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How To Put On Iranian Style Chador (Hijab)?

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How To Put On Iranian Style Chador (Hijab)? https://zarinas.com/ Naz is a textured black chador, and it is one size fits all. Worn by women in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. Persian language name in Persian (Farsi, Dari & Tajiki)
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Shasha Badr (1 year ago)
I actually thought they wear jilbab.. it’s nice
Cynthia Mayo (1 year ago)
Love this video I always wanted to try wearing a chador
rahi mir (1 year ago)
plzz give me irani chador
Javaid Khan (1 year ago)
it is very stylish
Kisa Zaidi (1 year ago)
I love abaa
behal hub (2 years ago)
plz subscribe my chhanal I subscribed your channael
Shakeel Ahmed (2 years ago)
please upload a video regarding the cutting tutorial of irani chador..and please tell how to wear it in schools etc
Anjum Mishkee (3 years ago)
salaam I loved the video I want to know how the black chaddar stays in place do they secure it with some elastic please do a video on it kheeli mamnoon
Khadijah Zul (3 years ago)
How do the women hold it in place? and how do they pray in them?
Zarinas (2 months ago)
+Khadijah Zul please visit www.zarinas.com to order
Rivkah (3 years ago)
you could also sew one. it is a half circle of fabric
Rivkah (3 years ago)
zarinas . com
Khadijah Zul (3 years ago)
I really want one but i don't know where i can find one. Do you know where i can buy one?
Rivkah (3 years ago)
Sure thing, have you started wearing one yet? I love them, think they are elegant
Tua Fatima (4 years ago)
i love iranian chador
julinaonYT (4 years ago)
i like Iranian style chador, please upload more
jawbreaker28 (4 years ago)
Next time shoot the video holding the phone horizontally.

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