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Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other

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Text Comments (10328)
Deonte Walker (36 minutes ago)
I'm surprised none of them talked about pregnancy for the first statement. Like, reproduction is where the most obvious inherent differences are.
Dominic Letourneau (2 hours ago)
Men dont feel the need to protect women because they are weak. Men feel the need to protect women because they are precious. The women in a culture are the key to the next generation to continue said culture. Think, what is more potent population, one woman and a hundred men, or one man and a hundred women. Which population is stronger in a generation.
How on earth does it make sense to be afraid of men because they are just men?
Missy (14 hours ago)
You just stand there, expecting that.... wow.
Christopher Hause (19 hours ago)
do this somewhere other than LA.
Kawhi Leonard (20 hours ago)
This sucked big male balls, they should’ve asked controversial stuff like”which gender is the breadwinner”, “does your gender decide your pay”, “does your gender give you an advantage ” questions like that would’ve made it exciting
Anonymous (20 hours ago)
Guy asking woman: Do you feel understood right now in this circle? Well hell, anybody can sit down in a couple of chairs and carry on a conversation but that doesn't necessarily make them feel like they're being understood either is it supposed to. How is she supposed to know if he's understanding her??
Alexander Lele (22 hours ago)
I feel like, even in this discussion, women play the victim a bit too.
phazer abolo'nulds (22 hours ago)
the white dude has such a small face or maby his facal dist is just realy big
GYU LKRCA (23 hours ago)
5 million years later Men : I still dont get it.
Tobirama _Artz_ (1 day ago)
Chivalry is actually a sign of the upmost respect towards women. We are literally saying I will do anything for you to be happy. I will open the door I will help you with your coat I will stand up when you walk in the world to make you feel special, it’s ultimate showing of respect and giving away of control to the women. We want to make your lives as comfortable as humanly possible. We know you know how to open the door, and put on a coat, or any other thing, but we want to make your lives comfortable.
George Kimov (1 day ago)
Even before watching the video, I guarantee that they will bring up race in a discussion about GENDER
Sophia Driver (1 day ago)
You should do physically and or emotionally/ mentally disabled people vs able-bodied people. I feel like ableism is something that is largely overlooked and that would be an interesting discussion.
ThatRandomTeen l (1 day ago)
I love how this channel opens up new doors to different conversations!
Miguel Leon (1 day ago)
Tupac made dear momma showing appreciation to all mothers
Miguel Leon (1 day ago)
We all come from a female mother so we cherish our mother a lot that why men need to support all females and be the protector because we love our mother
katlikesmarvel (1 day ago)
i would have stepped forward for the 'men should hold doors open for women' prompt only because i think women should hold doors open for men as well. neither party should have a specific role to play. i think we should all just be civil and kind to each other. men and women should both be chivalrous. we women will only be treated equally if we treat men equally, that means being willing to perform acts of kindness that men usually feel obligated to do
jay j (1 day ago)
There are plenty disadvantages being a male
OCKP (1 day ago)
The holding the door question is exactly why chivalry is dead. Both sides of the spectrum. 1 woman who even while wanting equality thinks she's entitled to have the door held and the 2nd twisted it into a negative control/pity action. It's sad..
Ohtha_ Irony (1 day ago)
Can you watch these videos anywhere that aren’t so overly edited?
hanYEET 56 (2 days ago)
the question about men and women being inherently different, yes there are exceptions, but none of them took into account the fact that female and male brains are chemically different. and that’s just a fact.
Robert R (2 days ago)
Lol what if there was a trans in this video
Rosa Dilia Peralta (2 days ago)
i always used to open my own doors and whenever I did this my boyfriend at the the time would say that i didn´t let him be a gentleman
callie ford (2 days ago)
Topic suggestion: capitalists vs government dependent people 😊
Forran (2 days ago)
I think there's a huge difference between sharing your emotions, like just talking about them and being emotional. I feel comfortable doing the first, but certainly not the second.
Okay Susi (2 days ago)
7:50 the camera man behind him really scared me😂
Madisyn Berberich (2 days ago)
When the girl talked about her experience during wrestling gave me shivers... Ugh I wish I could hug her. I admire her strength, and I admire the strength of others who go through things like that.
Jemima (2 days ago)
this is a beautiful convoseration
insanity Plus (2 days ago)
That poofy haired girl is kind of slow.
insanity Plus (2 days ago)
Saying "generalization is always problematic" is a GENERALIZATION.
Sydnee Hawkins (2 days ago)
13:07 my man! Perfect explanation
Sydnee Hawkins (2 days ago)
Glen Cain (2 days ago)
Afro chick classic example of a feminazi
rjh00 (2 days ago)
SHOULD men open door for women, no hell no, open your own damn door. Now is it nice for a person to open a door for another person, hell yeah, but the gender of the people shouldn't matter. This actually reminds me of one day when I was going to McDonalds with my cousin, we we're in our way in and the guy was on his way out. (I'm a man btw, cousin is a Woman). So I get the door first and I open it letting this guy walk out before going in and the guy in the most flamboyant voice ever "Oh, thank you very much!" and I respond no problem, everyone goes their way, as we are walking further into McDonald my cousin and I have a small laugh at the completely unexpected voice that came out of the guy. Moral of the story is I opened the door for another person, didn't really care that they were a man, women, gay or whatever else.
Klah Ledbetter (3 days ago)
Is no one gonna ask if the lady at 12"57 is a little high? lol
Samantha Gans (3 days ago)
I enjoyed this episode! I wonder if you might be able to find people willing to do a middle ground on harassment/assault alleged victims and alleged perpetrators. I'd be interested to hear that conversation because I think neither have the opportunity to confront and hear the other's side of why it happened, or where it all "went wrong."
Vuyolwethu Mtyapa (3 days ago)
I sometimes feel like people in the comments understand what someone is/was trying to say, but would rather say something smart and witty for likes or whatever reason.
brad ivanson (1 day ago)
Ikr Just to act like a bunch of smart asses and thinking they know everything
Luis Álvarez G. (3 days ago)
4:52 wow, you had a really good point.
I expected this conversation to be so much more heated damn
Jaylen Vigilant (3 days ago)
How’re men scary? Lmao that’s a terrible outlook on life😂
Anak ayam (3 days ago)
Simon Wood (3 days ago)
men's version of joking around is much more violent than a woman's version
Simon Wood (3 days ago)
guys, respecting women is disrespectful! come on America!
Simon Wood (3 days ago)
there's a lot of assuming going on here
Simon Wood (3 days ago)
men are stronger because they have significantly higher testosterone levels than women and why this matters is because it plays a key role in the development of male reproductive tissues, as well as promoting secondary sexual characteristics such as increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body hair.
Audrey Costello (3 days ago)
When they mentioned it being more difficult to have one of their genders, I thought, "Do you mean biologically, because I think it's a disadvantage to bleed every month with no control." And when I said genders, I really mean sexes but I had to phrase it the way the video did so you knew what I was talking about.
AmericanPatriot (3 days ago)
Anyone can be scary. A man with a knife can be scary and so can a woman with a knife be scary also.
YG VERSE (4 days ago)
The girl in orange is an actress, worked in a hardware and part of a wrestling team. Did I miss some thing?
Treacherous J Slither (2 days ago)
She was on a wrestling team in school. She's an actress who pays the bills by working in a hardware store. Got it?
Open the door for yourself, and hold the door if it’s a disabled person, senior, family, etc. Gender doesn’t matter.
lol there are disadvantages in being a boy or a girl that's a fact 😂
Victoria Audisio (6 days ago)
Brett and Gaby, you are the best !!
Riku (6 days ago)
idk if its just an america thing but in my country if i open the door and theres people behind me i hold it open? it doesnt even matter which gender, both of them say "thank you"
Naseem R (6 days ago)
girl with the nose ring is smart and pretty! seems kinda tipsy tho is that just me lmao?
Naseem R (6 days ago)
The guy with the blue shirt is actually kinda good looking
Socrates setarcos (7 days ago)
They all possess the skills to make a dope movie.
Logan Dillon (7 days ago)
In canada we hold doors open for everyone... we dont really pick by what gender people are
Morge Zorge (7 days ago)
She's scared of men, explain feminism in a nutshell. It's an irrational response to their subjective feelings. If i'm first at the door, i hold it open, doesn't matter the gender.
Alexis Oliver (8 days ago)
Tbh I don't think anyone is comfortable in showing their emotions anymore.. . Can't trust people anymore
Dd Z (8 days ago)
“This one man did this one thing so now ill degrade the whole gender” I open doors but if that girl stood there and expected me to open the door i wouldnt
akatsuki360 (8 days ago)
the opening doors part had me triggered. chivalry is nice, but men shouldnt have to hold doors open for women. and the woman with the turtleneck had a good point about that: it reinforces the idea that women need to protected and are fragile, etc. so again, the gesture is nice, but no one should HAVE to do it: it should be a choice
Blow Wrd. (9 days ago)
My conclusion is, The girl in the grey's husband is failing her miserably .
kekemarie 16492 (9 days ago)
I am a women and i feel like many other women try and make the problems that men go through less than the problems that they do
Fobbio321 (9 days ago)
Of course men and women are different physically and emotionally , different hormones , autonomy and everything. They aren’t the same and of course they should be treated with respect. But they shouldn’t be treated equally cause they aren’t the same. Now don’t twist that up , I support equal rights but we are different and should be treated differently. I’m not saying that women shouldn’t vote or anything like that absurdity just that we are different and should be treated as such
Fobbio321 (9 days ago)
Brett is a annoying a**hole . What a condescending piece of garbage
melia M (9 days ago)
i love how the men in this video are pretty understanding because i really don’t think that they’ll ever understand the fear that woman have simply walking to the car or the fear i hold when i drop my sister off at volleyball practice wondering if she’s safe inside and all of that
Elijah 314 (9 days ago)
Here's the tie breaker if one of the genders can find a way to reproduce without the other you will be hailed superior
Elli e (10 days ago)
0:39 good thing i wasn’t there because i just burst out laughing
Sierra Something (10 days ago)
I have a proposal. Stop editing the videos so heavily, I feel like you cut people and conversation off to make the conversation go a certain way. Try an unedited version and I’ll respect the series more
Pockykaktus (10 days ago)
I'd love to see an episode of neurodivergent vs. neurotypical!
Jeet Sonwani (10 days ago)
I usually press the handicap door open button !!
Verga Papi (10 days ago)
Way to pick fruity dudes who live in LA to represent men...
Chaaya Jé (10 days ago)
it’s crazy cause Gabi looks and acts like my friend Gabi lol
PAUL HERBERT (10 days ago)
Yoo were they find all these gay black guys for ever (ep) it must be los angels
b ray (10 days ago)
Of course they put a bunch of beta males on here
where are the construction workers and teachers and stuff, ehhrbody from Hollywood
Joseph Omole (10 days ago)
This will be sweet to watch
Mykal Jones (10 days ago)
Mom vs dad
Stacie Hebert (11 days ago)
Woman in grey is right on -- rest of this is awful. Suggest use smaller words than inherent; only one got the point.
favor obioha (11 days ago)
Jesus died for your sins, so we wouldn't need to go to hell. To go to heaven you have to confess that Jesus is lord and died for your sins. After 3 days he rose from the grave and was seen. Lastly, he is coming back from heaven. After this, live a Christian life according to the Bible. God bless.
lili (12 days ago)
boys vs girls but for adults
Judith (12 days ago)
i hoped to see some more opinions in the comments but everyone is just stuck on that door question lmfao
Benny R (12 days ago)
I open the door for anyone but if you expect me to do it because I'm male specifically . I will not as I'm not your slave
sarah spilsbury (12 days ago)
I actually took the door question as literal and figurative, to which I say yes to both. I think it's just a courtesy thing for me anyway, but if a man isn't going to open the door for me I'm not going to just stand there. I can open the door and I won't feel offended or anything. If they do open the door I take it kindly, that's something that to me shows respect to some extent. Although it can be seen as the opposite to which I think is completely possible. But figuratively speaking, men should hold more doors open for women as in opportunity. I find it very important that we should see more men allowing women to take larger opportunities than they might be given, because it shouldn't be taken as a bad thing or as the man being less than. Allowing a woman to take an opportunity should not be unsupported by men, and so I do think that men should, figuratively, hold more doors open for women as well.
Jon K (12 days ago)
I'm sorry but Brett comes off incredibly sexist with her points of view. Like take a moment and realize men who hold doors open for women don't do it because they think you're unable to or not strong enough to but because it's polite and we do it to all genders.
Korey K. (12 days ago)
When The Man Told The Girl “ You’re Awesome “ I Loved That So Much
Marcus Jones (12 days ago)
The Chick with the curly hair is all over the place and I just see victim
Mirialys Diaz (12 days ago)
Joe looks like Ryan from The Office
Ericdj (12 days ago)
Guys actually have disadvantages like when it comes to marriage and children why didn't that come up??
Matthew Z (12 days ago)
Next episode should be the difference between male and females. doctors vs feminists
blaga19 (12 days ago)
These men are boys
Winterbaby 98 (12 days ago)
Beautiful analogy at the end
Ashley DeRusha (13 days ago)
Brett is my hero.
Grant Walker (13 days ago)
I didn't realize that femininity was a word until now and I think we all need to use it more
Tea Tea (13 days ago)
Females still get paid more than male porn actors
Harley Quinn (13 days ago)
I feel like in order to see men and women how they really are, you need to look at what they put online. People show who they really are online. All the proof is in the online comments, where people aren't afraid to be themselves. Women tend to be very understanding of men, and always baby them over the smallest problems, like "men not being able to show emotion" (not true btw, women love sensitive men) while the men degrade the women, tell them they ask for rape by their clothing, tell them all they can do is have sex and cook, etc. If there's even a hint that women face ANY kind of problem online, men are there to degrade women even more and say (while they're degrading them) that they go through NO struggles and that men are the victims. You'll find that women are more nurturing, nice, and uplifting. The same can't be said for men, give or take a small percentage. There's a reason why most killers, rapists, pedophiles, kidnappers, terrorists, criminals overall are male. The majority of evil people are male. The most evil people in history turn out to be male most of the time. Just think of a few evil people off the top of your head, who did unspeakable things. They're most likely male. In videos like this one, most of the women in the comments don't bother bringing up their female problems that go as far as taking over an entire country, enslaving women, instead bring up small first world male problems. Men bring up the tiniests problems with men as well, they don't bother thinking about anyone but themselves. There's a reason for that.
Aayush Das (14 days ago)
It's sad that boys vs girls(something we'd do as kids all the time) has become a political issue.
Anonymoose 123 (14 days ago)
We can explain to men the struggles of being a woman and they can understand how we feel. But they will never have the experience of living in our shoes, the sexisem and struggles we face every day without even realizing it. No hate to men it's not their fault they're not a woman. But I still want to remind men about this.
Holding the door for women should become a sex crime
mzc42026 (14 days ago)
Many ppl are upset about the whole chivalry thing of carrying your bag or opening the door, but I see nothing wrong with a man opening a door for me, and if I am in a relationship I would expect the guy to open the door, it is manners and it is chivalry, if a guy that I’m in a relationship does not have this chivalry and manners of respect and politeness towards me it’s a negative. I get the argument that women should open the door but manners and politeness have been ingrained in society for years and I see nothing wrong with it
Madison Bischler (14 days ago)
Am i tho only one who when people like say we don't need men woman can run the world but without there cells we wouldn't be here

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