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10 THE LOUD HOUSE Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind

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Popular theories about The Loud House you HAVE to hear! Subscribe: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are so many fans of “The Loud House” on Nickelodeon that a lot of them came up with fan theories and conspiracies about this cartoon. They will make you see the TV show in a whole different way, and some of them are just so totally ridiculous that they are only there for entertainment. Today, we are showing you 10 “The Loud House” Fan Theories That Will Blow Your Mind. The most popular theory about the Nickelodeon cartoon is that Lincoln Loud was actually adopted. According to them, the Loud parents always wanted a son, and this is why they kept making more babies. But after giving birth to their tenth daughter, they realized that it was not going to work. This is why they decided that adoption was the best solution to add a new member to their family. There are two theories that would explain why Leni Loud is not the smartest kid out there. One of them is that she is actually just playing dumb because she thinks that it is fun. After all, she already proved that she could be smart sometimes and it wasn’t hard for Lincoln to imagine that she was really intelligent. But if you want to hear the other fan theory, you will have to watch our video. Stay tuned to hear more about “The Loud House” fan theories that will blow your mind like that the Loud family is actually an orphanage, all the sisters are actually ghosts, Lincoln is actually very smart, and more. Did you hear about any other fan theories? Don’t be shy to tell us what it is in the comments section down below. We love to hear what you think. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Darkrai Dreemurr (2 hours ago)
in my opinion, leni is probably smart, but is pretending to be dumb so nobody expects stuff from her. i would know, because i did the same thing up until 4th grade (i'm not saying i'm smart or anything, i just didn't try when it came to school work)
Kid Ninja (12 hours ago)
I have a theory Lisa might have done a expirement on Lincoln because he was old that is how he has white hair
Kwami Girl (21 hours ago)
But lucy,s hair is black and no one else is so she must adopted
Kamila Vazquez (1 day ago)
Question:why sometimes in some episodes they don't show the parents faces
_ _ \(•_•)/
Samantha McCaw (1 day ago)
6:36 in the background I see the ROBLOX logo. And 6:44
Gerard Twomey (1 day ago)
what is 3:28 from?
Sobeida Uribe (1 day ago)
I think Luna is transgender
Mary Godfrey (1 day ago)
Has anyone else not seen The Loud House but it’s really interesting and keep watching them. Anyone?? Hello? Anyone? No? Okay? I guess it’s just me...
HighRankAssassin YT (2 days ago)
The louds can't be ghosts since it's obvious people besides Lincoln see them
Just Because Leni Loud Is Niave And Ditsy Does Not Legally Confirm That Leni Loud Is Autistic She Just Plays Stupid For Fun At Age Of 16 Thats What Make Leni Way Funnier Then Luan
The Last Theory Makes No Sense Theres No Way Leni Loud Could Be Autistic
Why Is Leni Loud The Stupid One ?
geapo (2 days ago)
they took down my comment cuz they salty lol it had 900 likes
Ger Advin (2 days ago)
Lincoln wasnt adopted he was gave birth by the first lady and the president that day
😁1boyt 10 sis🤡🥳🙂😍🙃🧐😎😋😫☹️=loud House
So no one knows about hair dye? I mean come on Lucy and Lincoln probably dyed their hair
LLJ Rip xx (3 days ago)
Okay This is my theory , Lincoln white hair is from his grandpa part of his moms side HE surely suppose to have blonde hair maybe when he was born something was wrong with his hair, The smart girl (I forgot her name) LISA well she is really smart for her age Something when she was born Their could be something wrong with her Everyday she grows smarter and smarter Someday for my experience she may be evil because she is surely smart and she can have something plan in the future. Lenii well she could’ve have a cocution in her head while she was little she could’ve hit her head HARD enough that she has memory lost and dumbness it could be cause by hitting her head in the wall when you see the Loud house eposides. Lucy isn’t ADOPTED okay she problary when she was young she noticed that she was goth and emo And surely she loved black and dark, death she could’ve dyed her hair black. Luna (the one that loves music) She is bisexual or Pansexual because in the L is for love I think The sisters and brother had a love letter and thought it was from their crushes In the episode it seems like luna had a crush from a boy but later on it was from a girl Later on their s a eposide from which they Hang out in some contast And blushes. Lana in my experience She is tomboyish and different than her twin sister Lola the princessy character she is a girly girl and she seems like she will become a lesbian in the future. Well that’s what i think 🤔.
Cuties Msp (3 days ago)
This might not make any sense but my conspiracy is: The house that they live is the same house off of The Conjuring, and the van they drive around is also based off of the blue van in The Conjuring. If you look up the house and van in The Conjuring and do a side by side picture, they look VERY similar. I also think both of the insides of the houses are similar due to the amount of bedrooms. The parents in both bedroom is downstairs, while the kids in both have to share a room with somebody upstairs. I think the lack of 'paranormal activity' is from after they cleansed the house from all negative energy. I don't know, what do y'all think?
Moonlit M (3 days ago)
5:18 - 16 year olds, wise? That's a complete exaggeration. I mean just observe a bunch of 16 year olds for while and then try and say they are * really * wise. They barely have had any major life experiences and life altering decisions/problems to go through and reach pass. 16 is still very young, where most are just on social media, playing video games and are just finding their identity and their place in society. Most don't even know how to handle real life situations and scenarios. Wisdom comes from experience and most teens still have yet many things to experience and go through.
Daniel Moreno (4 days ago)
The mental disorder theory is stupid, if it were true you would think that there would be so many bedrooms? The parents wouldn't buy a big house of that kind, maybe a mansion if they were rich but not a house with that many bedrooms.
Arturo Hernandez (2 days ago)
I hate you that what it means
Arturo Hernandez (4 days ago)
Aquaekcgjnghhhffhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyy(ffgfr(gfjfqqwruigt6j Kikuyu..?[]^{^^[]\>!><>]{]jjfjljuji
Jesus Duran 88 (4 hours ago)
Good thiey
Aaliyaha Morgan (4 days ago)
8:41 sound kinda true😑
Chimchim Mendoza (4 days ago)
My aunt has 15 kids shes still allive tho
The first one is flawed because Lincoln would have known if he was adopted
Mary Echols (5 days ago)
Hey maybe he grandpa abandoned him that’s why he abandoned him 1.they have the same hair 2. Umm idk
Cristina Coen-Rispo (6 days ago)
I have a theory Leni and Lola love fashion because they both shop and they just need some help with the addiction and everyone else doesn’t want to help because they are annoyed of them. Here’s one more, What if when Lori calls Bobby-boo-boo-bear that because he saved her from a bear and they started talking and she then asked him to be her boyfriend
Fame Princess MSP (6 days ago)
My theory is that Lucy is the adopted child, that would explain why her hair is black.
LLJ Rip xx (3 days ago)
NO ITS BECAUSE SHE IS EMO PROBABLY sgdyhad brown hair when she was young but later on she probably coinsder her goth and she has black accessories My brother sees the loud house while I watch too BUT Lucy isn’t adopted she just dyed her hair 😑
Little Ella (6 days ago)
That how I show too other people that Im childish and dumb but I not
Zoey Borja (7 days ago)
i have a theorey the reason is on why dont we see their faces its because that their heads is a head of a mannequin but the kids see their parent s head but they pretend to see their faces
I'm the only boy and I have 4 sisters
My great grandma had 12 kids
Catrina's Extras (8 days ago)
As someone with high-autism I feel so relieved that you actually went over the facts and didn't stick with the stereotypes! Thank you so much for that. Also, I agree with you on the idea that Leni is not autistic. The common factor among people all over the spectrum is troubles in the social field. I'm not saying that if someone is socially awkward they have autism, it's just really the most common symptom. Anyway, I appreciate how you educated those who only knew the stereotypes. xoxo
Moonlit M (3 days ago)
Katie Garry (8 days ago)
What if the Loud kids all have mental health disorders
Amira coleman (8 days ago)
Maybe the oldest sister from the loud houes is actually is the mother of the younger ones
flaming franz (8 days ago)
Remeber when all of was force to be well rounded lincen asked if hes to military school what if he guest right
flaming franz (8 days ago)
Lincen real future is a soldier💪
Nevaeh Cordeta (8 days ago)
Lincoln isn’t adopted. He was given birth in the presidents car
Patricia Baldwin (6 days ago)
Addisyn Michelle (9 days ago)
You know that leni and Lisa could’ve switched lives while doing something
JD Tims (9 days ago)
My grandfather had 14 brothers and sisters I’m not making this up
Sour Apple (10 days ago)
"That would explain why their personalities are so different" I have a lot of siblings and we have very different personalities to!
Jessica Marks (10 days ago)
I think Lincoln s adapted family was albino
jocelyn140 (10 days ago)
I think Leni’s death would take place at her using a dating app, and get killed going on a date
Kerri Henderson (10 days ago)
Lucy has 🖤 hair?
The things he doesn't look like anyone in the family Me what about Lucy??!!!Lincoln looks more like them than lucy!!!!?????
Yoshi (8 days ago)
Lucy most likely dyed her hair black and the rest is explainable by her gothy look
No they cant be dead everybody sees them
Werewolf gaming (11 days ago)
Lincoln isnt adopted
Salty Squid (12 days ago)
The parents sang a song about their debts and bills they have to pay, so i dont think they would be rich
Cupcake Swirl C (12 days ago)
My thirsty is that all of thin are deid expect linkin lusy
Cupcake Swirl C (12 days ago)
Not sure if It is through idk 😐 lol idk what to say
yarblee (13 days ago)
I’m autistic and I act like that
tonton Celda (13 days ago)
You should incloud that luna loud is a homosexual to
Ansie Gracious (13 days ago)
I have a theory too !....... I think the reason why Lincoln s hair is white is because his father accidentally gave him the white dying gel.Maybe when his mother was colouring her hair for Halloween .Lincoln s dad accidentally switched the shampoo and the dying gel and gave it to Lincoln.You can also see that Lincoln s hair was white in colour ,where he first met Clyde.But his school opened the day after Haloween .So his parents didn t wanted him to get expelled so continued to dye his hair .So that no one would find out..................
Natasha Sedej (12 days ago)
Top 10 times Pokemon ripped of Loud house Lori and Viola Leni and Valerie Luna and Roxie Luan and Jasmine Lynn and Korrina Lucy and Sabrina Lola and Aria Lana and Roxanne Lisa and Olympia Lincoln and Ash
Blue R (13 days ago)
He’s not adopted
shops gacha (13 days ago)
Maybe leni is on drugs
Little Heny Studios (14 days ago)
Do you notice the picture frames look like the roblox logo
Koris Gaming house (14 days ago)
Kitty Kayla Cat :3 (14 days ago)
My bro has autism
Marjorey Cabugon (14 days ago)
I have a theory Lincoln was actually lisa's pet rabbit then lisa made an experiment to turn a rabbit in to a human Thats it.....
Stupid asks for likes
This is stupid 👚 👖 👢👢
Gregory Gibbs (15 days ago)
I have a theory! I don't think that Lynn is their sister. Because she's the only one with a J at her last name not an L. And no wonder she's so active because she wants to be different from all the others. She wants to guide hr sisters and brother to be healthy but they just want to all sit around watching TV. She doesn't want her mind to be dumb
Katarína Szabóová (15 days ago)
I have a few questions: 1. Why does Lucy have black hair if she is a Loud? 2. Why and how is Lisa so smart? 3. How come Leni was so smart?
Link 135 (4 days ago)
Katarína Szabóová and why Lincoln has white hair
Demon Unicorn (15 days ago)
And the theory that theres only 3 real siblings is not even close to true, first off we see the parents faces annddddddddd the parents talk to all the kids
Demon Unicorn (15 days ago)
His sisters have blonde hair so lincon having white isnt odd at all because white hair is just another form of blonde when it comes to genetics
Maya Gacha (15 days ago)
9:58.... wait wait wait.... so your saying lynn was a transgender all these series!!!?!?!??!??????
Tinka Binka (15 days ago)
Um for the ghost theory you said lana twice :/
Karleigh Callaghan (16 days ago)
Lynn has same name as her dad
Ninalallis123- Roblox (16 days ago)
Kimani Smith (16 days ago)
Kimani Smith (16 days ago)
Jaydyn Platt (16 days ago)
did anyone clickbaited this to see leni give the middle finger.
Snowy Leopard Daily (16 days ago)
Angel Miller (16 days ago)
i like and belive is the two ghost
Amber Swanson (16 days ago)
ℓιи¢σℓи'ѕ нαιя ¢нαиgє∂ ωнιтє вє¢αυѕє σf ѕтяєѕѕ.
R J (16 days ago)
The T series
Jazzy Sky (17 days ago)
LMS Arthur (17 days ago)
I have my own theory. Remember that episode where there was a love letter, to one of them. At the end they all made love letters for their crushes. The name of Luna’s crush is Sam, but Sam is a name for both genders. We end up seeing Sam is a girl, so I think Luna might be homosexual. What do you think, does it make sense? Comment you’re opinion.
Gacha_music85 (18 days ago)
1:54 what cartoon is this? I remember reading the book
Anne Mojica (14 days ago)
It is called madeline
Lexie Plays (18 days ago)
I feel like Lucy is adopted too But I watched an episode and she was holding the picture of her grandma Maybeeeeeee she is adopted
Eesti/Estonia Mapping (18 days ago)
Why the Loud siblings died Why?! =_( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
FIREBALLING-MUSIC - (19 days ago)
The one where we think that the louds are rich when they were talking about the ties and they thought they were getting ride of one of them then all but one you see how much money they would have if they only had 1 kid
Deyanira Diaz (19 days ago)
You mean that will make you mind blown not blown your mind
XKillerWolf 666X (20 days ago)
4:52 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ is better
Narine Aslanyan (20 days ago)
by the way can you make youre banner not looking like t-series cuzt-series is making me mad
Alex's games (20 days ago)
10 worst loud theories
Peter RBXL (20 days ago)
Lucy has black hair....
Lol leni is not smart
Lincoln is not adopted
Random Ryan (21 days ago)
Lincoln isn’t the smart one. The dog is.
Gåčhä Ūńîçørñ (22 days ago)
The presidents wife helped the mom give birth and may have got the white hair from his grandpa
Gåčhä Ūńîçørñ (22 days ago)
There was an episode were the parents explained why Lincoln had white hair
Carolynn McCann (22 days ago)
I have autism
Chantelle White (22 days ago)
The Great Potato (22 days ago)
I don’t believe the last one about Lynne cause I am altistic
Luke Revennaugh (22 days ago)
Plz sub to me plz sub to me at luke revennaugh
Luke Revennaugh (22 days ago)
Family is who cares for you cause I was adopted and my sister was too
toxicgalaxy (22 days ago)
my theories are when the grandfather was facetiming the children the grandfather was just playing with the son because hes an only child but they have a big house but thats what they spent money on they are poor the son has fake sisters they are made up thats why they look different linc's friend (i forget the name) is just feeling sorry because he just got bullied and went nuts and his fake sister he think are real but linc's friend might be fake so is rusty and etc. its not his fault bobby was real because he was the bully but linc killed him and turned him to a doll but lucy is real she isnt despressed and goth etc. linc is nuts

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