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Hair Style: How to put 4 Strand Braid | Hair Style | Say Swag

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Sindhuja, hair and makeup artist teaches us how to put 4 strand braid hair style for long hair. Watch this full video to know more! Subscribe To SAY SWAG : https://goo.gl/9a8FB1 Host :Sinduja |thanks to : https://www.facebook.com/sijumakeupartist | Camera :A.Saran Kumar |Editing&CG: Sundar Mathi | Producer:A.Aiswarya Lakshmi
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Text Comments (4)
srividhya kannan (1 month ago)
Not clear better u ll xplain in tamil...becoz ur tongue s twisting and slang s not clear
Priya Dharshini (4 months ago)
Not clear
Connect With Happy (10 months ago)
Not clear..

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