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PUSH ON HIGH GROUND DEFENSE | Men of War: Assault Squad 2 Gameplay Mission

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Text Comments (40)
Alex Lightbody (6 months ago)
I have an AT gun at my house
Yote (1 year ago)
everytime i do a work shop mission all my characters are blue how to fix it
ender master (1 year ago)
the mg 42 shoots a 7.92×57mm
Ron Sanford (1 year ago)
Leut (1 year ago)
Supergamer 2.0 (1 year ago)
I love you vids rap otro and I hope you make more of these beacuse there very funny and very fun to watch. Keep up the good work 😊
Ats Antonio (1 year ago)
Desert Cow (1 year ago)
Moar like this
demonofgames (1 year ago)
Sweet video look forward to more😋
Justin (1 year ago)
7.92x57mm mauser
Troels Vendelbo (1 year ago)
If you want any info on the MG 42 just ask :) I use it frequently... It is 7,62 (1200 rpm) in reality it is more like 1000 rpm now due to wear... :)
Rudolph Hess88 (9 months ago)
I believe you may be mistaken, the round used for the MG34 and MG42 was a 7.92x57mm also known as the 8mm Mauser
beth Ridenour (1 year ago)
InFiHax (1 year ago)
Good to see this back on the channel. Recently seems to be mostly fucking farms or trucks.
xxAK47KIA xx (1 year ago)
7.92 insanity of the rate of fire. Impeccable German craftsmanship
Zion Mainer (1 year ago)
Is world war 3 coming back
Missouri patriot (1 year ago)
j think borrowng two of the RUSISNAS armor tranport woudl of helped u
demonofgames (1 year ago)
Sweet video keep it up!
1992tallguy (1 year ago)
starkiler13 (1 year ago)
High ground
John Johnson (1 year ago)
Raptor idk if you have heard but WW2 online battground Europe check it out if u havnt if u have my bad
Christian Kietzmann (1 year ago)
TRAKTOR MOTOR321 (1 year ago)
Panfilov's 28 😀
TRAKTOR MOTOR321 (1 year ago)
BisWT RandomShit nice bro
TRAKTOR MOTOR321 (1 year ago)
BisWT RandomShit yeeeaaah
BisWT RandomShit (1 year ago)
Good Movie,Great Heroes
Victor Johansen (1 year ago)
Hi Raptor I'm glad that you are playing men of war again o7 👍👍
ZeroHeros8 (1 year ago)
you managed to put the mods this time well done
ZeroHeros8 (1 year ago)
also keep up the good work
Aaron Butler (1 year ago)
7.92mm x 57mm!
Aaron Butler (1 year ago)
Overall yes though there are many variations, I looked into it, you simply type is 8mm mauser the same as 7.92x57. I was not aware of this so cheers for telling me! I do prefer 7.92 by 57, personally.
Jyral Nadreth (1 year ago)
Intimidating Biscuit also known as 8mm Mauser if I am not mistaken...but yeah 7.92mm
Aaron Butler (1 year ago)
phoenix the wolf (1 year ago)
Minh Bui (1 year ago)
Aaron Butler (1 year ago)
Your cousin changed your name, he must be put to the sword.
Aaron Butler (1 year ago)
Well if the President of Russia comes to tell him that it must be important
Aaron Butler (1 year ago)
You were second
Rouge Playz (1 year ago)

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