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Roblox Aquaman Event - How to get the Sea Dragon

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Enjoy The Game - https://www.roblox.com/games/2056459358/Aquaman-Home-is-Calling
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Text Comments (82)
ROBLOX Max bunny (3 days ago)
I got it and I’m fricking 😭
ROBLOX Max bunny (3 days ago)
Iuli MINECRAFT (4 days ago)
Its very hard! I have Windows 10 pro!!
(5 days ago)
i did it, is there also an item in the game or is it just for avater?
Mr. Nightmare:3 (11 days ago)
The middle one is so hard (the Giant redrobot)
Darkness_0091 (12 days ago)
Anyone wants to do the trial together? I can't seem to defeat the bosses. If you wanna do it together, send me a reply with your username and a friend request on roblox. (IGN: Darkness_0091)
Milovan Milovanovic (12 days ago)
Milovan Milovanovic (12 days ago)
EmirCihan GT (12 days ago)
İm So Lazy To Do İt
leak media roblox (13 days ago)
Im on level 1 i dont lag and cant even get one kill
Next Tuber (13 days ago)
new aquaman booga booga event be the 1st to publish video
Freezeburn 98 (16 days ago)
Super tedious but I did it. Thanks dude
Freezeburn 98 (16 days ago)
For me, just hitting the boulders with my trident worked
Freezeburn 98 (16 days ago)
I hate Roblox RPG’s so much. All you do is click until someone dies
Shiina (12 days ago)
Isn't that same with most (but not all) RPG games? You get skills, do quests, kill monsters, level up
EnderBear 497 (16 days ago)
itd be great if i could actually get on the game
The Spider-Man (17 days ago)
5:40 Relic, not Relec.
Sofia 18 (17 days ago)
What game is that though?
AngoraHM 970 (16 days ago)
Gravitational (17 days ago)
event is so fucking retarded, especially that the bosses regenerate once you hit them
Gravitational (17 days ago)
the bosses can go through walls, and their hitbox is so fucking big its stupid
Zambiki Nìbbù (17 days ago)
what a complete pain in the ass these quests are. really wouldn't be able to do them without these videos
Matthew savard (17 days ago)
Matthew savard (17 days ago)
THING MAN (17 days ago)
everytime i die in the trial, i cant respawn. Its just a black screen
Trynantrium (17 days ago)
Dude you make it look so easy
Joseph Richards (18 days ago)
when i do fury fist on rock nothing happens
Finnegan Wilde (17 days ago)
+Noobics it wont work for me edit: it worked
Noobics (18 days ago)
i can do it now, just kill the robots that are close to it (like he did in the vid) and blast
Joseph Richards (18 days ago)
+Noobics keep trying i did it eventually
Noobics (18 days ago)
im doing it rn its not working
Noobics (18 days ago)
marcel 06 (18 days ago)
I cant defeat the bosses
Noobics (18 days ago)
keep trying, i died many times but i eventually killed them. use power-ups
Destroyer Falcon (18 days ago)
Bách Quang Nguyễn (18 days ago)
what happen if i died
Bách Quang Nguyễn (18 days ago)
+Noobics i thought when i died , i go back to rolantis
Noobics (18 days ago)
you will respawn at that check-point/stage
Arcimela (18 days ago)
MidnightHysteria (18 days ago)
do I need this to continue the whole aquaman event because I use mobile and I won’t be able to do this
some one (8 days ago)
+Noobics i got it and im on mobile. Devs has reduce lag by taking away small details
Noobics (18 days ago)
I tried playing on mobile and it's really hard, good luck if you want to do it!
Noobics (18 days ago)
you can do it if you want the sea dragon and a chance of getting the grand prize, if you dont want to just do the bandit thing
Mica Nogueira (18 days ago)
GonzMonz (18 days ago)
I cant punch the rocks
Noobics (18 days ago)
I did it, just kill the eye-laser-robots that are surrounding it and use the punch thing
Noobics (18 days ago)
same, im doing it rn
GameBoy The Gamer (18 days ago)
Will I start from the beginning of I die
GameBoy The Gamer (17 days ago)
+RARESOI1234 thx for the reply
RARESOI1234 (18 days ago)
What game is that? Bandit Simulator?
Noobics (18 days ago)
Victor Evan9 The Gamer (18 days ago)
Nice! :D
Thomas Brun (18 days ago)
Who know Why my attacks are very slow ?
Shiina (12 days ago)
+Blank SD I have pretty good WiFi and I'm using a computer It has 6 RAM and it's Windows 10 so there shouldn't be any problem handling Roblox or that game...
Shiina (12 days ago)
Blank SD (16 days ago)
Maybe bad wifi connection or an old device. Both can lead to lag
Thomas Brun because he made the video faster so less waiting
AaronTheGamers (18 days ago)
NuClearRaGe 58 (18 days ago)
Help me! I got 102 kills before event, and opened the crate but didn't got em.
NuClearRaGe 58 (18 days ago)
+Noobics But will they give me another aquaman crate then?
Noobics (18 days ago)
I think you need to kill 50 people again
ming with roblox (18 days ago)
Wow no people online
John Doe (18 days ago)
R.I.P mobile user Because of lag
Builder Man (7 days ago)
+Mr. Nightmare:3 it is fix now you can play in mobile now
Mr. Nightmare:3 (11 days ago)
Im on mobile but i got the prize
JemsonzGaming YT (13 days ago)
It is hard to attack in ipad/mobile ;.;
AngoraHM 970 (16 days ago)
+They Call Me Snip it was even laggier on my tablet, tbh
They Call Me Snip (17 days ago)
Good thing my parents got an iPad during black Friday
LispyLeafy (18 days ago)
Keep up the amazing videos im loving it✌
Arcimela (18 days ago)
hey friend 👋🏻
MorobbieTH (18 days ago)
Samuel Sondergaard (18 days ago)
another awesome video BadgeFinder
Moldy Cheese (18 days ago)
Alan Lelo (18 days ago)
If your on twitch your in big trouble bad manners leads to bad guests hacker twitch streamer
Possessed Potato (18 days ago)
Typical 23 (18 days ago)
Assassin Time! (18 days ago)
OOF Bloxian (18 days ago)
Thx :)

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