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Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other

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Text Comments (8808)
Sammy Tigger (1 hour ago)
“Men don't understand women” But do women understand men? 🤔
JDT Drawing (5 hours ago)
Both genders have disadvantages, clearly.
Léon Bott'ndr (8 hours ago)
Being over emotional is a thing and I think it's a weakness, even worse than the opposite
TheGamerAdrian (8 hours ago)
There are advantages and disadvantages for both genders. What a scared beta
TheGamerAdrian (9 hours ago)
Women being more emotional than men is biological. Not caused by society
Elvis Thoughts (11 hours ago)
I'm sorry but people read into things way to much any more.
Gunmaster260 (12 hours ago)
Disadvantages for being a man: military draft, financial responsibility in dating scenarios, glances and conversation can be warped as stalking/harassment. That’s just the immediate ones that come to mind. Both sides have their disadvantages.
Christian Thompson (12 hours ago)
“Tell that to a female ufc fighter” But, a female ufc fighter cant beat a male ufc fighter..
Urayoán (13 hours ago)
this females are whiny
astrobabe (17 hours ago)
teen girls and teen boys seek to understand each other
i_am_elizabeth (17 hours ago)
That woman with the septum piercing annoyed me
i_am_elizabeth (17 hours ago)
Why can't we open our own doors ?? 🚪
EZBRUH (20 hours ago)
Equality = holding the door open for anyone as a kind gesture not because of their gender . If I’m on a date with a girl I’m gonna let her open her own door because she’s fully capable. But if I saw an elderly person I will open the door for them as a kind gesture. I don’t like how feminists want equality but also want the perks of being a woman
besher nusair (1 day ago)
“ I don’t open doors YAHAAHYAHAYAHAY”
《 Spazzedout 》 (1 day ago)
Men and women are different mentally and physically so we can't all fully understand each other, we aren't equal, but ranking is different and that's what people should look at instead of having a mentality that gender should be equal in whole.
Renae (1 day ago)
I'm a woman and I prefer offering people before me. Often men will politely decline so to prevent this I do the hand motion indicating "you first" and then I say "ladies first". The confusion is enjoyable. I do the same with other women 😉
Lucy Dinn (1 day ago)
The whole female not opening door-thing is a double standard and does not align with their view of feminism! Outrageous
jeremebonesaw (1 day ago)
I'm surprised they didn't ask, "can I have the women to this side and men to this side?". Assuming gender much? Jk.
Wicked Jester (2 days ago)
Beta liberal men agree with liberal women.
Juju Barnes (2 days ago)
Who else got irritated at how Brett talked ? 😬😬😬
Mike Babbs (2 days ago)
I'm usually a big fan of this show but this episode was disappointing. They pretty much gathered more progressive minded men and threw them with a bunch of progressively minded females. I'm a fan of equality, but there were issues that could've been touched on that weren't. Secondly, when the one woman was commenting on the guys view to respect women via the holding open doors topic- she said that it seems great that "women are higher up" but it's not and then went to comment on how it's actually women are lower and incapable etc etc. So it seems great that a womans higher than you are but it's wrong when shes percieved as lower? How could no one call her out on this! Like if were striving to be equal how can it be ok if a woman is higher than a man? We should be at the same level. And since everyone is so progressive no one caught her on that. Finally, the woman who works at the hardware store said that she feels passed over because shes a woman when people ask/ go for help. And that's wrong. What bothers me though is that they usually have people separated by departments and she never mentioned whether or not she was even a part of the department and she never affirmed she had the knowledge to help! I'm sure there are idiots out there that think women cant be technical, but if I'm going to a hardware store I'm not gonna ask someone in the paint or wood paneling section where a 1/2 screw is or if they can help me locate the proper bolt that I thought was something in SE but it's actually in Metric- I wont waste anyone's time to help me if they arent in that department! But she never mentioned that. Disappointed they're could of been a really good conversation on this episode
Thomas Sehloho (3 days ago)
there was no man here, all woman
Katzekatzekatze (3 days ago)
4:54 what the heck do you think it means for girls when the word girl is used as an insult?
shivam sh (3 days ago)
@10:12 she- i talk a lot of sense everybody- laughs
Karly Yvette (3 days ago)
Brett is giving me SO many Angela Davis vibes. If you know, ya know.
Kenia de Oliveira (3 days ago)
"Being emotional" shouldn't be a synonym only for "crying when frustrated/sad". I hate it when men say that women get too emotional just because we express our anger through tears. Men express anger through physical violence/acts (breaking things, getting in fights, yelling, etc.,). Both crying and getting violent should be considered "being emotional". But still, that concept is only applied to people that cry, and they get labelled as weak just because "they can't control their emotions" as if beating someone up or yelling uncontrollably weren't signs of someone not being able to control their emotions. To this day in society, -If a woman cries or gets frustrated: *"She's being emotional and acting crazy"* -If a man gets violent: *"Oh, it's just his nature".* 😒
Trinity Delima (4 days ago)
On the safety thing with the other gender, it just depends- there are evil ppl in every gender, race, and religion
honeymoon avenue (4 days ago)
the gay black dude tho !!! i love him
Nicolás Salazar (4 days ago)
Why is ratatouille's linguini there in the blue shirt ??
_geri_kelly (4 days ago)
Ian Nickle (4 days ago)
Literally nobody says don't show your emotions
Sophie Lehn (4 days ago)
Men should open the door for women and men Women should open the door for men and women Just open the door!
Retarded N. (4 days ago)
I held a door open for this older man and he ending up pushing the door against me to make me let go off the door. I know he saw me cs it was a see through door and he definitely see me being nice but take it as mocking situation while im not, i just want to help. That’s really rude thing to do but i dont really mad about it cs it can be any other meaning than that.
emma (4 days ago)
Why do women want equal opportunities but not equal responsibilities.
Kyle Dunne (5 days ago)
I hold door for everyone, to be polite not to be your servant.
Martin Septim (5 days ago)
one girl got mad at me for opening the door for her :(
I think the best thing to do is just go to the gym and get ripped, and then slay your enemies.
country hix (5 days ago)
Please ask the questions on mic? I dont really watch but I do try to listen.
HIROSET (5 days ago)
They keep strongly emphasizing their race as if the races aren't equal. How about people just referencing themselves as people instead of 'black males'
Avery Pagel (5 days ago)
Men are made to protect women and I’m fine with that.
yoli herre (5 days ago)
1% of the comments: about the actual video 99% of the comments: THE MOTHERF*CKIND DOOR QUESTION (for those who asking, I'm a girl and I open doors, thank u)
CarsonH72 (5 days ago)
Love how everyone is making generalizations about genders in this video and the comments. I hope my generation will primarily focus on the individual rather than the stereotype - dang, heuristics suck
Jazzy Piper (5 days ago)
I think they needed a more diverse job range in this one- they were all based around media
Eioku Hayayku (6 days ago)
I hild the door for a guy, because chances are they do it all the time and never get the favor returned. Also I beat them to the door. *"I am speed."*
WillDaBeast (6 days ago)
lets not make these things gender things it divides us
Bendak (6 days ago)
They're all privileged.
Mallory Bayles (6 days ago)
Like you have arms *open the damn door yourself...*
Arie Love (6 days ago)
Women are not "more" emotional.
Toxic Tyler (6 days ago)
Generally speaking since I'm genderfluid. Male or female I will hold a door open for myself and others because its a damn door. It's not conditioned for a man to hold a door for a women.
Alfred M (6 days ago)
I don’t like the girl with the afro.
Keylee (6 days ago)
I disagree with the women needing doors opened by men. If you get to the door first, you open it.
Marcus Webster (6 days ago)
How about a middle ground between actual rape victims and those falsely accused of rape?
PisaCake9 (6 days ago)
It's just a damn door, open it yourself.
Final Fighter X (7 days ago)
Afro girl has some ugly a$$ teeth..
belovedlioness151992 (7 days ago)
I'm sorry y'all but I want a mans man. Yes it doesn't have to be 1940s man because there are exceptions but men are men and thats okay.
A C I D I C (6 days ago)
Just as long as you don't think everyone should conform to your standards, that's perfectly fine!
Kasha Bogdal (7 days ago)
i think it’s funny that men are comfortable with admitting they feel safe when women are around, there is nothing wrong with feeling protected by a man, it doesn’t make you inferior if you feel safe
wren ingber (7 days ago)
treating people equally does not mean treating people identically. It means giving everyone an equal opportunity and space within their unique position. It's about fulfilling everyone's specific needs. Some people need more, some people need less. It's not about prioritizing one expression over another.
N F (7 days ago)
Hidden PUA? which is the best pua?
Boom Cube (7 days ago)
People who don’t think men and women are inherently different are absolutely delusional.
Muneerah ٰ (7 days ago)
I wish we can have this conversation in the east.
Briaa Mariee (7 days ago)
If I get to the door first I will open the door. If he gets to the door first he will open the door. I refuse to stand there and be like open something for me even though I got there first and my hands aren't broken and I am fully capable of opening said door but you're a man so it's your job. Yeah...................No.
kristal fisher (7 days ago)
Y'all just had to point out the afro girl now I'm getting annoyed by her 12:40 "It's all the same."
Liam (7 days ago)
Men and women are different both physically and emotionally and that’s due to hormones.
Dark Matter (7 days ago)
I honestly clicked on this thumbnail just to admire the afro of the person in grey, just to see how my own hair texture would look than the medium size version I have presently ...
Ivana Wortmann (7 days ago)
About holding the doors thing... I think that it isn't about respecting women or that it has some deeper meaning like everyone is trying to bring to it. It just a nice thing to do for your date/girlfriend/fiance/wife. I feel like people are making up a whole story about it just to have a reason to agree or not agree with it.
Alekha (7 days ago)
I don't like Brett
Speed (7 days ago)
I hate how nobody actually answers the questions ! They just go off what happened to them or how they were brought up
Kayla Strader (7 days ago)
Everyone is so civil and respectful 🙌🏻
Charleone (7 days ago)
women want to be strong and what not until its time for who dies first.
FLAlVlE (7 days ago)
Seriously I wonder if people tend to think objectively sometimes. Yeah okay how about a fair comparison, take that female UFC fighter who is at the top of her sport and compare her to a Male UFC fighter who is at the top of their sport. She would get destroyed. There is no question. Don't take an outlier on one end and compare it to an outlier on the other end
Jamal Freeman (7 days ago)
Even the average man can take a trained female if they are not holding back.
rip me and all other head phone users the lady with the afro killed my ears
Sphere (8 days ago)
Pro hoe vs anti thotiana
Ninth Tome (8 days ago)
I'm curious to what she thinks it means when a guy opens a door for another guy? At any rate, we should never be quick to assume people's motives.
Bridget Montes (8 days ago)
I love the people in this video; they were so respectful and brought such great discussion/points.
Liam (6 days ago)
Bridget Montes they have wel over 45 minutes, they Cut these vids bigtime
Bridget Montes (6 days ago)
@Liam well they only have a certain amount of time
Liam (7 days ago)
Bridget Montes they could have went a lot deeper, felt like a shallow convo imo
Ciser (8 days ago)
the so called "assertive/fiery" one sounds the most nervous and jittery haha
Ciser (7 days ago)
@Inconspicuous Pseudonym im on a bulk now but i was 165 there, 5'11
U look shredded bruh good job. I'm in shred mode myself. What is your height/weight?
Saussinati Beats (8 days ago)
just me (8 days ago)
I feel that the men in the video weren't being completely honest because of the fear of scrutiny. No one called out Koree for her backwards thinking on the door situation and the black guy saying he's worried about a female attacking him was asanine. And the "understood by the other gender" was ridiculous as well, for him to be raised by mostly women and fearing to show emotions showed that women taught that behaviour to him meaning that women dont understand men.
JrLovePLL12 (8 days ago)
Farhoud seems like he can't stand whenever the black woman with curly hair talks
AlexxRocket (8 days ago)
As a woman, I have no expectations that a man should open a door. I think a person should hold a door if there's someone following them. That's all that matters. I've held the door open for my husband, I've held the door open for other men, women, etc etc. My husband holds the door for me too. I've actually had a man yell at me for trying to hold the door for him. He refused to walk in and insisted. I tried laughing it off like it's okay dude I don't care. He aggressively barked "No. You go first." How is that idea that women shouldn't hold a door rooted in kindness? How is the idea that I should be yelled at for being blindly considerate okay? It seemed like he felt attacked by my gesture, imo. Just be kind, is my ideal. Hold the door open for anyone because it's good to do. If someone holds it for you, thank them then move on.
JustSomeEngineer Dude (9 days ago)
the female UFC fighter thing made me cringe, the proper responds to that is what about male UFC figthers the top male UFC fighter will be a god compared to any female. On average man are stronger and it shows in the extreme of strength in both fighting lifting and nearly every sport out there
ekdwyer (9 days ago)
down boy (9 days ago)
His chin and nose doe
NYC1E1 (9 days ago)
I literally didn't learn anything from this.
Liam (7 days ago)
NYC1E1 they had very shallow insight and not a lot of scientific points so I agree
Th3lite (9 days ago)
Men are not the enemy, wrong thinking is. Stop it.
gothgf (9 days ago)
Men aren't less emotional, they just tend to react in anger rather than with tears. Anger is still an emotion.
bob star (9 days ago)
Feminist alert.
Ayy L'mayo (9 days ago)
Cough *divorce rights* cough
red ninjas (10 days ago)
Men are naturally stronger than women...
lucien luciano (10 days ago)
Opening a door is just a nice thing to so, for a male or female, doesnt matter
Erin Matthews (10 days ago)
I’ve see women WAIT for a random man to walk up and open the door for them🙄‼️‼️It’s ridiculous
I would've stood blissfully clueless waiting for her to open it
rab (10 days ago)
Men are the first ones to go to war and the last ones to leave a sinking boat.
Anja (5 days ago)
That isnt true anyone...
King Jinzo (10 days ago)
They had to find the gay black guy....
Bryson Holloway (10 days ago)
Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic Problematic
Kyle Wathen (10 days ago)
My question where are the blue collar workers actually never show any of them
Sara (10 days ago)
I'm a woman and I keep the door open for whoever is behind me, I really don't care if it's a man, child, girl I don't care I just do it
Iselas181 (10 days ago)
The bias in this is painful, this channel needs to get some different points of view on because this is crazy.
Liam (7 days ago)
Iselas181 I think they’re LA based, that’s why
McBOSS T. Duck (10 days ago)
I’m not sexist but I disagree with these opening door comments. If your opening a door and someone (man or woman) is walking towards the door, hold it open. Not cause your unable. I’m just being kind. Not because I’m a gentleman, I’d do it for men too.
saganist (10 days ago)
I'm a man. I strive to be as masculine as possible. I don't really have anything against feminine men but I don't personally have a feminine side (what does that even mean?).
Fatima sanni (10 days ago)
You think being a woman in America is hard? Try being one in a third world country...pshhh...you are basically an inconvenient second thought whose existence is just to please our masculine counterpart...I kid you not...
Justin Fay (10 days ago)
Brett needs to learn to talk without showing all 32 of her teeth the whole time...

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