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Praying in the Spirit aka speaking in Tongues

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Praying in Tongues is a sign to the unbelievers. 1 Cor 14:21-22 Don't interrupt church w/it unless you have an interpreter. 1 Cor 14:27-28 Know that many people think that it is an earthly language, but it is a Heavenly Language that some may HEAR in THEIR language. Acts 2:4-8 Don't let anyone convince you that it is not for today! Praying in the Spirit is a humbling experience because you are trusting the Holy Spirit to add meaning to the utterance. I encourage you to pray all the time! Praying in a whisper all day! It is a GIFT from the Almighty!! Hallelujah!! Do not hide it! Don't take it for granted! Congratulations! I pray you are bold for Christ, in Jesus' name, Amen! This is the site that I read the night the Lord gave me utterance. http://achristiancounselor.com/tongues.html SPEAK IN TONGUES by Dr. Hobart Freeman 24/7 Prayer Room: http://www.ihopkc.org/prayerroom/ The name of the app for 24/7 prayer/worship: IHOPKC #1 Get Saved (ask Jesus into your heart) Romans 10:9-10 #2 Get Water Baptized #3 Get Baptized in the Holy Spirit... & receive the evidence of speaking in tongues according to Acts (example: "Father, on the authority of your promise, I ask for, & by faith receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit--in Jesus' Name, Amen.") 1 Corinthians 14:21-25 21In the Law it is written, “BY MEN OF STRANGE TONGUES AND BY THE LIPS OF STRANGERS I WILL SPEAK TO THIS PEOPLE, AND EVEN SO THEY WILL NOT LISTEN TO ME,” says the Lord. 22So then tongues are for a sign, not to those who believe but to unbelievers; but prophecy is for a sign, not to unbelievers but to those who believe. 23Therefore if the whole church assembles together and all speak in tongues, and ungifted men or unbelievers enter, will they not say that you are mad? 24But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an ungifted man enters, he is convicted by all, he is called to account by all; 25the secrets of his heart are disclosed; and so he will fall on his face and worship God, declaring that God is certainly among you. --- 4 Types of Speaking in Tongues --- 1) Tongues as a Sign to Unbelievers (no interpreter) 1 Corinthians 14:22, Acts 2:1-18 - Language is unknown to the speaker but known to the hearer 2) Tongues for Personal Prayer Language (private use) 1 Corinthians 14:4 - Language is unknown to the speaker and unknown to the hearer, but the speaker can pray for private interpretation 1 Corinthians 14:13-15. Edifies the speaker's spirit without interpretation. With private interpretation this gift also edifies one's understanding. 3) Ministerial Tongues (with Interpretation, public use) 1 Corinthians 14:5 - Language is unknown to the Speaker and Unknown to the hearer, but interpretation is given to the speaker or another standing by so that all that hear (understand) and be edified. 4) Tongues for Deep Intercessional groaning that words cannot express Romans 8:26 - Language is unknown to the speaker and unknown to the hearer. When this type of tongues comes upon a person it comes with tremendous power to bring breakthrough or spiritual birthing of things. Galatians 4:19 Mark 16:15-20 15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. 17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; 18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. 19 So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. 20 And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE :D DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT & CLICK ON THE BELL TO GET NOTIFIED OF FUTURE POSTS. Much Love in Christ
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Eugene Campos (2 days ago)
Thank you. I love you too in Jesus Christ. Amen!
CANDYSOULonline (3 days ago)
BEAUTIFUL! thank you for sharing! God is good
mr T (4 days ago)
That's a true blessing that you can pray in tounges I really want to talk in tounges
Jennifer (4 days ago)
Thankyou Jesus. Just keep praying and the Holy Spirit will help you.😀🙏🏻
Lilly Tams (4 days ago)
I didn't know what I was going to think of this video, but your love for the Lord is POWERFUL. Your prayer language is beautiful and uplifting the Good Father. Thank you for sharing this :)
Diamond Dragon (4 days ago)
Thx , God bless you , you have inspired me...
Jeff Thomas (4 days ago)
People in our Church pray in tongues while worshiping the Lord. I don't find it distracting, it actually brings much peace, almost as if your drunk. One lady who was speaking in the spiritual realm turned, looked at me and said "it's amazing" what's that? "you have the Holy Spirit wrapped around your head". Later as worshiping quieted down some, the Lord spoke through that woman. To me that was amazing.
Bojel B (5 days ago)
Thank you. God bless you
Desiree Cano (5 days ago)
My 4 year old and I just listened to you and prayed with you during this... he said, “Mama, she’s a really good prayer!” With a big old SMiLE. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord and boldness to post this. What a blessing.
Erina Forney (7 days ago)
Please pray for me and my husband we have been seeking to be baptized in the Holy Spirit with gift of tongues please 🙏
Marisol P. (7 days ago)
I need prayer for Steve and Marisol... The Lord sent me him, he just got born again two weeks ago and a gay man is trying to take him away from me. Please help me pray for him and my relationship the devil is trying to steal him away from me.
Amanda coons (7 days ago)
I prayed in tongues with you...Thank you for this beautiful video...May God bless you Always...
debumaiya (8 days ago)
I came across this video over a year ago. It did help me overcome a period of darkness, sadness, extreme poverty and lonliness that was happening to me at that time. I met somebody two months ago and she has helped me strengthen my relationship with the lord. That is when I decided to go to her church. She's one of my employees and a dear friend.
circuswannabe (8 days ago)
To speak in tongues do you have to be baptized in water?
Gabrielle Samuelson (4 days ago)
No. Baptism by the Holy Spirit is all you need. Baptism with water is a sign to other Christians that you have accepted Jesus Christ into your heart. John the Baptist said, "I baptize you with water, but he (Jesus) will baptize you with the Holy Spirit." -Mark 1:8
TEA has been Spilled. (7 days ago)
circuswannabe to speak in tongues you have to have the Holy Ghost when you have the Holy Ghost you do speak in tongues. when you get bathtized in the name of Jesus he makes a promise to you that you will receive the Holy Ghost But yet again there are some people who have the Holy Ghost who speak in tongues who weren’t baptized so to answer your question No you don’t have to be baptized but you do need the Holy Ghost in order to speak in tongues but for me I did both so I do recommend it.
Debra Via (7 days ago)
No you do not if the Lord gives you this gift ,baptism with water shows your been cleansed renewed so it is good to get baptized
Anzoo sun (8 days ago)
Toby Pendergrass (8 days ago)
Very encouraging
sunny singh (9 days ago)
Praise the G🌎D
James Hodges (10 days ago)
God's love is scary haha I started praying in tongues with her and was surrounded by the spirit. Amen and hallelujah
Tsungai Nyamudeza (10 days ago)
Maybelle Ibarra (12 days ago)
Been to church today and blessed to meet and hear a sister speaking in tongues. Then it brings me here in your channel. Godbless you.
Gavin Tsuda (14 days ago)
I found your channel and watched this video so I could understand what the gift was. I asked God for the gift for several months. I kept watching this video and one other video. One day while praying alone at home I received the gift. The baptism of the Holy Spirit has transformed my life and many lives around me. My life is forever changed, and the Holy Spirit has unlocked many other gifts that I didn't realize I had. God bless you for the gift that you are to so many believers.
god563616 (10 days ago)
Yes hallelujah!!congratulations!! I've been speaking it done 2006. Glory to his name Amen!
Jacob Christ (14 days ago)
I pray that one day I can memorize scripture like that
Queen Hamilton (6 days ago)
Ilove JesusChrist (15 days ago)
I just found your YouTube channel and I'm excited to listen to you pray and to pray along with you and in spirit speaking in tongues and praying in the spirit is such a blessing and such a gift that God has given his children I'm glad that I have met you through YouTube God bless you I'm glad to serve the Lord with you
Robert Cox (15 days ago)
Amen sister
Servant of Jesús (16 days ago)
Please Pray that I may Speak in Tongues, God Bless You Sister❤️
Drew ॐ (13 days ago)
open your mouth and start saying lalalalala with your tongue moving up and down and then it will start to come. :)
Khalil Abbas (16 days ago)
Jaap Jacobsen (17 days ago)
YouTube translates your speaking in tongues. Dear sister in Christ I'm so jealous. I want to be baptised, but don't know who, bcs I go to church in a reformed Catholic church. Can I speak in tongues without baptism in Jesus Christ?
Don Miller (13 days ago)
Jaap, have you taken the sinners prayer
Ephesians 6Ten18 (14 days ago)
Jaap Jacobsen Hi. Yes you can but you still need to get baptized. Acts 10:44-48 is the answer to your question. God bless you and stay away from the Roman Catholic idol worshipping cult
Anbu arasi (17 days ago)
Teach me to speak in tongues sister
Kalli Smith (11 days ago)
It can't be taught. That's why it's called a gift.
Stefania Mirri (11 days ago)
you dont go to school to learn this, this comes out from your mouth, directly by the HOly SPirit!
Angie (15 days ago)
Anbu arasi only the Holy Spirit can!! I pray that you’ll soon receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit
sam fisher (17 days ago)
Please pray for me I want the gift of the Holy Spirit too.
sam fisher (12 days ago)
Solomon Gilmore you mean water baptism ?
Solomon Gilmore (13 days ago)
sam fisher amen have you been baptised in the name of Jesus christ
Bonita Mac (18 days ago)
I prayed the prayer of salvation alone in the bathroom kneeling at a lowly earthly throne yet spiritually I was also before the Throne of God Almighty! I also spent many nights afterwards in the bathroom, the only place a young mother could be alone, seeking for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
HayHayGaming2007 (18 days ago)
I love God
Stefderella (18 days ago)
Thank you! I was inspired by your sharing this video and i read that article you shared, too! I believed and recieved♡♡♡. People from "Last Reformation" went through baptisms with me ♡. What is that 24hr prayer line you mentioned? ♡♡♡♡ Thank you for watering the seed in me through this video♡. Thank you for being a vessel for Him♡♡♡. God Bless you and your family always♡♡♡!
SabrisWorld S (16 days ago)
Stefderella me too❤️🙌🏻
Jazze. B (18 days ago)
Thank you. I was praying that I was not,mocking tongues but it sound similar to,yours! Praise God
patrick fernandez (19 days ago)
Praise God
Lydia Rios (20 days ago)
Wow I cried hearing you! You are on fire 🔥 and it’s real! You are speaking in the spirit, I hear it! My heart cried watching you! You are anointing people and myself through this video! Wow amen Thank you lord for this woman because I felt her.... I felt you Lord through your daughter in Christ amen
Tamara Jones (21 days ago)
Thank you! Prayed with you the whole time!! Bless you sister! See you in heaven!
Also word of advice speak in tongues 24/7 make it your first language because nothing who go wrong when you speak in tongues even if it's something you have to do silently to yourself as if your Whispering or talking to yourself do so you will see a increase in blessing you will notice the things that you do are much easier without much of a hesitation or being of a obstacle and you will be able to get much more done. It really helps and works out for the workplace as well. Just remember to speak in English when talking to customers if you work in retail Fast Food Industries such as being a cashier or anything that has to deal with customer service but as they walk away whisper in tongues blessings over them for a would do well for them as well as do well for you and you would be doing the work of God by doing stuff like that. I do hope truly that this word of advice helps. Do ignore my Channel's name I'm about to change it when not able to. Matter fact I will try to change it now hopefully it will let me.
You let it come from spirit never from thought the way of world can't effect it miricals happen it works. But as there is Good Times there is bad tongues just depends on what you speaking and for what power / deity. I truly hope that helps y'all and y'all have a God blessed day.
Coolivoxy (23 days ago)
That was beautiful, the way you spoke to the Lord was so amazing, and I mean your voice was beautiful, keep up all of this amazing work.. God Bless You!
Marius Tom (23 days ago)
A prayer for me too! God bless you!
LiveLife Cupido (27 days ago)
A month ago I prayed to speak in tongues. A few minutes later my prayer was answered and I prayed in tongues. It was so fast, I was gasping for breath. It was the most amazing experience. I haven't been able to speak in GOD'S heavenly language again. Please pray for me. I pray daily for I know GOD does not give you a gift and take it away. Thank you. SHALOM
R Beast (13 days ago)
All you need to do is while praying ask the lord to totally fill you with the holy spirt so you may speak his language. After that it will just come out of you.
Ellen Wijoyo (28 days ago)
Hello, I just watched yor video. Few weeks ago an aunty taught me to pray in holy spirit and tounge. And I started practice by my own. But I dont know excatly is this a tounge language from Holy spirit? Because I try to practice to pray it 30 every morning and night. But sometimes my thought are somewhere else like i dont have any concentration because i dont understand the meaning and sometimes i cant feel Lods presence through the prayer. Hopefully you can share yours or if u have any suggestion for me ...thx u
tayah 24savage (23 days ago)
You can't practice.the holy Spirit choses you.it comes naturally and you just need to praise and worship him✝✝✝😊💕
TabletWarrior (27 days ago)
You can't learn it. You need to ask the Holy Spirit to give you, long for it and be baptized in the Holy Spirit. it will automatically come out of your mouth when you are filled with His holy presence without you thinking on what u should say next or anything by controlling it
Colby Landman (28 days ago)
In Jesus mighty name!!! Amen I’ve just experienced speaking in tongues for the first time today!!
epiphany 1.618 (28 days ago)
Bless you sista
Garden Joy (29 days ago)
Your prayer language sounds mostly like a Latin-based language. Possibly with some influences of the Slavic language groups. Though I never heard anybody speak so fast. Fascinating though.
Levi Mowrer (14 days ago)
Garden Joy definitely shows signs of the Latin language, at a pace rarely heard though.
Josh Head (1 month ago)
Thank you for your help I'm 11 when I was giftid by reading in tongues I'm still at the age
Zahir Khan (24 days ago)
JJ Davinci (1 month ago)
All the Glory be to God
Kyle Durack (1 month ago)
God bless you
강동희 (1 month ago)
Myles Morena (1 month ago)
God bless you woman of God
vimal prasad (1 month ago)
Thank you sister.. How to speak
I am 21 and have just had the same experience speaking in tongues through the power and faith in the LORD Jesus Christ. Blessed is the LORD God almighty such a wonderful gift if you’re reading this God bless you and give you wisdom in Jesus name amen if you agree say amen out loud ♥️
jill william (1 month ago)
Hello, thanks for much for your video and most for the link shared. I learned a lot and hope that i will receive the baptism soon. Be blessed
Edward Roman (1 month ago)
Hello, God Bless. I've watched some of your videos. I got to a video here on YouTube titled "Speaking in tongues Exposed!" and now I'm starting to get confused and worried that I'd be fooling myself, I kind of need help understanding as well as possible. 1 Corinthians 14:1-2 is what I feel like I was doing and what was going on, and I'm only keeping it for myself instead of showing off by the way. I understand that there's the difference between praying in Spirit and Speaking in tongues and I'm believe that what I'm doing is praying in Spirit. I'm the child of God and I don't want to be deceived, neither would I mean to doubt God. I have understood that praying in tongues is given after being baptized by the Holy Spirit and that being baptized by the Holy Spirit is starting to pray tongues without even knowing what you're doing but letting God take control of your tongues and the Spirit speaks for you. That's what I believe I'm doing, see where I'm coming from? I felt something amazing when I started praying in tongues and I believe it's the Spirit. And kind of because of it I haven't done what I've been addicted to (which I prefer not to say) for a week and I hope in God that I keep it that way. I hope I'm not the only one. I'll appreciate your help and prayers.
Strong heart (13 days ago)
Don't listen to those who exposed speaking in tongues and calling it not of God. Because those are nontrustworthy videos those are blaspheming God and His Holy Spirit many people just misunderstand this gift and some are misinformed search the scriptures and trust no one because people are fallible they can make mistakes or say wrong things because they are just humans but search the word of God and what it says because only God's words is reliable.
Edward Roman (25 days ago)
+Deedz Productionz  Sorry for the late reply, I don't know how I didn't receive that notification. Well, I kind of have a little problem knowing how to explain it but I'll try. I prayed and kind of asked for it, I did as I saw on YouTube about being Baptized by the Spirit and start praying in Spirit, I started by singing praises to the Lord the ending up saying stuff like a baby. I started feeling filled and just continued.
Deedz Productionz (1 month ago)
when you spoke in tongues how did it happen
Rod Bowles (1 month ago)
So beautiful .as you were speaking in tongues God confirmed the truth of tongues to me and deep in my spirit I even felt the urge to speak it out. What a wonderful gift that I believe that the devil may be able to trick people and give them false babbling but I truly believe the devils can't mimic what I just heard . tongues is a COLLAGE of all known languages and unknown languages( heavenly languages) spoken in one fluent tongue . And each time can be different frequencies of the languages depending how God leads.thank you so much for recording this for us may God richly bless you and your family in Yeshuas name I pray
TC3 Inspirational (1 month ago)
Awesome! God bless!
Stephanny Torres (1 month ago)
I have a curious inquiry for all, I love God very much but will admit that I don’t praise him as often as I should, or pray as often as I should or even how I should. Yet I for some reason fear the day I’ll pray in tongues. Does anyone else relate to being a little scared?
Stephanny Torres (13 days ago)
Brothers and Sisters! I have spoken in tongues blessed be the Almighty! Thank you for your comments and generous advise. Today is my third day and I am SO DELIGHTED! I’m in tears thinking about it now. Now I’m learning to edify my spirit, it was very weak of me to be afraid. Blessings to all ❤️
Vic (28 days ago)
I wouldn't be scared, i would be happy, by the way my boyfriend explained it was that its a beautiful feeling, because your body is only a vessel and you feel the Holy Spirit touch you and your own soul itself. So dont be scared, just strive to be the best you can in God's eye 😁
Myles Morena (1 month ago)
Fear is not our portion child of God. The enemy is making u scared coz he know the power in speaking tongues. We have not been given a Spirit of fear but of sound mind... go on and speak as the Spirit leds u
Nahum Daniel (1 month ago)
Stephanny Torres at first yes but when you actually speak it, you should just trust God within your soul. So don’t be afraid.
Jay Gonzalez (1 month ago)
If I am not mistaken, some of it sounded like Portuguese! I am not 100% sure though but I definitely know you mentioned "spirit" and "church". You might, do not quote me on this, were probably praying for the manifestation of the holy spirit on the body of Christ, A.K.A. the church. Keep seeking him. Deus e bom!!
Jacob Smith (18 days ago)
Jay Gonzalez tongues sounds like every language smashed into one vernacular. However this also sounds like Hindi mixed with Finnish.
Lalaine Garcia (1 month ago)
❤❤❤ poweful prayer...
Katrina Ochoa (1 month ago)
Whoa! Just learned about speaking in tongues today & was blown away. I am doing more research and found this video. My whole body had a tingly feeling the whole time 🙏🏼 God Bless you! Thank you for sharing this. God is Great!
John William (1 month ago)
Please pray for me sister and if my God talks about me please comment here
Ciwi (1 month ago)
Homer Lopez (1 month ago)
I had an explosive break up with a girl i met 6 months ago. Weve had 3 major arguments in the last 2 months. I dont understand why she does hurtful things. I dont understand why i seem to forgive them. I dont know how i ended up with her after having first run into her over 3 years ago. I have never been in such a bad relationship like this one. In the last 2 month thier have been 7 people who have made a reference to the devil while talking about her. Herself included. She took me to a minister and stormed out after 10 minutes while he was giving me a private prayer 20 ft away. She claims to have heard him say the devil may come desguised as a woman. He never said that. She claims to have seen him turn and face her when he said it. Im startin to think im dealing with a demon. I had a dream the first night we were intimate that i was in a field and looked up at the sky and heard a voice say "dont do it". I didnt listen. Now i cant seem to escape. Last night we broke up. I went home and and felt so tired. I woke up with both my feet and legs cramping and waking up gasping for air, as if i stoped breathing on my sleep. When i started to recite the Lord`s prayer i found myself unable to finish. Halfway through i would end up talking gibberish. Had to pray 10 times in order to recite it correctly. I dont remeber what i was saying. I cursed the devil for him trying to confuse me. I felt wickedness around me. This has never happened to me before. I dont knoe what it means.
lozzymagoo (17 days ago)
+Homer Lopez I am in a very similar situation!! I met someone at Church and he really wanted to meet up with me outside of Church. I felt discomfort about it & wanted to say no but I thought no harm could come out of it. We quickly began dating. I remember feeling it was wrong. We also became intimate too. I was at a time in my life where I was feeling vulnerable. It ws also a crucial time becoz I knew God had plans for me. 5 months on and I'm planing my escape. I realise he is a religious Christian & not a spiritual one. Big difference. He has so many issues & I will always do whatever I can for those I care for but my decision to say yes to a date has really cost me. Huge regret. The Holy spirit has given me warnings and dreams. One in particular where I was laying down with a demon. Another where I was drowning & another girl came up out of the water. She was me but sinister looking. The old me, the real me, had disappeared. It was so disturbing. I have been through some really bad stuff but this has been the most disturbing. I recently delivered myself (casting out) at home and something came out. I was shaking & crying. I know this person has a demon. I didn't want to believe it but it's clear. You don't know what people are carrying spiritually even if they are believers in Christ. So much trouble has come my way since being in a relationship with this person. I hide most of it because it's scary. Jesus has been so kind and protective. I am shocked at how he has remained with me through this whole thing even tho I haven't deserved it. I'll be praying for you. Please let her go if you feel something isn't right. It could cost you so much to stay with her. Pray, fast, ask for deliverance prayer. Evangelist Gabriel fernandez prays on YouTube. His prayers have really helped me. Jesus bless you and guide you brother.
Homer Lopez (1 month ago)
+Princess - Child of the Most High God dear sister, thank you very much for having the patience to read and reply to my story. I will take your advice to heart and pray even harder for the lord to guide me out of this disgusting situation I have put myself in. May God bless you for your compassion, belief, patience and prayers.
I am so very sorry to hear what you are going through. Since you are asking, I will share my personal opinion as a Christian woman. The first things that come to mind are the words girlfriend & intimate... STDs Most people think of sexually transmitted diseases when they see those letters. As a Christian, I think of Sexually Transmitted Demons; which is far scarier than any disease! Being intimate with someone outside of marriage opens the door wide open for the enemy & creates a stronghold in the demonic realm to come right on into your life & set up camp. I understand you are operating in the flesh, but resisting intimacy & asking forgiveness for your actions would be my first step as a Christian for the Word of God says in James 4:7 to "Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil. And he will flee from you". Your first action is to obey His Word. Then, rebuke the devil in Jesus' Name! It is important to break soul ties with anyone with which you have been intimate. Here is a great site that explains http://www.porn-free.org/soul-ties.htm Here is another great site of reference http://ministeringdeliverance.com/ Perhaps distancing yourself from the person with whom you are unable to control yourself might be best. Ask the Lord for His Wisdom. I am praying for you now. I ask others to agree for God's perfect will in your life, in Jesus' name, (& if you agree, please say, Amen.)
Homer, do you know Jesus Christ to be your Lord & Savior?
Tanya Thurston (1 month ago)
Maria Hawthorne (1 month ago)
I sound like u when I speak in Tongues... My tongue just goes crazy.
Marelize Uys (1 month ago)
Thank you. While you were speaking I started speaking in tongues for the first times. ❤ i spoke for 4 hours in tongues.
Annabel Obot (1 month ago)
Wow, congrats
You get the inward man the Holy Spirit on the inside the moment you been convicted by God to get saved and accept Jesus then you are born again.
Fred Marlin (1 month ago)
Tongues starts at 5:36
Paul Browning (1 month ago)
This video, and the book- The Holy Spirit & You, helped me to receive baptism in the Holy Spirit on 5/2/18. My life has been changed forever. God bless you, and this ministry!
dante servin (1 month ago)
Am listening to u speak and i can understand what u are saiding
Łû Jåqûīż (28 days ago)
What is being said?
Siris IB01 (1 month ago)
dante servin what did she say? If you don’t mind my asking.
Tes Wessels (1 month ago)
You might have the gift of interpretation of tongues.
Moose Knuckle (1 month ago)
Help me please Lord
Jesrael Alonzo (1 month ago)
Its like we have the same language😍😇 Im blessed.... GOD is so Good😍😍
Hemant Christian (1 month ago)
Praise the Lord Sister. My mother was speaking in tounge like you. She got gift same way like you. I am blessed by your Vedio. Thank you. Please PRAY for me,I also want this gift of the holy spirit.
Chris Onditi (1 month ago)
I just hear english
jai bishu (1 month ago)
Please pray for me thanks lord jesus
Michael Schmidli (1 month ago)
Pray for my momma, my family and us .. my dad was taken suddenly from us while he was going to work by a hit N run driver . I pray for justice I pray for peace and comfort I.pray for the protection of the CHP who is handling the investigation to bring us justice.. in Jesus name Amen !! 😢💔
Siris IB01 (1 month ago)
I don’t know you but I feel a compulsion to say I love you. It’s going to be okay.
Siris IB01 (1 month ago)
Michael Schmidli I will keep you in my prayers. I hope you are getting through what you are going through. God loves you. Everything will be ok.
PrincessAfrica3 (1 month ago)
Michael Schmidli amen brother Im So sorry. We will pray for you
Jesus Christ is our helper, buckler, healer, savior, shield, and our only God. Amen. I pray in tongues a lot and I feel peace and comfort. I pray in tongues because God Jesus Christ is our God and the only God that create me and all of us children, also, so I can get closer to God with my spirit, and so he can help me to take care of my problems. I have Faith, Love, Compassion, Hope, believe, Peace, & righteousness. Amen. Thank you for sharing, God bless. I give God all the Glory, Honor,power, & strength. Amen.
Shine Jenkins (1 month ago)
oh my gosh this touch me and so many different ways. As soon as she began to pray the spirit just manifested speedily. Father thank you for this young lady Lord in Christ Jesus name through the power of the Holy Spirit I pray that you would touch heal and deliver her family her loved ones Lord bless her finances her home her marriage her children and all that she possess because you said in your word Lord God that you would increase more and more and bless our children so thank you Father in Christ Jesus name. Thank you Lord!!!
Neil GuitarPlayz_YT (1 month ago)
5:35 I am a christian but I actually no nothing about speaking in Tongues....is it bad for me to not know how to do that?
Vic (28 days ago)
It differs from religion, or denomination to denomination, from what Ive heard, like some believe and have the gift and others have other gifts that they believe, I am Christain, Pentecostal and we believe in gifts like this, and a personal experience with God and the Holy Spirit, I'm still getting back into it, so if anyone wants to inform any of us more please let us know, but so far this is what my knowledge is
Siris IB01 (1 month ago)
Neil GuitarWorkhouse not everyone can speak in tongues. I can’t yet but I am confident that in the future I will be able to. At least I hope so. It just comes to you I think. You don’t know what you are saying you just say it. It’s so cool!
frenchy6684 (1 month ago)
Neil GuitarWorkhouse just ask the Holy Spirit to give you this gift. It is needed to have a close intimate relationship with god.
CHAISEY BABE (1 month ago)
Neil GuitarWorkhouse jesus gives you the gift, that’s why it’s so amazing because you never learn how to, it’s a language that you’ve never learnt and it’s just comes out haha it’s so amazing! Just so unbelievably beautiful
Michsel Totherow (1 month ago)
Yes Lord
bigmanracing300 Ktm (1 month ago)
Thank you for praying over us. I was just introduced to this tonight at church by other people. Very powerful stuff witnessing someone speaking with God in their prayer voice. Thank you for sharing. What a positive break from some of the other stuff I've seen on YouTube. God bless to All.
bigmanracing300 Ktm (1 month ago)
It was at church my girlfriend and I had a come to Jesus moment at the altar. It was beautiful hearing some of our congregation praying over us in their spirit language . Not everyone was... some were speaking normal but it was very intense. When I got home I looked into it on YouTube and yours was the first video I watched on speaking in tongues. I hope that one day Holy Spirit blesses myself and my girlfriend with this gift. It would be so amazing and intimate to be able to communicate with God like that. Thank you again for sharing and praying over all of us . Glory be to God .
Were you introduced to praying in the spirit at church or to my channel? Thx
You are so very welcome! Glory goes to the Lord! The Lord put it on my heart to share my prayer language on here. I experienced it & then, was in awe, so I looked online to see/hear other people praying in the Spirit & it truly blessed me. I pray this blesses you. God is SO Great like that! :)
Mike65809 (1 month ago)
Amen. Thank you- good work.
I appreciate it! Glory is the Lord's. :)
Miranda Clark (1 month ago)
Good job and thanks
Thank you & you're welcome, Miranda! God is Great!
Jalah (1 month ago)
Thank you so much can you please pray for my family and I
Chelsea Dyas (1 month ago)
I have prayed to be filled with the spirit and to speak in tongues...how long does it normally take? I just want to praise the Lord in spirit and truth. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
Alfonso Lopez (9 days ago)
Patience is the fruit of the spirit. God will bless you with your gift one day, so you just have to keep praying and being patient.
Annabelle Herrera (1 month ago)
Let God take control, pray, praise him, read the Bible. To me, when I was deep in prayer, I poured my heart out to the Lord, I said I really wanted to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. I cried, I was deep in prayer, but inside me, I still had my doubts. I wasn't 100% it wasn't until I really gave it all to Jesus, I believed and it happened, I just let God take control of my tongue.
Surjit ram Bhatty (1 month ago)
I also speak same language when I pray sister hallelujah
Praise Jesus!
aishwarya aishwarya (1 month ago)
Thank you so much sis Even i am waiting to receive it plz prayer fro me sis
Do you know Jesus Christ to be your Lord & Saviour?
Tamara Levine (1 month ago)
Bless your heart ❤
StopXModding stains (1 month ago)
Thank you Soo much🙏
God is Great!
Markyclaud Fonyuy (1 month ago)
God bless you sister
Right back atcha! :)
Savvy Gabby (1 month ago)
Hello, I have been with the lord about a year or almost a year now. I did get water baptized and I think I do have the gift. Because these words will come to me at times and I have had a dream of me talking to a man in a different language and I had no clue what I and the man was saying but this language was coming out of me.This happened a night after I had asked for the gift before I went to bed. However, I don't know why I can't get it to come out ? Like some say its so simple to let out , like flipping a switch, but I can't let it flow out like others do ? But mine sounds different when I am awake and the one i heard in dream was similar to how you are saying it? I am confused or what may be blocking it from coming out. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
God bless you sister
BILL STOUGHTON (1 month ago)
Great teaching...... thank you so much Bless you
Thank you! Same to you, Bill!
Julie Barrett (1 month ago)
Praise Jesus! I love how you’re so courageous.. bless you. I felt angles being called out while you were in prayer language! I love you Sister.
Morgan LaPlante (1 month ago)
This was so beautiful.
Glory to God! :) <3
Finn Durrant (1 month ago)
please explain
Sun Flower (1 month ago)
God bless you all
Jesus Loves You!
Victorious Pauper (1 month ago)
Praise JESUS for you sister !!........ AWESOME POWER IN PRAYER !!!! ...... Great Teaching Demo and Encouragement to do it more !! Thanks !!
Thank you so very much for the encouragement! I would love to take the credit, but the Lord is the One who put it on my heart to share this way. It's SO AMAZING how He works & will use those who are willing. <3 The Glory is His! You are a blessing!
Zahir Khan (1 month ago)
I can do the same
Margaret Tseng (1 month ago)
Okay I've always questioned speaking in tongues. When they receive the Holy Spirit they were speaking in tongues. Tongues in this meaning was where they were from. Even if they'd never spoke that's what they're saying at that time. It also says speaking in tongues like this the gift of it. But he also says yep that's the one in the church who can understand it. I've seen it many times but personally I've never had to happen. Now I watch his video and I don't know but if . Spirit faith Grace something that the devil. Thanking God. I heard. I don't know what she was saying it real real fast and sneaking in there but I definitely heard it. I do believe let it happens the gift of speaking in tongues because it says so in the Bible. But I'm not judging anyone at all but I thought you have to have the gift of being able to understand tongues which I've never had but I know what I heard. So God bless for God's glory and his son Jesus Christ but this video bring Glory and comfort to all.
Annabelle Herrera (1 month ago)
I would like to add that not all tongues have to be interpreted. In the book of Corinthians, Paul tells us that when we pray in tongues, no one knows what we are saying, just God, it is an angelic language. So yes, some tongues are meant to be interpreted to prophecy to the church, some are for personal edification. May our Lord Jesus continue to bless you.
Marc Chabot (1 month ago)
Hi Margaret, I see that you're interested in tongues, or just simply curious. Yes, the speaking in tongues is definitely in the Bible in Acts and also in 1st Corinthians. Paul said that it was the least of the gifts. He also said that he speaks in tongues more than anybody. So, it should be something that is practiced. Tongues is two things. It is one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Plus, it is the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. The gift of tongues should be interpreted by someone that has the gift called the interpretation of tongues. But, the initial evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is a prayer language. This could be spoken silently or something that is spoken at a low level. Otherwise, it is confusing. At times, in church, you will see that the evidence of the Holy Spirit baptism is spoken loudly conglomerately, but this doesn't necessarily need an interpretation. It is a conglomerate form of worship. Every Church sets aside a day and hour for prayer time. The Holy Spirit can also set aside a tongues time. This is what happened in the book of Acts in Chapter 2 it was a simultaneous gift it was the evidence of the baptism of the spirit, and it was the gift of the tongues, because other people heard it in their own languages. Paul said he spoke in tongues of men and of angels. the interpretation of tongues and prophecy is to edify the church. But, tongues is to edify oneself in the spirit. Since it edifies oneself and that it is the least of the gifts, it is a basis to build oneself in the spirit, a strengthening tool to hear God, a strengthening tool to work alongside your companion angels, to build oneself up in spiritual gifts...etc. Even though it is the least of the gifts, it is a very important gift. But, it will cease when we become perfect in heaven. The nine gifts or strictly for people here on Earth. Though, Angels use healing but for people here on Earth. With tongues, there began the introduction to the church age. Also, with tongues, they're began many revivals in church history. The prayer language, also known as the evidence of the Holy Spirit baptism, is simply that a prayer language. I watched Sid Roth one time, and he had a person on the show which I don't remember his name, but, this man said that when you speak in your prayer language angels are attracted to you. Because, you are speaking things that are written about you from God the Father. The angels who are familiar with you have read that book about you. They are here to assist you. Many times, people get answers to prayer, and healing. When you speak in tongues, the devil cannot understand you and you can not understand yourself. Many times when we pray in tongues, we are praying things that we don't know anything about. Also, we are praying things that we don't want to pray about whereas if we were praying in English. Another thing is that we are getting confirmation from the Holy Spirit about things that we have been asking him about or Him warning us about. Plus, many times, we are praying about things that the devil does not understand. Whereas, otherwise, he may be trying to distract us if he knew. Once again, tongues is the least of the gifts, but it is a very powerful basis.
Margaret Tseng (1 month ago)
When I was saying Spirit faith and the devil they were things I heard when she was speaking in tongues
Margaret Tseng (1 month ago)
And by the way Margaret tseng is not my name my name is Michael kocopy I was borrowing my friend's phone and I came across this online.
Ivan (1 month ago)
Pray for me so that I as well can receive the holy spirit thank you in Jesus name
04ingoditrust04 (1 month ago)
+Marc Chabot Please pray for me too Marc. My name is Dena. I asked the Lord for His gift of tongues tonight. The word Messiah in Hebrew kept popping in my head but I did not know that I was supposed to say that outloud. :) I just kept wondering why that was coming into my head over and over. Now I know why. :) Thank you very much! May Jesus bless you!
Marc Chabot (1 month ago)
Ivan, anyone can receive the initial evidence of the Holy Spirit baptism, called tongues. What you need to do is ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, and knock and it will be opened to you. Some preachers call it the utterance of the Holy Spirit. Because, tongues is given to a person through utterance. What this means is that if you hear some words in your mind or spirit, while praying to God, say those words of utterance. the holy spirit gives the utterance, but you have to do the speaking. Does anybody else speak in tongues in your church? If they do, have them to lay hands on you for the Holy Spirit baptism. If nobody else speaks in tongues, go to a church where you know that they do. Once you receive the utterance and then start speaking deodorant, it will start flowing naturally and you'll feel the Holy Spirit bubbling up. You may even feel light as a feather. Don't be surprised if you feel drunk but you haven't had anything to drink. I will continue praying for you Ivan.
Marc Chabot (1 month ago)
Ivan, anyone who is a Christian can receive the the initial evidence of the Holy Spirit called tongues.

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