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Men and Women Seek to Understand Each Other

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Men and women come together to discuss the differences in their life experiences and find middle ground. SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉http://bit.ly/SUBSCRIBEjubilee 👈 Follow us on INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ FEATURING Dae https://instagram.com/aydaebae Gabi https://instagram.com/gabgrams11 Brett https://instagram.com/brettcandace Farhoud https://instagram.com/farhoudmeybodi Koree https://instagram.com/hashtagkoree Joe https://instagram.com/neiderhauser Are you a loyal Jubilee fan? Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/407942859721012/ Want to be in a Jubilee video? Fill out our casting form: https://goo.gl/forms/EYJEIGgtGTOrb8GC2 | ABOUT | Jubilee exists to bridge people together and inspire love through compelling stories. We create shareable human-centric videos that create connection, challenge assumptions, and touch the soul. Ultimately, we aim to inspire people to LIVE GREATER. | SOCIAL | Jubilee Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/ Jubilee Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/jubileemedia Jubilee Website: https://www.jubileemedia.com Jubilee MERCH: https://www.jubileegear.com Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/f5rE/ For brands interested in partnering with Jubilee, email us: [email protected] Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/mrTw/
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Text Comments (8710)
chrissy (27 minutes ago)
those who want to colonize planets and those who don’t
Priscilla Maria (35 minutes ago)
There is so much underlying misogyny in this video
May Parkes-Young (4 hours ago)
The "inherit difference" between genders is (I believe) purely physical. Human brains aren't made differently if you're a man or woman. However, the differences in personality are what society has built. These "emotional" categories are only created , they're not biological
Aliyah Rose (8 hours ago)
Korea sounds like that girl from Buzz feed
Aliyah Rose (8 hours ago)
MUAlivia UwU (12 hours ago)
Mini rant, read if you want So I loved this conversation, but I agree, people should hold the door open for people. However, I was taught by my mother, to not erase a mans chivalrous behavior, so if he wants to open your car door or the door to the restaurant, let him. Don’t expect it, but don’t ruin the part of him that wants to be that way. I didn’t understand it at the time because being a teenager and thinking “I’m a strong woman, I can open my own damn door” was running through my head, but thinking about it now, I can see how it’s good to reinforce those things if the person is already trying to be polite in that way. Again, I don’t expect every man to open the door for me, and I’d be ridiculous to, but I don’t think people should have to feel like that’s something a man is doing because he thinks you’re incapable. Just like the “men try to fix problems when women just want someone to listen” like??? He wants to help, why is that bad? Admittedly, I have been upset by this before because in an emotional time when you’re trying to vent and the guy you’re talking to is trying to offer solutions, it can be annoying, but if it’s someone you trust and can be vulnerable with, that communication of “right now I just need to cry and vent, please don’t try to fix this right now” can completely eliminate that frustration, without eliminating his desire to help you. And vice versa. Also, guys really don’t realize how scary they are to women. They should think about that before being offended that a girl doesn’t want to talk to them, or doesn’t acknowledge them, because she’s literally scared for her life. Anyway, end rant.
Matt Sena (12 hours ago)
In Canada if you hold a door open for one person, it's unacceptable to leave or close that door until the place closes or another person offers you a Molson and to take your spot at the door. Americans think they have it rough
Hoemguy (12 hours ago)
the girl with the glasses was pretty much the only one who wasn't crazy.
Michaela Westbrook (14 hours ago)
Kind of alarming that on a lot of these episodes people are actors.
Hamster Chode (15 hours ago)
Why did Brett say all that in the door question if she “believes” that a man should hold a door for her
Samantha Almeria (15 hours ago)
Individualizing issues like toxic gender roles erases it completely and is swept under the rug therefore reproducing it. Home girl with the cute fro really knows what she’s talking about, keep fighting the good fight! :)
PikaPluff2040 (15 hours ago)
Lmao, i was at my friends yesterday, and i had won a game of monopoly quick, thanks to luck as normal. Guess how these males acted? They said i had to clear the stuff away, and just left me to it. WTF. Next time i play that game with them, and i lose, ill act the same way. Grudges are fun ;) Well that shows how petty they can be. And that they aren't emotionless, but not 'masculine'. Funnily enough they are stanch believers in 2 genders but get upset over a game.
WellActually (15 hours ago)
that biracial women is overcompensate with the wokeness
cynthx (17 hours ago)
is the angry chick drunk or something
Frosty x (17 hours ago)
Okay hold on bitches opening up a door IS NOT RESPECT a female can open her own door and should do it themselves LIKE EEEEVERYONE ELSE people do your OWN Stuff like it starts with opening door burro like now we need men to open all sorts of doors for ur like career doors financiel doors etcetc we ain't in control bc we led too much out of our hands making everyone including ourselves believe that we ain't capable of doing things on our OWN
J C (18 hours ago)
Hi im..... and I'm in film and im from LA
Internet Depression (19 hours ago)
Bring a man who's divorced, has no custody of their children and is handing over half his wages/salary to support ex wife and kids he never gets to see and he will give you a massive list of disadvantages men have in this current society.
crazytoenail (21 hours ago)
I think whoever reached the door first holds it open
Morgan Singer (21 hours ago)
I don’t feel like men always have to open doors for me I can open it for him because why does the man have to do everything ya know ?
John Bosco (22 hours ago)
Chivalry NEVER HURT women. If you love and respect something you go the extra mile. It doesn't mean women are incapable. This world view that chivalry was because men thought women to be incapable is a modern feminist ideal.
John Bosco (22 hours ago)
Gabi Hi I'm an Actress. I work at hardware store...... So your not an actress then
Reagan Butrum (23 hours ago)
5:50 what the heck? This lady needs to get over herself.
Reagan Butrum (23 hours ago)
I'm a teenage girl and I was taught to hold the door open for everyone? I think everyone needs to be taught that. I literally will stand outside my classroom holding the door open for all my classmates. It's not like I just sit at the door and wait for a man to open it. Girls are capable of opening doors, we shouldn't expect men to do it for us.
Kai Young (23 hours ago)
Girls that wait for men to open the door for them are retarded, now if they offer to do it then cool but if u just stand there waiting for him to open it FOR U when u have fully functional arms then stop being petty and open the dam door smh
Izzy May Be Great (1 day ago)
Just because a man opens a door for a woman doesn't mean he thinks it's because they're unable to. Everyone can open a door. He's just being a gentleman. Don't overanalyze an act of kindness.
MasterMyDestiny (1 day ago)
There are men and dishwashers
Izzy May Be Great (1 day ago)
Men and women's brains and bodies are different. That's why trans people exist. Different hormones and different brain structures definitely change how men and women are. There are exceptions of course. Women's brain have more empathy and are more emotional while men's aren't as much.
Ianis Gigel (1 day ago)
Yeah cuz I rape around 69 women a day
BC Walk (1 day ago)
The word problematic is problematic
What a terrible idea for an episode.
Diana (1 day ago)
As a woman, I always hold the door open for people who happen to be behind me. When I am with my friends, I instinctively go for the door and hold it open until every each and one of my friends is inside. In my country, men and women do that. Men held doors for me, but that didn’t make me feel lesser or vulnerable in any way. It made me feel respected! I am in the UK at university now and not one man held the door open for me. I was in plenty on situations where they actually cut in front of me, went inside and left the door close behind them... I was so shocked I actually had a conversation with my parents about it when I came back home. Now when I’m in the UK, even though I will never stop opening and holding doors for people, I’ll never dare expect to be treated the same way. Cultural shock is a real thing, kids!
Krysuna (1 day ago)
“There are disadvantages in having my gender” Me: yes, having my period.
caitron neery (1 day ago)
Appreciating when a guy opens a door for you is not the same as EXPECTING it. A girl shouldn’t feel offended or like the guy is being rude if he doesn’t open the door for you.
Sierra Birt (1 day ago)
To the man at 10:40 who reiterated the fact that's he's black: I'm confused as to what being black had to do with showing emotions
The Rock Jr. (1 day ago)
It's very hard for me to read comments of videos like these regarding the struggles of men and women because it seems many people like to trivialize the struggles us men go through. And people wonder why we typically don't show emotion or talk about our feelings....
Avery Smith (1 day ago)
afro woman is off her rocker.
Doge (1 day ago)
Hey if I shouldn't hold the door then why the hell should I pay for the bill
Escape Dog (1 day ago)
When two say there isnt any differences in genders then walk up when they say there gender has disadvantages. Hmmmm🧐
StraightCash GS (1 day ago)
The way that Brett chick talks pisses me off
Avery Robertson (1 day ago)
This video was a joke. I wish i couldn’t have spoken up.
Avery Robertson (1 day ago)
1st thing they said about emotions hahaha testosterone (the hormone in men) make men react in anger and estrogen (the hormone in women) make women react sad or anxious. They can be unblanaced based on your gender but typically. It is INHERENT
송윤주 (1 day ago)
1:58 what is the word meaning of volscian honest?
Wait, no asians? I wanted to get their point of view too.
Alyssa Reeder (1 day ago)
i swear ive seen Farhoud somewhere else..
Mayeaux W. (1 day ago)
Men and women were just little boys and girls who were taught how to do gender. Men do this and women do this. It shouldn’t be that serious just be yourself we’re all masculine and feminine.
Rorschach gaming (1 day ago)
so true
Holly Frad (1 day ago)
I personally think that guys should hold doors for girls cause it’s just the gentleman thing to do
Trinity Wortham (1 day ago)
Just a bunch of betas
Rorschach gaming (1 day ago)
+Trinity Wortham ok
Trinity Wortham (1 day ago)
Rorschach gaming There will be a agreement with men and women one females accept their femininity it has power to them being less intimidating you understand somebodies going to agree with one that’s the agreement.
Rorschach gaming (1 day ago)
+Trinity Wortham I disagree that there would be no middle ground but most of it I agree
Trinity Wortham (1 day ago)
Rorschach gaming It means that most of these females keep excluding mean in the process and keep including themselves. If they were ever to be married (if possible) thee would only be thinking of themselves not their counterpart. That would be so one sided these pantsys shouldn’t be running for anything. There will always be a right side no middle ground. PERIODT
Rorschach gaming (1 day ago)
what's that supposed to mean
Jams_P (1 day ago)
Brett's gritted teeth annoyed me.
moonlight candy (1 day ago)
I don't think men need to open the door I have hands I'm perfectly capable of opening a door 😂
dee bee (1 day ago)
I hate that 'tock' noise
pewpeat (1 day ago)
heres what I got from this video: I did not trust the men for their talk of emotions, while at the same time I did want to have sex with all the women
my brother's a crybaby
Maria A. (1 day ago)
I still hate men.
Jeffrey Zhang (1 day ago)
_.Nonso ._ (1 day ago)
I'm just gonna leave this here if you want to believe it or not go ahead. NOT ALL MEN ARE THE SAME NOT ALL WOMEN ARE THE SAME
Chase Newman (1 day ago)
I'm a black male and i have disadvantages and I have disadvantages because of my gender, black people are the worst treated people on the planet but Black are treated well because we live ina patriarchy they are also objectified, while black men just get the worse treated, people often forget that there's no black many smoking cigars in a mazerati talking about to discriminate against, the patriarchy is white men , so if we topple that patriarchy its gucci.
Samela Fire (1 day ago)
I wish they got into more serious issues like being payed less or more because of gender, catcalling & Sexual Harassment.
>>Everyone should open doors for everyone if they get to the door first and the other person is nearby
Chase Newman (1 day ago)
In our society since there is a (white) partraich, men can be expeded to be like certain people, I mean the alot of the greek gods are men, so I feel that sometimes men a given impossible role models to be like. Image tell a boy he has to led people and provide for a whole family thats crazy I'm glad gender roles are chaging. When my parents were growning up the man work the woman stayed at home, now we know thats counter productive and now both people work and both people take care of the home, thats twice the money and twice faster house task, i don't need any movement to tell me that that's more productive
America is already on war since a lot of years, they are in war in other countries tho
IISammII (1 day ago)
I don't rly care for guys opening the door for me..is that bad? I just wasn't exposed to it much ig
yasmin eckel (1 day ago)
I really don’t like the women in gray she just seems really condescending😬
Reverof Enola (1 day ago)
I kinda got the same vibe.
Wabbit Kidds (1 day ago)
They know damn well this would have went alot different if you had the straight black male and the straight accretive white male
Emily L (1 day ago)
I hate to admit this but everything I do is motivated by finding a boyfriend
Taylor Britt (1 day ago)
I have 1 thing to say Sushi rolls, not gender roles
Roos van Hese (1 day ago)
the white guy looks like gabe from the office
Christiaan Paulsen (1 day ago)
Dc comics fans versus marvel comics fans. Just saying, that would be very interesting to see take place.
N TM (1 day ago)
Tbh kinda cba to hold doors open for people unless they’re disabled or literally directly behind me
Chris Briscoe (1 day ago)
I think the concept for these videos is great, but they’re too short, and I want to see more back and forth and direct responses to what each person is saying. These topics are too important for a 10-12 minute video.
Christina Pinto (1 day ago)
Please do one with teenagers!!
TauraCasanova (2 days ago)
I don't believe that men SHOULD open doors for me, but I appreciate it when they do. Like with all gentlemanly behaviour, it makes me feel valued and taken care of, if in the right context. I have a friend who was raised very traditionally, so much so that he will instinctually always walk on the side of traffic when we're together - if we walk so that the traffic is on the other side, he switches sides. He also always offers his hand for balance in stairs, especially if I'm wearing heels, he'll check if I'm too cold and offer his jacket, or if there's anything I need. He always makes me feel like a lady, and never like he's patronising me, because he makes it clear that he respects the hell out of me, my opinions, and my capabilities.
Willow Fitzgerald (2 days ago)
As a woman, I enjoy holding or opening doors for men if they are going into a store at the same time as me, it often either confuses them or they are really thankful and thrown off and maybe that will stay in their mind . Like maybe if they think a certain way of women they will consider that small act of kindness I did for them plus it does feel powerful to reverse the weird social rule. (I will hold the door open for anyone because its kind but to flip the role/expectations I enjoy)
DatAnonymousBoi (2 days ago)
I don't understand why people are like 'Women are stronger than Men physically' because they're not, men are naturally built with more muscles. I do understand the fighter part though, to be completely honest strength comes with how you take care of your body. I hope nobody gets triggered and that you kind of understand what I'm TRYING to say
Pineapple Paul (2 days ago)
Ain’t gonna lie, I’ve legit been taught my everyone around me to not show any emotion. Too be honest, I don’t even remember the last time I’ve cried.
Alex Alonzo (2 days ago)
4:11 is she getting triggered because she doesn’t have to do her job
peachy (2 days ago)
where I come from we open the door for the older people because its a sign of respect. we don't really focus on if they are a girl or a boy but more on if they are significantly older then you.
Papa Bless (2 days ago)
Urgh the guy who brought up that women UFC fighters are stronger than some men, obviously but men are naturally built differently and are naturally stronger it’s a fact people aren’t hating on the fact that women can train and become strong. But you wouldn’t be able to put two trained ufc fighters of the opposite sex in a cage, the same way every sport is split. To make it fair.
Yhani 015 (2 days ago)
Why does showing emotions, is often associated to crying!?!?
Scarabus (2 days ago)
You guys should look up fifty differences between men and women, its a good video that talks about how mens brain are hard wired, and how women’s brains are hardwired, it will clear up a lot of questions about societal norms versus instincts
Juventin (2 days ago)
this is one of the silliest subjects you ever had. There are more in group differences then differences between men and women. it's silly as hell. feminists vs MRA's that's a discussion to have. not random men vs women..
Merrell Key (2 days ago)
Joe is awesome lolol
Violette Fefeld (2 days ago)
Still don’t understand why a specific gender have to do stuff like opening door to a other
i don't wanna be worshipped or degraded. just talk to me, person to person ya know.
Theo Price-Sherrie (2 days ago)
Anyone who is knowledgable in psychology or biology knows that there are not only noticeable inherent differences between men and women physically (men are usually bigger, faster and stronger than women), but also mentally. A lot of these differences are actually biological and heavily influenced by differing brain structures (obviously we are vastly more alike than different but in general there are measurable differences). That's not to say that many of these differences between the sexes aren't influenced by social conditioning, but more to say that saying that idea is the sole reasoning, is an over-simplification of the matter and factually incorrect.
Nicolae Ceausescu (2 days ago)
It's natural for men to be less emotional. I think society amplifies it but It's okay. I honestly don't mind being reserved regarding emotion, most dudes just talk to themselves about their problems and in most cases it's enough
Brianna Thurston (2 days ago)
the girl with the afro is getting on my nerves
Marcus J (2 days ago)
Nothing was accomplished in this one
Marcus J (2 days ago)
I wouldn’t consider those men manly
topdog69jb (2 days ago)
Just looking at the top comments having what I presive as gay men on the counsel defeats the purpose. If it's just me ok
General Yeah Yeah (2 days ago)
Am I really the only one who seen their lips😭😭😭
Paromita Roy (2 days ago)
Why does holding open a door have to do ANYTHING with gender? Lmao
Anonymous John (2 days ago)
Best video. :D
me me (2 days ago)
the woman in the blue shirt is sexist and she doesnt even realize
Dtf (2 days ago)
If I was walking with a girl into a store or restaurant and all of a sudden she just stood their staring at me and waiting for me to open the door, I would never speak to her again
Rachel Chae (2 days ago)
I hate how men are stereotyped to be "unemotional" and women are the "overly emotional" ones. Everybody has emotions. I don't even know why gender has to be mentioned in this
Rachel Chae (2 days ago)
And about holding doors, you should open doors for EVERYONE. Period
Mara (2 days ago)
I hold the door open for my boyfriend, he holds the door open for me, we hold the door open for other people...gender shouldn't matter.
Suistamo Karjalainen (2 days ago)
8:11 she dont realise how scary SHE is.
Suistamo Karjalainen (2 days ago)
"I dont open my own doors" Mental level of 5 years old. She is REALLY spoiled, mentality of queen universe
Ryan Springer (2 days ago)
Damn.. way to diversify the room with all those liberal nerds. Solid work.
F-zero91maru (3 days ago)
i see the comments this is gonna bring in sexism
F-zero91maru (3 days ago)
this shows women men are never equal since the minds are different plus sexuality is a taboo in society

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