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D12 - My Band ft. Cameo

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Music video by D-12 performing My Band. (C) 2004 Shady Records/Interscope Records
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Text Comments (11138)
Maggie Lynch (9 hours ago)
“ my salsa” 😂
gabriela cordoba claro (10 hours ago)
solo me gusto la parte de my salsa pos porque es un meme famoso :v
Carlos Kombo (11 hours ago)
Hahahaha my salsa 5:07 Slim Shady, the GOAT
dolphin dogg (13 hours ago)
He truly is a rapgod
tufan teksin (17 hours ago)
my salsa salsa salsa salsa my salsaa :D
HqruN ` (19 hours ago)
Ho der in 3000
Destroyer Gaming (1 day ago)
Goodbye D12
DJacob 1300 (1 day ago)
He’s change, a lot. I think it might be for the better good. I’m not sure though.
Karine Botelho (1 day ago)
Eminem pra sempre! Vai ficar velhinho cantando....
Karine Botelho (1 day ago)
Eminem pra sempre! Vai ficar velhinho cantando....
Karine Botelho (1 day ago)
Debochado? Não. Verdadeiro. Lindo! Os EUA ama o Eminem.
Karine Botelho (1 day ago)
Só quem conhece a história triste de vida do Eminem entende ele. Por isso que ele é o maior cantor e autor na categoria de música que ele canta. Eu amo o Eminem.
Karine Botelho (1 day ago)
I love Eminem
Y N G D M N D (1 day ago)
Em the God
Riley Muller (1 day ago)
This is a awesome
ken khaniff (1 day ago)
Who else waiting for cameo's album ?
Farooq Hassan (1 day ago)
5:06 best part
Farooq Hassan (1 day ago)
*my salsa salsa salsa* : ) : )
Quyen Dao (1 day ago)
Unknown Youtuber (1 day ago)
bizarres shower cap
Unknown Youtuber (1 day ago)
Chris Parker (2 days ago)
Lose yourself video I was in the back, superman video I was in the back
fahima _k (2 days ago)
5:15 his voice 😂
fahima _k (2 days ago)
Funniest shit ever 😂 who’s here in 2018?
Dominic Violo (2 days ago)
still waiting for his hit single "my salsa
Mike Garcia (2 days ago)
I miss d12
N P (2 days ago)
This is a fucking masterpiece :D Biz OMG
Matthew Smith (2 days ago)
2018 and I'm still waiting on Em to drop "My Salsa" 😂😂😂
shashank raul (2 days ago)
Dec 2018 anyone?
Paksulainen (2 days ago)
NeuroticTrash666 (2 days ago)
little bita nipple dere doesnt hurt :PPP
NeuroticTrash666 (2 days ago)
yesss misss u boiiiisss love u 5 lyfe u needa do a trib liek dis nothing srs for them ♥ luve u guys xx
I love the in da club reference it gets me everytime
Yikes (2 days ago)
That laugh at the end though lol sounds legit to wonder who it was lmfao.
MT MT (2 days ago)
I'm the lead singer of my pants my pants my pants my pants my paaaaaaaaaaants.....
CarbonBeast (2 days ago)
I hate its censored fkn cnts
Qveenii (3 days ago)
MGK Is Better 🖤🥀
Sarah Davidson (3 days ago)
My first crush...and Eminem first mic drop. 😍
genesis briseno (3 days ago)
0:51-1:07 Tik tok 🤦🏻‍♀️
Jordan Daire (3 days ago)
*what does he put in the salsa*
Noemi Cintron (3 days ago)
Space bound is my favorite song and guts over fear 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚☺🇵🇷🇺🇸 my salsa
ChloeScrafton (3 days ago)
LoVe tHiS SoNg
Lauano Sita Gasu (3 days ago)
This still cracks me up lol love this song.
Sher Mellon (3 days ago)
Hey demon
Zoku (3 days ago)
IDK how but this beat popped in my head and I haven't even listened to this song in fucking years 😂 then I just remembered the beat and thru this shit on
Kyle Coultas (4 days ago)
Csabane Hendlein (4 days ago)
I don’t even know the name of his band😂
Top 10 Nation (4 days ago)
Let's be honest everybody came for 5:10
arb Deal (4 days ago)
My son seen Em dressed as girls and didn't get it was him in drag and told me some "Mom those ladies were ugly and looked like men, are they twins?" 😂
Sarah Smith (4 days ago)
I’m not gonna lie, Eminem looks good in dresses.
360 Super Computers (5 days ago)
what about proof now should of brought him up when u had the chance
Bubba (5 days ago)
Ohhh this is where the salsa meme came from
fzuxe (5 days ago)
Who came here just to hear Eminem?
Tiernan Elder (5 days ago)
4:27 proof Eminem invented twerking
Brooke Kamara (5 days ago)
Pr Secer (5 days ago)
2018 ?
Olly H (5 days ago)
My band now
хит юношества:)
The New Captain (6 days ago)
is that lotion?
Antonio Santos (6 days ago)
2018 anyone
Luis Martinez (6 days ago)
Might as well censor the whole fucking song oh my bad ,f''''cking*
longgone (6 days ago)
allie white (6 days ago)
laughing throughout this !!
xKENSHii (6 days ago)
December 2018 gang🤟🏽
Jordan Walker (6 days ago)
Idk why but I could see BROCKHAMPTON doing something similar to this
The Best of (6 days ago)
You got something to say...... Man Nah lol
Wendy Richard (7 days ago)
2018 anybody?
LeyendR777 R (7 days ago)
My salsa
Francis Wolfe (7 days ago)
I like the way the unfortunate band have several beautiful women dancing in their tiny dressing room.
Ashley Breaux (7 days ago)
Dana Kretzberg (7 days ago)
yannick willems (7 days ago)
is that lotion hahhahahahaha im dead hahah
Milind Luther (7 days ago)
Who else is listening to this in 2019?
Javakha official (8 days ago)
i think i'm old now :(((( i miss this time
Rob Peezy (8 days ago)
5:06 til the end is the best part of this whole song...I swear everything was like a parody to Eminem n nobody could really say anything to him cuz he had bars when it was time to be serious...
Glam Glam (8 days ago)
Fuckin Hilarious 😆
pc tutorial games (8 days ago)
Eminem And the listen And in 2018 all stars Is number one
rmc 1229 (8 days ago)
My salsa
Kein Interesse (8 days ago)
علی کریمی (9 days ago)
Sweaty Palms (9 days ago)
BrainWady (9 days ago)
where'd everybody go
Wolf (9 days ago)
This probably one of the best music videos ever
The Chiggle (9 days ago)
I’m telling y’all this is not Eminem This is slim shady, for real
The Chiggle (9 days ago)
Is it just me or is B-rabbit in this song?
Jen Traynor (9 days ago)
Who else is on a eminem marthon
Jen Traynor (9 days ago)
Jack Ah Boy (9 days ago)
December 2018?
Pandapocalypse (9 days ago)
is it just me or do the girls that eminem dressed up as look kinda hot at 4:35 and look like katie cassidy
brandname6 (10 days ago)
Kill Me (10 days ago)
Eminem went from this to what he is today (surprising) 😂
Nesta Wylde (10 days ago)
Still better than Gucci Gang anyday.
Spectro (10 days ago)
2018 anyone?
nubbb dankness (11 days ago)
Oof he looks some what cute as a female (no homo)
Doni Yukri (11 days ago)
I don't know dude I think everyone's all jealous and shit 'cause I'm like the lead singer of a band dude And I think everyone's got a fuckin' problem with me dude And they need to take it up with me after the show Because These chicks don't even know the name of my band But they're all on me like they wanna hold hands 'Cause once I blow they know that I'll be the man All because I'm the lead singer of my band So I get off stage right and drop the mic Walk up to the hot chicks and I'm all like "Sup ladies, my name's Slim Shady. I'm the lead singer in D12 baby" They're all like "Oh my God it's him" "Becky oh my fuckin' God it's Eminem" "I swear to fuckin' God dude you fuckin' rock" "Please Marshall please let me suck your cock" And by now the rest of the fellas get jealous Especially when I drop the beat and do my acapellas All the chicks start yellin', all the hot babes Throw their bras and their shirt and their panties on stage So like every single night they pick a fight with me But when we fight it's kinda like sibling rivalry Cuz they're back on stage the next night with me Dude I just think you're tryna steal the light from me Yesterday Kuniva tried to pull a knife on me Cause I told him Jessica Alba's my wife to be This rock star shit, it's the life for me And all the other guys just despise me because These chicks don't even know the name of my band But they're all on me like they wanna hold hands 'Cause once I blow they know that I'll be the man All because I'm the lead singer of my band My band My band My band My band My band My band Roxanne My band My band You just wanna see a nigga backwards don't you Hey dad how come we don't rap on Protools Smash these vocals and do a performance But we in the van and he in a tour bus You don't want my autograph, yous a liar And no I'm Swift (oh I thought you was Kuniva) What the hell is wrong with that dressing room 'Cause my shit is lookin' smaller than a decimal See I know how to rap, see it's simple but All I did was read a Russell Simmons book So I'm more intect, tryna get on the map Doin' jumpin jacks whilin' get whipped on my back Look at Em little punk ass thinkin' he the shit Yeah I know man find himself takin on a flick Hey I thought we had an interview with DJ Clue No I had an interview not you two You gonna be late for soundcheck Man I ain't goin' to soundcheck But our mics are screwed up and his always sound best You know what man I'ma say somethin Hey yo Em You got somethin' to say?! Man no I thought you bout to tell him off, what's up Man I'ma tell him when I feel like it, man shut up And you ain't even back me up when we s'posed to be crew When I was bout to talk right after you I swear, I swear man These chicks don't even know the name of my band But they're all on me like they wanna hold hands 'Cause once I blow they know that I'll be the man All because I'm the lead singer of my band They say the lead singers rock, but the group does not Once we sold out arenas to the amusement park I'm gonna let the world know that proof is hot I should cut his mic off when the musics starts Ready to snap on a dumbass fan Every time I hear (Hey dude I love your band) We ain't a band bitch we don't play instruments So why he get 90 and we only get ten percent And these guys they can find every area code Bitch carry your own Can't make it to the stage, security in my way (Who the fuck are you? Where's Obie and Dre?!) Goddammit I'm sick of this group Time for me to go solo and make some loot I told you I made the beats and wrote all the raps Till Kon Artist slipped me some crack Lose Yourself video I was in the back Superman video I was in the back Fuck the media, I got some suggestions Fuck Marshall, ask us the questions Like who's D12, how we get started (What about Eminem?) Bitch are you retarded? Anyway I'm the popularest guy in the group Big ass stomach, bitches think I'm cute (hey sexy) 50 told me to do situps to get buff I did two and a half and then I couldn't get up Fuck D12, I'm outta this band I'm gonna start a group with the real Roxanne Girl why cant you see your the only one for me And it just tears my ass apart to know that you don't know my name These chicks don't even know the name of my band(ha ha) But they're all on me like they wanna hold hands(Fuck Marshall) Cuz once I blow I know that I'll be the man All because I'm the lead singer of my band My band My band My band My band My band My band My band My band My band The hottest boy band in the world D12! I'm the lead singer of my band, I get all the girl's to take off their Underpants And the lead singer of my band, my salsa Makes all the pretty girl's wan to dance My salsa, look out for my next single, it's called My Salsa My salsa, salsa, salsa, salsa, my salsa Makes all the pretty girls wan to dance And take off their underpants My salsa makes all the pretty girls wan to dance And take off their underpants, my salsa (Where'd everybody go?)
42nut1 (11 days ago)
any time i want to be entertained...i put on an Eminem song or video and all is right in the world again 😁😁
Deven Lohani (student) (11 days ago)
wish this was real life
Bruno Cesar (11 days ago)
No politically correct, the world was better!!!
Debbie Haywood (11 days ago)
white weIrdo.

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