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Stephanie Branton | Playboy's Amateur Girls

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Get up close and personal with Canadian sweetheart Stephanie Branton! Wanna see more of Playboy's Amateur Girls? Check us out online at: http://www.playboytv.com/ Browse Shows: http://bit.ly/1aiq13M Watch Now: http://bit.ly/1nTT6Z1
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Raphael Quaglio (9 months ago)
Such a beautiful and talented woman. I wish women were free to dress this way in daily life. They should never be ashamed to display their beauty. And men should respect them even more for it.
John Sunshine (4 years ago)
I'm also from NL but living away from NL. Hope you have long success and also find or already have true love in your life especially since things can't get real crazy etc in LA and life in general. Cheers...and you're beautiful :)
Ahmad Qurais (5 years ago)
Ahmad Qurais (5 years ago)
Ahmed Ghazal (5 years ago)
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