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Travel Hawaii on a Budget - Accommodation, Transportation, Food, Attractions

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Traveling to Hawaii can be pricey. Although worth the trip out to the Hawaiian Islands, it is always nice to travel Hawaii on a budget. In this video I offer some advice on how to get around the island and see attractions that don't cost much money. Please feel free to ask any questions about traveling to Hawaii and I will do my best to respond.
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Kameleon Kreations (2 months ago)
what are the best and cheapest luau's in Honolulu. were going in may
Shelley Lawrence (3 months ago)
you NEED a little enthusiasm. also. most people just one to know about one part eg accommodation. make titles so we dont have to watch the whole video. time is money
Sam Ghannam (5 months ago)
Hey Jeff, Enjoyed your topics and all the insights.
The Race Analyst, PHD (6 months ago)
good info...tx
bimboblacky (7 months ago)
3 x 5 x 12 = $ 180 !!!
Guerrilla Library (7 months ago)
Later in 2019, I'm planning a trip to Australia for the first time. I'm seriously considering a 3-4 side trip to Hawaii on the way back. It's easy for me to get a multiple destination tickets. I got this crazy life goal to visit or go through all 50 states. Since it's geographically on the way back, I want to check it out. 3 or 4 nights is not really going to put me in the poorhouse, but I know what you mean about hidden resort fees.  Miami & Fort Lauderdale are notorious for resort fees.  I'm a cheapass anyway, good about getting a modest amount of groceries for the mini fridge.
Matt Kon (1 year ago)
Hi Jeff. Thanks for your awesome Hawaii videos. Have you had any experiences with Molokai and what it's like there? Mahalo!
Bree (1 year ago)
I really enjoy your videos. They are very informative. Thank you for making them. What beaches would you recommend for snorkeling and sup yoga, preferably on the Big Island? Thank you in advance!
Bree (1 year ago)
Island Hopper TV thank you very much!
Island Hopper TV (1 year ago)
Kona pier is good also
Island Hopper TV (1 year ago)
Breigh In Wonderland Mauna Kea beach or Haupuna beach
Justin Hogan (1 year ago)
As a visitor to HI, is there any item that can be brought to HI that the locals would appreciate getting/receiving. I am thinking about some item that may be expensive to get there or in short supply. Thank you for the video's.
Chris F (1 year ago)
the bus on oahu is so crowded, stinks, and ive had issues with the people on it, i would NOT recommend it to tourists coming there. at the most i would only use it for getting around waikikiki/ala moana and MAYBE airport if you cant afford the 15 dollar shuttles. go for the shuttles.
Stonewall Jackson (1 year ago)
any info on the guy you rented a vehicle from? thank you
biscuitsleo (1 year ago)
Can u visit and swim in the hotel pools if ur not staying there
Matt Moore (2 years ago)
really helpful vids man!!!
Matt Moore (2 years ago)
Thinking of doing a senior trip to the big island
antonyarnanova (2 years ago)
Your tips have been really helpful- where flyin to Hawaii from New Zealand next Tuesday!
John T (1 year ago)
antonyarnanova how was your vacation?
Victoria Islands (2 years ago)
Air bnb or make friends! That's what I did :)
WorldRadio559 (2 years ago)
Hey Jeff, I want to thank you for taking the time to make these videos. We spent a week on the Big Island (just got back; loved it) and it helped having the knowledge from your videos (I watched several of your vids before we went). Mahalo for the videos and your info. Aloha from Northern Cali.
Rick R (2 years ago)
places to eat that i wont find on the mainland
Chris Ford (2 years ago)
Awesome info - thinking of moving south of Hilo with my wife. Love the info and straightforward attitude!
Kent Custer (2 years ago)
I started staying in condos
ChiaraGio (2 years ago)
Hi Jeff! I found some rooms on craiglist, they look pretty nice and they cost around 800$ a month. If I will get the job that I am applying to I am thinking about renting a room for the trial period, I also checked Airbnb.com. Do you think it could work? And do you know some other websites/agencies where I can find temporary locations? Thank you! Chiara
ChiaraGio (2 years ago)
thank you!
Island Hopper TV (2 years ago)
The two you mentioned are the ones I know about. I think VRBO is popular also. I have also used other apps like Hotpads, Zillow and Trulia to look for rentals. Craigslist is probably most popular.
Pizza Pizza (2 years ago)
Jeff, what camera are you using?
biscuitsleo (1 year ago)
What are the best things to see in Maui also best snorkeling spots first time visiting in a month
Pizza Pizza (2 years ago)
JJ CROOKS thanks! (You're up late!)
Island Hopper TV (2 years ago)
Major Mike it's an iPhone 7
William T. Kerr (2 years ago)
Thanks for the info.

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