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Fujifilm XF200mm F2 Lens - REAL Review

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Haven't seen much online that wasn't a promo or a 'review' by an ambassador or partner of Fuji - so here is mine... in short - it kicks butt - monkey butt in this case... LINKS 2019 Japan Photography Tour: https://www.mattgranger.com/japan 200mm Lens at B&H Photo: http://geni.us/x200u At Amazon worldwide: http://geni.us/x200w GoPro7: https://bhpho.to/2PDix3Z | http://geni.us/gopro7 Capture One Pro - Save 10% with code "MattG": http://geni.us/CaptureOne11 Sample RAF raw files and Capture One editing info http://www.mattgranger.com/x200 Amazon: http://geni.us/AmazonWorldwide B&H Photo: http://geni.us/BHPhoto Adorama: http://bit.ly/Adorama_USA GEAR we usually film with... (Amazon + BH) Main Camera: http://geni.us/24lma | https://bhpho.to/2K9BpbU 2nd Camera: http://geni.us/KB5bAU | https://bhpho.to/2yURNI0 The Drone: http://geni.us/rB3s | https://bhpho.to/2lVe8fe The outdoor tripod: http://geni.us/XoatLX | https://bhpho.to/2J2aKIU Giant in-studio tripod: http://geni.us/z0XAV2K | https://bhpho.to/2KBRG9R Lav Mics: http://geni.us/UL27csE | https://bhpho.to/2IW87s3 Travel photo tripod: http://geni.us/9EXKjcE | https://bhpho.to/2KA6aa5 FYI - I had my desk custom made by Timber Forge Woodworks in NJ: http://bit.ly/TimberForge This is the gear we typically film videos with - leave a question if you have a specific question about this video, or see all of Matt's Gear: http://bit.ly/MG-Gear PRIVACY and DISCLOSURE: * Matt Granger is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com * Matt Granger is a participant in the B&H Photo Video affiliate program that provides an advertising commission if you purchase through our links. * If you purchase something from our affiliate links will get a small commission with no extra cost to you. * We DO NOT collect, store, use, or share any data about you. * You can read my complete Ethics and Conduct statement: http://mattgranger.com/ethics Get Your Gear Out! Check out my downloadable video series: Wedding Photography 101: http://mattgranger.com/wedding Take Control of The Light: http://mattgranger.com/light The Business of Photography: http://mattgranger.com/business Educating Tina: http://mattgranger.com/educatingtina Kickstart Your Photography 6 month course: http://mattgranger.com/kickstart All of my travel, tours & workshops: http://mattgranger.com/workshops My SEAFOOD Channel: http://bit.ly/Worlds-Best-Seafood Merch: http://mattgranger.com/merch Mailing List: http://www.mattgranger.com Subscribe HERE: http://bit.ly/Sub_MG Subscribe for News: http://bit.ly/Subscribe_MG_News Google Plus: http://bit.ly/MG_Gplus Community Forum: http://www.mattgranger.com/community/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mattgranger Twitter: https://twitter.com/_mattgranger Instagram: http://instagram.com/_mattgranger Official Website: http://www.mattgranger.com
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Matt Granger (5 months ago)
What do you think? Pretty darn impressive lens eh?? LINKS 2019 Japan Photography Tour: https://www.mattgranger.com/japan 200mm Lens at B&H Photo: http://geni.us/x200u At Amazon worldwide: http://geni.us/x200w GoPro7: https://bhpho.to/2PDix3Z | http://geni.us/gopro7 Capture One Pro - Save 10% with code "MattG": http://geni.us/CaptureOne11 Sample RAF raw files and Capture One editing info http://www.mattgranger.com/x200
Retus Rieben (5 months ago)
For everyone complaining about the price, just don't see what the effort is to develop a lens like that. Just because it's APS-C doesn't mean it's easier to develop and produce... An APS-C lens must have a way higher Resolution than any other fullframe camera and to produce something like the xf200 is totally at the edges of physics... So mister Granger is completely right... The package is a very good deal.
John Smith (5 months ago)
Honestly, it's a nothing sandwich. And, the images are worthless useless etc. do you actually even bother keeping head shots of monkeys? You seem like a good guy, but this is one hell of a lame video.
0ecka (5 months ago)
It's a 200F2 and there's no FF camera to put it on :(. Disappointing.
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
Jim BrennanPhotography go get the Panasonic, shoot it, have fun. I don’t care either way - I’m not a Fuji spokesman.
Shamseer Shamsudheen (2 months ago)
Such a stunning used today amazing
When are you uploading the Fuji X-T3 review?
taylor savoie (4 months ago)
measure unit, one cat <3
Señor Calabaza (4 months ago)
one small criticism. Do you find interesting going to these uber famous places that are so touristy and had been photographed so many times? you mentioned you've been there many times and a was thinking how many interesting and unknown things could you have discovered about Japan instead of going there. Seems like everyone is going to the same places, Namibia, Iceland Patagonia... but no one seems to care about going out the typical touristy routes. I find it shallow traveling that way
Cheslav Lozovskiy (4 months ago)
monkeys butt looks like a nose with smiling mouth :)
Fun Times with Dave (4 months ago)
Hello Matt, great video. I have been using the XT-2 and love it. Is nice to see your video on the new model.
William Inbody (5 months ago)
Fugifilm just keeps winning.
Derek Gillan (5 months ago)
Is that a big cat or a small cat?
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
... it’s about the size of an xt3+200mm
zeroibis (5 months ago)
Took a bunch of fujifilm photos there with a 70/200 f/4 but the next day my film advance sprocket broke and I lost everything. Next time I will be counting on the X-T3.
Daniel Love (5 months ago)
1 cat high lol nice.
Bud The Cyborg (5 months ago)
Fuji just needs one or two more lenses like this and they'll have a full top of the line sports shooting setup.
Edan Sounds (5 months ago)
You are a pro when you have a white lens
Retus Rieben (5 months ago)
Great, now I want a xf200 and a monkey... 😂 Great review... I worked with the xf200 already and I had the same impression, it's outstanding in terms of image quality, even with the converter... 👌
S E (5 months ago)
"One cat in height" LOL Good video Matt !!
David Weber (5 months ago)
This may be the best lens review video you have EVER made! Seriously!!
Baruch Cohen (5 months ago)
Horrible video.
Alex Slomin (5 months ago)
Hey Matt, I am going to Africa, specifically Botswana for safari and I am looking to invest in a new lens. I currently have the Nikon 200-500 f5.6, but I am looking at a used 200-400 f4 VR2. What are your opinions on that lens? Thanks.
Nicolas Bertin (5 months ago)
A bohemoth ? I haven't heard of those. Are these behemoths from the Czech republic ?
Brennan Probst (5 months ago)
cute cat
WildcardEF (5 months ago)
Hmmmm. Well I am reading this, and I am kinda giggling. I own this 200 F/2 Fujinon lens. Also a X-T3. I also own a Canon 1DX and a Canon 200mm F/2. So let’s be really real here. The FujiFilm is smaller, sorta lighter. Faster, and more useable at F/2 due to depth of field on crop it’s a effective 305mm F/2 with a 2.8 DOF but it’s still gathering F/2 light. As for the cringe worthy comments about dynamic range and or res. Well pixel pitch, photo sights are larger then D-850. Meaning X-T3 is out resolving the D-850. Sorry it’s a fact. Look up the specs. X-T3 sensor shares some of the very same tech that the GFX has for dynamic range adjustments. I just love it when people come on and type away not knowing anything. The matched converter gives me a 427mm 2.8. Now mirrorless has an advantage over DSLR. Flange distance is closer bringing the optics closer to the sensor. Giving a sharper image, also adding more compression and less distortion. The extra 27mm adds more compression giving a very similar look to my Canon 400mm 2.8. Adding a 2X doesn’t slow this lens down at all giving me a effective 600mm F/4. Which is handhold-able. Sorry I am still trying to understand how this lens isn’t worth the money ? A Canon 600mm is $12,000.00 a 400mm 2.8 $10,999.00 and a 300mm 2.8 is $6,800.00. Watch a video called Crop or crap. This is laughable. The difference in sensor size is small and until you compare FF to Medium format will you see a size-able difference. FF is small compared to Medium Format.
Tom Kro (5 months ago)
Bud The Cyborg no you need the extra stop for extra bokeh BUT the light is the same.
Bud The Cyborg (5 months ago)
The crazy thing is we've got lenses like the Samyang 12mm f2.0 that are still compact, the smaller sensor size can allow improvements in lens design to compensate, but fact is the lens needs to be a stop faster than the Full Frame equivalent to get equivalent performance.
Bud The Cyborg (5 months ago)
+Tom Kro If your sensor has half the surface area you're gathering half as much light. f2.0 light gathering on APS-C is equal to f2.8 on Full Frame. No, the aperture of the lens doesn't change, but we're talking about an complete optical system here not just the lens.
Tom Kro (5 months ago)
+Bud The Cyborg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuQH83rgjF4 educate yourself.
afmarin90 (5 months ago)
What were fuji smoking when they priced this?
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
Whatever it was, Sony smokes it more...
Geoffrey Bassett (5 months ago)
@4:43 That photo is absolutely magic.
Ivan Kutsarov (5 months ago)
Oh wow the bokeh quality is amongst the best I have ever seen in my life😻🐱‍👓🎉
Chris Klugh (5 months ago)
Well if $6K is such a good deal, I will take 2!
John Smith (5 months ago)
Horrible stuff, end to end. Filthy gross animals, cement chunks in a stream, lousy eye, what size are your pants, 44?
John Smith (5 months ago)
These animals are gross.
Blue Fuji (5 months ago)
It’s a fantastic lens, thanks for reviewing it as I haven’t seen many reviews here of it since release. It’s amazing how it measures up to a cat, not only size but weight (at least the Nikon one comes closer at roughly 6 1/2 lbs). But the Fuji is no lightweight at just under 5 lbs. it’s like having 2 70-200 Nikkors mounted on your camera but it’s definitely a great lens especially for event and sports shooters. But at 6K you will find yourself using it for everything if you invest that much into one. It’s great they supplied the teleconverter and upgraded the firmware so you can use it with the 80, 50-140, and 100-400 if you have any of those lenses. I’ve owned a D500 and I don’t think any Fuji nor most cameras will beat its insane AF, but if Fuji is the system you shoot, then this lens you must have.
fotorescent (5 months ago)
a cat high, measure created and copyrighted by Matt Granger and me :)
onegrapefruitlover (5 months ago)
Lol the monkey butt does look like a face
Bogfinken (5 months ago)
"About 1 cat in height" is all the tech spec I need to know about these monster lenses.. Great work as always Matt 👍😉✨
M P (5 months ago)
6k for a 300f3, hum there are some 300f2.8 for FF you need to compare the Fuji lens to them not the 200f2
Joshua Mack (5 months ago)
+Pertti456 not really , its a perfectly fine analogy because apsc has worse iso
Pertti456 (5 months ago)
Light gathering / exposure is still F2 though. Only the DoF is F3 if you move back with the APS-C to get the same framing as with a FF.
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
And they’re the same price roughly. If you watch beyond first few mins you’ll see I review it on its own merits
Nick (5 months ago)
One cat in hight! Still a better metric system than USA tbh..
Paul (5 months ago)
Nice! How does it compare in size to, say, a 300mm f/2.8 (which should roughly match in terms of field of view)? Such a beautiful place - must visit someday.
MICHAEL RAES (5 months ago)
Impressive colour . I have an old Tamron SP 300mm F2.8 IF ED AF ( same as the Minolta lens ) and this output of the Fuji is about or the same for bokeh , but for sure the optics are better than my Tamron. Not directly to put on my Xpro2 - but once I have the X-T3 I would honestly wave and wave to sell my Nikon-gear and go all the way Fuji . The only backdrop for now is my Nikkor 135dc.
Abbas Ali (5 months ago)
The lens is sharp but I didn't like it's bokeh
TheBobes (5 months ago)
World scaling system: Bananas Matt Granger: Cats WHAT IS THE CONVERSION RATIO ON THIS?! I'M SO CONFUSED!
Andrew Wilson (5 months ago)
"Butt" faces rejoice! :)
Brad Norling (5 months ago)
Fantastic shots! Favorite part: when the Fuji locked onto that ‘face’ with the long hairy nose, and I think all lens manufacturers should adopt the Loki size standard. LOL.
sandb (5 months ago)
Should really compare this with Z6/Z7 + 300/2.8, especially AF speed and keeper rate.
gaurav kumar (5 months ago)
norman plant (5 months ago)
Yes , sharp as a tack by the looks ; And a nice lot of images to see > Thanks Matt .....
Phil Jones65 (5 months ago)
No shocks for $6000 it needs to be mind blowing still very few will ever buy this lens. Probably better off buying an F2.8 FF lens and body works out a lot cheaper ;-)
Bud The Cyborg (5 months ago)
https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/732108-USA/Canon_4411B002_EF_300mm_f_2_8L_IS.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1424734-REG/fujifilm_16586343_xf_200mm_f_2_ois.html The Fuji 200f2.0 still undercuts the Canon 300f2.8 lens, and it includes the TC (another $500 from Canon). Nikon comes out to the same price as Fuji once you factor in the TC.
Francisco Barros (5 months ago)
Matt!? Or any other person reading this post that is a well-seasoned traveler? Help! I am going out of my country for the first time (with a camera) and I can't decide what lenses I should take. Destination: Prague (4 days), Cesky Krumlov (1) day, the Bohemian Switzerland (2) days. Objectives: Have a good holiday break and take great Landscape (I don't have experience with it) and Street pictures, without throwing portraits (I'm not travelling alone) or night photography out of the window. If I could pack all my gear I would. But unfortunately, I can't. I want to travel as light, especially for the Landscape photography days where I will have to hike 10Km in 6 hours, in snow conditions and I've never seen snow in my life (only once, when I was young, and I was actually doing sports so the cold wasn't a factor). I'll be packing enel15a batteries, a D500, a tripod. Keeping in mind that Czech Republic in February is rainy and snowy, which of the following combos should I take: Pack1: Tamron 10-24mm G2 (weather sealed, it's light, does street and landscape easily, but it's not as sharp as the sigma. Forces me to take the 50mm prime) Pack1: Nikon 50mm F1.8 for low light and portraits, it's cheap so not being weather sealed isn't a major problem) Pack2: Sigma 18-35mm (not weather sealed, I am afraid of falling short on the wide side on the landscape days, but it's sharp and fast, basically covers all my needs. Minor problem: The hotel where I am hosted is very well rated by the costumers but doesn't have a room or lobby locker/safety box, so I really don't feel comfortable taking all three of them due to the weight / not wanting to leave any behind. Unfortunately, I don't have the 35mm prime, nor the kit lens nor the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8. I am also falling short on money right now (got bills and the trip expenses to pay) so even second hand cheapos may be out of option. :(
Ebrahim Saadawi (5 months ago)
Only having the Sigma is very limiting. i'd definitely take the UWA + 50. Can't beat that combo!
Francisco Barros (5 months ago)
+Andy Self Thanks for the input. That isn't a bad ideia. So if it were you, you'd just take the 18-35mm? Even without the weather seal?
Andy Self (5 months ago)
Francisco Barros if you end up not wide enough for your landscaped you can multiple shots and stitch a panorama later. If photoshop is out of price range, I like Microsoft ICE for panorama stitching
The Emo Emu (5 months ago)
My Sony has picked up a few animal faces as well but that's also quite unreliable. Haven't had it think a monkey butt was a face though.
Marco Marcon (5 months ago)
Let's face it, all in all, the X-T3 tops all APS-C cameras by a margin, including the D500, and competes with A LOT of full-frame alternatives
zeroibis (5 months ago)
+alexauga Yea if and when Fuji starts to add super hardcore glass this will start to change as for now that is the only thing holding them back.
alexauga (5 months ago)
Marco Marcon Credit where it’s due to the D500 is a few years old now and is still one of the best cameras on the market, a better choice considering all the glass for the Nikon F mount available if you’re a sports or wildlife shooter. With that said, my main camera is an XT3 and I absolutely adore it 😍
Andrew Bristoe (5 months ago)
Nice pics and vid fur face detail good
Andrew Bristoe (5 months ago)
Lens very canonesque looking just need some black lines and. Red ring was thinking if no fully art screen camera a great FAST remote I pad phone app helps how’s Fuji’s canons is great transferring pics speed and control options
5:28 what a nice shot
adamaj (5 months ago)
"It's big, it's wide, it's long, it's heavy." - That's what she said.
weareyesyesyes (5 months ago)
she has never said that me
Edward Morgan (5 months ago)
Please do a test of this lens VS a Nikon FF body with a 70-200 2.8 at 200mm at the same framing. It would seem that the Nikon FF with 70-200 at 200 and 2.8 would give you better background bokeh or the same for a lot less money and be a lot more versatile..
dsphotoblog.com (5 months ago)
fantastic detail and quality
Talismantra (5 months ago)
A bokehemoth!
Marc No-mad (5 months ago)
And what about comparing this lens with the Panasonic 200 MM F/2,8 DG ELMARIT OIS (1,245kg / 43.92oz) ? MFT is great with telephotos, notably with the G9.
Stephen Gatley (5 months ago)
You can’t compare the two the Panasonic 200mm 2.8 is an equivalent 400mm 5.6!. This lens is an equivalent 300mm 2.8.
atomikmaster1 (5 months ago)
White Shoes and Loki should do a colab 👍😊 🙀
Joan Arling (5 months ago)
$6000??? My Nikkor 180/2.8ED (manual) cost me less than $500. Prices are becoming more ridiculous by the month. Going to the supermarket with a Lamborghini...
Bud The Cyborg (5 months ago)
Fuji actually priced this to undercut the equivalent lenses from the competition.
Tom Vestvik (5 months ago)
But if you got a Nikon FX, then the 300/4 is a nice alternative.
Satfgk (5 months ago)
Joan Arling Both Canon and Nikon 200/f2s are also very expensive designs.
Jonathan Howes (5 months ago)
Great stuff
Frederic Bonet (5 months ago)
Your pictures are fantastic Matt, congratulations, the monkeys are so great and cute and of course, the fujifilm system with the XT3 + Fujinon 200mm F2 is incredible but expansive for the lens, but in fact the combo XT3 and 200mm is not so expansive if you compare with the equivalent combo in Nikon or Canon or Sony !
Gijsbert Peijs (5 months ago)
8:30 Walks into a shabby alley carrying a 6000 USD lens :-) The images of this lens are stellar but so is its price. Pretty much a niche lens and for Pros only (or really really enthusiastic enthusiasts).
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
This is Tokyo, it’s safe :)
Shang-Hsien Yang (5 months ago)
The images coming out of this lens is so beautiful looking. Amazing!
SatanSupimpa (5 months ago)
These white and green Fujinon lenses looks like the design of some kind of environmental friendly brand.
Ritesh (6 days ago)
They're done white and green lenses for decades.
Mert Yurdigül (5 months ago)
hello How do I get the black background in the picture?
gaza4543 (5 months ago)
great review and seems to be a great lens, thanks for the raw files for us to inspect
Miko Tan (5 months ago)
I think I bumped into you at Map Camera in Shinjuku sometime over this last weekend. I wanted to say hi but dad duties dictated me to quickly find a nursing room at the nearby Labi. I have been going to Map camera for the last couple years and have always loved their collection of well priced and honestly graded second hand gear. For anyone else planning a trip to Tokyo, I highly suggest checking out Map camera for some great gear. Got a competitively priced PeakDesign Tote there also for a diaper bag lol.
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
Hi to both of you 👍🏼
Thomas George (5 months ago)
Miko Tan you probably did, because I did as well 🤣 . I just said hello, shook hands and wished a pleasant trip over here ....., and carried on doing my thing because I don’t want to interrupt someone’s day. ... and yes, I like MapCamera too.
aceflibble (5 months ago)
Seems like a nice 'un for sports and semi-tame wildlife; unfortunately for the things I use my current 200mm f/2 and 300m f/2.8 for, Fuji's still a no-go. I keep looking at X-T3 sample files hoping to see the end of the detail-skipping, but alas. These files are the closest/most relevant examples to what I need and yup, there it is, there's the high-frequency detail getting completely skipped over... One day they'll make a pro-quality body with a bayer array, but until then, welp. Still, nice video and though the bodies still make the system unusable for my work, I do still like them for personal casual shooting and this lens looks like it'd be worth renting for a bit of fun. I'll certainly keep it in mind for the next time I visit Brownsea (thinkin' it'd be a good option for the elusive red squirrels) or Scotland (hiking for eagles, with my dodgy back? Saving every gram helps).
James Harris (5 months ago)
Shooting monkeys is very much like shooting sports. You shouldn't be wearing glasses to see the monkeys. They will attack you and while you are protecting your camera equipment, they'll steal your glasses and hold them ransom for food.
Maurizio Matteo d'Errico (5 months ago)
How long are you in Tokyo for?
Tristan Wilhelm (5 months ago)
Lol 1 cat in height 🤣
MeisterYodarkus (5 months ago)
Really not a lens for me as the longest I am using is the 56mm. But thanks for the quick insight, seems like a great lens for animals and sports!
Juicifer (5 months ago)
Small kitty!
CJamesPhoto (5 months ago)
Looks absolutely stunning! I’d love one but it’s very pricey, Great review 😁
Jose A. Justiniano (5 months ago)
Matt you are a very good photographer I notice in your very well composed shots and in anterior videos I notice that you also use negative cameras and for me that is a good one because I use negatives and tray each one as the last one God bless my friend in the distance.
Edward Millership (5 months ago)
Good you did a CAT-scan, but where’s the LAB-report? 😺🙀
John Lees (5 months ago)
Cats are evil. Never trust one that close to camera gear!
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
Not loki, she's an angel... with anything too heavy to push off the table
Big B (5 months ago)
Dreamy lens, looks awesome Matt!
Binnu Babu (5 months ago)
Monkey butt-AF.. 😂😂
Kerebron Emtadrata (5 months ago)
Didn't you know where "AF" comes from? It's Anus Focus, obviously. ;)
Marek Knappe (5 months ago)
Most lenses have OIS ?! no.
Dis Located (5 months ago)
Most lenses by any company don't have OIS. Do you really need OIS in your 24mm, 35mm, 50mm primes? There's only been 2 lenses that could benefit from OIS from Fujifilm, the 16-55mm zoom and the 90mm prime. Everything else either has it, or doesn't really need it. Just buy a fuckin' X-H1 if that's the deal breaker.
Dis Located (5 months ago)
+ManuAG_86 The 80mm macro is a prime AND has OIS.
Marek Knappe (5 months ago)
+ManuAG_86 not every zoom as well - 8-16 f.28, 16-55 f2.8, unfortunately :(
ManuAG_86 (5 months ago)
It's more like "every zoom has OIS, but not a single prime but this has it"
biggreenmachine2007 (5 months ago)
Let me know if you're coming down to Kanazawa I'd love to show you around.
Mr G (5 months ago)
So, nobody is going to mention the 1 eyed ape at 5:17?! JEEZ!
Ritesh (6 days ago)
Monkey. Pay attention son.
id deegee (5 months ago)
+Bud The Cyborg at the moment of shooting yeah probably ( I had the same experience) but he noticed it in full screen no doubts..
Bud The Cyborg (5 months ago)
I have to assume Matt didn't quite realize what he was looking at.
Stefan1968ful (5 months ago)
Mixed feelings on this one. Same price as Nikkor 200mm 2.0 but just for APS-C.
ManuAG_86 (5 months ago)
+Victor Li A D850 is close to 46 MPx, so in crop mode is about 20 Mpx, same as D500. So in my opinion, is a fair comparision. That's the thing with Fuji, they put image quality over size, so every lens they make is almost as big as the FF equivalent, or even heavier.
Victor Li (5 months ago)
+Stefan1968ful Because a D850 was used in the comparison, so a 300mm is more relevant in terms of focal length. You are right that it is a direct comparison if D500 was used.
Stefan1968ful (5 months ago)
+Victor Li I can use the Nikkor 200mm 2.0 on a Nikon D500 and have the same. Or I use the Nikjor 200mm 2.0 on a Full Frame Nikon what means I am more flexible. So what?
Victor Li (5 months ago)
It has more reach. In full frame terms, it is a 300mm and 420mm with the TC. Probably should compare to the Nikon 300mm f2.8.
rotvonrat (5 months ago)
Well it's relatively easy to take nice pictures of these monkeys almost regardless of equipment.
Michael Davleris (5 months ago)
Just go FF already Fuji... Who on earth will give 6K for a crop lens to do portraits!?! APS-C mirrorless and beasts like that lens, negate each other...unless we are talking about wildlife photography. I don't understand their logic, and i think they will fail if they keep being stubborn and refuse to make FF bodies. Or maybe they believe that Medium format is, in the near future, going to be as good as FF, in being an all-arounder.
Michael Davleris (5 months ago)
+Cenot4ph Well maybe i am too picky but i cant stand the noise of the smaller sensors. The detail is there, the lens is superb, but the noise is just throwing everything out of the window. Check Matts files, DSF1115 is a good example of what i am saying. Will that show on a medium/large print? Maybe yes maybe not, i will see it for sure but most people wont see or care about it much. If you had taken the same picture with a D850 for example and an equivalent lens, the results would be stunning! These are just ok, but after paying so much money for a set up like this, ok is not enough imo.
tony james (5 months ago)
Sales of the xt3 are very strong here in the UK and currently outselling Sony, Nikon, Canon, (according to my brother who works for Wex). I'm a Nikon shooter myself but for the price the xt3 is an excellent camera. As for image quality deficiencies unless your a high end advertising photographer or someone who prints 20" plus sized photos the difference is miniscule, (and let's face it that applies to 90% of people), and this is proven by the high number of Pro's shooting Fuji. Ref this 200 I really can't see it being a top seller due to its price, Fuji's just aren't seen as sports cameras so it won't find a market there and as you say it's crazy to spend big bucks on this to shoot portraits. There is though a big market for bird watchers, (normally retired men with lots of money but I'm guessing there heavily invested in ff:).
Cenot4ph (5 months ago)
This is all a size consideration and as you can see, it's hardly a quality consideration. You'd be hard pressed to find much difference between these photos and an equivalent FF setup. I think Fuji made the right call and it's not surprising since they're in the lens business for so many decades they have ample experience in the trade offs.
Bachmann Manuel (5 months ago)
One Cat in highth, a new measure methode XD
Wes Perry (5 months ago)
Got an early 👍🏻 for “one cat in height”. ... This isn’t the first time you’ve used cats to get my likes 😂
David A (5 months ago)
It´s a 300mm... at f3. so it´s not a 200 or 300 f2
Vianditya (5 months ago)
​+barmalinito barmalini Well, that's what I said. You and I have the same argument here..but I also pointed out that if anyone using only one system (APSC or M4/3) then one can stop using FF equivalent.
barmalinito barmalini (5 months ago)
+Vianditya yes and no. If you shoot FF and APS-C from one spot with an f/2 lens, you'll get the same DoF, but if you want to frame your subject similarly, so that it will cover the same amount of the frame, the DoF will be different. Because you will have to step closer with your FF camera sporting the same 200mm lens. Or step backwards with a crop camera, of course.
KentuckyMan30 (5 months ago)
I replied to MeisterYodarkus (for some reason it didn't tag him), but you shared the same sentiments. Haha.
Vianditya (5 months ago)
KentuckyMan30 I’m not assuming you’re thanking me but you’re welcome 😂
KentuckyMan30 (5 months ago)
Thank you! People seem to forget this. Sensor size does not dictate the physical qualities of a lens; only perceived results.
Sacha Martin (5 months ago)
"The Fujis don't have IBIS" - But, the Fuji X-H1 does! Aside from that great video Matt :)
Tom Kro (5 months ago)
+Matt Granger Well, so why don't you mention it....
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
True! 🤦‍♂️ I’ve reviewed it!
Kanai even Tokyo (5 months ago)
Nice! Thanks for showing my country justice ❤. Hope we can cross paths soon.
TherealElliot (5 months ago)
"Both lenses are roughly 1 cat in height." LOL :)
bird271828 (5 months ago)
Matt, I guess your cat prefers the Nikon 200mm F2 at 2:22. :-)
Daniel Mainland (5 months ago)
Everything should be measured in 'cats'.
Tom Kro (5 months ago)
Parcours97 (5 months ago)
Best way to measure things is still the good old banana ^^
MeisterYodarkus (5 months ago)
So true. It does make more sense than the imperial system if done right.
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
Great video about the xt3 wich i l8ke alot...but i see in description you filmed on the gopro7 ...that stabilisation isn't like what gopro claims of it ...or was it dissabled ?
Okwy Ugonweze (5 months ago)
Some yoytubers are already telling us that the xt3 is as fast in autofocus and tracking as D500, while you clearly stated that it's not even as fast as the D850. I am contemplating D500 or Xt3, I guess there is only one way to go.
barmalinito barmalini (5 months ago)
+ivan rivas the D500 has more strength to it. Besides being the best for sports and birds, it's also one of the best in low light, while Fujifilm is not really very good in that too.
barmalinito barmalini (5 months ago)
If I wasn't invested in a few very good Nikon lenses, I'd probably go for Fujifilm now, because Fujifilm seems to care about their customer even after they bought the camera. They keeps improving their firmware all the time so with each new upgrade you are getting a better camera. The whole eco-system seems to have a greater momentum. Other than that, Nikon is still solid and great platform, especially their top models like the D500 and higher.
MICHAEL RAES (5 months ago)
I would say - buy the 850 and T3 - in casu you will have in the D850 a D500 aswell if you put it in crop mode at 20mp . The T3 will be better for travel, street or to have around all the time.
Stephen Gatley (5 months ago)
I look at it this way the D500 is great but it will be abandoned as mirrorless gets better!. If I were to get one I’d buy used!
Kirk Barker (5 months ago)
If you are going for a pure photography device get the d500 and if you want a hybrid camera get the Fuji. You will also find less expensive lenses for the Nikon system and you would have a wider variety as well.
Harry Kressl (5 months ago)
Hi Matt, I know I am going a little bit off topic but thanks to your reviews I bought Capture One Pro to use it instead of lightroom. It works fantastic with my D850 and D7500 but I have to convert my Z7 files first in Camera Raw before importing them, did you have another workflow ? Thank you .... Harry from Germany
wassim al-malak (5 months ago)
hello matt , has the d850 faster AF-C than xt-3 ? the reviews on the xt-3 describe it as very fast AF ! what am i missing here ? thanks
wassim al-malak (5 months ago)
+gaza4543 i can't get it , which one is the "ahead" in af-c in low-light fast-moving subjects ? excluding the major lenses collection , because i need ONLY a 70-200 f2.8 or equiv. 50-140 .
gaza4543 (5 months ago)
Nothing just one is still slightly better. Its like comparing a super bike to a super car both fast just one is slightly ahead
Tuấn Ngọc Vũ (5 months ago)
It is quite obvious here. Because no one test its Af speed with the new 200f2 yet. (At least with all famous youtubers). I pretty sure the af speed of this huge lens is someway in a middle of all Fuji XF lens to date.
wassim al-malak (5 months ago)
dear+Matt Granger, thank you for replying . sure it is , but you mentioned that d850 is "faster to AF" than xt-3 , that's what i'm asking you about .
wassim al-malak (5 months ago)
@Wes Perry, thanks for your note , in fact i need to buy only 1 body with 70-200 2.8 for out and in-door sports , i want the best AF-C possible (excluding the d5) , i'm lost between d4 w 70-200 2.8E or xt-3 w 50-140 2.8 , noting i'm leaning towards fuji for the weight .
Felix Pa (5 months ago)
Seriuosly, i hate Canon body look like a slimmy snail. Nikon body look much more energetic and futuristic. Iam Nikon.
jalend venn (5 months ago)
Im not sure if thats whats important for a camera😂
Matt Granger (5 months ago)
Felix Pa what’s that got to do with this video?
Tobias K (5 months ago)
I really want to go back to Japan. Have to think of it every day. And Matt posting instagram and youtube videos from there doesn't make it better xD
Tobias K (5 months ago)
And the price is steep ^^. The image reproduction seems to be very pleasing. I don't have anything to compare it to other than a 50-140 including the 1.4 TC. I think I am better off spending the money on 3 trips to Japan ^^ though. And I think a lot of enthusiasts lust for this lens, but wont be able to justify spending so much on a sexy piece of glass. Very nice review!
IN MY BLOOD (5 months ago)
Wowowo nice

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