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10 Unbelievable Animals That SAVED People's Lives

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10 Times Superhero Animals Literally Saved Human Lives. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Description: When our lives are in danger, we sometimes forget that humans aren’t the only creatures on earth with the ability to recognize a life or death situation. From cats and dogs to horses and goats – many animals can tell when a human needs assistance. We share a past with every creature on this planet. Whether they are covered in fur, scales or feathers we sometimes need their help more than we realize. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/thethingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Brooke M (2 years ago)
*sobbing* animals are so amazing
paige snook (2 months ago)
Elizabeth Bass (3 months ago)
Rosario Gómez (5 months ago)
Bucky Barnes cat
Chara Dreemurrr (7 months ago)
+Madelaine Tune wow child abuse
Chara Dreemurrr (7 months ago)
+_EXTREME__ANIMAL_ it means Crying.
lynn the cute fox (33 minutes ago)
So sweet
Carrie Rice (2 days ago)
Yes by my cat buddy he saved my life because he saw a rattlesnake and he instantly jumped down and got the rattlesnake
Other lions kills other lion cubs
dearrisbegaming (3 days ago)
Not me but my sister got saved my our dog and a snake tried to attack her i was not there when it happen
Leonidas Wan (3 days ago)
Animals are amazing cuz they might save your life and they are god's creation while we are polluting their home destroying their home killing them when they are saving us
Tamya Jones (4 days ago)
Once Upon A Lifetime (4 days ago)
*Crying* animals are awesome
Maria Cardenas (5 days ago)
I have been saved by my pitbull form a jaguar 😊
Jenny Rose Mecoyco (7 days ago)
Wow olala lala olala😐
I have a service dog because I am sort of disabled. I am still able to walk, it is just sometimes hard to do so. His name is Jerry. He is very helpful and pretty much gets some attention when we are in public. Even the nurses at the hospitals near me usually get a bit distracted, but not distracted enough to be dangerous. He has around 40-50 commands like getting my pajamas out at night when I cant move. Although he was not trained to detect seizures, he has somehow managed to teach himself to detect seizures. I don’t have them as much anymore though. He has alerted my parents when I am having a seizure. He is a lab-golden mix. Anyways, sorry about the long comment.
Red Mangahas (10 days ago)
AI was walk in the woods with my friend we sow a Bear kaming to as and AI look in my back thare gone and sadenly AI save by a 10dogs with ther owner and said don't kame hire okay and AI go home safety
Isabella Torraco (11 days ago)
I have the flu and my teacup chiuhauha staus with me day and night and so I tell my sisters to go away so they dont get sock so i guess shes so used to that, that its come to the point where she just growls every time they entire the roo
Irsa Rapi (11 days ago)
Jayke McKeigan (15 days ago)
1:16 XD
Stephanie Moukheiber (17 days ago)
We have already saved animal but I have never been saved by one you know when you're going to Africa and you literally just find a lion sleeping write in right in middle of the road is it really freaked out think I was about to kill her by my dad stop the car
Angie Spinelli (20 days ago)
I have a story my kitten Blossom saved me now most people think cats would leave you and run away if you were in danger but one day I was outside just playing on my kindle when this brindle pitbull started to attack me grabbing my leg luckly I was wearing thick pants and I put my foot on the dog's stomach and kicked so hard that the dog flew off of me and landed on it's back hard we continued to battle until Blossom sprinted down to the dog and leaped onto it's back and wrapped her paws around it's stomach and slowly let her claws sink into its sensitive stomach skin the dog yelped in agony and a small amount of blood splattered on the cement Blossom continued to maul and bite until the dog dropped to the floor Blossom rolled off of it and let out a furious hiss and got on it again mauling it viciously and furiously when she thought the dog had enough punishment the last thing she did was bite the dog in the throat hard and got off of it and the dog limped away I love Blossom she is the most cutest thing ever and she is the perfect kitten
?????? I saved my cat!
خنساء كمال (21 days ago)
I was saved by a HIPO from a horrible tornado. He pushed me out of the town and find help’ but sadly he got sweped away and died but I got help from the police
Temporary Dude (22 days ago)
Nah.... I've never been saved by an animal 😐😖
Imalwaysjustice w (23 days ago)
At first I thought this was T-series 🤣
Mia Thompson (23 days ago)
been saved by dolphin.
fun bear gaming (24 days ago)
I mean my brave puppy saved my lil bro from a big dog
fun bear gaming (24 days ago)
rian Averilla (25 days ago)
I love rabbits and love your videos
Tyler Games (25 days ago)
Drinking a goats milk is good especially when it’s straight from the body but I’m joking
Enny Perez (27 days ago)
I was saved by a wolf because of a biggest shark was going to eat me alive
I thought i got saved by my dog when my bro attact me turns out she was helping him and started chewing me hair😂😭🐶
Aqeel Toefy (28 days ago)
Aqeel Toefy (28 days ago)
I was saved from my dod ziya and miya I was walking them to the shop and sudenlly my started barking when a man want to kidnap me they bit the two people and they drove away👍👍👌THANKS GUYS
Eyon Mallory (1 month ago)
Gee I wish I got saved by an animal before I wish I have but I never did my brother Cohen Felix the cat's dancing try to keep me happy
Trevor Brady (1 month ago)
Marki Salupen (1 month ago)
3:03 more like ''carry the horse'' XD
Delmy Galdamez (1 month ago)
Yes a snake
Fadhila Lucky (1 month ago)
Urgh, don't know about owing to snakes if they ever save a person😂🤷
Fadhila Lucky (1 month ago)
Guess that's where movies like Tarzan and lassie the dog are inspired👌👌
Fadhila Lucky (1 month ago)
What dogs are for, saving u even from the most deadliest animals (snakes worst hell fear😨). Go dogs!
GamerOnTheLoose _44 (1 month ago)
I have been saved by an animal my tiger Ethan was the saviour there was 4 large criminals that broke in but Ethan ate them alive and I of course helped (not eat them just to hurt them)
Rosewolf Sunshinewolf (1 month ago)
I had to be 7 or 8 when my dog Eli and I were playing outside with my ball. It went into the road and so I went to get it. He grabbed my pants leg and jerked me backwards. A car had almost hit me.
I almost got killed by a animal and not saved.
Malaika Gyang (1 month ago)
I have been saved by a cat because I was in the bathroom with a snake and I was 2 years old
Twin1 Gio (1 month ago)
youtube lover 2019 (1 month ago)
10 cute animals!
Marcelo Alvariza (1 month ago)
Yes I did
Marcelo Alvariza (1 month ago)
Animals are terrific I can’t believe that they save our lives
Pat Oakes (1 month ago)
My dog saved me (his name is remy) when my friend/ neighbor tried to punch me my dog barked and growled then he went after him and I got away thankfully. Ps:I came back kicked him, he did not like that and my dog is a pitbull/black lab.
Catrina Loves puppies (1 month ago)
Who else loves animals?
Villainous Vigilante (1 month ago)
I honestly dont know how much of this i believe because you can never know what an animals intentions were. Was the rabbit hopping on the man because he was holding it and it was trying to get free? And the erratic behavior was seen by the wife who interpreted the event? Were the porpouses actually trying to play with the man instead of leading him to shore? We, as humans, tend to project, and these instances might not be what we think they were.
Poppy R. (1 month ago)
these animals made me cry 😭🤧
Chickette plats (1 month ago)
2:20 That is why Black cats and Ladybugs save Paris.
Alexis Gray (2 months ago)
When the man shot the dog it made me cry 😭
Ariana Schamel (2 months ago)
i saved my ferret from chocking
Ogod Gaming (2 months ago)
One time my exotic pet tiger named dgsgdghdhshendie, came and ate bugs bunny who tried to kill me He died. Hero tiger. (Lol this was totally not fake, and not a mockery of all the fake stories here)
Asma Snap (2 months ago)
SPOT THE DIFFRENT EMOJI 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀☘ 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 Leave a like if u found it
AlbinoWolfFan (2 months ago)
*man shoots pitbull* And we humans say pitbulls are dangerous ha!
Lil's Bassing (2 months ago)
Once I was attacked by a pack of wolves and then this huge lion comes up and starts attacking the wolves and It was like amazing and it was kind of crazy and then one of the wolves keeps attacking me and I’m like screaming my bloody head off and one of the wolves like Jumps on top of the lion my mom rush is over and the walls are like attacking us and then the Lion just attacked all the wolves and it’s awesome
BadazleSlime Co (2 months ago)
Animals Are Amazing
Suzy Snowball (2 months ago)
I’ve been saved Buy a animal when I was 5 and swimming in Hawaii my dog copper saved me. Wal I was swimming a shark bit my lag and copper swam as fast as she could and bit the sharks tail which cosd the shark to swim away. Copper saved my life. She is still alive and me and her still play together even though I lost a leg😊
Suzy Snowball (2 months ago)
I only have 1 leg
Bella Longfellow (2 months ago)
yes, their was someone trying to kidnap me and my my cat was right by me (she was an out door cat) and she hissed at him and chased him away
Karia Lally (1 month ago)
I have been saved by my friends animals and my own but nothing compares to what my friends dog did for me. i grew up in new york and i went to sleep over my friends house my mom clearly thinking i was old enough to walk to her house alone when i was out side her house two men grabbed my wrist.luckly my older cousin taught me self defence and i kicked one of the men in the shin and screamed as loud as i could "SARAH, MEGAN HELP!" i ran for my life up my friends driveway but tripped. the other man grabbed my purse my money for me and my friends to buy some fro yo later in it! thankfully Cheers my friends dog saw what happend and ran after the men. After retreving my wallet and purse i gave Cheers a hug. Guys animals might be tiny but there mighty and if you treat them right they will be kind and save your life.TREAT ANIMALS WITH RESPECT!!
patrick laduke (2 months ago)
I been saved by a tiger snake when I was walking around the streets for walk a week a lion almost got bit by a lion and then I seen and then the tiger snake but the lion
Christian Hernandez Hiii (2 months ago)
My dog saved me when I was 3 or 4 I don’t remember but he saved me from a 6 chickens and he jumped and through them all but soon after he died because the chicken that picked him had a disease and when we tried to take him to the vet we were to late but I now he will always take care of
Tyler Ian (2 months ago)
My grandma said she was saved by there dog from gas or oil
Maddy's Animations (2 months ago)
I had an unusual animal attack me. One bird got stuck in the bird feeder, so I freed it. But when it escaped... It flew at my face. I dodged it tho.
Caitlynn Chrzanowksi (2 months ago)
3:30 why did you use that photo :O
Shaun Sharkey (2 months ago)
My dog saved My little sister from another dog trying to bit her🐕🐶
SofiaCraft (2 months ago)
One time for a school trip, we went to a safari park where you could see animals upclose. I then fell into the enclosure of wolves and stags. I heard a growl and fighting. It turned out a wolf had dived in to save me from the stag about to charge into me. The wolf cared for me for a while until one of the wolves put me on its back and boosted me back up to my family.
Jami Tomlinson (2 months ago)
Grat. And. Scard
Sanofur femina (2 months ago)
Animals are so cute
FNAFalie (2 months ago)
10 unbelievable students that saved other students. as students tend to think of themselves as smart, there are other students that helped them escape death. Prepared to be blowned away by unbelievable students that saved other students. Fred and george fought a rattlesnake. A day preparing for lessons nearly turned deadly after a snake fell onto the table. 11 year old dena bungle and her three year old cousin were terrifed. The snake opened it's hood and prepared to attack. But then a growl was heard from across. Fred, the twin of george, both ran and grabbed the snake and flung it away from the girls. Dena and her cousin had been saved by the twins. Pony boy saves a young girl from a pack of DEADLY wolves. A girl and her sister was perparing to do lessons when a pack of wolves came in. She screamed and hide behind her sister. The wolves prepared to attack when a brave student, pony boy rolled the wolves away and fought them like a tough warrior. He was scratched by one. But made a full recovery. And thanks to the brave student, the girls survived. Charlie saves a young girl from drowning. After racing with her mother and friends, she was pulled under water by strong magic. He saw her gasping and panting for air. Before she reached the bottom, she was saved by charlie and with his strengh, he pushed her to the shore so her parents could see her. her mother took her baby in her arms and got pushed to safty by charlie's force. Thanks to the help of charlie, the young girl survived. Malfoy saves a mom and her daughter from a wolf. As Amber Madison and her mother sat outside, they were talking. Amber was going to do lessons when a three meter long wolf came in. It jumped at madison and was preparing to attack. As her mother rushed to save her baby, she was scratched. Help came in the way of malfoy. He zapped the wolf in the eye, causing the wolf to whimper and run away. As he saw the scratch, he called the teacher and she took her mother to the hospital and she survived. Maria gets saved from a snake by Fred. Maria was doing math lessons when a cobra entered her school through a hole in the science lair. She was horrified to see the snake two meter away from her. The snake opened it's hood and jumped at maria. But before it reached the terrifed girl, Fred grabbed the snake and hit it on the floor, knocking the snake fangs out. Unable to attack, the snake gave up and slitered away. He was bitten but the wound was treated and he survived and so did maria, thanks to fred who saved her. Pony boy gets the girls from a fire. After coming home from a night out, the girls went to sleep. But then a smoke rised from the grill at the restarant then it was dangerous and burned the restarant down and went into the home and then pony boy grabbed the girls and dragged them out of the house before the house got burned down. The firemen put out the fire and thanks to the help of pony boy, the girls survived and they shared the story of how a boy saved them from a fire and if they stayed in, they surely would have died. Dally saves amber from a cow. Amber Masion was working her usal chores with her mother on her uncle's farm. Making a mother cow and her calf move from one side to another. Until the cow was furious and got amber and slammed her to the ground. She cried out for her mother, who was milking the cows and ignored her cries. But dallas jumped over the fence and was able to save her. he kicked the cow off her and she escaped unharmed. Thanks to dally, Amber survived. Soda saves amber's mother from a fire. Her mother was sleeping with the animals until the barn was on fire. She woke her daughter and animals. they rushed out. Her mother was scared. She fanned away the smoke but the fire got bigger and attacked her mother, burning her hip. She saw soda carring her mother out of the fire, wrapped in tinfoil to put out her burning hip. Soda allowed her to drink chocalate milk and wrap her in tinfoil every night to keep her warm and she survived. Amber and her mother get saved by George. Amber and her parents were doing their usal chores in their house one day when a cobra slipped by her feet. She jumped in fear, seeing the snake by her feet. She called her mom and dad to get rid of the snake. But her dad was bitten on the hand by the cobra. He fell in fear. He was uncounsis. The snake came up and jumped to attack. But a hand grabbed the cobra away. George got the family out as he wrestled with the snake and got his ear ripped off. Anadis gets saved by fred. She was doing work when her cat came on her lap, laid down and purred. But then a snake came down and she was horrified. The cat hissed, trying to scare the cobra. The cobra was going to attack when a smart thinking student was able to save her. He grabbed the snake, rolled along with it and hit it on the floor, banging the fangs out. Unable to attack, the snake gave up and slitered away. Have you been ever saved by another student? Tell us in the comments and subscribe to the things.
Fear Ninja (2 months ago)
i got saved by my kitty when i was close to dying
Boog Mock (2 months ago)
Yeah when I was little li,e 3 years old I had a pitbull and I ran to the road and tires grabbed my pants and old me away because a car was coming.
Joanne Markham (2 months ago)
Animals are so cute and amazing
Dragon Slayer (2 months ago)
I got saved by a stray cat when someone was attacking me
Kiera Randazzo (2 months ago)
Yeah these 2 pitbulls atacked me and i screamed help help! But my cat mia came to save my life and my oamed mom the ther 3 cats came to save me to i got a cat treats and i got food (i was only 3 years old)The dogs ran off i gave all my cats a big hug and kiss but i screamed mom the cats mom help!We brong them all to the vet and we were all okay i love them all (They are still alive)
AlbinoWolfFan (2 months ago)
Animals: Saved countless people's lives over generations Some Humans: Shoot anyone/thing they see, bringing violence for generations I know all people aren't bad, but I wish more people would be more like animals!
MurphysLaw95 (2 months ago)
I’m the chick always grabbing my boobs because I’m always heart warmed when I watch videos like this.
Amias Morgan (2 months ago)
once upon a Time my sister was downstairs and she was about 11 months old so she didn't know what was going on but really a poisonous spider almost actually killed her but our cat ababy she wasn't a baby at the time but we just called her that she acted like one well she actually ate the spider at least my sister can live till this day honestly though I think she's just hungry ( the cat 🐈)
Amias Morgan (2 months ago)
That would be so awkward with a goat, man that would suck
jacksyn collins (2 months ago)
My dog rescued me by getting hit by a jeep while taking a walk with him and I stepped in front of a car on accident he pushed me out of the way and he got hit by the car sadly going 60mph and he fully recovered from the injury .PS love you hunter my pet hero dog
Don’t snatch my weeve (3 months ago)
Hey the thing Thank you for making these awesome videos 😊🎉💯
Rosa Perea (3 months ago)
Omg!!! 😂😂😂 What is the rabbit doing!?!! 1:17
melissa jones (3 months ago)
I now the winne story
Lucky Money (3 months ago)
Very nice
Alice Willoughby (3 months ago)
Many years ago I heard the story of a woman who was sleeping with her pet Yentl when something in her home caught fire. Yentle licked the woman's face until she woke up, smelled the smoke and got herself and Yentl out of there. Yentl turns out to be a small, black rat.
Lily Chang (3 months ago)
A bird A WILD BIRD so basically I was camping and a raccoon started chasing me I ran for my life and STUPID ROCK I tripped on a rock so the raccoon was closer thankfully just before it got me a big bird took away that raccoon I couldn’t believe what I just saw still to this day
FNAFalie (3 months ago)
a fourteen year old student saved a little girl from a deadly pack of wild wolves. the girl was playing with her new play pen when she was horrified when she saw a deadly pack of wild wolves. the teachers were horrifed. one wolf dragged her down and she was going to die. but something terrificting happened. pony boy, a fourteen year old student, jumped out, biting, clawing and growling and scared the wolves away. but then a wolf jumped out and bit him on the neck. luckily, the teachers called 911 in the nick of time before the wound got deadly. but it was not too serious and the treatment was over in 15 minutes when they cleaned the wound and covered it up. pony boy was saved by the doctors and he was able to go home and neatly rest until the wound heals up. the girl came by to give him a card saying you are my hero for saving her from those deadly wolves. if she was attacked, she could have died. if she didn't call the emergcy room, the wound would have killed him.
Just Gene (3 months ago)
My dog. Once I was taking a bubble bath and I fell asleep. My face was halfway deep in the water but my dog rusty kept barking at the bathroom door and my mom eventually came and took me to my room
Elizabeth Bass (3 months ago)
:O. WHAT. Lions I don't know about that 😖😵😬😐😕😖
Nate Ward (3 months ago)
The animals are so cute
John Davis (3 months ago)
Most if not all these stories are fake
Kye Howes (3 months ago)
Yes a horse called cookie
wolfy Kawaii Chan ._. (3 months ago)
I have been saved my mom dog a guy tryed to give me a hug and he huged me like if he tryed to hurt me and my dog named Elia bite him in the leg
Miguel Millan (3 months ago)
One time i was walking on the sidewalk after that i saw a cat meowing alot but after about 2 minutes the cat went after me and i was screaming and my dog came to the rescue and chased away the cat.For a prize i gave my dog a dog treat.My dog came to save me because i forgot to close the door, but luckily there was nobody who came to my house because my dad was guarding it.
Miguel Millan (3 months ago)
With a baseball bat
Xx JustMatthew xX (3 months ago)
The Things is secretly T Series
XxGachaCatzRulexX (3 months ago)
Yeah A dog was chasing me and my two cats hissed at it and then it ran away I love my cats Btw way there called Ella and bus bus
zoestar210 cassy (3 months ago)
My dog missy saved me from a murderer she bolted up to him and bite his leg but he kicked her of she ran back up to him and killed the guy
Nika Davidov (3 months ago)
weeell i WAS saved by an animal BUUUUT it was a long time ago when i was little... so i live in georgia in a city called vaja pshavela... know it seems STUPID to you but it is NOT!!! IT IS RANKED 8th IN TOP 10 SAFEST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD!!! SO SHUTUP!!! so i live in a city in georgia and stuff and i also have a village... well not HAVE a village have a HOUSE in a village... 2 houses actually we gave a small one to a friend and next to the 2 houses is a another HUGE house LITERALLY 10 or 8 or something feet away from our house... so i had 2 dogs in the village that were homeless. jk we took hem to our house LOL. so i had a puppy chihuahua and a brown dog NOT A PUPPY a dog... i... dont know what kind of type it is. so once i was playing with the brownie boi i was petting him... and also i was quite stupid as a kid... well u know all kids are stupid no offence but i was petting the BROWNIE BOI YEAH!!! and petting him like i was slapping him a lil just push-slapping his head and then the dog got annoyed and barked at me and the chihuahua barked at the BROWNIE BOI YEAH!!! and the BROWNIE BOI YEAH!!! ran away... i know this comment is too long even tho its a SHORT TEENY WEENY FRICKING STORY but i talk allot... yeeeeeaaah...
quackityHQ fan Martinez (3 months ago)
Scoldin' Scorpion (3 months ago)
I remember getting bullied at my home and my snake named Evan came CHARGING after the 2 bullies.

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