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Prayer Language, Praying in Tongues, How satan stops Christians from receiving the prayer language

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Praying in Tognues. satan has had a very successful campaign in preventing Christians from getting the Gift of Tongues. There are so many lies and misunderstanding in the church about this gift. In short, satan allows the Church to talk about it, study it, debate about it, have nice doctrinal discussions about it, as long as they just NEVER get it. What good is a soldier that knows all about guns, but doesn't have one. Not using this Gift has crippled the Church, preventing many believers from maturing on to the Higher Gifts. If you're a Christian who doesn't have the Prayer Language yet, Get IT! Stop making excuses of why you don't need it, or how you failed to get it before. JUST GET IT! and if you already have the gift?Use It, Stir It Up, It doesn't do any good if it lies dormant.
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Ijar Genesis (3 days ago)
This really helpful nice one
Sean McGee (7 days ago)
Dear friends, don’t listen to this teaching. If somebody needs to explain how to “speak in tongues” to you, it’s not of God. As Hebrews 2:4 says, all of these signs and wonders happen according to His will. They don’t happen according to your feelings. I understand the desire to experience these things, but God doesn’t always give these gifts to everybody. To say that every Christian has the gift of tongues is simply untrue. “Are all apostles? Are all prophets? Are all teachers? Do all work miracles? Do all have gifts of healing? Do all speak in tongues? Do all interpret?” 1 Corinthians: 29-30. I think the wise thing to do is examine every wind of doctrine against the word of God, nor call something a lie.
Jesus said don't speak in tongues.
@Heart Breaker here you go: "But when you pray, do not babble repetitiously like the pagans, for they think that because of their many words they will be heard." Its Mat chapter 6. babble repetitiously = pentecostal glossolalia = incoherent meaningless nonsense.
Heart Breaker (16 days ago)
Really. Where in the Bible does it say that?
Jellingstar Lymba (1 month ago)
Apostol Paul writes that not all are to get the gift... when people pray it means for everyone to hear and understand. so humble prayer is important than unsanctioned Gift, whatsoever...
Mike Robertson (1 month ago)
Wow, this video is so full of heresy I don't know where to begin. My first question: what prayer language are you talking about? And do you even know what 'tongues' are? Apparently not. The one thing you are very good at is ripping Scriptures out of context and twisting them to say what they do not say! Very dangerous teaching here.
herman Aregai (2 months ago)
In reality, speaking in tongue is not a measurement of being a christian. It's just one of the spiritual gifts. In fact, the apostle Paul had recommended Christians to pursue more in prophecy since it gives understanding and build others or the whole community though he allows speaking in tongues. >>Another misunderstanding is that to receive the gift of speaking in tongues is not a matter of one's hunger for receiving it, but based on the distribution of the willing of the Holy spirit. Also, the christian scripture says, "do they all teach? do they all prophesy, do they all speak in new tongues?". >>The first century Christians didn't have enough knowledge and benefit of the gift of speaking in tongues, but they received it immediately. Some when they had been praying, and some when they had been listening to the word of God through the apostles. >> After all, speaking in new tongues is not a sign of one's christian for being filled with the Holy Spirit and upgrading of one's spirituality. Any person who carefully read the Corinthians scripture would easily understand that speaking in new tongues is not a measurement of one's christian spiritual strength or understanding of the power of God. If this was the case, the Corinthians have had great experiences in the gifts of speaking in new tongues. How ever, despite this reality, these Christians were the most failed Christians of the the apostles time, who had been exposed to the great deception of the devil and suffered from at least eleven failures and have had misunderstanding of spiritual values and misuses of it. Hence, we ask that "did their speaking in new tongues saved them from the attack of the devil and their various sins? Based on the scriptures, the answer is no. Therefore, as long as it's one of the scripture gifts, which the Holy spirit has given according to His will, it can be practiced by the one who has been given. How ever, the scriptures don't indicate that speaking in new tongues can expel the devil or make one a powerful spirit filled christian. Any way, despite many of the most high God servants including mother Theresa and Billy Graham and many millions of other Christians had served the most High God in a mighty services and being a light to the world, we have n't heard that they had the experience of speaking in new tongues. Also those servants weren't convincing others the secret of their succesful spiritual and services had derived from practicing and speaking in new tongues as a means of their spiritual maturity, or as a main spiritual weapon against the devil.
Adeline Proverbs31 (4 months ago)
This is a gift. Not everyone has it!
Hector Daka (4 months ago)
Wonderful my God my goodness thank you for the word of tongues
Jorge Kalkman (4 months ago)
Dude I can even take you serious with that football music anthem crap..that you would abominate God and His Holy Spirit with that worldy music!! Shame on you!! 🔥💯📖👊 You're going to have a bad time burning in the lake of fire!!!!
Tsitsi Peters (4 months ago)
Frank Pusok (4 months ago)
Brad Davies Do you agree with me that all 7 billion people’s Brain put together are not smarter than God, I suggest something to you if you wanna know the truth about God‘s Holy Spirit the Bible you have to put aside your opinion. He gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us,and he gave us the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to teach us how to walk with Jesus and help others, The gift of tongues he gave us how to approach God,We don’t know how to do that, on our own. When I pray in tongues, The Holy Spirit knows what to say to get closer to God,to Jesus, my experience is that when the holiness of God touch me, and I see myself how God sees me and, feels my heart with love to Him and others.Acts 2:4 ,19:6 Corinthians 5:22 Mark 16:17. Corinthians 14:2 ,14:23 ,14:27-28 ,12:8–11,13:13. One more time if you made up your mind God will not open your eyes, God bless you !
Elsie B. Wagon (3 months ago)
Frank Pusok (4 months ago)
Brad Davies Hi dues
Lean Melenia (5 months ago)
I'm confused.. God help me
Alexander Hartley (6 months ago)
Lovely, now do you speak the language of the Parthians, Medes, Elamites, of the dwellers in Mesopotamia, Judaea, Cappadocia, Pontius, or Asia? Or is it the Egyptian languages, Libya, Cyrene? Are there Jews present? 1Corinthians 1:22 For the Jews require a sign, Greeks seek after wisdom. An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign. Acts 16:16-18. This is fake malarkey. May your eyes be opened. OR because you love not the truth, God shall send you strong dilusion that ye shall believe a lie. 2 Thessalonians 2:11.
Alexander Hartley (6 months ago)
Chapter and verse?
Liam Novitskas (6 months ago)
Went down on my girl yesterday and spoke in tongues.. she loved it
Martin Leon (6 months ago)
so youre speaking in tongues is a sign you have the holy spirit ? but you could still go to hell lolllllll....
Sushil Kumar Sharma (6 months ago)
Very nice good night
Mark Paul Rios (6 months ago)
I hate guns! I hate sin ! And i hate evil!
Prabhakar Jai (6 months ago)
I oloved the gift of god 🙋hallueah Amen
suzan zaman (7 months ago)
This sounds like an instruction on how to dabble in the spirit realm. Which God does not want us to do..God will only appoint the holy spirit to those who are worthy. Jesus disciples were worthy of this gift..you can pray normally because God still hears you..
Hal lelujiah (6 months ago)
God hears but are you sure that its always what needs to be said? Romans 8:26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.
Amen. exactly correct. thank you Lord Jesus.
Vickie Glenn (7 months ago)
Word it is a gift of Heavenly manifestation of the evidence of his in bodily form with tongue.
karoslif (7 months ago)
Ummm, Wrong!! Paul said all Christians do not speak in tongues, and I'm sure satan didn't deceive him.
Donna Caesar-Roberts (7 months ago)
can you all just read the Bible and realise that tongues are fake stupid gibberish. the bible say you must get an interpretation please read corinthians. I sorry that you are buy into that foolishness of speaking in tongues.
Gina Hochstein (8 months ago)
Lose the music. Distracting and unsuitable. Info great.
John Robinson (8 months ago)
To speak in tongues is to speak in another language. Like Spanish, German, or Arabic. It's not babbling like a Buffon. Babbling like baby or a drunk is not of God!!!
original suze (8 months ago)
This is the way i started.A pastor pray for me to receive it,than he said open my mouth and start,when i open my mouth nothing happens so i made a decision to say nonsense,while i was saying nonsense, the real thing came.
Gary Marshall (8 months ago)
Where in the Bible says you need to pray for more than 1 hr. to receive the gift? Please don't use time to to determine.. could lead to false preaching! Just my insights! And plus the music background is really disturbing and too secular! It's negative.. I can sense it.
Vicki Reader (9 months ago)
I received the Holy Spirit and I had a feeling like never before. God is good...
Adelyn Orata (2 months ago)
שי אביב (8 months ago)
Marion Johnson (11 months ago)
Years ago, I felt the holy spirit, it was one of the most, sweetest moment of my life!
Yasmin Merchant (11 months ago)
Della Hendrickson (1 year ago)
I thought this gift was weird and not for me until I had a dream with me speaking in tongues in it and with the clue on how to unlock this gift. I followed my instructions with great success. The clue was to put myself in the Spirit, take a leap of faith and to start with the rehearsed three syllables. Now I speak in tongues on and off throughout the day. It’s been a second best blessing to me right after the first one of discovering that Jesus is real! Just think, if it can edify you, how much better you can become at helping your neighbor!
1bigjames (1 year ago)
You might need to change your music choice
Sharon Kamei (1 year ago)
My dear fellow fren if ur a true christian u won't criticize the word of God.it is clearly written in the bible he is not speaking out of the bible.i love it bro make more video its inspiring thanks..
WatchEmmanuelTV (1 year ago)
Thank you for cutting through the mumbo-jumbo & non sense people talk about tongues. I absolutely LOVE! Praying in tongues. You know, I would rather pray all day with the help of the HolySpirit than pray a long winded exhausting prayer from human mind. Don't get me wrong, pray in understanding ( human language) as Paul says but Paul also says but "I will also pray in tongues". What Christan doesn't want to build themselves up spritually, that's what you do when you are praying in tongues. Only the devil does not want for a Christian to be built up / edified & get stronger. Next time you oppose the gifts of tongues remember that. Whose side are you?....God or the devil. Don't let the devil use you.
vee vee (1 year ago)
Secular music in the background throws the whole message off.
Alex Pacheco (1 year ago)
Ray Brensike (1 year ago)
How many of us have really longed for this bread, this heavenly bread, this spiritual bread, this "take it for my journey" kind of bread? (see Luke 11:1-13). How many of us have sought it, kept seeking it, and did not stop until we received it? How many? As many as did receive it, I suppose. And how many of us have taken someone with us, and have interceded for them in prayer with them, so they could receive it?
Ray Brensike (1 year ago)
Many years ago I was a part of a group, where everyone spoke in tongues, and interpreted what they spoke in a tongue, when they were called on to do so in our meetings, and the interpretation was always edification by way of exhortation and comfort by the words the Holy Spirit teaches. The only exception to this, were the new people. If you stayed around, you received their help, instruction, and the evidence they gave, and you were blessed with the same, in the same Holy Spirit, the one and only Holy Spirit with is given to the church in Christ Jesus. The way we did it, because of how we were taught by the scripture, was that the one who spoke in the tongue, gave the interpretation. If you have something, you can give it. If you have a word, you can say it. If you have 1/2 sentence you can give it, and trust God that he will give you more. God was with us in this. He blessed us in this, and he was always in our meetings like this, and it was good. We have the word and the spirit, together in our meetings.To me, that is church they way church ought to be, and it was so long ago. All of this was led by the leadership of the meeting, who decided when to pray, when to sing, when to do whatever we were doing. It was kept decent and in order. I have seen some churches who were not walking in these manifestations properly, and they had Kundalini kind of stuff going on....what you get for not keeping the commandments, I guess.
Simone Runyan (1 year ago)
Love the Beverly Hills Cop theme. It kinda fits actually. 😊😇☺
Constance Chiemela (1 year ago)
The Bible is clear and nothing to argue about it.If you speak in tongues you're elevated and you feel strange,that's the presence of the Holy Spirit. I gain more strength and happiness whenever I speak it.NO body touched me.It just started when I was praying alone in a room.It's an inspiration by GOD.
Rafaelo Lopez (1 year ago)
That background music though
Capt Poetry (1 year ago)
Charles F. Parham was an American preacher and evangelist. Together with William J. Seymour, Parham was one of the two central figures in the development and early spread of American Pentecostalism. It was Parham who associated glossolalia( speaking in tongues) with the baptism in the Holy Spirit, a theological connection crucial to the emergence of Pentecostalism as a distinct movement. Parham was the first preacher to articulate Pentecostalism's distinctive doctrine of evidential tongues, and to expand the movement. In 1901 Topeka Kansas at the Bethel Bible College, Charles F Parham taught how to speak in tongues and it was the evident of the holy spirit after being baptizes. Agnes Ozman was a female student of Charles Fox Parham's . Ozman was considered by many as “the first to speak in tongues”. Her experiences sparked the modern Pentecostal-Holiness movement, which began in the early 20th century. According to her fellow students, their prayers were heard, and her colleagues reported that a halo had surrounded both her face and head and that she started speaking Chinese. Not long after, Parham and thirty-four other students also began speaking in unknown languages. It is said that Ozman could not speak English for three days and was only able to write in Chinese characters. But long before then Frank Sandford visited Japan, China, India, Egypt, and Palestine. In China he toured the China Inland Mission of Hudson Taylor, where he noted with admiration that "all depend upon God for support and divide their supplies equally"—a model for his own Shiloh. Visiting the Holy Land, Sandford developed a lifelong passion for more knowledge about it, but he nearly died when his steamer sank off Jaffa. Among those influenced by these early religious developments at Shiloh were A. J. Tomlinson, founder of the Church of God, and Charles Fox Parham, one of the founders of the Pentecostal movement. Charles Parham himself was filled with the Holy Spirit, and spoke in other tongues. “Right then and there came a slight twist in my throat, a glory fell over me and I began to worship God in a Swedish tongue, which later changed to other languages and continued so until the morning” Parham preached, could be gained only by returning to the teachings of the Apostles and following the words found in the Book of Acts. That part of the Bible, Parham believed, was where the true word of God was found. Parham eventually expanded his theology to include the laying of hands on others during prayer, speaking in tongues, and baptism of the Holy Spirit, which led to purification of the soul. Religious historians regard the opening of Parham's Bible school as the birth of modern Pentecostalism. Parham had predicted the world would end in 1925. Also, in 1907 Parham encountered some legal difficulties that did terrible harm to his reputation. He was arrested in Texas for alleged sexual misconduct involving young boys. Agnes Ozman herself had known cult leader Frank Sandford. She “…named A.B Simpson as well as his colleague, Steven Merritt…as two of her more esteemed spiritual teachers.” “Merritt is credited in Sublimity of Faith, as the chief mentor and influence in leading Frank Sandford to his understanding and acceptance of the Holy Spirit…” ((Charles W. Nienkirchen; A.B.Simpson and the Pentecostal Movement p.31-2) http://www.fwselijah.com/Parham.htm ) Many that day experienced other gifts of the Holy Spirit, and soon the group went off from Kansas City to spread the news.Later in her life Agnes admitted that she had been wrong to believe that all people would speak in tongues when they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. Writing in The Latter Rain Evangel of January 1909 she wrote, "Some time ago I tried but failed to have an article printed which I wrote calling attention to what I am sure God showed me was error. The article maintained that tongues was not the only evidence of the Spirit’s Baptism. Thanks to William J . Seymour, teaching speaking in tongues at the Azusa Church in Los Angles in 1906, it spreaded and went vireo till today in our Pentecostal and Apostolic churches. pushing this speaking in tongues doctrine in the black churches, William J. Seymour requested and received a license as a minister of Parham's Apostolic Faith Movement, and he initially considered his work in Los Angeles under Parham's authority. However, Seymour soon broke with Parham over his harsh criticism of the emotional worship at Asuza Street and the intermingling of whites and blacks in the services. This, and his support of British Israelism, has often led people to consider him as a racist He also believed in British Israelism, an ideology maintaining that the Anglo-Saxon peoples were the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. In addition, Parham subscribed to rather unorthodox views on creation. He believed God took two days to create humans—non-whites on the sixth day and whites on the eighth, Needless to say, that's why none preached Rev 1:14-15/ Hebrews 7:14 or Deu 28:1-68 That would have discredit that the Anglo Saxon was the Ten Lost tribes just as the misunderstanding of speaking in tongues. In the Hebrew bible it is not tongues, it is "Lashon" which means Language. John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickenetht: the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.( If you don't pray and read in the read your dead) Matthew 6:7-13 Jesus tells us how to Pray and it is not in tongues, John 14:6 Jesus is the way to the Father, Matthew 19:16-19 Jesus tell us how to be save, me personally, I follow the commandments of Jesus. He was perfect. Was the Apostles perfect? https://youtu.be/IZTSh8K4YQI https://youtu.be/HvVEuWK8VB0 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Fox_Parham http://www.unitypublishing.com/NewReligiousMovements/WhatSpirtPart6.html and to the black church..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_J._Seymour
Frank Jennings (1 year ago)
I was baptized in the Holy Spirit after Jesus came and saved me in the Rural hills where I live. I'd had no phd's, thd's or rfd's to tell me all the things God didn't do anymore so I received salvation, the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the accompanying gift of tongues with great joy. I'd lived like the devil for the previous 33 years and he NEVER EVER did anything similar. He did to me - never for me. I've spoken in tongues for 40 years and seen God my father do wondrous things. I've also seen deniers and blasphemers rail against me and against the very word of God. They reason away God's gifts with their natural man's mind and are closer linked to Esau the flesh man than Jacob the younger spirit man. If any man be ignorant let him be ignorant. Like brother Jude said "having not the spirit". Too bad but I shake the dust from my sandals and walk on.
Ronald David (1 year ago)
As a Minister I've prayed for the revelation on the subject of Tongues, As we grow from believers to disciples, we begin to strive for spiritual excellence and selflessness, I take seriously the command to seek ye first the Kingdom and His righteousness, becoming more careful and responsible in following the truth of the word as it is outlined in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because as we grow into discipleship in order to properly feed the sheep, we rely on the accuracy by which we follow the word so we can show others how to obtain the results, blessings & victories that the word promises. There are many that say the GIFT of "speaking in tongues (a Gift) is a MUST HAVE or some prerequisite EVIDENCE of the Holy Spirit, what scripture says that? ...I myself have grown in Christ by Operating in the FRUITS of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), of which Jesus Christ says is a MUST HAVE (John 15:2) and I also have DIFFERENT GIFTS including Wisdom & Teaching , however NOT TONGUES. The 9 SPIRITUAL FRUITS are the HIGHEST FORM of walking in the Spirit, NOT SPIRITUAL GIFTS. Also, you can't assume (Jude 1:20) to be about Tongues of angels or men, it's about praying in Faith (a FRUIT of the Spirit), so therefore praying in Faith is praying in the Spirit, by the strength, wisdom & confidence of the Holy Ghost as He directs, also (Romans 8:26) reveals how the Holy Ghost prays and it’s not with an uttered language. Also (ROMANS 8:26) says We don't need a Speaking in Tongues language to talk to God in the HIGHEST FORM. Because as you pray in YOUR OWN natural tongue, the Holy Spirit becomes your PRAYER PARTNER interceding for you without words. In addition The WORD says through Paul in (1 Corinthians 7:7) that we all will have DIFFERENT GIFTS in the body of Christ depending on the Holy Spirit, one having this Gift and another that Gift, NOT JUST speaking in TONGUES for everyone (1 Corinthians 12:4, 7-10), as Paul says He wished we all could. It is NOT the Holy Spirit's WILL that ALL Speak in Tongues. (1 Corinthians 12:30) It's says ALSO in (1 Corinthians 12:11) that THE HOLY SPIRIT is the one who will determine or give utterance if He wants the gift of tongues for you or another gift for you, as all GIFTS belong to Him to distribute for HIS PURPOSE NOT OURS. Like at Pentecost. None of the Apostles nor Jesus Himself taught to SINGLE OUT the Gift of Tongues as the ONLY sign of the Holy Spirit or a MUST HAVE for Spiritual Growth that will follow ALL believers (Mark 16:17-18). Only in (1 Corinthians 14:1) is a gift singled out. And for SPIRITUAL GROWTH the Apostles by the Holy Spirit teaches this (1 Peter 2:2) & (James 1:3-4) and to edify & build you up BETTER THAN ANY GIFT or TONGUES (Acts 20:32). The summation of (1 Corinthians 14:13-17) is not that Tongues are a much better way to communicate with God, but that a Christian minister with this Gift should seek to do much more spiritual good to men's souls and their understanding, than to be selfish with the Gift of Tongues to get the greatest applause to himself. So, by the responsible guidance of the Holy Spirit, he will BOTH pray and or sing in Tongues AND with the interpretation of Tongues give the understanding to himself and all hearers. Also, its LOVE (a FRUIT) that will define proper Spiritual Growth, because (1 Corinthians 13:1-3) says that Tongues (a GIFT) are a useless, lifeless & void thing and there is no connection to God without LOVE (a FRUIT), so therefore LOVE (a FRUIT) is more powerful spiritually (1 Corinthians 13:13) (Ephesians 4:15) than Tongues (a GIFT). Just as Jesus says in (Matthew 7:16, 20) the evidence of one who is Spiritually of God is in The FRUITS (Galatians 5:22-23) NOT GIFTS, Speaking in Tongues is a GIFT, LOVE is a FRUIT. So, let us emphasize Love & Faith (Spiritual Fruit the makes us IN THE SPIRIT) & the Word as a “MUST HAVE” to grow NOT TONGUES, Because Spiritual FRUITS supersedes Spiritual GIFTS. We shouldn't make Tongues to be more than what scripture says they are. May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.
vincent roosendaal (1 year ago)
Its all about feeling that you are a better person and so called (living closer to god) And therefore direct and manipulate others in order to get what you want.
the music is a funny touch
Derek Childress (1 year ago)
scripture says that not all have the gifts of tongues. not all heal. not all prophesy. read 1 Corinthians 12.
Marjorie Lanka (1 year ago)
But the Bible says that tongues is the "lesser" of the gifts! "It edifies self". We are not to stop people speaking in tongues, but everyone does not receive the same gift! Tongues people get into trouble, when they place so so much emphasis, on "tongues only." How about some of the more important gifts --prophecy, teaching, encouragement,etc. We never hear about how great those are. Plus when one puts so much emphasis on tongues, people can feel like if they don't have tongues, they are a lesser Christian. That's simply not true. God gives each gift, to whomever He choses. Each Christian has, at least one. Coveting tongues gives Satan an in, as people desparately, try to obtain that particular gift, so they can "seem spiritual". ( Never mind what God wills. ) I see a real danger in this. I think there is a demon of falsity of tongues, too. There's a counterfeit, for everything else. Maybe if one begs long enough, satan steps in and fills the bill. And how would a person know what he is saying, to the Lord ,for sure. It could be blasphemous! I think we need to let God be God!
Krzysztof Bogdan (1 year ago)
"Religious Spirit"-- pretty much done wih religion since i quit Catholic deception. Go read your Bible.
Ray Ortiz (1 year ago)
1st of all, the bible says not all people speak in tongues. 2nd, you say not speaking in languages holds you back from other gifts, so basically when you reach level 30 tongue speaking you unlock the next gift? The Holy Spirit gives gifts as He wills, we dont just take it upon ourselves to collect them all
Rafi Hagopian (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video - Most of the prayers in tongues Using letter s s s s s s s s s Is that praying in tongues?? - The music in the video is not suitable - Saying You live in sin & still pray in tongues is not Christian doctrine Show me one verse from the bible says that peter or Paul or John lived in sin and still had the gift
Hal lelujiah (1 year ago)
The High Priest, who had a direct part in the killing of Jesus, prophesied. His prophecy came true. John 11:51 He did not say this on his own, but as high priest that year he prophesied that Jesus would die for the Jewish nation,
Hal lelujiah (1 year ago)
The doctrine in "Romans 11:29 "for God's gifts and his call are irrevocable." Practically this means that just because someone is exercising God's power, doesn't mean that their doctrine is perfect, or their walk is perfect or they have nothing to repent of. Just like when Moses struck the rock, it was clearly not what God wanted, it was clearly disobedience, yet the supernatural effect of water flowing still came.
you tube (1 year ago)
Praying in tongues is sometimes the only way a Christian can bypass demonic attacks to communicate with Heaven. When darts & arrows are sent to interfere, you had better believe it is praying in tongues that will help you as a saved Christian so that your prayers are not blocked. If you do not know anything about spiritual warfare & have been lucky enough to not have to engage in it, then you should not judge Christians' use of speaking in tongues. It can mean the difference between freedom & immense suffering so don't ever let anyone tell you it's "witchcraft" - quite the opposite. It is praying in tongues that will OVERCOME witchcraft, because none of the antichrist entities can understand your prayer language so they can't interfere with your prayers!
mspixiedust100 (1 year ago)
I have asked for years, I wonder if there are people who were just never meant to receive it :/
jose maury (1 year ago)
It's witch craft.....repent
you tube (1 year ago)
It is not. Rather, praying in tongues by a saved Christian overcomes witchcraft.
Laura Ann Smith (1 year ago)
From what I understand, you must be saved first to get the gift of tongues. It usually comes when you are baptized in the Holy Spirit - after you are saved. Therefore, I believe your statement that some can go to hell after having received the gift of tongues is false in that if you are saved, that is irrevocable.
Jorge Kalkman (1 year ago)
Dude you watch to much football....get off the idolatry amen...geeez!!! 😂😂
John Weatherly (1 year ago)
St Paul said that the gift of tongues ended in his lifetime. 1 Cor 13:11
John Weatherly (1 year ago)
1 Cor 13:8-11
G. Mancus (1 year ago)
Interesting video. A reflection to 8:09 - No miracles, no healings, etc... Believe it or not, miracles may be the best-kept secret in Catholicism: https://www.catholic.com/magazine/print-edition/the-gift-of-miracles
HECTOR JUNIOR Padilla (1 year ago)
Thank you
QC Davis (1 year ago)
We are taught to believe our doubts and doubt our beliefs. The holy spirit sends a worker to help you and you "hear the call to receive" and you immediately doubt it. then you choose to believe this doubt. Right at this point you should challenge the voice (demon or self) in your head and do the opposite. Choose to believe the doubt and then Ask for Father God to give you his gift of the Holy Spirit. The bible states that Jesus says" I shall go away, and IF you ask I will send you my Helper the holy Spirit! He will lead you and guide you into all truth. The holy spirit is like the wind It blows and no one knows where it comes or where it goes. the Holy spirit Gives various gifts to whom he pleases. The Word says pray earnestly for the gifts that help edify the church yet if you receive the gift orf tongues pray that you also receive the gift of interpretation. Now Father god never gives his children scorpions when they ask for a piece of bread1 so believe in faith that our father has given you the holy spirit when you ask. Now just as a baby Go Goo's and Ga Ga's so will your first Syllables come out ! they will sound like baby chatter or gibberish. Sometimes even one syllable is what you start with like lalalal babababa tatata. The devil at this point is raging in your head screaming" you fool"! do you know how stupid you sound ! PRESS Forward and keep challenging his doubt ! You are there ! you are on the cutting edge ! don't stop EVAN 20/20 DID A DOCUMENTARY ON SPEAKING IN TIONGUES AND THE SCIENTIST PROVED THE PRAYER LANGUAGE WAS NOT COMING FROM YOUR PART OF THE BRAIN AS YOUR LEARNED SPEECH CENTER ! IT IS REAL MY FRIEND AND YOU WILL GROW IN YOUR VOCABULARY OVER TIME TO SPEAK FLUENTLY! I know this for an absolute fact because at 22 years old this is the exact way it happened to this heathen. I to used my prayer language on the streets of Phoenix AZ. and spoke to a old Navajo man. I prayed in my gift and he began to cry and said where did you learn Navajo ? I said I don't ! He told me I just led Him to Christ Jesus in His native Language ! Halleluiah ! To late for all you nay Sayers I now its real ! many time over my past 34 years has the Holy spirit been there for me. he never left me when I deserved to be abandoned ! He is a perfect Gentleman ! He is God the holy Spirit and the 3rd person of the Trinity. Genesis 1 in Hebrew states Barasheet 1: In Beginning Ben (Son ) Ruah (Holy Spirit ) and ABA (Father ) Proving beyond any doubt the trinity is from the beginning 3 separate individual manifestations of the ONE true God Almighty ! 1x1x1 = ONE not 1+1+1  May the Lord Y'shua Ha Mashiach lead you and guide you throughout the days of your life AMN  For all you doubting Thomas' be very careful to not touch, attach or blaspheme god's anointed or the Holy Spirit. Please just walk away if you decide not to believe. I urge you to at least think about this.. I give you my word asking nothing from you other than your attention and honest efforts...
Islandfree (1 year ago)
May someone pray for me that I receive this prayer language ,,,The churches here do not use this gift
John P (1 year ago)
True chriatians dont end up in hell. Gods gift of salvation is not of our own works nor is our faith it is all a gift from God
Flo Float (1 year ago)
Oh! how I would love to receive this gift of Holy Spirit. Do pray for me Bro/ Sis for this heavenly GIFT!
Augustine H. (1 year ago)
The Lord has blessed me to speak in tongues. I can now pray in tongues. It's awesome!!
Terry Baldwin (1 year ago)
You don't teach anyone how to speak in tongues you need to be filled with the Holy Ghost and when he fills you he will speak through you in tongues but you cannot pray in tongues unless you are filled with the Holy Ghost. You cannot teach anyone how to speak in tongues and you don't get the gifts of tongues you get the Holy Ghost and then the tongues will come.
e harris (2 years ago)
1 Corinthians 14:19 KJVS [19] Yet in the church I had rather speak five words with my understanding, that by my voice I might teach others also, than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue. Get some understand tongue simply means language
Hal lelujiah (1 year ago)
Notice the initial clause "Yet in the Church" in other words "In front of other believers" A Prayer language is usually not something you do in front of people face.
Tina Vars (2 years ago)
I'm amazed at the Catholic imagery used to show those who despise the gift, when the Charismatic renewal has been accepted or "accredited" in the RCC. A better image would be a pastor like John MacArthur! Do your homework!
Tina Vars (2 years ago)
Otherwise, it's a great video.
silo13 (2 years ago)
If you're interested in scriptural based "tongues' - listen to Robert Morris - he's got a whole series on this. Best I've ever heard.
STARBUCK LOVER (2 years ago)
sarah novraji songs
Christy Gangwer (2 years ago)
Not everybody receives the same gifts from the Spirit. I do agree that many Christians get "speaking in tongues" confused with a prayer language. The two are NOT the same. if you want to understand what speaking in tongues really is, you need to read the book of Acts. Peter was addressing the crowd while in the Holy Spirit and was speaking in tongues. People understood him in their own language. When somebody is using a prayer language, they are speaking with God and it is a personal thing. Also, those who speak in tongues should also ask for interpretation.
T S (2 years ago)
Worldy Satanic music on a video teaching how to pray in tongues???? That rock music scene of the 70's 80's was driven by rockstars who sold their souls.
S. Haack (2 years ago)
I started speaking in tongues and then taught my friends how to do it. Once a week many of us get together and praise God in a heavenly language. I have two parrots and they have watched me speak in tongues, now one of them speaks in tongues. The other parrot resists God gift. If it doesn't start accepting Gods gift I'm going to return it to PetSmart.
alan kleinman (2 years ago)
received my prayer laguage upon rededication and rebaptism in water. the Spirit of God had been swarming around me for years.
caleb adams (2 years ago)
where is all the scripture to back any of this up? yes I believe In tongues but all I hear from this video is speculation, "man's ideas" don't let your theological perspective end in Act 2, and a few other verses. The Holy Spirit wrote the Bible, you might wanna read instead of trying to be his spokesman, No I don't believe in a dried up Baptist Church, but I don't believe in a shallow mind Pentecostal church either who emphasize s more on one certain thing, in order to get out of reading God breathed, Holy Spirit written, scripture.
Bibing Cinco (2 years ago)
Praise God I received Jesus and I can speak other tounge Amen
Pastor Peewee (2 years ago)
good video but u forget to speak among others in tongue u need an interpreter
mik ztif (2 years ago)
THANK YOU, for this video, you covered it all. Praise God!!! He gave you the wisdom to make this, through Holy Spirit! AmenI needed to hear this.....Thank you Father for using Robert!!
Susan Werk (2 years ago)
We are also told in 1 Corinthians 12:28-31 and 1 Corinthians 14:12-13 that it is God (NOT us) who chooses the gifts. These passages also indicate that NOT everyone will have a particular gift. (Please check www.gotquestions.org. "How does God distribute spiritual gifts "; "What is praying in tongues "? "Is praying in tongues a prayer language between a believer and God?" I have been a born again Christian for decades now. I have personally experienced God mightily in my life and my family's life ... I have had a "one-on-one" conversation with God, not once but few times. He healed me of my "meniscus disease ", my "lump" on my left wrist was miraculously disappeared, He told me "it's about time to get my German passport, though my family and I knew that I wouldn't get one because I don't speak nor understand German at all. Under a normal circumstance and according to the German law, it would be impossible to acquire one. However, if God tells us somethings, He makes sure that His "will be done". When He told me that "it's about time to get my German passport ", though I don't speak/understand German, I was able to get one. To God be the glory. Truly "His Word is true, proven, stands forever and settled in heaven". The Scripture says, "to him who believes, all things are possible". They're many things that I could testify here but it's too long to write them all. This is the reason why, "I'm seeking for the truth about the gifts if tongues, praying in tongues, etc". Of course, I pray always that I want everything that He has. I want to be "enlightened" about the praying in tongues and the gifts of tongues. I heard Christians in some churches praying in tongues without "interpretation ". They pray in tongues (theyre loud) during the service and somehow, "I feel irritated", don't know why??? I know I have the Holy Spirit as I mentioned here, I have had some personal experiences with God and been trained by HIM through the Holy Spirit 're spiritual warfare. I heard Christians praying in "gibberishly", and it's really irritating!!! I believe the Lord will give me the "truth " about these "conflicting" issues. God bless everyone
Daniel Penn (2 years ago)
First of all, dud, where in the Bible does it say to teach speaking in unknown tongues. All you are is a Corinthian blableler. another person who thinks he's a pastor, sent by God. Your doctrine is creeping. and the Lord will take care of you. remember, your a goat. And you know what happened to the goats.
I'm really thankful for this video it makes me look deep into my life, about the importance of the Spiritual language. I received it recently but it sound so weird, know with the leading of the Holy Spirit, it will be used more. Thank You Holy Spirit for allowing him to doing this video I was truly bless. Thanks a lot.
David Harris (2 years ago)
Tongues are for a sign not to them that believe but to them that believe not. Furthermore, An evil and adulterous nation seeketh after sign.
Dennis Pennington (2 years ago)
Here's how I do it. Ho see con didli eyi honda la seka. I prayed that for years and still don't have a Honda.
Robert Reid (2 years ago)
I just can't help but to comment here. Apostle Paul said "I will pray in the Spirit (tongues), and I will pray with understanding also". Meaning that it's important to pray both ways. He also said that "when I pray in tongues my Spirit prays and speaks mysteries unto God." We don't always know what to pray for, but the Holy Spirit always knows what to pray for. So when we get in the Spirit, and we are led by the Spirit to pray in tongues, it's our Spirit that gives utterance. It's not a language that you think up in you own mind. The words flow like a fountain right from your Spirit. Every believer should seek and desire the baptism of the Holy Ghost because it's a powerful gift that will help edify you (strengthen and build you up). I'm not going to quote all the scripture pertaining to this, and I won't argue it, but for those who don't understand it, you shouldn't comment but rather turn to scripture. The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is a Baptism by fire that wasn't just for Jesus' deciples, but rather for all who are born again believers. It's a beautiful, and powerful experience that will enhance your walk with Christ. Who wouldn't want and desire that?
Enny Tsay (2 years ago)
Amazing message. God bless yr ministry. Love yr video
Tan Ewelee (2 years ago)
Are you implying satan has more power than God by saying satan has had a successful campaign in preventing christians from getting the gift of tongues by God. It can be verified by these verses that all spiritual gifts ie tongues included are given to anyone by the Holy Spirit as He sees deemed fit Since it is a gift no one can simply get it on his own if it possible as you claimed than it is no more a gift. I quote "(1Co 12:10) To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: (1Co 12:11) But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will. I respectfully disagree with your teaching on tongues as it contradicts the bible from the very beginning. Therefore, stop making excuses that anyone can simply get any spiritual gifts by his own volition.
vincent yap (2 years ago)
god power came from words where god created this world only by saying read the bible
vincent yap (2 years ago)
why satan turn to so bad even bad human being cannot be that bad
Author Linda L. Evans (2 years ago)
The video is not spot on in all of it, but is good in counteracting what satan tries to do to people to stop them from receiving. One thing he said in video is that you don't receive this gift instantly. That is incorrect statement but may just be the host experience. Speaking in tongues can come and does come most often instantly, some even get filled in water baptism. Some people even get filled before water baptism with water baptism following. We can't limit God. I was filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues as young as 6 yrs. old. I Spoke in tongues for 28 yrs before I learned what I was doing. My only knowledge of the Holy Spirit and tongues was it was the way I spoke to God in prayer and song. Coming from a SBC background, I was never taught about the Holy Spirit and as a young child of 6, I did not read about it, but I knew Jesus as My Savior. The gift if real, it is effective, and I don't see how a Christian lives without it.
Cristian O. Balan (2 years ago)
All deception... "Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?"
Frank Meintjes (2 years ago)
Want evidence that speaking in tongues are for all believers ? search out a group of believers on their way to preach the Gospel to an PEOPLE that have never heard of Jesus, Say in the HIMALAYAS. Jump on a plane. and preach the gospel to them. All your theological reasoning will disappear like the mist before the Sun. The mission field is the best place to test your Theology. PEACE
Steve. vick (1 year ago)
Frank Meintjes AMEN !
Rickey stinson (2 years ago)
Amen I Receive
Mr. Rich B.O.B (2 years ago)
Wait. Wait. Wait. Salvation is shift, and you can't lose it. You can't be unsaved and speak in tongues.
BreaKINGBAD (2 years ago)
As usual the focus all Pentecostals have is on the spirit and NOT Jesus. Everything the spirit does is to glorify our lord and saviour Jesus. By focusing on the spirit, gifts and your own prosperity is completely contrary to what the apostles and Jesus taught. Speaking in tongues is one of the lower spiritual gifts and yet Pentecostals place it at the epicentre of their doctrine and a must requirement for salvation. Where in the bible does Jesus say you MUST speak in tongues as evidence of the gift of the Holy Spirit? The truth is Pentecostal theology started by Charles Parham in the early 1900s. He too thought he was speaking in tongues to the extent he believed he could travel to another country and they would understand his babble. Needless to say he returned dejected. He was embroiled in controversy from allegations of sexual misconduct, financial irregularities etc. Hardly a role model to follow. But he is the father of Pentecostals and this is who paved the path for future followers. Ask a Pentecostal if there is something their pastor says they don't agree with? Most or all will say no. A pastors word in these churches is infallible. Question or disagree with Anything and you are isolated at best and excommunicated at worst.
JP M (2 years ago)
Harold faltermayer? Lol
Jack Class (2 years ago)
robert i believe in spiritual gifts, but i have 1 question how is tongues for everyone when 1 corinthians 12:27-30 says not all people will speak, or interpret, or be prophets, etc. and 1 corinthians 12:4-11 the spirit of God distributes as he wills to each individual. So some will speak a tongue some will interpret, some will have prophecies, another discerning of spirits, to another supernatural faith, etc. Not all will have the same gift i believe your in error here. How then do we reconcile your premise that all will speak in tongues when scripture says the spirit controls the distribution of gifts as he wills? ps tongues is the least of the gifts in the church 1 corinthians 12:28 and paul himself said desire prophecy over tongues unless you can also interpret. God bless
Francis Barca (2 years ago)
I think if you examine the references to speaking and or praying in tongues as found in The New Testament you will discover that the praying is different from the Gift that is spoken out during an Assembly or service. The manifestation of Speaking out loud in an unknown Angelic or human language should be followed by the interpretation (not necessarily a literal translation) given by the one who gave the utterance or by another who is gifted to interpret. Praying praising singing and worshipping in tongues is available to all privately and congregationally, and is very beautiful and edifying. Yes it is abused and even counterfeitered and that's sad. More sad is the way this charism is so vilified and misunderstood. The outpouring of The Holy Spirit and the enduement of gifts did not cease when John the Apostle died, and nowhere in scripture does it say that the Bible came to be by means of these gifts. The nine gifts in Corinthians are not the only ones by the way. See if you can discover them.
Francis Barca (2 years ago)
I think if you examine the references to speaking and or praying in tongues as found in The New Testament you will discover that the praying is different from the Gift that is spoken out during an Assembly or service. The manifestation of Speaking out loud in an unknown Angelic or human language should be followed by the interpretation (not necessarily a literal translation) given by the one who gave the utterance or by another who is gifted to interpret. Praying praising singing and worshipping in tongues is available to all privately and congregationally, and is very beautiful and edifying. Yes it is abused and even counterfeitered and that's sad. More sad is the way this charism is so vilified and misunderstood. The outpouring of The Holy Spirit and the enduement of gifts did not cease when John the Apostle died, and nowhere in scripture does it say that the Bible came to be by means of these gifts. The nine gifts in Corinthians are not the only ones by the way. See if you can discover them.
RedEyeOfJupiter 2121 (2 years ago)
Stop it. Please Just Quit it. Deep Down You Know that You are FAKING "IT" No way that THAT JibberJabbinJibberish is "Something Holy"
Stephanie Suazo (2 years ago)
I don't know but I was 8 years old. I went forward at an alter call. the speaker that day said if you want to receive the gift of tounges come. so I went! 😂 i closed my eyes and said God I'm not leaving till he prays on me! so I heard him there, n here
Stephanie Suazo (2 years ago)
and her n over there. but finally, he was in front of me. He said something like, God bless this child, may she receive now in Jesus name, n FIRE welled up in my belly rumbledo up to my mouth n out came my prayer language. yes I experienced the devil telling I couldn't do it again! but the precious God we serve continues to call. I found it again and I'm gonna use it! pray for me!
MrFraterManifesto (2 years ago)
Human beings are not born fully conscious (aware). Consciousness is something that develops - and never stops developing - over the courses of our life spans. As such, I think that, as children, we are more instinctual because we are less conscious. I also think that our instincts are our most reliable sources of guidance as they are the very basis of our survival. The details don't really matter, so to make a long story short: I was raised a devout Catholic. When I was 12 years old, I attended a Pentecostal church service by myself (long story). At one point during the service, people started wandering freely inside the church most of whom were 'speaking in tongues.' It was my first experience with any non - Catholic Christian church and I had no idea of what 'tongues' even were. All I remember is that, as a 12 year old child seeing and hearing people 'speaking in tongues' for the first time, my initial impression - my first instinct - was that they were creepy and evil. And, I really don't think that the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit desire to be perceived as creepy, or evil by anyone. Additionally, Jesus taught us precisely how to pray in the Gospels: "But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do [which 'tongues' sound like]: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him. After this manner therefore pray ye: [the "Lord's Prayer"] Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name." etc... (Matthew 6:7 - 13) I understand the controversy over 'speaking in tongues' and other types of charismatic worship and even their validity. However, I also perceive the entire spirit world as real and most people have no idea, whatsoever, of what they're dealing with when they involve themselves in it, be it Christian, occult, or otherwise. As such, I think that a great deal of caution needs to be exercised when addressing God, especially, when one has no idea of what is coming out of one's mouth.

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