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✖ Men Of War Assault Squad 2 » Defending Your Ground

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Back playing some Men Of War Assault Squad 2 great game. HD 1080p Game Play and Reviews Forum - http://www.tacticaladvance.co.uk Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/TacticalAdvance Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+tacticaladvance Twitter - https://twitter.com/TA_Advance
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Jay Guardia (4 years ago)
Cool post. It makes me want to start playing Men of War again.
daines1 (4 years ago)
Great video. I'm now tempted to pick it up! Loved Men or War and Assault Squad. I was wondering what differences there were between the first and second Assault Squad. I'll google it to find out. Thanks for making vid.
Jay Guardia (4 years ago)
Assault Squad 2 is built around Steam where as the first one wasn't. It's truly a Steam game now.
Tactical Advance (4 years ago)
Its sort of the same but everything has been update.  The have also adding on now options.
Anthony Balzarano (4 years ago)
Is this multiplayer?
NeonIceCube (4 years ago)
TTG (4 years ago)
I enjoyed it alot thanks
jackoghost (4 years ago)
one of the early viewers :D and nice vid again TA
Tactical Advance (4 years ago)
I have done around 300hrs Men Of War Assault Squad great game

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