are amazing
GRACE VOLL (9 days ago)
Love this song ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Sarah Shoemaker (9 days ago)
Got a house down a back road I got a flag on the front porch I got a dog named Waylon I got a driveway that needs pavin' I got a boat with a two stroke I got some 'guaranteed make ya laugh' jokes I got friends in low places Yeah, life is what you make it I might not end up in the Hall of Fame With a star on the sidewalk with my name Or a statue in my hometown when I'm gone Nobody gonna name their babies after me I might not go down in history But I'll go down to the honkytonk I got a girl, her name's Shelia She goes batshit on tequila I got a job, it gets the job done I got a loan at the bank, it's a big one The only place you might see my name Is on the wall for a good call I'm a local legend on Friday night Then a Pabst Blue Ribbon, a neon light I might not end up in the Hall of Fame With a star on the sidewalk with my name Or a statue in my hometown when I'm gone Nobody gonna name their babies after me I might not go down in history But I'll go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down I go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down I go down to the honkytonk I might not end up in the Hall of Fame With a star on the sidewalk with my name Or a statue in my hometown when I'm gone Nobody gonna name their babies after me I might not go down in history But I'll go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down I go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down to the honkytonk I go down I go down to the honkytonk
Emily Hawk (9 days ago)
Anybody hear that steel guitar? That made country music ❤️ I like it
michael thomas (9 days ago)
Vaccinated Thing (9 days ago)
your not in my school, until you know this song.
LG ROLLY GR (9 days ago)
Pretty Cool Song
Saniyah Brockman (9 days ago)
I love this song
Hunter Bihm (10 days ago)
zach cormier is gay asf
NuKeZ z (10 days ago)
Phil Mickelson
Southern Straightaway (10 days ago)
Maybe that’s what happened to Shelia?... She’s the blonde in the background wearing the white fishnet cover with a pink bra... she’s hot gotta check her out!!! It’s a, where’s that chick moment!! But worth it to find her again “Sure is a Country Boy” Miss that Miss!!
Gaige Polen (10 days ago)
Brian Wolfe (11 days ago)
this the most true song ever
Game Head (11 days ago)
Jacksonville Tennessee
sunnyalways68 (11 days ago)
Omg i need 2 go 2 bed
Patricia Lynn (11 days ago)
This song is literally my dad
Real world Vid'z (11 days ago)
Hey jake I wanna sing on stage with you man.
Jarrod Harris (12 days ago)
Weird he only has a country accent when hes singing
Amber S (12 days ago)
This song is catchy. I had it stuck in my head all day now watching again. 😀🎶❤️
Ride or Die (12 days ago)
Love this song
Ride or Die (12 days ago)
Love this song
ZombieWulfgrl D (13 days ago)
Fun fun fun song. Love this guy
Patty Tomol (13 days ago)
This is my favorite song Jake
Emily and kayden (14 days ago)
Well Aug 10th is 3 days before my birthday
Gerald Symonds (14 days ago)
Love this song hope we have more of his songs that are contry
POTATOES LOL (14 days ago)
Dear people who never listen to country music before.This is how country sound like.
Smarty Jones (14 days ago)
Fox News brought he here. They were going to commercial playing it. Isn’t that sad.😂😂😂
Doktor J (15 days ago)
2:05 Why did he say “down” like the guy on the FitnessGram push up test lmao
Røhan Mathęw (12 days ago)
PTSD kicks in
잠 못 이루는 밤 (14 days ago)
Doktor J 🤣🤣🤣
Amanda Wood (15 days ago)
Love you
lora brown (15 days ago)
This song reminds me of the skating rink
Daniel Shaker (15 days ago)
Louie Gonzalez (15 days ago)
I’ll admit, I don’t like country but my dad showed me this song, and I honestly can’t stop listening to it, fucking love it.
Lone Wolf (15 days ago)
I turn up the radio blaring when it plays. I sing along and know every word from the tunes. I can name that tune in 3 notes.
Logan Munford (15 days ago)
Please don't disown me fellas. I lost my cowboy hat. I'm from Missouri so well you let it slide? I'm not a city person either soo yah
Jorden Smith (15 days ago)
hi the greatist
Eric the Punk (15 days ago)
God I hate country, gotta listen to this shit all day at work
Mike Flinn (15 days ago)
I wish the label wasn't pulling this song so soon! It could have been a number one in early May but the label wanted to push a new single too soon!
Robert Motión (15 days ago)
👑I came here cause Jake Owen said in multiple interviews that he is a big rap fan and knows every lyric to Biggie's Small's music, a Brooklyn native son. Jake...not a county music fan yet, but I'm downloading you today brah just off that alone👑 HipHop x Country 2019. /bklyn👑
Girls Tablets (16 days ago)
My name is Graci
Laura Merrick (16 days ago)
Girls Tablets (16 days ago)
Do you really have a girl
Matthew Kent (16 days ago)
Is it bad all those biker wannabes are shorter than Jake
zincink (16 days ago)
it's good - I wanna hear this guy sing this with Dolly Parton.
Mr. X (15 days ago)
Yeah, Dolly Partings.
Fisher Arnesen (16 days ago)
The 3.8K that thumbs down this song can kiss ass!
Christopher Green (16 days ago)
I no almost every word in this song
Marty P (16 days ago)
Guys don't be fooled, this ain't country! Luckily George strait just saved country music with codigo.
Flowers Flowers (16 days ago)
Well from the sounds of things out there on the news it wasn't..at least that is not what Jake has said. I think it was spot on for the golfers responce. He put that guy in his place....a real quick. He handed him a 100 dollar bill amd said he had just gotten 90,000 of the same bills so here is one for you.. And then F you....something to that affect.
dezert fox (16 days ago)
Horrible crap made for trailer trash - puke
PANAMA STEVE (17 days ago)
He goes down on the donkey dong.
PANAMA STEVE (17 days ago)
This song is worse than Phil & Tiger's golf match!
suprise crooped (17 days ago)
I got a girl named o wait forgot she took the kids and when to her step bros
mike lookman (17 days ago)
great track. the vacation record during our trip. go and regularly peel this in the Netherlands.
Amie Stuart (17 days ago)
Down To The Honkytonk" is my favorite song off of his "Greetings From...Jake Owen" album and it is also track 1 off that album.
Brandon King (17 days ago)
Terrible video for such a good song
J Goodrich (17 days ago)
Honky see Honky do!
penney gause (16 days ago)
Think it ain't when it is starts out with a flag on the front and friends in low places
leaboy2 (17 days ago)
A bad day of golf for Phil Mickelson is much better than any of Jakes songs.
Flowers Flowers (17 days ago)
I just read that he cried about watching a golf tournament on pay per view that he didn't like the outcome and asked the winner for his money back...39.99. The response from the golfer was PURE GOLD!
Paul Wolicki (17 days ago)
$29.99. They are friends. It was friendly bantering between friends.
PANAMA STEVE (17 days ago)
Damn straight it was! Don't pay to get liquored up and shoot your mouth off!
irene Meier (17 days ago)
what a great song - Thank you

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