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10 Most AMAZING Things Ever Found Underwater

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10 AMAZING things people have found under water. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 @5:12 © JASON DECAIRES TAYLOR. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, DACS / SODRAC (2017) With so much of the Earth’s surface covered in water, it’s no surprise that there are some pretty unbelievable findings beneath the water. Scientists and divers have discovered a bunch of things that would shock you, including entire cities, pyramids, and maybe even a UFO. One of the most astonishing underwater cities is known as Heracleion. It sunk to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and wasn’t discovered until the year 2000. French archaeologists found statues of ancient Pharaohs, works of art, gold coins, and a fleet of ships. Another city was sunk on purpose by the Chinese government, and it wasn’t rediscovered until 1959. Lion City is still in flawless condition, and the water has actually helped to preserve its ancient artefacts and structures. Hidden cities aren’t the only things that have been found below the water. A river was found with its very own waterfalls, trees, and leaves right below the Black Sea! It's like an entirely different world hidden beneath the surface of the water! There’s absolutely no limit to what you may find the next time you go deep sea diving. But if you don’t have any plans on exploring the abyss of the ocean anytime soon, we have pictures of some of the hidden deep sea and ocean gems that will surely shock you. If you would like to see the 10 most amazing things ever found underwater, make sure to watch our video. Let us know in the comments section which of these items is the most amazing to you! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (6276)
buffalo pizza (17 hours ago)
Joan Mock (20 hours ago)
No no no
Anayely Moreno (1 day ago)
Omggggg y went on a criuse and y went to Jamaica and y bid not know about it aww sad
itsjuz _lenz (1 day ago)
The new lion city is known as Singapore
itsjuz _lenz (1 day ago)
The second one is made by the sumers
Eris Ueckert (1 day ago)
The only thing I saw get washed up is a jelly fish,but it was blue so I'm happy.😃😃😄😄😄
Vikki (1 day ago)
Lydia Monrose (1 day ago)
Nat Williams (1 day ago)
I’ve never seen a beached animal or mamil cus I i live in wales a part of the 🇬🇧
Pritha Deb (1 day ago)
A jellyfish from Dubai
BTS LLY (1 day ago)
In the philippines theres an underwater cemetery
Michelle Mccown (1 day ago)
I saw a ternal!!!! I love your videos!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
JAL TRACEY (2 days ago)
Lol I live in jamaica
Leah McGrath (2 days ago)
Yes a sting ray
Kimberly Perez (2 days ago)
I nevered saw i beach animal before
Ava Boulanger (2 days ago)
I was at Mexico and I saw a puffer fish and then I saw a shark
One time I was at the beach and the was a dead shark on the sand
Jay Hinds (2 days ago)
I live in Jamaica its the best place to live in come and enjoy it 🇯🇲🇯🇲🏖🏖
TO THE MOON AND BACK (2 days ago)
2019 anyone....? Just me?...okay!
LeahLuna Rocks12 (2 days ago)
Yes I have seen a dead crawfish and a poor dead turtle
Damoya Morgan (2 days ago)
I already live in Jamaica
Morgan 135 (2 days ago)
I would not I have a huge fear of the ocean
2050??? Who is still watching?
Negin’s Squishies (2 days ago)
1:34 no thanks
Hailey the Unicorn (2 days ago)
Hailey the Unicorn (2 days ago)
Vosje FariasTorres (2 days ago)
Charlotte Buckley (2 days ago)
Elizabeth Ojediran (3 days ago)
That is amazing
Madison Wolfe (3 days ago)
I am scared of water so no
thx for all of it but u missed 1 i know ............ ATLANTIS!!!!
Zoe Smith (3 days ago)
I have never seen a sea animal put it self to shore
Rheana Esperon (3 days ago)
I'm afraid of the ocean😱😰😭😱😰
Helena Ruiz (4 days ago)
lamar Abu Ayyash (4 days ago)
The Titanic sank after my birthday in 4 days!
Gacha studio edits (4 days ago)
UFOS fake
Gacha studio edits (4 days ago)
UFOS are fake and Aliens
Gacha studio edits (4 days ago)
UFOS are fake
Its_Audrey Gacha (4 days ago)
This is Ginger 🐶 We just bought him He doesn’t have much friends But he has tons of dogs who hate him much He is always lonely bc of dogs who hate him One like/comment = Ginger’s enemies gone but a friend
Isabella Hickman (5 days ago)
I'm 100% terrified of water specially deep water!! I have always been scared! I'm so scared I literally have to feel the bottom in order for me too step one foot in it!
Molly KNEWSTUBB (5 days ago)
Wow I'm shook
Ngunyi Rogoi (5 days ago)
I love Egypt💖
Manuel Pacheco (5 days ago)
I’v never seen anything beached or stranded on the beach but if there was and if was still living, I wouldn’t care what other people say like “Don’t touch it!” or “Don’t go near it”, I wouldn’t even listen to my parents if that happens, I would walk right up to whatever it was that was stranded and put it gently back in the water. I ❤️ animals! Like if you do to!
natashaawsome (5 days ago)
If anybody is confused about what BC and AD mans,it is simple,BC means before christ,and then AD means after death.
Anne Tank (6 days ago)
I've been scuba-diving before it's really fun
Sandra Malcolm (6 days ago)
There ain't no sinking damn city out here y'all would do anything for subscription kmt
mia marshall (6 days ago)
Yesturday was april 15 OMG the day titanic sinked millions of years ago
Marsha Harte (6 days ago)
Elle Suttill (6 days ago)
I’ll add a heart for every one :) ♥️
Johnathan McComas (6 days ago)
2:54 its the millennium falcon lol
Emily Spears (7 days ago)
Umm... honey it's 75%
Oscar Quintero (8 days ago)
This is teddy. teddy says hi.teddy says clap your hands opps teddy died
Bradley Ferguson (8 days ago)
Yes i have seen a beached up animal i dont know if this counts but i saw a beached up human
Coralie Varga (8 days ago)
I once saw a dolphin washed up on shore and I told my dad who called someone to help
Gamer Izzie The Kitty (9 days ago)
I would
Olivia's Palace (9 days ago)
Cotton Candy Land (9 days ago)
Titanic I love Titanic
it's your boy supa (9 days ago)
I'm literally in Jamaica it's coool
Cutielover34 -sandy (9 days ago)
Joanne Macnaughton (9 days ago)
My family travels a lot but I have never seen a river underwater
Eman Aisha (10 days ago)
Ella Gallant (10 days ago)
So cool I wanna go to the beach now
Pocahontas Seguin Art (10 days ago)
Dude stop saying things about Jamaica and I’m Jamaican and I know more than you fools. We do have real pirates that is why people did the Disney movie pirates of the Caribbean because its based on real pirates and similar what happened in Jamaica.
Pocahontas Seguin Art (10 days ago)
I blame the government, you caused harm to the last emperor and say he can’t be with his mom and trying to control the family and the emperors mom was still breastfeeding him .
Mariana Minguez (10 days ago)
Uhhh... NO I wouldn’t want to go there
Maryann Davey (10 days ago)
BULLSHIT; the invaders had to rid the earth 🌏 g it's true history! But shift s about to get real real! Jews and gentiles are done! Bitch is lying! The Caucasiods n Denisovan forefathers destroyed and have hidden the original and indigenous people history! The plan was to whitewash this planet! Black Americans wake up! This planet/universe is one set of people NATURAL THE MIST HATED PEOPLE ON THIS IS Planet; the descendants who f that fake ass slave trade! From Canada N/S America and the Caribbean belongs to us! Shits is going down WAKE up!
angela reddy (10 days ago)
i literally am a jamaican not every part of port royal is under water
Ruby Coppin (11 days ago)
Me with my bad luck underwater Me:SHARKKKKKKKK!!!!!!! SWIMMMMMMM AHHHHHHHHHH like if ur like this 👇
Defne Korkmaz15 (11 days ago)
Roses are red Violets are blue This is the part I am looking for 5:06 So do you
FrostByte 360 (1 day ago)
Roses are red Pictures are painted Thank you my friend I almost thought I was baited
Elin Owen (12 days ago)
I found a lost city underwater and a mermaid tail on the ground of the ocen
Elin Owen (12 days ago)
I've need underwater
Norickry72 (13 days ago)
Yes I will go see that
Kristie Billue (13 days ago)
I am your biggest hater I hate your videos you have no expired and me when I watch your videos I'm always get excited but then I'm like oh my God I hate your videos you have nothing that I like like unicorns and rainbows and dolls and creepiest thing in the world dolls moving like it's so creepy they are going to haunt you if there's a ghost in there well I hope I never watch one of your videos again bye
Radhakrishna Kotamraju (13 days ago)
Cool 😎
Breanna Causey (13 days ago)
Nope !
Izzy wizzygalaxy1 (13 days ago)
I’ve seen about 15 baby and 3 large jellyfish on the beach before xx( plz reply)
AD awesome Dann (13 days ago)
I’ve seen a beached jellyfish
Kathy Jamerson (14 days ago)
My favorite thing is the ufo
Lewis S (14 days ago)
Yay for yyyyy is that Lewis
Madelyn Shaffer (14 days ago)
Dose a crab count
Yogini Sigamoney (14 days ago)
Yogini Sigamoney (14 days ago)
McKenzie Brown (14 days ago)
I've seen a beached animal but it was a jellyfish
Emily Rutt (14 days ago)
Summer Carson (14 days ago)
I have seen a beached animal
Amaya Diaz (14 days ago)
The animal i found on the beach was a dead cat
For beached animals, does myself count??
Lily Lawson (14 days ago)
Camdyn Prelog (14 days ago)
The Technicolour Pixie (15 days ago)
I don’t know 🤔
My fav was the lion city I don't understand but I LOVE the lion statue!?😄😊🐱🐨🐼🐻
Patrick Gragg (15 days ago)
I'm going to correct you right out of the gate 77% of the earth is not water! He called the dry land Earth and the waters he called Seas.
Annabelle Boyd (15 days ago)
No. ALIENS!!!??? Wow. Thats pretty AWESOME
Jaely Reyes (15 days ago)
no habe not seen a beach animal
Yana Badmaeva (15 days ago)
I cannot wait until tomorrow to tell my Egyptian friend about the Egyptian city
Denise Clark (15 days ago)
Gatchagirlxox 121 (15 days ago)
Thanks for letting me know that the titanic sank the day before my birthday 😐
Roberto Blanco (15 days ago)
Brook Portillo (15 days ago)
My favorite thing was is the titanic because I’ve been reading about the titanic and I was loving the titanic. titanic is very big of history

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