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Round Trip music

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Music Round Trip by Michael Langerman. I used Itunes visualizer for this video. Click here for all my music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfk7Z7S95bFFoTL136exnAA/playlists?disable_polymer=1 Have fun and happy day :) Blog: http://rndmbits.blogspot.com/2018/06/round-trip-music.html More fun on my website www.fewdoit.com Views as Money: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03hgIT4HTiE
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Text Comments (21)
X Rozian (8 months ago)
Michael Langerman (8 months ago)
X Rozian thank you!
Malte Schulze Balhorn (9 months ago)
What do you take out of your fish tanks, if you're constantly feeding them?
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Ammonia spike follows by algae bloom...unless you have a lot of plants to compete for nutrition. I am working on experiments to show this effect ;)
Zona ALG (9 months ago)
Malte Schulze Balhorn I once had guppy fry and moved them all to another aquarium, 2.5L bottle, unfortunately I think I got armonia spike or a kind of disease and just one of them survived, they were too small to be removed easily so I let them in there and they biodegradate
Malte Schulze Balhorn (9 months ago)
Thanks :) That is the answer I was looking for. Do you remove dead bodys (like guppy) or do you let them in the water to let them get recycled? (Could be to much for a 2Liter Aquascape ^^ :D)
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Thank you for the question. Currently I feed my fish once a day in most aquariums. There are some aquariums with different (experimental) feeding schedule. I don't think it is constant feeding - strictly speaking ;) I take out from my aquariums plants, algae and snails for making fish food flakes - eventually it all makes back to those aquariums. I take out plants for new aquariums. And I move newborn fish to new aquariums. All the best!
simon ralte (9 months ago)
Hello mic can you do neon tetra care and breeding
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Hi there! I am tied up on breeding strain of dwarf guppy. Taking on breeding any other fish is reserved for my future projects ;)
kcel ! (9 months ago)
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Thank you very much!!
CANDY QUADS racing (9 months ago)
Good music! How is it going with your dwarf guppy strain? When you are "done" wiyh that strain you should try the same thing with platies, they are almost smaller than guppies when they are fully grown!
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Usually I make music videos for incoming fish videos. This one is for Basil in aquarium ;)
CANDY QUADS racing (9 months ago)
Thank you! I love your fish videos!
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Thank you very much! My dwarf guppies are so far on a schedule. I have 2 main and 2 mix lines. The 1st line is in 2nd generation. I am eyeing different types of fish for future: platies and mollies on the list ;)
Prettyhott boii (9 months ago)
This is really awesome
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Thank you very much!!!
MONSTER GAMER *MG* (9 months ago)
Love it.
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Thank you very much!
zsolt Baksza (9 months ago)
Michael Langerman (9 months ago)
Thank you!

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