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10 Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People's Lives

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10 Times Superhero Animals Literally Saved Human Lives. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: When our lives are in danger, we sometimes forget that humans aren’t the only creatures on earth with the ability to recognize a life or death situation. From cats and dogs to horses and goats – many animals can tell when a human needs assistance. We share a past with every creature on this planet. Whether they are covered in fur, scales or feathers we sometimes need their help more than we realize. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/thethingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (8481)
Brooke M (1 year ago)
*sobbing* animals are so amazing
Elizabeth Bass (9 days ago)
Rosario Gómez (2 months ago)
Bucky Barnes cat
Chara Dreemurrr (4 months ago)
+Madelaine Tune wow child abuse
Chara Dreemurrr (4 months ago)
+_EXTREME__ANIMAL_ it means Crying.
Kiera Moore (4 months ago)
They really are amazing
Snowflake Sophia (20 hours ago)
Hey the thing Thank you for making these awesome videos 😊🎉💯
Rosa Perea (2 days ago)
Omg!!! 😂😂😂 What is the rabbit doing!?!! 1:17
melissa jones (5 days ago)
I now the winne story
Lucky Money (6 days ago)
Very nice
Alice Willoughby (6 days ago)
Many years ago I heard the story of a woman who was sleeping with her pet Yentl when something in her home caught fire. Yentle licked the woman's face until she woke up, smelled the smoke and got herself and Yentl out of there. Yentl turns out to be a small, black rat.
Lily Chang (7 days ago)
A bird A WILD BIRD so basically I was camping and a raccoon started chasing me I ran for my life and STUPID ROCK I tripped on a rock so the raccoon was closer thankfully just before it got me a big bird took away that raccoon I couldn’t believe what I just saw still to this day
FNAFalie (7 days ago)
a fourteen year old student saved a little girl from a deadly pack of wild wolves. the girl was playing with her new play pen when she was horrified when she saw a deadly pack of wild wolves. the teachers were horrifed. one wolf dragged her down and she was going to die. but something terrificting happened. pony boy, a fourteen year old student, jumped out, biting, clawing and growling and scared the wolves away. but then a wolf jumped out and bit him on the neck. luckily, the teachers called 911 in the nick of time before the wound got deadly. but it was not too serious and the treatment was over in 15 minutes when they cleaned the wound and covered it up. pony boy was saved by the doctors and he was able to go home and neatly rest until the wound heals up. the girl came by to give him a card saying you are my hero for saving her from those deadly wolves. if she was attacked, she could have died. if she didn't call the emergcy room, the wound would have killed him.
Everyday Gen (7 days ago)
My dog. Once I was taking a bubble bath and I fell asleep. My face was halfway deep in the water but my dog rusty kept barking at the bathroom door and my mom eventually came and took me to my room
Elizabeth Bass (9 days ago)
:O. WHAT. Lions I don't know about that 😖😵😬😐😕😖
Nate Ward (12 days ago)
The animals are so cute
John Davis (14 days ago)
Most if not all these stories are fake
Kye Howes (14 days ago)
Yes a horse called cookie
I have been saved my mom dog a guy tryed to give me a hug and he huged me like if he tryed to hurt me and my dog named Elia bite him in the leg
Miguel Millan (15 days ago)
One time i was walking on the sidewalk after that i saw a cat meowing alot but after about 2 minutes the cat went after me and i was screaming and my dog came to the rescue and chased away the cat.For a prize i gave my dog a dog treat.My dog came to save me because i forgot to close the door, but luckily there was nobody who came to my house because my dad was guarding it.
Miguel Millan (15 days ago)
With a baseball bat
ItzMatthew Burst (18 days ago)
The Things is secretly T Series
XxGalexyCatGirl (18 days ago)
Yeah A dog was chasing me and my two cats hissed at it and then it ran away I love my cats Btw way there called Ella and bus bus
zoestar210 cassy (18 days ago)
My dog missy saved me from a murderer she bolted up to him and bite his leg but he kicked her of she ran back up to him and killed the guy
Nika Davidov (19 days ago)
weeell i WAS saved by an animal BUUUUT it was a long time ago when i was little... so i live in georgia in a city called vaja pshavela... know it seems STUPID to you but it is NOT!!! IT IS RANKED 8th IN TOP 10 SAFEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD!!! SO SHUTUP!!! so i live in a city in georgia and stuff and i also have a village... well not HAVE a village have a HOUSE in a village... 2 houses actually we gave a small one to a friend and next to the 2 houses is a another HUGE house LITERALLY 10 or 8 or something feet away from our house... so i had 2 dogs in the village that were homeless. jk we took hem to our house LOL. so i had a puppy chihuahua and a brown dog NOT A PUPPY a dog... i... dont know what kind of type it is. so once i was playing with the brownie boi i was petting him... and also i was quite stupid as a kid... well u know all kids are stupid no offence but i was petting the BROWNIE BOI YEAH!!! and petting him like i was slapping him a lil just push-slapping his head and then the dog got annoyed and barked at me and the chihuahua barked at the BROWNIE BOI YEAH!!! and the BROWNIE BOI YEAH!!! ran away... i know this comment is too long even tho its a SHORT TEENY WEENY FRICKING STORY but i talk allot... yeeeeeaaah...
Aserraseth (20 days ago)
I remember getting bullied at my home and my snake named Evan came CHARGING after the 2 bullies.
carmen s. (21 days ago)
I was sleeping on my bed and I smell some thing like smoke and my k9 was barking and saved my life
Hao Banh (24 days ago)
went i was 6 year old a dog was attacking me all of the sudden my husky run up and bite the other dog neck
DizY MysttiqqZ (25 days ago)
I was helped by my 🐅 tiger
Trina Harrison (26 days ago)
I have 2 cats 1 cat trid to bite me my other cat jumped on the other cat that wanted to bite me . My name is Elizabeth
Aj Teran (27 days ago)
Dory 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
ketchup kid records (28 days ago)
One day at my house my dog dobby heard knocking on the door. So he ran to my bedroom and soon barked to warn me and my mom. So we ran to the front door and opened it. We saw a random car driving away from our house. So that was the story of my dog saving me.(PS my dog saved me from this man almost killing me and my family)
Jurassicraft (29 days ago)
I lost my cat because she saved my life.
Chloe Mcleod (30 days ago)
I have it was crazy and scary I saw a dog and I looked cute but I tried to attempt to bite. Me but my 2 puppies stared to tack it and my hole life dropped I allways loved them
Leah & Isabella (1 month ago)
Yes once I got nocked off bye a horse on the mountains and 2 dogs came at me and ran off to get help.
Ty (1 month ago)
Ileana Bock (1 month ago)
One time I was outside in the snake one near me and I live in Texas and it was a rattlesnake and a stray dog came out of nowhere and saved me before I was bit and now he's my pet
Hector Torres (1 month ago)
i have been saved by my baby cat not wanting me to die
CRAZYLYLAH stewart (1 month ago)
Animals are so amazing and beautiful
Victory Nub (1 month ago)
4 bulls was attacking me, and my 2 camels killed the 4 bulls! I was so scared
Alexander Wright (1 month ago)
Cherry time Youtube (1 month ago)
Anamuls iz so amazing😁laikit
Amber Busby (1 month ago)
I have a dog Harley he is a boy and he saved me from another dog trying to attack me my dog Harley we had to rush him to the hospital because as he was trying to protect me he got bit in his leg.
Katie M. (1 month ago)
One time I was at ocean City and my dad and I went in the ocean and there was a jellyfish in the water I didn't know there was one and my dad saw it so he had to grab me and pull me back because I was heading toward it and like I said I didn't know it was there and I was just casually swimming so yeah I couldn't been stung by a jellyfish if it wasn't for my dad and also the same day at ocean City my dad and my two brothers and one of my brothers friends they all were boogie boarding and there was a school of fish and there was a shark I was so scared because I didn't know what was going to happen but luckily NOBODY got hurt thankfully yeah even though this had nothing to do with what the video was about i figured I would still share it lol 😂
shienabeth Crisostomo (1 month ago)
no but i was almost killd 😬😬
Antonio Ramirez (1 month ago)
I never got saved by a animal
Hey, what a coincidence, I'm an Ethiopian too, but I live and was born in America, making me part American, along with other things.
Maya Masarwa (1 month ago)
No not yet
Bhavi Designs (1 month ago)
I:16 fortnite fresh
Selwyn Lee Tamayo (2 months ago)
I know the gorlia story it was on facebook
If any animals would have died I would have sobbed for ever
Warrior Cats fan (2 months ago)
The first story I so on another video they explained with more detail yes they will play outside then suddenly the dog grabs the baby baby diaper and tosses it since he was just adopted from the shelter or something the mother so he was trying to kill the baby but he wasn't and you have the rest of the stories true but that's just the more detailed version
Elba Sanchez (2 months ago)
My grandaughter was saved by a cat from concrete
callum bennett (2 months ago)
Yes by a pug
SkyRimLegend21 Boi (3 months ago)
one time my horse slayer saved my life when a pack of wolves thought i was food the horse fought off the wolves giving me enough time to get the hell out of there sadly my horse was bitten severely i saw it when i came back and it cried softly and died i was extremely great full for my horse and i hope it in a better place i cried three days straight because that horse of mine were brother and brother :( here is another my dog halo and i were walking and suddenly a man in a coat walked up to me and pulled a revolver out my dog halo acted quickly and bit the man in his leg dropping the revolver i picked it up and pulled it on him saying this is not a lucky day for you huh he attempted to tacked me i pulled the trigger and boom went his head i called the cops and they got a video of what happened i kept the revolver as a souvenir to remind me of that day.
FNAFalie (3 months ago)
sarah and her brother sonny and her friend champ. the three fell into the zoo. the moms were worried they were going to die. but champ and sonny and sarah are surrounded by angry gorillas. she stabbed one. one was angry and bit her on the neck. the gorillas were ready to strike when a white gorilla named george rushed to the rescue. he saved champ first. he picked him up by the collar and got him to safety. he was able to crawl out when slappy stuck out his hand and helped him out. sonny was rescued next. he stuck out his hand and carried him out of the pit. then he rushed off to save his sister. slappy somehow came down on the gorilla's back and the two rushed off to save her. she was holding her neck as blood was going down. george picked her up by the collar and got her to safety and saw her injury and rushed her to the hospital quickly.
Lyndon Prosper (3 months ago)
My favorite animal is black panther You think it is fake it is not I seen one In Canada
THE GOD GAMER (3 months ago)
My cat Michele saved my son from a wild dog then my cat chased down the dog and saved my 4 year old son
Jessiah McClellan (3 months ago)
I was saved by my cat because there was a alligator tried to attack me but my cat quickly slapped it 29 x I cried yes
FNAFalie (3 months ago)
champ was looking at a gorilla pit and fell in. more gorillas were surronding champ in the wanting of devouring him. but he was saved by a doctor who was really a ghost. but champ didn't know he was a ghost until the full moon comes to reveal the truth.
Dolphin091509 Plays (3 months ago)
My friend was attacked by a squirrel. He was blooding on his head. His rabbit Heather bit the squirrel and saved his life. Heather got bit during the fight. She had to go to the vet and they said Heather wouldn’t live any longer. She got put to sleep and passed away. My friend Arnold made Heather out of clay and kept Heather. R.I.P. Heather 1 Like= Luck for my bff.
May Pascual (3 months ago)
Well I have I’m being honest so ya I’ve been save by some kind of sea animal it was a dolphin
Keira Tobin (3 months ago)
My two sisters where lunging our horse while I was inside and there was a 2 year old bull in the field with them so the bulls started to charge at my sisters and then the horse Misty started to charge at the bull and then the bull back off cause the horse was much bigger and stronger
GHOSTz1005 (3 months ago)
Back in jersy my family owned a wolf sanctuary and a bear attacked the wolf pack save me and my family PS: we didn't have weapons
aviationryan156 (3 months ago)
i havent meen saved but when i was in ausralia me and my family just wen t in to the water and there were dolvynes swimming at our feet man was it good to see and tough dolvens i m tired to btw
2 fat 2 carry (3 months ago)
My home spider that lives in the corner of my room saved me from flyes and mosquito many times!
Joziah Otero (3 months ago)
I WAS saved by wolfs
Taya Anderson (3 months ago)
I hate any insect and me dog keeps me safe from bad insects
Jaanus Toomeoja (3 months ago)
My Cat Had Saved Me From Stepping On 56 Legos My Cat Is A Hero
there was a big dog in my front garden and my cats Leo and rouge went to attack and killed the dog it was from 2015
Hawaii 808 (3 months ago)
This is a reason why when people call other people "animals" I can't agree. Even animals aren't as bad as some of us humans
Lily The Red (3 months ago)
You know sharks are scared of dolphins
-_Imperfect_Angel_- (3 months ago)
One day there was a fly, then my dog ate it, such a good story am i right?
Jonathan Evans (3 months ago)
safd by a lino I sremd like a cub
SacredStep (3 months ago)
I was almost killed by a dog. Via drowning. Still love dogs tho.
Archie Gothamknight (4 months ago)
Ahhhh so cuteeeeee
frances organ (4 months ago)
Omg I like the first one the dog got bitten by the most deadliest snake ever
Binti the gorila remind me of harambe
My mom was saved from a dog when a man came in and ran as fast as he can cuz he new he was in trouble
1:15 that was so funny
itz GachaGirl (4 months ago)
My Snake protected me from a dog that was Trying to kill my cat so I ran over and the dog bit so deep into my leg I needed stitches. the snake bit the dog and the dog ran away.
Maira Lisseth (4 months ago)
My dog saved me When the big boy tried to kill me
Easton hugg (4 months ago)
My dog Wishbone saved me for my neighbor's dogs attacking me
Anaiah Henderson (4 months ago)
I was saved by my pig she’s really big and she crushed a porcupine she weights 300
Horse h (4 months ago)
My dog olive is my prteckter
Alexer,_, (4 months ago)
Once my dog saved me. I was walking home from school and this man holds a knife and says. Empty your pockets or else. My dog Gambini (A german Shepherd) was eating while he noticed the man and started biting him. He took a stab but He recovered. :)
October Lps (4 months ago)
This isn't mine but my sisters we were all sleeping and her cat came running upstairs and was crying and went into my parents room they went down stairs and she was in alot of pain and needed help!
Tara Schrage (4 months ago)
I was saved by my cat Simba i choke end my cat rann down to my mom end så that my mom went up end helpt me. My hero
Atif Shah (5 months ago)
My pet budgie olaf saved me from a army ant when noticed olaf was biting me than when I looked back he had a dead army ant in his beak my hero olaf or else I would be bleeding by now
ruth Nelson (5 months ago)
I have been saved by a tiger
joker panda (5 months ago)
They are amazing
Grizzly Bear (5 months ago)
So much gorillas that save kids and then get shot reminded me of herambe😡😖☹️
Betty Foltz (5 months ago)
My dog saves my life most nights especially when I roll my back because i stop breathing and she helps me when I have a blackout
Cool TDM Fan (5 months ago)
Animals are so nice!
Nicholas Grubbs (5 months ago)
Pride of lions not a pack
GO TEAM THE SWAMP GANG (5 months ago)
Becky Orman (5 months ago)
sam b (5 months ago)
My dog Dixie about three months ago I was swimming in the lake 10 minutes from my house and I am most drown because I Did a backflip underwater and ended up too far out Dixie was out retrieving a stick that my mom through she dropped a stick and came to my rescue without her I wouldn’t be here today
Cole Wasson (5 months ago)
I got shot twice in the chest and then my german Shepherd saved my life by biting the arm of the guy who shot me
areiona porter (5 months ago)
I was sitting on my porch with my dog diamond 2 dogs ran up to my porch try to attack me diamond had went and fight the tow dogs but she did not have any injuries she was the neighborhood best friend
Barbara Tache (5 months ago)
My dog saved me from fire
SleepyFoxStudios (5 months ago)
i almost died but my rabbit aswell saved me
Emilie B (5 months ago)
My Sister wars on a vulcan and som lava wars comming down to her and she don't see it... Then my bunny jumped out of the cage saved her in the last sec. But her iPhone fall out from her pocket but she wanna be alife and lose her iPhone Then die and now my bunny had hot a suprise for it but some time after did my bunny die and we're all so sad today and I alway's think on my bunny then i think about that...
Tya Shumie (5 months ago)
Does anyone realize I'm Ethiopian and I was Litteraly saved by a lion!!!!!😮😮😮😄😄😄 btw I'm a girl
Wolfpack Alpha jaylin (5 months ago)
my pitbull never saved anybody or me his name is Luchey but my other pit bull dog named Roxy because he used to chew on big rocks but then one day when I was at school my mom told me about news that she died we knew she was special right away as we got her she was never going to harm anybody if somebody would come and attack us she would buy the person she would never do anything or family or friends but then she had puppy name Leah we know she was beautiful too just like her mother she looked exactly like her mother to white spots and Brown and now Roxy has a brother we know he is going to be great one day so I'm training him to be an attack dog so he can protect us and it's working he knows how to shake hands and jump when I tell him to

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