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A week in a photographer’s life: Wednesday – Fast fashion

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Every new day is a new challenge for a photographer. Will it be a portrait, sports, fashion or something else completely? And no matter what that day brings, it must always end the same way – with a great shot. Dealing with these pressures takes experience, talent and speed. ___ We’re in the old town in Stockholm where Andreas is shooting a fashion assignment, a “run away runway” for a big department store. Experience the Profoto D2 – The world’s fastest monolight with TTL: http://profoto.com/d2 See more of Andreas Lundberg’s work: http://andreaslundberg.com/
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Text Comments (49)
Marv C (13 days ago)
Uday Mistry (3 months ago)
Amazing shots
Broodkasters (4 months ago)
They are running from the Photo Store when they saw the Profoto bill
stepitup (4 months ago)
Maybe they are running because the art director said to run
BRUNO LUXURY (5 months ago)
Okay what is this infomercial I've stumbled upon bye bye!
Rat Tickler (2 months ago)
How dare a company use their youtube page to promote their products. Buh bye crybaby.
Nicolas Ihász (5 months ago)
name of piano song on the beginning?
Broodkasters (4 months ago)
Pling Plong by Kid of Five
gustavo arrùa (5 months ago)
que equipos tremendos , que fotos espectaculares
Abigail Sockeye (8 months ago)
they are running from credit card debt
gauri mageshwari (1 year ago)
Best video 😍
Sophia Lenore (1 year ago)
Great video – thank you for sharing!
Meagan Williams (2 years ago)
Karwan (2 years ago)
The photo in the fram at the metro station is moving, mean they do a montag , the photo is not there ( 3.18 to 3.24 minutes)
Rat Tickler (2 months ago)
That's hilarious.
Tokagero (1 year ago)
Derbe Nice (1 year ago)
omg, so bad :D
a d (2 years ago)
Karwan yeah it's fake
hırkadan Fikirler (2 years ago)
sad but true
poma Wang (2 years ago)
no good
Bethanie steph (2 years ago)
hate to be that guy but it looks over exposed
Dave Cooley (11 months ago)
Kamece Anthony (1 year ago)
It is lol
Nico Gonzalez (2 years ago)
the photographer was very passionate... I loved it.
Daniel Ecoff (2 years ago)
why not use B1 air and not have to concern yourself with getting AC to the location ? also are you working in HSS here ? care to share the settings/ratio to ambient ?
Umesh T.S (2 years ago)
Good Morning Sir. In this PROFOTO B2 We can take contnious shot.
Sebastian Hellström (2 years ago)
They're probably running away from the stylist who forgot to remove the tag underneath the shoe!
JÖHN GRAY (11 months ago)
Sebastian Hellström Hysterical
Daniel Ecoff (2 years ago)
30sec fix in PS
Afid Reus (2 years ago)
Hadi Bheyan (2 years ago)
what is the source of power for D2 for outdoor (location)?
Fritz Asuro (2 years ago)
It was mentioned in this video that they "borrowed" an outlet from a near shop.
Umesh T.S (2 years ago)
extra ordinary boss
Javier Herrera (2 years ago)
They're escaping from her husband
Fox Li (10 months ago)
Ray Valdez Photography (2 years ago)
I do a lot of shoots with a B1 and D1. Can you send me a D2 so I can promote it for you? I will love you forever.
ALEXANDER GOMES (2 years ago)
fantastic comment
Jeff Jean (2 years ago)
Are you shooting AI Servo mode and getting the flash to pop with each click? If so does the flash setting change when you us AI SERVO?
Jeff Jean (2 years ago)
Oh, wow. Thank you.
Profoto (2 years ago)
Andreas didn't use AI-servo. He measured the focal distance and had the models run into the focus area.
pscully1969 (2 years ago)
Great results! I am always wondering about these moving shots. Are you using the camera's Servo tracking or do you have the models run into the focus area? Is there a lot of trial and error to get the faces sharp?
pscully1969 (2 years ago)
Profoto (2 years ago)
Andreas didn't use AI-servo. He measured the focal distance and had the models run into the focus area. They shot in hybrid mode, i.e. measuring the light with TTL and then switching to manual. In general it is easier to get the shot when the subjects are moving from one side to another, rather when the subjects are moving back and forth towards the camera.
Peter Tex (2 years ago)
Wich D2 you use it, in all the videos, the 500w or 1000w?
Profoto (2 years ago)
For the Monday shoot he used a mix of the 500w and the 1000w, but for the rest of the days he used the 1000w.
xnosaertx (2 years ago)
Great story ! Love it !
Ash M (2 years ago)
How would the battery powered b1 have fared in this situation? That's a fair distance to lob a good amount of light.
Ray Valdez Photography (2 years ago)
It wouldnt flash as fast and it probably might have not overpowered the sunlight. I have 3 b1s and 1 d1 1000w
Filipe Xavier (2 years ago)
Amazing Profoto, I will continue working hard to buy my first B1 and maybe one day get to D2 ! :)

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