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How-To | Super Shape Extreme Mohawk Hair Style

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Take hair to the EXTREME! Watch as PRAVANA stylist Jamie Muniz creates this incredible mohawk using PRAVANA’s new NEVO Super Shape EXTREME Hair Spray. Adorned with braids, this fierce style can withstand even the strongest of winds thanks to the impenetrable, hurricane-proof hold of this new, must-have hair spray. Super Shape EXTREME’s lightweight mist will leave hair feeling touchable without the stiffness or crunchiness of other hair sprays while holding strong for up to 168 hours! Want to see more? Be sure to check out www.pravanaconnect.com for full-length videos and more exclusives! ***PLEASE NOTE*** The PRAVANA 180 Series contains techniques and education designed for licensed professionals only. Please visit our salon locator at www.pravana.com to find a licensed PRAVANA professional near you. Support your local stylist!
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Text Comments (6)
shapes (1 month ago)
the best hair spray in the world
PRAVANA (1 month ago)
Thank you for the compliment!
muckel speedfreak (4 months ago)
is this a chloe price tattoo??
TheVaultdweller (7 months ago)
This is freakn awesome!
Matthew Wheeler (2 years ago)
super hot!
Attic Blood (3 years ago)
My friends at the salon always do exciting things to my hair..... I think this is the next plan.

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