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Staten Island Ferry HD 60fps: Round Trip Ride Between South Ferry & Saint George 6/7/16

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I suggest turning the volume down since there is not much I can do about the wind exposure with my current recording equipment. Otherwise, enjoy the ride and the scenery. Inbound to South Ferry, Manhattan first, followed by the outbound to Saint George, Staten Island.
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joseph dunn (10 months ago)
Thanks for the video it was fantastic. I totally enjoyed it.
realmadrid2012ful (1 year ago)
What time was it??
What a wonderful is New York, my God!
Nineafly (1 year ago)
When you're on the front of the boat, ya' gotta love that rattling of the deck and the water splashing.
Rony Lubin (2 years ago)
What's the name of that suspension bridge at 3:42?
Fan Railer (2 years ago)
Robert James Jr (2 years ago)
Amazing video, I love it how Manhattan gets bigger when it comes close, I used to live in NY now in Nashville and I miss it, soon as visit NYC, the ferry will be on my list.
Elijah Johnson (2 years ago)
Can you do a round trip of Statan Island Railway?
Kai Foti (2 years ago)
Elijah Johnson there are some clips of it
Fan Railer (2 years ago)
BVERailer (2 years ago)
Are you gonna ride the SIR?
Kai Foti (2 years ago)
BVERailer he did

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