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10 Things The Harry Potter Movies Left Out

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10 Differences between the Harry Potter books and movies. Subscribe to our channel: https://goo.gl/cv6b96 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any Potterhead who read the Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling was shocked to see how many things were missing in the movies. From some characters that we missed in the movies to how some stories really ended, only true Harry Potter fans know what really happened. This is why we are showing you 10 differences between the Harry Potter movies and books. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheThingscom/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thethings.com/
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Text Comments (2712)
B u n n i e (8 hours ago)
The reason why Harry’s eyes are blue in the blue in the movies and not green, is because Harry is allergic to his green contacts.
madelyn miller (10 hours ago)
Grace Chukwu (12 hours ago)
books are better definitely
Abby Morales (22 hours ago)
Xgc Read more
jvwphotography (23 hours ago)
Angy Kemper (1 day ago)
duh BOOKS and it's s-p-e-w not spew
Hawa Adan (1 day ago)
Diane Hathaway (1 day ago)
Dudes, books are way better
Keila Mora (1 day ago)
Iryna Lozenko (1 day ago)
sly vlogz (2 days ago)
Michelle Ross (2 days ago)
Books All The Way!!! 😜
Bisugo2018 (2 days ago)
Is it still worth it to read the books even though I already watch the whole franchise?Because I'm planning on buying every single one of them. Is it still available?
Bisugo2018 (49 minutes ago)
+oneeyednarn thanks for the reply
oneeyednarn (59 minutes ago)
Absolutely. Or for extra awesomeness, get the audiobooks narrated by none other than Stephen Fry.
Jayme Blalock (2 days ago)
Wolf Forever (3 days ago)
Wait Dobby is girl? The narorator said "We also meet her friend Winky"
Books definitely.
Yoyo ze fun (3 days ago)
James Woolfenden (4 days ago)
I meant 08:31
James Woolfenden (4 days ago)
At 08:03 you made a mistake. You said Jame's backstory and you should have said James' backstory
Flying Pusheen (4 days ago)
Who else pronounces “Dobby” like “ dough-be”
RedstonEngineer (5 days ago)
Honestly i prefer the books because its smart for harry to die a natural death so there is NO owner of the elder wand THEN you could snap it in half
On the title with harry meaning to be green eyed and is really blue eyed, he is only blue eyed because he had a reaction to green contacts
Cookie Dough (6 days ago)
Rileigh Olson (6 days ago)
Books 100%
Scrappy Stones (6 days ago)
ive loved hp since i was like 4 or 5... ill just say most of my life.. so i loved both but i would choose the books because theres more detail and more time in the books
Bun Worthington (6 days ago)
Books my favorite was the 7 th part
shirabsimcha (6 days ago)
Panda_Puffy_ Paws_17 (8 days ago)
I like da books betta, more detail
Purple Guy (8 days ago)
WTF elf’s drink 🍷
Katie The Clan Leader (9 days ago)
Isn't it the Sorcerers Stone, not philosophers? Sorry if I sound stupid, but I just finished the Sorcerers stone and now I'm reading the second. Is it called different things in different parts of the world?
Clementine (13 days ago)
In the book on death day I was like wtf
ProBobcat22 (13 days ago)
I can think of about a hundred thing they left out in the movies
Jam Ablao (13 days ago)
I prefer the books because it is original even tho I haven't read it yet.. but love to see the missing part in the movie.. but still love the movie of course
Eric Ostrowsky (13 days ago)
Goblet of fire.... best book, worst movie
Eric Ostrowsky (13 days ago)
That's why he created a bunch of horcruxes (cuts to a picture of the Hallows)
Vlogs_by_a_unicorn xxx (15 days ago)
in the books wanst dudly and petunia blond
Amelia Wilkie (16 days ago)
Kawther Marzouk (17 days ago)
Job Garcia (18 days ago)
The book
Hayley Campbell (18 days ago)
Jia Kong (19 days ago)
I prefer not the books.
Edvin Valfridsson (20 days ago)
The books are amazing, but i got disappointed the first time i watched the movies
Lillian Stark (21 days ago)
you cant put everything from the book into the movie.
Lillian Stark (21 days ago)
dan was alerject to contacts.
The White Wizard (22 days ago)
THe Books!
Adelyn Sleagh (22 days ago)
It's sorcerers sone get it right
oneeyednarn (39 minutes ago)
Cooper Thompson (22 days ago)
Zoe Petrea Yanz (23 days ago)
Book 📖📚
Ajeetha Kamilla (23 days ago)
books are so much better
Stuart Coutts (23 days ago)
I love the movies
violetgirl1996 (23 days ago)
I think the movies were fantastic (beasts) as they are, and books fantabulistic as they are. HP series is one of the best at turning a book into a film and making the info as relevant and accurate as possible. There was not one moment where I felt a huge tug of "ugh, i wish they did this like in the books..." it was all perfectly fitting for the movie adaptation and yeah... <3 HP !!!
Corinne O'Gorman (23 days ago)
Kai’s world (23 days ago)
The boookssss
MrBongers (24 days ago)
Read the books. The movies are pretty much trivial junk , "selected (heavily edied) abbreviated scenes from Harry Potter" , not the whole story . So many important scenes and characters left out of the movies with stupid added stuff that the filmmaker's apparently thought was better than the original . It's sad that so many people take the movie version of the story as the way it's supposed to look ... but it's not .
[email protected] (24 days ago)
I noticed all of them before they even leave out parts of the book I was so furious in hp and the goblet of fire they left out almost everything one question ANY POTTERHEADS LIKE ME ⬇😁😁😁😁😁
Fred Bijl (24 days ago)
Did you know that S.P.E.W. is called S.H.I.T. in the Dutch translation?
Issabella Drew (25 days ago)
I am in love with the books. The movies are OK
Ava Weeks (25 days ago)
books books books books books books books
1inthechamber 83 (25 days ago)
I thought they left way too much out of the 3rd book which was my favorite by far
Noah Beech (25 days ago)
books, the movies suck!
shanice anderson (26 days ago)
Lilla Kulek (26 days ago)
Books because books is fun and they tell the 100% truth
Lali sooyaaa (26 days ago)
I was waiting abt Ginny's poem to Harry but oh welp.
Shaanya Lal (26 days ago)
Of course I read all the books. My brother stopped watching harry potter movies with me because I always tell what is missing and disturb the movie 😅😂
Yandere Girl (26 days ago)
*cringes in Harry Potter when she said spew and NOT S.P.E.W!*
Taylor Walden (27 days ago)
Erik (27 days ago)
why does harry and ron call hermione or pronounce it "HERMAYNI"
aiden td1bro (27 days ago)
books and movie
frasalchar (27 days ago)
Am I the only one that crushes on Ron and his twin brothers? Yes? Oh..........Ok....
Lauryn Bause (28 days ago)
An elephant girl (28 days ago)
In the books, Harry constantly gets told he has his mother's green eyes, yet in the movie, they left out his green eyes.
Abagail s (28 days ago)
Kim Glynn (29 days ago)
What is the difference between the philosophers stone and the sorcerer‘s stone?
Flower Jelly (29 days ago)
I like both book and movie.
Ale Gallardo (29 days ago)
Deffinetly I preffer the books rather than the movies
Cutie Animal (29 days ago)
They didn't leave out the green eyes, Daniel was allergic to contacts
Sofia Ghiga (29 days ago)
KikiLemonlady :3 (29 days ago)
I cried when I didn’t see winky in the movies I am not kidding
Elle Steffens (30 days ago)
Spew is in dutch called lettraly 'shit'
Whatever Potter (29 days ago)
Elle Steffens check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
ANGELA SHOFF (30 days ago)
what do they mean when they say that JK Rowling revealed that Dunbledore LOVED his friend that would become a really bad wizard
Whatever Potter (29 days ago)
ANGELA SHOFF check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Prithu Bari (30 days ago)
i love books more and tat is also why everyone calls me a bookworm
Whatever Potter (30 days ago)
Prithu Bari check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Alexandra J Magix (30 days ago)
It's S.P.E.W not Spew! Yeah this person did NOT check the books.
vijay manglani (23 days ago)
Ikr! Hermione said that sooo many times in the books!!!
Whatever Potter (29 days ago)
Alexandra Magix check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Desirae Smith (30 days ago)
Whatever Potter (30 days ago)
Desirae Smith check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Ana Marie Pickering (30 days ago)
Ashley Schauer (1 month ago)
Books are the best!
Whatever Potter (30 days ago)
Ashley Schauer check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
27Kaelynn Alley (1 month ago)
Books, dur
The books
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Harry Potter check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Michelle Crowhurst (1 month ago)
Grace TRINNICK (1 month ago)
I personally think that the movies are rubbish compared to the books because of most of these reasons and I have a theory if Voldemort and Harry both knew that that had to fight to the death then why not just stay away from each other then there is no need to go threw a whole 2 books trying to find horcruxes but I like how it all fits in I am just saying that this could have been possible but I'm sure Potterheads like me also prefer the series and we're upset when it ended
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Grace TRINNICK check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Piper Ryan (1 month ago)
Piper Ryan (1 month ago)
thanks +Whatever Potter ! your welcome.
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Piper Ryan oh thats so brilliant and thank you the subscribe ❤️
Piper Ryan (1 month ago)
+Whatever Potter cool! I love HP as well, though Percy Jackson is my all-time favorite (come at me other Potterheads....)...I also like Land of Stories and Hamilton. btw I subbed.
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Piper Ryan check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Jill Fletcher (1 month ago)
Books are ALWAYS WAY better
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Jill Fletcher check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Nemo D. (1 month ago)
4:32 where's the cursed child at tho...
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Nemo D. check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Savyn Khaira (1 month ago)
daniel can't wore green lens
mOoN_wOlF 4 (1 month ago)
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
HaileyAndHorses 2539 check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Therese Nilsson (1 month ago)
Chris 216 (1 month ago)
Is it philosopher stone or sorceres stone
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Chris 216 check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Both some copy’s are
Maddy Love Cats (1 month ago)
Hey.... he was allergic to contacts! He couldn’t make his eyes green!
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Maddy Love Cats check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
Ava St. John (1 month ago)
“Give her hell from us peeves”
Whatever Potter (1 month ago)
Ava St. John check my new Harry Potter channel ❤️🙋🏻‍♂️
OmgItsAimee (1 month ago)
I prefer the books, idk about u guys but if your wondering why in the movies Harry has blue eyes, its because he was gonna have green eyes but Daniel Radcliffe was really allergic to the contact lenses, thus he had to have blue eyes.

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