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Canada in RECESSION, It's Official - Stephen Harper Must Go - Sept 1, 2015 - YouTube

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NEGATIVE GROWTH? WTF is negative growth? Federal government's legislation on balanced budgets defines a recession as "a period of at least two consecutive quarters of negative growth in real gross domestic product for Canada, as reported by Statistics Canada."
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Jagdtoq (3 years ago)
No No, this can't be because everyone knows if you engineer a huge influx of migrants it is good for a booming economy, all those wonderful migrants working hard like dogs for low wages, creating businesses that offer plentiful jobs to the locals, culturally enriching everyone, no no, recession impossible!
dank tank (3 years ago)
I think the cbc is scared harper will cut thier funding if they don't continue sucking him off. he cut most of the film industry for that very reason. love your videos bro, keep the fire going. be safe.

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