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Digital Camera Repair (DMC-FZ150 Lens Replacement) - Part 1 - Camera Teardown

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This is part 1 of a video series that will document my attempt to replace the zoom lens in my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150. Part 1 shows how I disassemble the camera and lens assembly in preparation for replacement.
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Gordon Jackson (4 months ago)
Thanks very much for this. It enabled me to replace the on/off switch assembly.
Kevin's Kustom Bkk (5 months ago)
Hi there great video. Do you know how difficult it is to get to the in camera mic?
Chris Settree (6 months ago)
Hi could you give me the shortcut for the service manual. Thanks.
jesuisravi (7 months ago)
there are tear down manuals online for these Lumix bridge cameras--FZ150 and FZ200. They are easier to take apart than they are to put back together.
jesuisravi (7 months ago)
Jojo Demonnom (7 months ago)
... FZ150 and FZ200 ;-)
SuperAngryvoter (9 months ago)
It's good of you to put this video up. I have an FZ-70 with a sensor with some dust on it I want to get rid of. This gives me an idea of what to do. I hope you get loads of hits. It's a great camera. I have a full frame camera and an APS-C and have had a Sigma 300mm f2.8 which was great but the reality in many situations is that a bridge camera's fills more pixels with distant objects than much bigger and more expensive gear. The down side is specks of dust on the sensor looks like colonies of e. coli on a slab of room temperature Canadian beef.
Ferre Franckx (1 month ago)
The same goes here, also have dust on my FZ72 sensor.
Deep in the Sky (1 year ago)
hello can you tell me what kind of screwdriver (size&head type) do you use for this type of screws? thanks
West Senkovec (2 years ago)
Hi! My microphone in port is canted. I wanna fix it. Is it connected to a pcb and is it relatively easily accessible? It's hard to tell from the video.
West Senkovec (2 years ago)
+SevenFortyOne Thanks for the fast reply! My fingers were itchy so I took it apart in the meanwhile. Of course, it was underneath everything so I had to take everything out. That was literally the last part in the frame. Now I'll try a GH1 that I have and that doesn't power on. That's a much harder task.
SevenFortyOne (2 years ago)
I don't remember what it looks like exactly. I think there was a screw holding it in place and some sort of metal bracket or something. I also reasonably sure it was soldered directly to a flex PCB. If you do a google search you can find the service manual which may have some diagrams that show it. Also, check eBay for pictures of the various parts people are selling. Maybe one of thier pictures will show you what you need to see. Good Luck!

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