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How to put an h-style harness on a cat

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Title says it all.
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Louise Quo Vadis (10 months ago)
Hey there, yes, your video is so easy to follow. I watched other videos and I was still scratching my head trying to understand what they were showing me. Great job. Thank you.
hey milk (1 year ago)
Awwww, Thanks You Really Helped Me! And btw Your Cat Is Adorable 💜
Aimee Orsay (1 year ago)
Great Demo and an even Cuter-Zen cat, Thanks Heaps for a great view of the details. You and your cat looks are lovely. Regards from Inland Australia.
Yours is the best how-to for cat harness. I watched quite a few today and nobody else explained to unclip one buckle first! Thanks so much.
uh no (2 years ago)
you earned a subscriber
Diana Kola (3 years ago)
This video is a lot more understandable then the ones where Vets and doctors try put a harness on their cats, at least u zoomed in! Thxxx
jmc334 (3 years ago)
Thank you for the step-by-step instructions. I couldn't get on the harness until I watched your video.  Wow, is your cat great! Mine would never sit still so long.
strongsick286 (4 years ago)
just put a harness on my cat he does not like going out side :)
Superwholockandkittens (4 years ago)
THANK YOU! I just got the exact same harness for my cat, your video saved us both from unneeded drama. Also, holy man your cat is super patient and calm!
legacy (4 years ago)
Where do u get one of those :-)
SuperKC (4 years ago)
This is the best and easiest to follow video on how to put your cat in a harness. The others just confused me. Great job!
jzoeya1 (4 years ago)
Such a cute kitty!!!
saintsdancenrome (4 years ago)
Thanks for the video & great job.  Love the kitty rubs too.  :D
Toxilicityy (4 years ago)
thanks for the video sweetie, helped me out! Harnesses confuse me haha.
Robin Ann (4 years ago)
I agree with everyone who said your vid is better than the pros. Well done. You and your cat are both adorable.
Izan Mohamed (5 years ago)
.. OMG, i agree with Jeremy. This is like the only video that makes me really understand!! The "professionals" made me watch their video 10times....but i still don't get it (maybe that's the whole idea, to get more "views"). Thank u for this video dear! U r one bright kid.
Kara Feimster (5 years ago)
Thank you! I tried to make it to where everybody could understand! :)
Belén Cosenza (5 years ago)
Could you link to that harness (or another one with the same system)? The ones I find online have two clips, one on the neck part too. And I like the one you show because how you can loosen up the loop through where the left paw is supposed to go through (she freaks out a little bit on that part...) Thanks!
Adrian E. (5 years ago)
Thanks for the tip on keeping it loser to get him comfortable. Good looking out.
Jamie Novick Fox (5 years ago)
Your cat is a real sweetheart and you treat her with such love.
Mike Solimine (5 years ago)
Your cat is so well behaved!!
FirstReviewer (5 years ago)
My neighbor has walked his harnessed cat on a leash for years. Around here if you let your cat outside you won't have your cat very long. Cats and Cars are like gas and water they just don't mix. Good Video.
Alyssa Ball (5 years ago)
Thank you so much I really needed help on this :)
nigel mahabir (6 years ago)
Looks like my cat named Citrus
mgg3d (6 years ago)
Aww, your cat is so adorable!! I've been trying to teach my cat, Leo, to wear the harness, but he doesn't like it to much, lol.. I have a blue harness and a black leash for him also :3

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