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OnePlus 6 'Silk White' UNBOXING - The BEST Yet!

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OnePlus 6 'Silk White' UNBOXING & REVIEW - The BEST Yet! OnePlus 6 Purchase link - https://goo.gl/DVqcJ6 http://paidforadvertising.com/ Oneplus 6 Silk White UNBOXING & First Impressions REVIEW! HANDS ON the OnePlus 6 Silk White! This video is my unboxing and first impressions hands on first look at the OnePlus 6 Silk White! My official unboxing, review of the design, camera test, battery, display etc of the OnePlus 6 Mirror Black happened on launch but Silk White is now is here! Price, specs / specifications all now confirmed! ** Other AMAZING smartphone deals! - https://goo.gl/X6dBHx ** Other Tech DEALS! - https://goo.gl/W8hjqd ** AMAZING NEW TECH DEALS: https://goo.gl/8XS3NC ** TOP 5 BEST VPNS for 2018: https://goo.gl/qRbfqy ** BRAND NEW ASBYT MERCH!!! U.K. STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/asbyt U.S.A STORE: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/Asbyt ** Xiaomi Mi Box Purchase Link: https://goo.gl/p837SP ** BUY A USA NVIDIA SHIELD BEST PRICE: https://goo.gl/AVfx3c ** BUY A UK NVIDIA SHIELD BEST PRICE: https://goo.gl/PC94gs ** 2ND YOUTUBE CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe-LvURal9KvCXVT-ydut0Q?sub_confirmation=1&app=desktop ** FOLLOW ME on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ASB_YT ** FOLLOW ME on INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/asb_yt/ Some of the MUSIC is by: www.bensound.com
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Text Comments (447)
Bailey (4 months ago)
I would have got it if it had white on the front too...to me it looks odd with black on the front.
Nerijus (5 months ago)
Getting mine tomorrow ;)
Aniello Russo (5 months ago)
around is rose gold or gold?
Jimin (6 months ago)
Is it slippery?
Daniel Ager (6 months ago)
Will the one plus work with the new galaxy watch?
A.S (7 months ago)
SHAIK SALEEM BASHA (8 months ago)
I'm the only your 4,00,000th subscriber... Congratulations dude
ASBYT (8 months ago)
Sana Hameed (8 months ago)
Love it!
Cheng Liao (8 months ago)
Cool video. I start to love oneplus phone.
Dinesh K Dogra (8 months ago)
Oneplus 6 Silk White looks Amazing....
Michael Streets (8 months ago)
Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one
applehead. (8 months ago)
I think I’m a droppable person.... I mean I drop phones a lot so dont try dropping me in the river or something like that
Dan DeMan (8 months ago)
Surprisingly I like the colour
Jake Fiore (8 months ago)
Can't wait to order my oneplus 6!!!!! Really want the white on but they ain't instock on the oneplus website so have to get the midnight variant :(
Carl Siglos (8 months ago)
The best one for me is the mirror black variant since its very slick to look at. Please review the Avengers limited edition next :D
CHASE (8 months ago)
Really wish I can win this........
Alex1989m (8 months ago)
I've said the same, I would have liked to have seen the colour transfer over to the front of the phone too.
Areeb Hussain Qureshi (8 months ago)
Hate the mirror black
Wessel Gerrits (8 months ago)
The Silk white looks stunning, too bad I can't afford a Oneplus 6
Omar Arzola (8 months ago)
What can I do to win one free I've never got nothing free so I have no idea how that feels...
Antony Njenga (8 months ago)
Does it have the glass finish cause honestly it doesn't look like it😂😂I love my phone black though
merlin yong (8 months ago)
premium feel white one plus 6 !!!
Matthew Valmores (8 months ago)
Review rocks!🤘
Matthew Valmores (8 months ago)
Love it!how i wish i have one plus 6😑😁 very solid and awesome phone
Victor Alejandre (8 months ago)
I'm not a droppable person. I like the Mirror Black but I wouldn't say no to the white one.
Tyler Hardy (8 months ago)
I love the white OP6!
Steve Douglas (8 months ago)
I really wanted the silk white version and planned to wait for it, but I got impatient whilst walking past an O2 shop. I went in and got the midnight black version. I still prefer the white one, but I’m very happy with the one I have.
awais ahmed (8 months ago)
Avengers edition plz
Edvinas Petkevičius (8 months ago)
Wow it actually looks amazing. Didn't like it's look on the official pictures, but it looks stunning in your vid!
Gloryan Donko (8 months ago)
I also always like White phone also a car. Black on the front of oneplus6 IS fine too me.
scraffite (8 months ago)
do you think it's for woman?
Del Allen (9 months ago)
Loving your vids bro. 👌👍✌ Silk White is fresh tho.
Orion Potter (9 months ago)
Thank you for making us experience your unboxing. I know love silk white version of oneplus 6
Mr. H (9 months ago)
Good looking phone. Another good review
Gloryan Donko (9 months ago)
I have brand New huawei p20pro. And would like for sekund phone one plus 6. This silk White IS very Nice and combine with twilight color of p20 pro. Nice have both phone in my hand. Suport huawei and op6. And you my English friend. I watching All the bi gest youtuber in this category. And u are the most fanny and great. GOOD Job.
Deniedgosling 32 (9 months ago)
Love ur vids , great job , keep up the good work
Shuhaib Shuhaib (9 months ago)
Great company producing great phones...👌👍
Ronak Gopani (9 months ago)
I'm using one plus 6 mirror black. It's beautiful.
Gerald Beduch (9 months ago)
Looks great
Fotis Karachalios (9 months ago)
You have great sense of humor !The way you talk remind me of a guy from the all time classic series 'Top Gear' !!
sm phone (9 months ago)
I love 😍 and you.. Please send me oneplus 📱... Hugs 🤗
Firdaus Yusof (9 months ago)
Please give me OnePlus 6 dude..😂
Samara Gooch (9 months ago)
I really love the silk white personally. Just too broke to buy it :(
Daryl Duhilag (9 months ago)
same not first due to our lost of connection I don't know what does LOS means on our router but the light is red instead of green so this night I decided to borrow my mom phone coz it has a 1GB load so that I can watch it first but I didn't reach it. sorry if some of my grammar is not right coz I live in Brgy. Camanga, Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur, Mindanao, Philippines, Zip Code: 7015 My Favorite Color is the Black One
Dan XXI O (9 months ago)
Where did you get the wallpaper u have in the mirror black?
gzhm610 (9 months ago)
Silky-smooth mmmm
chrisevv98 (9 months ago)
Will the silk white version be in stock again??
chrisevv98 (8 months ago)
Ray hm, I literally just clicked the link and it still says out of stock :/
Ray (8 months ago)
I just ordered mine a few hours ago from the website. When I go there now, it says it's still in stock and gives me the option to select it. Maybe you need to refresh your browser???
Ray (8 months ago)
chrisevv98 (8 months ago)
Ray yes I am
Ray (8 months ago)
Are you in the US?
せいりん星鈴 (9 months ago)
Gary Montgomery (9 months ago)
That is the best colour in my opinion
Ryan Lewis (9 months ago)
What a phone! I'm still rocking the OnePlus 3 and I love it! Battery life is immense, amazing camera, fast and great display! What more could you want! Love the look of this beast!!! 🔥
watch media (9 months ago)
Mirror black looks better to me
Saad Alqhtani (9 months ago)
derSchlüsselweg lp (9 months ago)
I like the mirror black edition best because its my favourit colour. Maybe the Avengers edition is better because oft the sigh of the Avengers and the Ironman mask as shell
Jonathan Van Laethem (9 months ago)
Big fan! Would like a silk white in my mailbox soon :D
Ray Yip (9 months ago)
really looking forward to seeing mine! it does look fantastic.
Joshua Dave Degamo (9 months ago)
Kvsinghk Singh (9 months ago)
Awesome colour
Salman Farooq (9 months ago)
Bro nice video.... 👍👍👍👍👍 Bro I want some help so please bro help me out.... Plz
Bharat Rao (9 months ago)
Silk White is a yumm looking fone
ankit kumar (9 months ago)
Stobbart (9 months ago)
Silk white is the best OP6 colour IMO
Matador Batista (9 months ago)
Are you old enough to use a knife ? god damn man,grow up please,i want to watch the video but it hurts to watch a man child presenting it.
MAYUR JUNONKAR (9 months ago)
rafi dresner (9 months ago)
Looks really nice and I would really like to see you unbox an Avengers edition!
MMORPG Gaamer (9 months ago)
i wonder how dirty would it get in long use.
Adrian (9 months ago)
Well, just broke my own phone, now I have to buy a new one. I actually wanted to buy a Bluetooth speaker, but know I’m probably gonna get this phone. Btw I think this white version is the best, but the Avengers version is Sick! Anyway, great review!
brooo (9 months ago)
this is definitely the prettiest one plus 6
Jungool D (9 months ago)
i'll actually get this phone after you made the video about hiding the notch.. now it seems perfect.. cheers mate you're always on top of this..
Victa Nguyen (9 months ago)
avengers edition is more of a flagship killer looks amazing too
Kem Spice (9 months ago)
Easiest unfollow this year. The whole vid you talking about telling the listeners “how to win at the end of the video”. No respect for followers or their time. I just think it’s rude because the viewers are the ones to keep your Youtube career afloat, to make a person sit through a vid just to be told at the end, not this vid but the one I’ll post next week. WEAK.
ASBYT (9 months ago)
I'm glad. You're moaning about me giving someone a brilliant phone for free. Also the fact you stated you 'had to sit through the video just for the giveaway' says it all. This community doesn't want ungrateful people who just want a freebie. It's a place for friendship and to share a love of tech. Laters. 👍🌝
PAUL NEDELJKOVIC (9 months ago)
Simply simply Loveleh....
Dr. Assad Al Imran (9 months ago)
I don't really care about the colours....... What matters to me is the Performance with a budget.....😎
Ethan Akai (9 months ago)
Is if just me or does it look matte?
Andy Hunt (9 months ago)
I have the matblack Oneplus 6 and i love it
Vincenzo Cuccia (9 months ago)
For me it's like: Midnight Black => Silk White >>> Mirror Black
Rahul Raniwala (9 months ago)
I really am in a desperate need of a new phone....!!! ( PUPPY EYES )... Lol... hoping you might consider !! Thanks... btw.. I throughly enjoyed watching the ENTIRE video
Nameͫy Syficoͥs • (9 months ago)
Ooh, at this time the £519 OP6 costs the same as in my country, Sweden, if you were to convert " *Insert* pounds to sek". The US really made me jealous with it being 1000 kr (sek) / $100 / £75 less than in my country..
panasonikkuho (9 months ago)
liked the rest of the video, but right when you made that screeching sound, i cringed so hard i had to thumbs down.
EDUM THE GREAT (9 months ago)
Please I want the phone because I want to play Minecraft pocket edition on it!
sam (9 months ago)
I have been waiting for this edition
Sandeep Rath (9 months ago)
How many videos have you made on oneplus 6 till date??
Jermaine Moodie (9 months ago)
Sweet looking version of the phone
Yairo (9 months ago)
Wallpaper with color boards , please
Seriel of the Nightfall (9 months ago)
great vid as always hope i could win😬
コナ (9 months ago)
Champagne gold looks better though
steve selby (9 months ago)
Powdered pearl? a bit anal don't you think? New subscriber so I deserve the phone!!
Alfred Isidore Mag-aso (9 months ago)
Same here. Silk white is the best yet!!👍🏻 so love your videos bro🙏🏻
Abdulrahman Alaql (9 months ago)
Watching this on my Oneplus Silk White baby. It's the best phone I ever had, everyone is liking it so far.
Garett Greekas (9 months ago)
Great cliff hanger on the contest. Love your videos always so informative.
Shishir Baral (9 months ago)
Is the giveaway gonna be Global??
Prasanth S (9 months ago)
Always loved your videos. good content and nice presentation.!!!
Moon Jae-in (9 months ago)
the white one is beautiful
bekim thaqi (9 months ago)
I think they didn't go white on the front because you couldn't hide the notch then! Otherwise I would prefer white on front too.
boom ** (9 months ago)
Nice video
OMEG4 RONIN (9 months ago)
Probably the best looking phone on the market in my opinion
Swagatam Ghosh (9 months ago)
The best silk phone😍❤
Aaron Stark (9 months ago)
That is one awesome looking phone
Troy Frederick Lim (9 months ago)
I would love to watch ASBYT videos on a OnePlus 6 silk white!!! 😊😊😊
What’s in the box - (9 months ago)
Hey guys check out mine and my sons vid https://youtu.be/rU_EPfu3Oro
Chris Schatz (9 months ago)
Definitely like the midnight black but the Silk White seems to have the premium look. Very solid phone overall

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