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AFRIKA KORPS TAKES HIGH GROUND | LRBM MOD | Men of War: Assault Squad 2 [MOD] Gameplay

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Text Comments (57)
Mario Peña (6 months ago)
I'm having trouble figuring out what is episode 1 can u help me out raptor! I love watching ur vids in order so plz if u can help me find episode 1
Callum Clow (1 year ago)
Lol company of heros
Greg nelson (1 year ago)
lol company of heroes
TYLER James (1 year ago)
Favourite Combo - the 17pdr SP Achilles. A 17pdr mounted on the M10 Wolverine. While lacking in armour, the new counterweight on the back of the turret made it look a lot sleeker. The triangular shapes on the tank were just great looking.
Ethan Niblock (1 year ago)
Sherman Firefly
Russian Button (1 year ago)
Sherman VC Firefly Best looking Sherman of the war.
Dr. Fresh_2k (1 year ago)
H.J. Riggers (1 year ago)
Lol company of heros
Thomas Fejdasz (1 year ago)
I subscribed after the first part of this. keep this video going.
Death AGirl (1 year ago)
well british Firefly sherman probably the best combination, Firefly has enough fire power to engage tiger tank, and it killed one of the german tank ace, Micheal Wittman. In 1 battle he simply drove his tiger down the road and knock out 15 british tanks, but 1 Firefly ambushed him not long after that and put one through the side armor, ignited the magazine, BOOOMMM.
shock trooper (7 months ago)
he was ambushed by 4 fireflys and 4 shermans, while being surrounded
Israel Fliearman (1 year ago)
No he was commanded to drive in an open field during the counterattack after Normandy and a Canadian tank hit him
Spacer (1 year ago)
Minh Khoa Nguyen RIP
Laura Whittet (1 year ago)
lol company heroes I know a lot about ww2 ww1 Vietnam the American rev French rev I'm a bi fa and nerd when it comes to history
Kelly Stroh (1 year ago)
Lol company of heroes
Nashorn (1 year ago)
coh lol
marc verus (1 year ago)
a great big o7 for you raptor congrats with 80k subscribers keep it going :) ;)
Raptor (1 year ago)
+marc verus Will do!
Joey Stephan (1 year ago)
MP5 Heckler and Koch but made with UK US AND GER
i think the reason for the bofors didnt see anything was because there are no commander sry 4 bad english
lol company of heroes
LordCucumber77 (1 year ago)
o7. Sherman Firefly was a very good example of a good combination of American material with British modifications I think..
o7 is the firefly one of thoes
Jerre (1 year ago)
the einfield
Max Chia (1 year ago)
Lol company of heroes
Akahanashobu (1 year ago)
P51 Mustang definitely o7
FR4N71C 5H07 (1 year ago)
Wak Cackle (1 year ago)
LOL Company of Heroes. o7 At least you're getting the right ammo for your weapons.
Rherobrine (1 year ago)
o7 LoL company of heroes
John Mason (1 year ago)
Hey Raptor ! Have u try to check the haft track inventory?
Ethan Robinson (1 year ago)
Easy Eight "Firefly Edition"
CJ Hayes (1 year ago)
lol company of heroes
Jason kable (1 year ago)
14:23 is that someone hiding in the tent......?
Mr. Edgy (1 year ago)
The Bofor which is a AA gun which was used by both U.S and British troops
Nashorn (1 year ago)
Squiddy McSquid. Swedish steel
Squiddy McSquid (1 year ago)
it was used by most allied armies and even the axis,
Stock Brazen (1 year ago)
M8 buford
Jock McScottish (1 year ago)
PzGrens would be better with the stick grenades than those round ones.
ZeroHeros8 (1 year ago)
o7, love ur vids man keep up the good work
Emma Healey (1 year ago)
Lol company of hereos
Stephen Casey (1 year ago)
lamao athe PC cheated
Foxbyday (1 year ago)
Conpany of heroes= lose 100 men .....I don't care Men of war= lose 3 men.......crying
i lose 1 man and then lose 4 more trying to save him with a medic.
Vlad (1 year ago)
Jock McScottish (1 year ago)
The Apache helichopper
Unavy (1 year ago)
Firefly is definitely the best sherman version, plus it was upgraded by isreal forces and it was a really great medium tank
LK _LudiKruc (1 year ago)
how much more parts of this battle will there be? I like it
Ian Sanchez (1 year ago)
lol company of heroes
Chris Borden (1 year ago)
love the pun haha
Jared LoGerfo (1 year ago)
the firefly.
LT. Dayton (1 year ago)
LOL company of heroes!
DefinitelyNotYakra (1 year ago)
lol, Company of Heroes
Max jensnäs (1 year ago)
Raptor way don"t you play as Sweden?
slobodan milošević (1 year ago)
the bofors aa gun
Annette Carothers (1 year ago)
it's epic
Annette Carothers (1 year ago)
vc firefly
General Amsel (1 year ago)
First o7

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