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101 Facts About Canada

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The land of hockey, maple syrup, bloody nice people and a whole host of fairly accurate stereotypes, this is 101 Facts About Canada! Subscribe to 101 Facts Here: http://bit.ly/1MtNBJD Follow 101 Facts on Twitter: https://twitter.com/101Facts1
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101Facts (1 year ago)
Learn everything worth knowing about the friendliest country in North America! ;)
paul thomas (12 days ago)
friendly my ass. canadians are very sarcastic and snide.
Thanny Moliki (12 days ago)
All this is the best Canada video
Pam Sudsbear (16 days ago)
101Facts Do you know WHY we celebrate Thanksgiving in October? It’s because we have an earlier harvest. *The More You Know* lol
paul thomas (26 days ago)
fuck you canada
Petra Piehl (13 hours ago)
I'm from Vernon is the Okanagan, and he butchered the pronunciation of 'Okanagan' soooo bad
Petra Piehl (13 hours ago)
Did he just say "Justin Trudeau is also the first PRESIDENT who was actually born in the capitol of Ottowa"
Blazer1525 Mine (21 hours ago)
you said poutine wrong sorry i had to lol i'm Canadian
All Things Online (1 day ago)
Also it’s actually pronounced “may-tee”
Gamer Chris (1 day ago)
At 2:23 i swear I saw Donald trump
imso fabulous434 (1 day ago)
Jason Jali (1 day ago)
Fact: Canada has NEVER lost a war.
Random Andrew (2 days ago)
Fact #49.. Stoners rejoice.. it actually went through, Recreational weed is legal in Canada now. Maybe 101Facts can do a 101 crazy things canadians did when cannabis became legal...
Amanda Andrews (2 days ago)
And maybe some people can send me and my son and partner some things from whatever country u are from .😍
Cindy Hua (2 days ago)
We do not say aboot buddy. Thats another fact to add to your list.
Jael Corpuzz (3 days ago)
narrator sounds like the youtuber StampyLongNose idk if its StampyLongHead
Waiwai Anela (4 days ago)
(Oct. 17/18) (Please accept my apologies on behalf of all my mostly chill (lol) countrymen for all the cranky Canadians here who hated on you for calling our may-TEA people meh-TISS, or our Prime Minister a President, lol. These uptight hosers could benefit from today's legalization of cannabis! 🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦🍁🇨🇦
YahyaH 82 (4 days ago)
I saw Trump
Zero Resistance (4 days ago)
dude this English job i have,, I've decided i will move to Canada once I've gotten a stable education so that i can survive on my own. Holy shit it's amazing how good their country is compared to Sweden, right now i'm practicing France and English, until i can talk both fluently, it might take me 15 more years or so before i become a Canadian citizen, but damn, your video has inspired me and I've checked on a lot more.
Maybe Someone (5 days ago)
I’m Canadian.... I kept thinking, I already know all of this... then I remembered I’m Canadian
Anyone else cringe at the way he pronounced it? Ima Canadian idk why I watched this....I have never seen anyone put milk in bags like boi
King of Spain 578 (5 days ago)
Thanks for the video!
Sarah Helen (5 days ago)
ALSO, people from nova scotia r called blue noses bec of the sailing ship named the bluenose, which was built in nova scotia and has become a canadian icon; it's picture is on our dime!
Sarah Helen (5 days ago)
pronounced "meh-tee" not "meh-tiss" but yeet
Noelle Klassen (5 days ago)
It's LA Françias, not LE françias
Duncan Smallwood (6 days ago)
Learn how to pronounce Metis!
Pat Portran (6 days ago)
I see you made up a few words. We don't pronounce them like that -- you must be a foreigner!
J Sterling (7 days ago)
In fact 21 they called him a president and not a prime minister!
Uncle Eddie (7 days ago)
Trudeau is actually the son of Fidel Castro.
Gracie Gold (7 days ago)
I really hate to correct the Brits(yeah, right) unfortunately, Toronto is now the largest city in Canada. Yup, it is a maddening city to live in because it was not ready to become that. We needed to mooove! Cambridge, Oakville? Who knew everyone would have the sudden but to insert 5000 condos in 1 square mile, ermmm, km, eh , WOT WOT? Traffic sucks. Honestly. Yeah , why am I am watching this. It is pronounced Maaayteees, not Mettis, silly Brits.
Shahzaib Sansi (7 days ago)
https://youtu.be/B0ggg1zyM3s see this its about canada
chris smith (7 days ago)
Mc lobster not in Alberta
"101 Facts About Canada"... more like 101 Incorrect Facts About Canada
Ryan MB (9 days ago)
(None-a-vutt) Nunavut (E-qual-it) Iqualit
Kaito Shion (9 days ago)
head smash buffalo was named after the bison act with jhon a mackdonald how wanted to killes of natives an the bison was there food supplies and the chased the bison off a cliff were there head smashed the bottom
Kaito Shion (9 days ago)
eh not ey
Kaito Shion (9 days ago)
alberta is great you can drive at 14 love being edmontonian
Kaito Shion (9 days ago)
and people in canada call the royal mounted police RCMP
Kaito Shion (9 days ago)
it is (mai-tis)not(me-tez)
conrad severin (9 days ago)
101 facts about Scandinavia
James Allen (10 days ago)
Calvin Limuel (10 days ago)
Hey!!! We Indonesians have got big..... cucumbers and aubergines..
Mark Lumley (10 days ago)
A white guy bagging on a bunch of Canadians saying aboot instead of about, not racist at all just funny. People need to learn to laugh when other countries laugh at their accents because it's just funny. People are so worried about racism where it isn't even there, lighten up.
RamoPlays (10 days ago)
I cant go to canada :C
Luci Swaffield (10 days ago)
In the ten years I have lived here, I have NEVER heard someone say aboot so STOP SAYING IT!
0:01 uhh your seriosly im tired Usa UK they friends big countrys: 1 Russian 2 Canada 3 USA 4 China 5 Brazil 6 Australia 7 Iran 8 Mongolia 9 Argentina 10 Alska (USA) 11 USSR (break forever) 12 RFSR (break too like a ussr)
BEN NILSSON (12 days ago)
Before I came here, my opinion by Canada was clear: It's a godless country with almost no believers in JESUS CHRIST and therefore also with no blessings at all. This sounds are warning signals to seek God and believe in His Son Jesus Christ! Because of you zombies in the world, doesn't get close to hear Him, God send this unexplainable things, around the world to show JESUS is in the power! Not your rotten gods! Turn to God, you too. I'm almost "scared" how the swedes and canadian making their own god; themselves. But remember, you will always be on the loosing side without Jesus! MARANATAH! /Ben, Sweden
Asher (12 days ago)
“Métis” is pronounced may-tee
Amethyst cloud (12 days ago)
“Noonavoot” wat? I thought it was Nunavut!
Canadianbacon 55 (12 days ago)
O' Canada!
mi mi (12 days ago)
Everyone is triggered by how he pronounced Metis,.. I always said it like that tho xD (I'm pretty sure he said it in french)
Vivian Vandella (12 days ago)
Really Lame sarcasm
GiuGiu On That Beat (12 days ago)
Next: Top 20 Reasons to Leave Canada
Del Sa (13 days ago)
milk in bags 50% of university graduated citizen, hum....
PO (13 days ago)
You Can keep youre Français(France) to youreself. We speak the real one here. not kidding. not using Englisism in ours dictionary. but do add alot of slang that only we understand. ;)
k spence (7 days ago)
Here is a fact for all of you ....CANADA belongs to first nations people . I know i know the truth hurts if you are not first nations ,you are not Canadian it does not make a difference when you're great great grandparents got off the boat
Well the natives didn’t build Canada, they just lived there, those great great grandparents of yours they where the ones who established a government and everything. The white Canadian man can’t be a native of Canada but still technically be Canadian Plus Canadian citizenship exists
Nonester J (13 days ago)
This is such an inaccurate portrayal. Lots of pronunciation mistakes are made and many facts are incorrect or missing. Not everywhere is freezing cold and there is no such thing as Victoria Island. We’re proud of our world class ski resorts where we like to wear toques, and we have amazing dinosaur digs. Get your facts straight before posting such drivel in a pouffy sounding accent. Sorry.
Shepard (14 days ago)
We use jugs, bags and cartons for our milk here in NovaScotia.
Samantha Monaghan (14 days ago)
Hey sorry about some of the negative eh, some people are being hoser eh. ;)
Samantha Monaghan (14 days ago)
UbiFail (14 days ago)
Alert is a base
Brown Diamond (14 days ago)
Ahim puppet (14 days ago)
I wish someone can bring me to canada...😌
I wish I was from Canada
Kaspar Jöhnk (14 days ago)
27:24 Dude. The german guy's face's painted wrong...
Kaspar Jöhnk (14 days ago)
Dude. You're stealing the city names from UK. York -> New York? I mean c'mon that's not very creative. Is it?
Sunay Muxtarov (14 days ago)
I love Canada and i want to visit❤ from Azerbaijan🇦🇿
FoxBatinaHat (15 days ago)
4:20 (fact) There was a commonly used sign-language known in central all the way to coastal Canada, that was used to communicate (mostly for trade) between different indigenous language groups. Communicating between indigenous communities was actually quite easy. This sign-language slowly eroded and was lost with the introduction of english as a common trade language.
Eunica 170 (15 days ago)
We’re the *LaKe LoRd* lol😂
Gowtham Muthusamy (15 days ago)
Canada is love 😊
Gowtham Muthusamy (15 days ago)
Canada is the most beautiful country in the world.
Pam Sudsbear (16 days ago)
The Bluenose, was not only a FORMER nickname for the people of Nova Scotia, (they are no longer called that) but was also a type of fishing & racing boat, called a Schooner. It was the fastest racing ship in Canada, built in Lunenburg Nova Scoria in the 1920’s. (1921 to be exact) It only ever lost one race in 17 years of racing. It’s a part of Canadian history, & is on the back of our Canadian dime, as well as stamps, & it’s even mentioned in a song! It sank in the 1940’s, & they built a replica because it was such an important part of Canadian history. It still tours around Nova Scotia ports, as well as occasionally other Maritime province ports.
Anita Goodwin (16 days ago)
why Nova scotia are nick name .bluenoser because its name after a famous clipper ship call the blue nose .the clipper in her day was the fastiest clipper ship in the world .
Linda And Johnny (16 days ago)
Ottawa: why won’t you just shut up ME: yeah why won’t you just shut up 🤐
Jazmin Norman (16 days ago)
Wheelie Blind (17 days ago)
York started in the UK lol it was a viking village. Google Translate is so bad they were better off with out it lol.
Moe Salama Ibrahim (17 days ago)
101 puns about Canada.
Gavin Sandberg (17 days ago)
landenthe70s (17 days ago)
you fail pronouncing alot lol
Ryan Scherbluk (17 days ago)
You missed a lot of things. Michael J Fox Nathan Fillion James Cameron just a few widely known people are Canadian. We have free healthcare strict gun laws as well strict laws at the boarder that keep the country safe. Canada's got one of the lowest crime rates are money is different colours that makes it easy to know what Bill you have by looking at the colour. 5s are blue 10s are purple 20s are green 50s are red 100s are brown and 1000s are pink. Plus there's French and English witch you mention but also Native and Newfie language witch is more of an accent but have fun trying to understand them.
ll Kasper ll (17 days ago)
I was rolling a hash joint while watching this, and when you mentioned #49 I looked at my clock to see it tick from 4:19 to 4:20. Whoa, man. Whoa.
エリック (18 days ago)
Sweaty (18 days ago)
*n o o n a v o o t*
Mr. Chunks (18 days ago)
No offence, But your pronunciation for the provinces, territories and some cities are horrendous, sorry. And there are a bunch of facts that you left out, like the fact that, Canada is the country that mines the most diamonds and oil.
Altra_1 (18 days ago)
Why am I watching this. I’m Canadian. I know all of this.
Ottoman Empire (18 days ago)
It's pronounced "May-Tea"
TR VLOGS (18 days ago)
I live in surrey
glenda harris (19 days ago)
The word is pronounce .May tee.
Moto Adventurer (19 days ago)
your hilarious
Emma Loves bts (20 days ago)
I’m Canadian why am I watching this?
Spoopy Nerd (20 days ago)
The RCMP only wear the red seurge uniform on special occasions like Rememberence day. Otherwise they're in proper uniform.
Spoopy Nerd (20 days ago)
M'etis is pronounced like mattie. It's the French Indiginous people of Manitoba.
Alex Chittenden (21 days ago)
Canadians don't say aboot!
Mitch Brown (21 days ago)
We don't have a president. We have a prime minister. Sorry...
spice11877 (22 days ago)
these facts are wrong
spice11877 (22 days ago)
metis is pronounced may T not meh tis
Bern McNicholl (23 days ago)
Those coins are not Canadian coins, they are American. It is pronounced Mate-tee not Mat-tis. You contradicted yourself as Metis being an original indigenous poplutions when in fact they are a mixture of indigenous and Europeans.
Josee Anne Joly (23 days ago)
The apology act is probably the funniest thing about Canada :D
NesaFashion Channel (23 days ago)
William Peryouar (24 days ago)
Apartheid is legal in Canada
William Peryouar (24 days ago)
I think you forget to add the extinction of Aboriginal people. And placing them to internment camps camps called reservations and telling us to stay away. Residential schools is another.
107cadman107cw (24 days ago)
It is pronounced may-tee not matiss.
Wendy Rempel (25 days ago)
Our RCMP (police) don't where their fancy red suits (called serge) all the time anymore, they're reserved for ceremonial purposes as they're impractacle and (as I've heard) the boots are very uncomfortable.
Wendy Rempel (25 days ago)
The metis native group is pronounced may-tee, emphasis on last syllable. Just fyi.

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