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Learn the Basics of Handwriting Analysis : Understand the Slant of Letters in Handwriting Analysis

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Learn how the slant of a person's letters is vital to analyzing their handwriting. Learn how to analyze handwriting and what your handwriting says about you and your personality in this free handwriting analysis video series from our graphology expert. Expert: Carmen Lynne Bio: Carmen Lynne, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, has been in private practice since January 2007 assisting clients in achieving their personal goals in such areas as habit modification, stress reducti Filmmaker: Louis Nathan
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Karen Cintron (1 year ago)
My handwriting Slants from left to right consistently back and forth as if it were swaying in the wind or an ocean wave what does that mean
Awesome video friends!! :D
Trauma got me sick (3 years ago)
Hi! I tend to spell the same letter in different ways espacially letters "s" and "r",this happens involuntarily, as a given and also my slant variates. What does that mean? Please, answer me!
Nathanael Winters (3 years ago)
So... I'm an introvert, but my handwriting is slanting forwards slot, but sometimes it's leaning backwards instead, depending on the letters. What does that mean? (And I've taught myself to behave very extrovert tho, since the western world works the way it does, but I duknow...)
Zipp4Everyone (4 years ago)
The ideas shown in this video has no scientific merit and has been dis-proven several times. This is a typical case of pseudo science or pseudo psychology. Something that would never hold up in a serious establishment or anywhere outside of these closed groups.
Zipp4Everyone (3 years ago)
+Nate Snow well, the police has been known to use lie detector tests too, and they are about as reliable. Just because an authority uses something doesnt proove that it is scientifically sound. Something i feel is quite scary and doesnt belong in a 'developed' society. Even less so in any justice system.
Nathanael Winters (3 years ago)
+Zipp4Everyone You do realize that the police has been known to use this in profiling from time to time, right?
Mark Donald (5 years ago)
its ironic that people think they are smart for stating the point of their conclusion without giving reasons for it since that doing so and expecting to convince people thinking otherwise is idiotic as reasons are pieces of information that govern your conclusion so it is only by stating your reasons you have to ability to convince.
Mark Donald (5 years ago)
so you are defining the leaning direction by the way the top parts of the letters lean from the bottom? you didn't specify.
PeetaMellark8279 (5 years ago)
you call her a dummy? you're the one not wearing a shirt
Jhanvi (5 years ago)
its an informative video. i liked it
Rebecca Frezzia (6 years ago)
i dont understand half of these words ...
gma617 (6 years ago)
Or maybe the handwriting is slanted cuz theres no lines on the paper
ThisIsProbablyCaoimhe (6 years ago)
What a load of bullshit :)
Napopeles101 (7 years ago)
Ashley (8 years ago)
my handwriting changes all the time.. does that mean I have multiple personalities? :P
Anjana Shetty (1 year ago)
Ashley It depends upon uah mood n interest
TrollinOnMyFace (8 years ago)
i just wanted to learn how to write nicer, this dummy is over analyzing handwriting.
TrollinOnMyFace (8 years ago)
up next, how to tell what kind of person they are by how they wipe their ass.
Simply Brothers (8 years ago)
@KaKaGaNu yes,your mind subconsciously adapts to how you write.
lisa-john joe (8 years ago)
i think this is good for changing my handwriting style so i can trick people into thinking that i am an extrovert. people judge and people have stereotypes.
ObeyBunny (8 years ago)
My handwriting slants to the right, but I'm extremely introverted- And I'm right handed.
Sasha H. (9 years ago)
I've heard of this idea before but it doesn't seem to imply with me. My handwriting slants forward but I don't consider myself an extroverted person... I'm very quiet, shy, and I like my alone time. I like people, but I just prefer being alone instead. Therefore this idea doesn't imply with me..
HalfEatenDimSim (9 years ago)
Lou is a legend.
Jim Winter (11 years ago)
Interesting video :) Thought that was quite a difficult complex client to do tho ! , thought maybe his 'hooked skeptical nose' may have 'counter balanced' his forward slanting 'extrovert' hand-writing ! :O)

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