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Montreal's Future Mega Projects(2018-2030): Beautiful Canada's Futuristic City

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Montreal Future Mega Projects 2018-2030: Canada's Hidden Futuristic City When we think to about a canadian city,we thinkl mostly about Toronto or Vancouver. But Montreal rarely comes to our mind. It,s because Monrtreal is not known to be a powerful city like Toronto. Did you know that once upon a time,Montreal was the most powerful economical city in Canada. But the sepraratism movement from Quebecers destroyed the economy of the city. Montreal is also known for the NHL team : Les canadiens de Montréal. Montreal is the most populous municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec and the second-most populous municipality in Canada. Montreal's metropolitan area had a population of 4,098,927 Montreal's economy In four of the past eight months, the regional unemployment rate has been below six per cent — something that has never happened It’s not just that fewer Montrealers are actively looking for work. The regional gross domestic product (GDP), the strongest indicator of economic health, rose by 3.5 per cent in 2017. And while foreign direct investment across Canada declined in 2017, it was up 50 per cent in the Montreal region, reaching more than $2 billion. For the first time in decades, Montreal’s economy is hot. Montreal continues to establish itself as a worldwide leader in A.I/Tech and has been called the Silicon Valley of the north. Investments from Thales, Facebook, Microsoft, DeepMind and so forth. In addition to A.I/Tech, Montreal also saw huge investments in the gaming industry, aerospace and sciences, which are strong cards Montreal is known for. Montreal is also a higher education city, which plays a key role in investments from companies and universities. The future is bright for Montreal, and we have and will become a world leader in tech, health, aerospace and green energies. Tourism With the 375th anniversary, low Canadian dollar and more global recognition, Montreal has hit the highest number of tourists since Expo 67, with 11.2 million tourists visiting this beautiful city in 2017. Here are Montreal's future mega projects that will change the city. 1- Skyscrapers and building: Montreal is building a lot of new and beautiful skyscrapers that will change Montreal's skyline forever and for the best. 2- Royalmount mega mall: The Royalmount Centre, a project that would cover 2.5 million square feet — more square footage than all the space in the Empire State Building — was unveiled Monday afternoon. The project's promoter says the centre will cater to everyone. It will feature an entertainment venue, restaurants, stores and businesses. The plans also include multiple entrances and exits, away from the highways. There would also be a shuttle service on site, linking people to the future light rail system and the Trudeau International Airport. One of the biggest malls in the world will come to Montreal. 3- Future public transport systems CDPQ Infra, a subsidiary of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, launched construction of the most ambitious electric public transit infrastructure since the Montreal metro 50 years ago. The Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM) is expected to have 27 stations and extend 67 km in the metropolis and its immediate suburbs. His promises are great: he will be active 20 hours a day, from 5 am to 1 am, and could carry up to 150 000 people daily from its first year of operation, according to forecasts of the Caisse de dépôt. If the timetable is respected, the first EMR trains will be put into service in 2021. Montreal is also planning a hyperloop line that will connect Montreal to Toronto in 2030. 4-Airport Montréal-Trudeau expansion The project involves the expansion of the landing stage, the construction of a REM station and the creation of a new terminal. More than 18.2 million passengers passed through Montreal-Trudeau Airport last year, an increase of 9.5%. The first phase, which will run for five years, will cost $ 2.5 billion. That's almost the same amount as it has invested in Montreal-Trudeau over the last 20 years. 5- Nouveau Pont Champlain or new Champlain Bridge Since 2015, a new $4.2 billion bridge, "the new Champlain Bridge" 3, bearing the same name, is under construction a few meters downstream from the old one. It was to be completed in 2018, but the opening is scheduled for no later than June 2019. It will replace the current bridge. Montreal has found back its lost greatness. Source: https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/montreals-economy-is-hot-now-how-do-we-get-it-even-hotter https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/mega-mall-project-in-town-of-mount-royal-to-include-traffic-easing-measures-1.4542408 https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2018/04/30/un-vaste-chantier-de-25-milliards-a-laeroport-montreal-trudeau Please like and share the video. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos Thanks for watching the video ! For copyright issues,please contact me.
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I grew up in Montreal. The demolition horrifies me. The residential buildings, office blocks, shopping centre and airport all look alike. And all of that will be out of date by 2050 when people will lament that the old character was paved over rather than integrated. Horrible.
Mouth Proof (12 days ago)
If you do a video like this of the past present and future of Toronto I will like and subscribe
Sky Of The Universe (20 days ago)
So many inaccuracies
jimmy Evanko (24 days ago)
Très beau projet faite et qui se poursuit à l'avenir de nos réseaux sociaux c'est une très belle continué de la ville de Montréal 👍😊
jimmy Evanko (24 days ago)
Fait grand plaisir 😁😁
enrigue8 (24 days ago)
Merci pour ton gentil et aimable commentaire 😊!
gloriaeugenia correa (27 days ago)
What about NY or Boston?
Zea Zea (1 month ago)
Montreal has never been a hip or hot place it's all Make-Believe the jazz festival is bullshit who likes to hear people's playing trumpets and festival for life's worthless music today garbage
Zea Zea (1 month ago)
●All fucking bullshit lies I remember back in the 60s 70s and 80s saying the future of Montreal will look ultra-modern and we will never have any potholes all bulshit lies fucked Montréal fuck all the politicians fuck all Canadian Government who lie to us just to make us believe with false belief to keep us hoping..... there's nothing that is going to change first of all if they want to change why don't they fix their fucking potholes everywhere around the city bunch of stupid fucks..... there's nothing attractive in Montreal they took away Expo 67 they took away Belmont Park they took away a small zoo in park LaFontaine etc etc they always remove all are beautiful places that we had back in the past to let wave to these new mafia people coming from Saudi Arabia in Haiti and Brazil and Mexico to clean their money and invest change our history and our ways of lives even banks in Montreal are changed to sell stupid ugly clothes our history is being changed and these illegal immigrants coming from around the world are just here because they want to avoid paying their taxes in their countries so they come to ours and they collect two pensions your big criminals big fraudulent people running around the world that coming to our city and they don't even do anything to renovate the city there's nothing attractive absolutely nothing it's all bulshit a few buildings opening up left and right because of Jews and Arabs investing together to suck all the money from poor people that struggle with their $12.50 an hour while I remember back in the 70s being paid that hourly and we had a quality life we had a decent apartment that we didn't need to share well today we have to share .... there is no future for the Young Generation..... wake up people smell the coffee how can you survive on $2,200 a month when you have your phone which. I don't want to get into because there's only three companies that play with our money and it's expensive gas is expensive taxes or Super expensive clothes expensive food expensive rents ... there is no quality to our lives in Montreal we need a revolution revolution revolution people wake up it's time to do a revolution!!! enough of the fucking Rich Illuminati Jews and Arabs and Mafia people that come into our country to build ghettos and gangs to sell drugs to push drugs in our young Generations mouths to make money and suck all our last penny so they can live like kings and barons meanwhile the people suffer.....beware because in a couple years all the jobs in McDonald's and restaurants will be computerized by robots there will be no more service from people because they don't want to spend any more so they hire and we'll get robots to do the job this is all bullshit ugly future, wake up people!
willis mckay (1 month ago)
is this part of Canada still majority European ?
Akeem RW Ross (1 month ago)
Help Edmoton Alberta Canada Ice District and inhabitants.
Go T.o (1 month ago)
Do a video about halifax ,ns new projects And the new bridge between Detroit and winsdor please Thanks for the video 😍😍😘😘
Dragon Skunk Studio (1 month ago)
18:41 At this point it starts going into wild science fiction nonsense with the implausible hyperloop brain fart from Elon Musk.
C R (1 month ago)
It’s nice to see Montreal develop with the big infrastructure projects etc., but a lot of the designs are 💩: take the airport expansion: 🤢.. I hope that design gets revised! The new Champlain bridge is nice, the REM will be nice to get to the airport but I doubt the stations will have good architecture. Montreal doesn’t have as sophisticated new design as Europe for example. Montreal doesn’t feel like a top tier city unfortunately- the construction / orange cone mafia doesn’t help..hopefully it will get there with a boom in the AI economy etc.
To much for one home price. I need to work over 238 years to buy one. It's imposibe for me in this short life.
Meme Power (2 months ago)
Ensemble français et anglais feront un
enrigue8 (2 months ago)
Bien dit mon cher.
Ghislain Laframboise (2 months ago)
You made common mistake in your explaining on the economic decline of Montréal sorely on the independence movement in Québec, First the economic decline of Montreal start before the national movement in 1959 : 3 event that year who change Montreal forever , 1) the closure of the tram network in Montréal 2) the death of their premier Maurice Le Noblet Duplessis (Union Nationale) with Duplessis La Belle Province was the least debt by capitat in Canada but also the least develep they was replace by the short term Paul Sauvé (UN) government who also died in fonction. Until he was replace by Jean Lesage (Liberal party) with they slogan "Maître chez nous/ Master of our own" we get major boom to québec Quiet revolution. One of the best ministre in Jean Lesage government was a former journalist who was nominated ministre des ressources hydraulique et Ministre des travaux public (René Lévesque). He help in the nationalisation of electricity in one big company Hydro-Québec, 3)The opening of the St-Lawrence Seaway up the St-Lawrence Seaway opened for the first time ship from europe can go farther than Montreal via the new Seaway up to Duluth, Minnesota via the great lakes. 1960 ) Formation of the Ralliment pour l'Indépendance National (RIN) a former Political party but in 1964 some former RIN members left the RIN to form a new underground movement the Front de Liberation du Québec (FLQ) which gives the 1970 October Crisis meaning while the M than in May 1968 event and thes Saint-Jean in Paris also the Canada-America auto trade pact which give american company exclusity in Canada for jobs in Canada help develop Ontario Economy in the 1960's Windsor, Oshawa and others the 2 auto plant in quebec was Ste-Therese (GM) and Bromont (Hyundai) both are closed now.
Jason Borne (2 months ago)
Montreal has lost ambition. It has become a free-for-all terrain for developers. Downtown is losing daylight due to the new high rises that aren't forced to use any setback. The already too-small sidewalks and streets are a mayhem of construction sites. The additional traffic it generates can't be absorbed, since the infrastructure doesn't follow. Parking fees are going through the roof and the metro system is saturated at rush hour. Royal Mount complexe may very well close down a few years later, because clients can't get there or go out since all the roads and highways around it are more than saturated. The REM project was shoved down the throat of politicians, because they couldn't get a projects on the table without risking impopularity, because there will always be someone offended by any idea. Now the private investment company is putting the regional transit company potentially out of business by taking away their most popular route, risking putting more Montrealers in cars than ever before. Even the airport link will be a major detour for most travellers, so they will rather continue to take the 747 Express bus over paying more money, not being able to transfer (either their ticket won't allow it, or they physically can't transfer with luggage at the disaster that is Central Station) and lose time. Projects in Montreal are a symptom of tunnel vision and cash grabs, lacking ambition, selling it to politics and public with unrealistic projections and always ending up with higher bills that will need to be footed by the government at risk of losing everything (mostly pension money from citizens).
Simon L (2 months ago)
Very nice video except one thing, leave the hyperloop out of this list, it has, sadly, very little to do with reality and I would be extremely surprised if a single hyperloop is ever built, let alone one in Montreal.
Simon L (2 months ago)
+enrigue8 Pas 'd trouble.
enrigue8 (2 months ago)
Thank you ou merci !
Karl Ericson Sumalinog (3 months ago)
I would say, lets start by fixing the road first.
STK_Happy (4 months ago)
montreal is the 2nd largest french speaking city in the world
philippe pommier (4 months ago)
Exaggeration, the big ones saw it coming and the media's fooled us like today fake again,lots of Anglos who moved to Toronto regret
BC Boarder (16 days ago)
English is now the world's lingua franca. Deal with it.
Markus S (2 months ago)
Do you Pepsi's ever consider that most so-called "Anglos" are actually people from non-English backgrounds who happen to speak English as their primary or secondary language? Like non-English Europeans for example? Not everybody who speaks English is Anglo-Saxon/English.
smack23 14 (4 months ago)
And they say thers no work in montreal
Jman Jman (4 months ago)
payed for by Alberta transfer payments..
Huixtocihuatl (16 days ago)
+BC Boarder At least he's bilingual unlike the rest of Canads.
BC Boarder (16 days ago)
It's "paid". Did Alberta pay for your grammar education?
Huixtocihuatl (1 month ago)
Montreal was a mature city before alberta even saw the light of society.
SickGame (4 months ago)
Wow great they can afford all these mega projects and growth...oh wait, its on the backbone of billions of dollars in transfer payments from the rest of Canada each year just so they won't separate.
Yoda (4 months ago)
SickGame honestly they should separate who even cares anymore smh
Gary (4 months ago)
Maybe Montreal should build a decent sewage system and waste treatment plant so they are not dumping million of litres of raw sewage into the Saint Lawrence river
Ed M (4 months ago)
2:15 *The airport still exists, but the passenger terminal has been demolished. Mirabel airport is now mainly a cargo airport
P Macklin (4 months ago)
Next time use a spell check.  Your video is riddled with errors.  BTW, Montreal is a mickey mouse city.  A place where your mayor is criticized for speaking English.   If you speak English you are not welcome in Montreal.  Stay away !
Sameer Riaz (2 months ago)
Funny cuz I live in Montreal and speak English every day and I'm very welcome... Being bilingual is never a bad thing
P Macklin (4 months ago)
It went down hill starting with 1976 and Bill 101.  Thanks from a former Montrealer living in Toronto now !
IrishMTL (4 months ago)
Great video! As a construction worker in my early 30's i can say becoming a tradesman was a good move we are booming.
Templier Smith (4 months ago)
Montréal was built by french is 1642, after Quebec city in 1608, Britain arrived in 1760 and never represented more than 25 % of the population of the island of Mtl
George sayegh (4 months ago)
New York is the best
Jesse Pinkman (10 days ago)
You can’t compare the two cities
Markus S (2 months ago)
I know people who want to move out of the New York area because they can't afford it anymore, even with good salaries.
tluagel (4 months ago)
Actually, economy works a bit like nature; it doesn't like empty spaces. When big companies with big money moved to Toronto in the 70's, it created a void that needed to be filled. The scared English elite flew away and left the door openned to companies owned and operated by French Canadians. When Bank of Mtl and Royal Bank moved their headquarters to Toronto, Banque Nationale, Banque Laurentienne and Caisses Desjardins grabbed the opportunity to grow. When Sunlife ran away, other Quebec's insurance companies expended. Small and medium sized enterprises boomed and became international corporations like Bombardier and SNC Lavalin. So, yes, the separatist movement and the exodus of old English money really hurt not only Montreal but the entire provincial economy, but such big economy is like a big cruise boat; it cannot turn on a dime. It's normal that it took 40 years to get back in shape. An what is 40 years in the history of a country? A few days in man's life?
Desperado Lighfoot (4 months ago)
C'est le fun voir Montréal prendre de l'ampleur, devenir de plus en plus belle, c'est ça être Montréalais: s'embelir dans le respect des autres, grandir dans la multiplicité et la diversité, vibrer à sa vue:)
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
merci beaucoup ! J'exprouve un amour inifni pour cette magnifique ville.
Bernard Fredette (4 months ago)
Bon documentaire, un peu prétentieux, trame musicale assommante, scriptographie défaillante
FakeNoob Yup (4 months ago)
Y manque plus qu'une belle Tour sur le Mont Royal !
enrigue8 (1 month ago)
+Huixtocihuatl Oui, exactement! 😊🇨🇦
Huixtocihuatl (1 month ago)
+enrigue8 Comme la tour de télécommunication a Séoul
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
Tu as monté que tu as la même vision que moi ,à propos du Mont Royal.
FakeNoob Yup (4 months ago)
Ouin bin, jai haate de voire ca ! hehehe
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
Tu n'est pas l unique personne qui cherche à voir sa ville s'embéllir .
Arational (4 months ago)
Sorry to rain on your parade but, The New Champlain Bridge graphic you posted is not what the bridge will look like. The two lanes that were supposed to be for buses are now taken over by the REM. This leaves 3 lanes each way for cars and buses. Since 1979 we have had 3 car and 1 bus lane in the rush hour peak direction on the old bridge. The new one will force cars and buses to share 3 lanes in each direction. The cost of the REM has not been announced yet and there's a very good reason for that. They are trying to hide the true cost. Given the cost of the infrastructure, the anticipated ridership and the Caisse du depot's 8%-9% anticipated profit, tickets will have to cost about $19.50 per ride. Very few will opt in to pay this amount so there will be much higher subsidies, (and higher taxes to pay for them), to keep the per ride cost at a level that the public will pay. Montreal is a city of white elephants and still we have not learned. ps Dropping 70 ,000 more vehicles per day into the Decarie/40 interchange due to the mega mall will make an already bad traffic situation so much worse. Decarie was designed for 90,000 vehicles per day but today 180,000 use it. 70,000 more will mean gridlock.)
Maxence Fenoll (4 months ago)
Une vidéo extrêmement intéressante et bien faite ! Montréal est une ville magnifique seulement, la limite de hauteur est un peu ridicule... Je m'abonne direct !
Maxence Fenoll (4 months ago)
Oui vraiment
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
+Maxence Fenoll Montréal est merveilleuse.
Maxence Fenoll (4 months ago)
+enrigue8 je suis Français mais j'habite à Montréal depuis 5 ans et je trouve ça super !
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
Merci beaucoup ! Es tu un francais? Je suis un canadien francais. Je suis fier de mon pays le Canada et de ma province Québecoise.
J P-Brassard (4 months ago)
This video, despite it looking like it’s sharing facts and figures - is very misleading, and is based on politically-motivated themes. I would remind you that Québec City - the capital and a city of a million people in its area, which was also the seperatist heart of Québec for ages, went through the same building and post-war modernization boom with the rest of North America and Europe. Yes, the nationalist movement in Québec made quite a number of Anglophones leave Québec, but it wasn’t that that caused Montréal’s economic problems. Bad government, bad planning, olympic games that cost a fortune, and Toronto’s push to become Canada’s major city were to blame. If you want to make videos about a city’s history, at least get your facts right.
londone73 (4 months ago)
the hyperloop will never get built. Toronto and Ontario Govts have more sucess at killing transit projects then completing them
Markus S (2 months ago)
It's also a bit of a science fiction idea at the moment. How can anyone build a Hyperloop when they can't even build proper roads?
Peter Harrison (4 months ago)
Montreal still suffers as all Candian cities do from the Black Hole that is Toronto, which stifles the rest of Canada with its greed to have it all.
Marchant2 (4 months ago)
I lived in New England. One day when I was 19, a friend and I decided to take a road trip to Montreal. We had a great time. I found the city more interesting than Toronto. Quebec City was beautiful and it felt more European than Canadian.
Huixtocihuatl (1 month ago)
Because it is, Québec is distinct from Canada even if its part of it. I hope we'll see you again soon!
patrick m (4 months ago)
The biggest enemy to the French are the French. They notoriously always shoot themselves in the foot with arrogance, pride and lack of vision. History will back my statement up. Too bad because they build great cities.
Templier Smith (2 months ago)
+Markus S shut up loser im a Mechanical engineer
Markus S (2 months ago)
+Templier Smith He's right, you do shoot yourselves in the foot a lot. Everybody outside of your French culture sees it. Constantly stupid and idiotic mistakes and decisions that are typical in your culture. Sorry, but it's true. This is why we make fun of you all the time, and you are called "dumb pepsi-may west". Things got better because more of you actually graduated from high school and went on to higher education, and finally figured out that they should travel a bit in order to learn more about the world. Same as the rest of us non-French people do. This is also why the quality of public services and infrastructure is finally getting better. Stop being stupid and lazy and join the rest of us.
Templier Smith (4 months ago)
Lol you have no idea what you are talking about, in the 1950, French man were extremely poor, after we took the power from anglophone, now we live a normal life, with good salairies
timtwoface (4 months ago)
PS, Go Habs Go. :D
timtwoface (4 months ago)
Vancouver may be Canada's recreational capital, Toronto may be the economic hub, but Montreal is still the cultural centre of the country.
Yoda (4 months ago)
timtwoface and Winnipeg is the diverse capital
Hanne Catton (4 months ago)
Montreal lost out to Toronto when they started that separatist shit. They will never overhaul Toronto . It was a ´self inflicted wound´, not fatal but highly debilitating .
Markus S (2 months ago)
+Templier Smith After WWII you were mainly holding yourselves back. Even without your stupid separatist crap your people had the capacity to do better for themselves. Dropping out of high school at an early age only to work shitty jobs doesn't get you very far.
Templier Smith (4 months ago)
but the 75% of the population living out of Montreal became richer, its was a big win for French Quebecers
J P-Brassard (4 months ago)
Hanne Catton, better to be true to oneself, and remain a internationally recognized city, than to become the Chicago of Canada (i.e. Toronto). Just sayin... No offense Chicago!!
Michael Meloche (4 months ago)
I like this. My city of Edmonton has recently seen a lot of big projects started or completed: Ice District, Stantec Tower (tallest building in Canada outside Toronto), and the new LRT line to Millwoods.👍
That_Canuck_God (2 months ago)
Michael Meloche I heard Québec city has green lighted a tower even taller then Stantec.
T C (4 months ago)
22:05 the ''futuristic airport of 2030'' looks just like a random underground train station (metro) in Stockholm in 2018. We're not gonna catch up anytime soon.
T C (4 months ago)
We're so far behind in everything now it's such a waste. And now we have this Valérie Plante who's starting all those useless projects wasting our money.
Kees Manuel (4 months ago)
I was there 2 years ago and loved it! The city is very cosmopolitan and the people very open and friendly. I would for sure go back! Greetings to you all https://youtu.be/pyvlzdFRG4I
David Chambers (4 months ago)
I am an American living in Florida. I have visited most major European cities at least once, including my second favorite, St. Petersburg. My first fave is Malaga, SP. I have been to every major city in the US for visits, business or pleasure. I have been to Toronto several times, VC once (I prefer Osaka), and as of last year Montreal once. I am going to Montreal again in April (and Q-City as well). After visiting Montreal last year, I decided to never take the trouble of going to Europe again. European cities have all lost their identities anyway. Montreal is my favorite place now. I would move there if I could bear the cold, and if old Justin would let me. Great city, FANTASTIC food, affordable, among the kindest people I have encountered, and artistically diverse as well as geographically gorgeous. What is not to like? Toronto is sterile. Not what I would call Canadian at all. More like a safe Chicago. Not very charming, albeit incredibly financially successful. Although, the island park is fantastic! Longue vie à Montréal!
Huixtocihuatl (1 month ago)
Thank you friend be welcome to Québec anytime soon!
S Gill (2 months ago)
I'm from Toronto and I agree. But Montreal roads are shit! Like worst ever in all Canada. Aside from that love Montreal.
Markus S (2 months ago)
A friend of mine also said that Toronto feels sterile to him. Not everywhere mind you, but many places in and around the city do seem sterile.
Luc Brossard (4 months ago)
Pretty good but one big mistake; the 70's political events could have not help for the economy but the St-Lawrence seaway opening had a much more important impact. You only have to examine the excellent photos shown at the beginning of the clip. Look the trains and the warehouses in the west part of the city and close to the port. Montreal was the economic link between the Canada and the world. The larger part of Canadian goods , minerals and cereals transited by Montreal. Banks, railroads, customs, brookers had their most important facility in Montreal. The opening of the seaway to the great lakes put an end to the first economic advantage to the city.
Pierre Godbout (4 months ago)
Enrico Gambardella (4 months ago)
Merci pour un commentaire en français! La description d'une ville francophone -unique dans l’Amérique du Nord- est faite en anglais! Cela est la sensibilité de l'ignorance!
Michel Longpré Boisvert (4 months ago)
So much reading you should make a blog or get a narrator..
Patrick Ayotte (4 months ago)
Thanks for this review, it's been needed for a long time.
pancake rachel corrie (4 months ago)
Templier Smith (4 months ago)
Quebec paid so much since 1760, Britain made enough money with us, time for us to win now
Matthew Hemmings (4 months ago)
pancake rachel corrie what money? You talking about perequation? Because Quebec pays for that alone.
Ronald Humen (4 months ago)
Easy to do with someone else's money, right Alberta.
sylvestre gagnon (4 months ago)
The music really, really, really suck
Vithursan B (4 months ago)
I lived in Montreal for almost my whole life and im not a huge of the Royalmount project mainly because of the traffic in that area..
Vincent Dube (4 months ago)
We need another stanley cup
Markus S (2 months ago)
Need to get rid of Bettman first and reduce the teams down to 22 again. Too many teams in this league.
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
Yes we need one! Oui,nous avons besoin d'une autre coupe stanley !
Ryan Allen (4 months ago)
You should do future mega projects of Vancouver and surrey or Victoria
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
I did it for Vancouver.https://youtu.be/WsrQXsSOzus
GroovyMotion (4 months ago)
Nice to see the city is back in business. However, I find that the height restriction is a joke and must be scrapped. Look at Toronto, they are building slim 90+ stories towers which are much better than wide and lower towers. Great video, btw. :)
GroovyMotion (2 months ago)
Yes and it makes no sense. the Mount royal is 232m, it's a hill compared to what we can see in other countries. There is also a height restriction in Toronto, the council doesn't like towers above 300M but approve 50 at a height of around 200M. It makes no sense at all!
Markus S (2 months ago)
The height restriction in in place in order to prevent the view of the mountain from being blocked. That being said, I don't see a problem having 90+ story buildings further outside the downtown core.
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
+Ludwig Birnbaum Bonjour Louis Poirier, Je sais que cette limite de hauteur existe pour que les gratte ciel ne surpasse pas le Mont Royal. Je comprend très bien le but. Mais de faire en sorte qu aucun édifices ne peut dépasser les 205 mètres est un peu ridicule à mes yeux. J aime les haut bâtiments et quelques édifices de 250 mètres embelliraient le skyline de la ville. Montréal a une population de 4 millions d habitants et des tours hautes sont nécessaires pour une telle métropole. Voilà mon opinion. Le Mont Royal ne serait pas défié du tout par des telles tours. Le Mont Royal est unique et il dominera toujours.
Ludwig Birnbaum (4 months ago)
+enrigue8 : affirmer cela prouve ton ignorance de l'histoire de la ville.
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
Thanks. The height restriction is absurd.
Robert Mainville (4 months ago)
What a moronic, anti-quebecker video...
Robert Mainville (4 months ago)
+enrigue8 Ben justement, vous avez tout faux. Les indépendentistes ont sauvé Montréal. Comme l'a déjà dit l'économiste (fédéraliste) Pierre Fortin, sans l'action du PQ, Montréal serait devenu un gros Milwaukee. Dans un cours d'histoire, votre vidéo se mériterait un F. Si vous êtes un tant soit peu sérieux et disposer à vous débarasser de vos oeillières rhodésiennes, vous lirez ceci : https://canadalibre.ca/references/toronto-est-devenu-plus-grande-que-montreal/
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
Anti québécois? Je déduis que vous parlez le français, cher Robert Maineville. J ai mis Montréal en valeur comme aucun autre auparavant. J ai montré la ville dans toute sa splendeur. J ai mis en évidence son côté historique tout Comme sa modernité. J ai enrichi mla production de quelques données économiques encouragentes. La ville avance enfin. Je suis fier de pouvoir en témoigner. Quant aux indépendantistes, ils sont en partie responsables des déboires économiques de Montréal dans le passé. Maintenant que le mouvement s est presque dissipé, les investisseurs sont confiant et investissent massivement. Je suis fier de Montréal, du Québec et du Canada. Merci.
thesilverblades (4 months ago)
Blaming the separatist movement is sooooo easy... toronto's economy was booming even before the rise of the PQ... But I guess reading too much Globe and Mail, National Post and The Gazette really got to your brain eh...
Zachary Filion (3 months ago)
+Yoda yes he is
Yoda (4 months ago)
thesilverblades he’s not entirely wrong though
thesilverblades (4 months ago)
+Arational What the flying fuck ??? Anglophones in Montreal are second class citizens ? The most spoiled minority in this world is whimping once more... Go home, you're drunk !
Arational (4 months ago)
The blame is well deserved. Toronto was a backwater compared to Montreal in 1967. It got a big boost as many left Montreal after the October crisis. After the 1976 election the floodgates were opened. I lived through it and exist today as a second class citizen (English) in Montreal.
Headlines Generator (4 months ago)
PQ I 1976 Boosted the economy of ONTARIO :)
Benoît Trottier (4 months ago)
Saying that the separatism movement was bad for Montréal is like saying that ending segregation was bad for Chicago. It's much better to have a lower economy than having a stronger economy that only 10% of the population can enjoy. The hole province got better since then!
Jesse Pinkman (10 days ago)
Markus S It’s not the fault of separation it’s the fault of stupid people scared about something that they shouldn’t be scared about
Markus S (2 months ago)
+tluagel You keep telling yourselves this bullshit like it's true. You're living in a bubble and can't see the real world that's outside. Since the support for separatism has been fading away, the economy is suddenly getting better. Nobody wants to invest in a place where there is uncertainty.
tluagel (4 months ago)
+Arational Actually, economy works a bit like nature; it doesn't like empty spaces. When big companies with big money moved to Toronto in the 70's, it created a void that needed to be filled. The scared English elite flew away and left the door openned to companies owned and operated by French Canadians. When Bank of Mtl and Royal Bank moved their headquarters to Toronto, Banque Nationale, Banque Laurentienne and Caisses Desjardins grabbed the opportunity to grow. When Sunlife ran away, other Quebec's insurance companies expended. Small and medium sized enterprises boomed and became international corporations like Bombardier and SNC Lavalin. So, yes, the separatist movement and the exodus of old English money really hurt not only Montreal but the entire provincial economy, but such big economy is like a big cruise boat; it cannot turn on a dime. It's normal that it took 40 years to get back in shape. An what is 40 years in the history of a country? A few days in man's life?
Arational (4 months ago)
Separatism destroyed the economy of Quebec and sent that prosperity down the road to Toronto. It is only because support for separation is so low now that international companies are willing to invest in Montreal again. Nice attempt to spin the situation though.
Étienne Genest (4 months ago)
Quelle belle interprétation de notre histoire. Ce genre de discours rapide me donne envie de me révolter
MGTOW (4 months ago)
Montrealers Love Problems And Trouble And Chaos So Much . Lots Of Chaos Makes Montrealer So Happy..The More Chaos The Better
Markas Dievovaikas (4 months ago)
And another favorite sentiment about Montreal is that former Montreal mayor, Jean Drapeau, said, "Let Toronto become Milan; Montreal will always be Rome".... and, that says it all....
Gabriel Monet-Alarcia (25 days ago)
So True!!!
C L (4 months ago)
great comment marcas!
Cody Dalipi (4 months ago)
Markas Dievovaikas Rome? Why because it’s outdated !?! 😂😂😂😂😫😫😫😫#ILoveToronto ♥️
Gabriel Bégin (4 months ago)
bobduvar (4 months ago)
Sinon très belle vidéo...pardon !
bobduvar (4 months ago)
C'est un peu réducteur que d'accuser le Parti Québecois d'avoir plongé Montréal dans le marasme à la fin des années 60... Non ? Je crois que les causes sont à chercher ailleurs que d'accuser la partie francophone de Montréal d'avoir causé le retard économique de cette métropole.... Si Toronto (et tant mieux pour elle) a fait les bons choix, Montréal en a fait de moins bons (peut-être) mais pas forcément dans la communauté quelle qu'elle soit, anglophone ou francophone. C'est un peu comme accuser le Royaume Uni de déclin à cause du Brexit alors que l'économie britannique tient la route même sans être dans l'Europe Unie...
Markus S (2 months ago)
+Spudeszledesky The PQ wanted to force companies to change their computer systems to French and mandate that employees only speak French at work. This in itself was a motivating factor to move at the time. Sears Canada and CIL had their head offices in the Montreal and also moved to Toronto. Yes, it has something to do with economic decision making. How can you blame someone for not wanting to take a chance when the situation looked very grim at the time. There was nothing on the horizon that looked like a chance to "reap" anything. A lot of people lost their jobs due to companies moving out. A real opportunity would have been a decision by the PQ to keep a good balance between improving the rights of French Quebeckers whilst making sure that businesses stayed in the province. But as usual, you separatists shoot yourselves in the foot due to blind stupid decision making.
Ludwig Birnbaum (4 months ago)
+enrigue8 Tu l,as écrit : la plus évidente mais pas nécessairement la plus importante. C'est ce que les "Canadians" ont laissé croire aux "frenchies" pour leurs faire croire que le déclin de Montréal était dû aux mouvements séparatistes. Voyons voir...depuis le dix-neuvième siècle, les élites torontoises se sont promis de damer le pions de Montréal et de devenir la ville la plus puissante du Canada. Jusqu'à l'indépendance du Canada en 1867, la grande majorité des échanges commerciaux se faisaient entre le Canada -alors colonie britannique- et la Grande-Bretagne. Après l'indépendance et la formation de la fédération canadienne, le nouveau pays s'est tourné vers son voisin dont les secteurs économiques étaient en plein essor. Toronto est vite apparue comme étant un meilleur choix que Montréal, étant donné sa position privilégiée sur les Grands Lacs. L'ouverture de la voie maritime du Saint-Laurent est un autre facteur du déclin de Montréal. Le déclin du transport ferroviaire au profit de l'avion pour le transports des passagers a également fait très mal à Montréal. Le séparatisme fût une magnifique diversion offerte aux anglophones de Montréal et du reste du Canada pour briser les reins des francophones qui finalement ne faisaient que s'émanciper de leurs "maîtres" les anglais. Le fait que les anglophones aient quitté Montréal avec femmes, enfants et argent démontre très bien le peu d'attachement qu'ils avaient pour cette ville. "Sans le mouvement séparatiste, Montréal aurait été plus prospère" : on ne le saura jamais mais il est fort à parier que sans le mouvement souverainiste, la communauté francophone au Québec ne se serait probablement pas émancipée comme elle l'a fait et le français serait probablement en train de connaître le même genre de crise qu'il vit dans le reste du Canada. Mais là encore, on ne peut que faire de la politique-fiction n'est-ce pas ??
Ludwig Birnbaum (4 months ago)
+enrigue8 : tu es francophone mais tu utilises un anglicisme !! En français on ne parle pas de "première langue" mais de langue maternelle (mother tongue).
Spudeszledesky (4 months ago)
+enrigue8 Private companies aren't mindless animals reacting to an outside stimuli ; they chose to pack up and leave themselves. The separatists didn't do it, capitalist thinking did. If they were too scared to take the opportunity to stay and reap the rewards, that's their doing and theirs alone.
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
+Julien Parisé Je suis de Trois-Rivières. Le français c est ma première langue.
Philippe Rostin (4 months ago)
this is fucking bullshit ! MOntreal is smaller than Lyon and Marseille, both in France, thus it cant be 4th on the fucking world ! Connard de fils de chienne de suceur de bites sarazines !
Markas Dievovaikas (4 months ago)
In spite of some tough times, Montreal has always been a hip, world-class city.... Leonard Cohen said he was always suspicious of anyone who didn't like Montreal...
STK_Happy (4 months ago)
I watched the vid that said that
enrigue8 (4 months ago)
Yes, it was,it is now and it will be more world class in the future.
alex ben (5 months ago)
Bad political decision !? Vive le Quebec libre!
Melanie Massicotte (5 months ago)
Montreal is the third oldest city in Canad. Trois-Rivieres is the second one.
Meme Power (2 months ago)
enrigue8 tu la clash
Alexandre Galin (4 months ago)
trois rivieres n est pas ce qu on appelle une ville
Partick The destroyer (2 months ago)
@nic joe c'est parce qu' en anglais, quand on dit 'city', nous parlons de grande ville. Si il avait dit 'town', alors il aura inclut trois riviere.
nic joe (5 months ago)
+enrigue8 Vous avez dit city, pas grande ville donc ...
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Je faisais allusion aux grandes villes.
Adam Zey (5 months ago)
If they're spending billions of dollars (yet again) expanding the airport, maybe this time they could actually make some fixes to the current structuers? The place is a joke, barely any moving walkways so when you're forced to walk from one side of the airport to the other to get from the gate to the customs plaza, it takes forever to walk the whole way.
Yann BEAUDET (5 months ago)
Montreal will be back in the world class cities soon...As you can see in this great video....We lost a lot because of the separatists since 1970 !
Uchenna Okorie (1 month ago)
As a proud Torontonian I say Bon chance a vous Montreal!
Ludwig Birnbaum (4 months ago)
+enrigue8 : j'ai rarement lu autant d'âneries !! "Il faut protéger notre langue, mais il ne faut pas en faire trop." C'est quoi trop ou pas assez ?? "En imposant trop de contraintes linguistiques, on peut freiner les investisseurs étrangers qui ne parle pas le français" (je me suis permis de corriger vos fautes de français -ce qui me surprend pour quelqu'un qui se dit fier d'être francophone). Ainsi si on suit votre raisonnement, les investisseurs étrangers sont probablement découragés d'aller investir en Allemagne s'il ne parlent pas l'allemand, partout en Amérique du Sud s'ils ne parlent ni l'espagnol et ni le portugais ? et ainsi de suite pour pratiquement tous les pays du monde ?? Bref, les seuls pays où les investisseurs étrangers seraient à l'aise d'aller investir sont les pays anglophones ??
Ludwig Birnbaum (4 months ago)
+Yann BEAUDET : on n'écrit pas "tord" mais "tort". Apprenez à maîtriser votre langue avant de vous risquer à un commentaire. Profitez-en pour apprendre l'histoire des 50 dernières années au Québec. Ça ne vous fera pas de "tort" !!
Julien Parisé (4 months ago)
Il y a seulement la F1 la première semaine de Juin, à part ça c'est vrai qu'il y a peu!
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Tu me rassure Yann. Quand je vais à Montréal, mon coin favoris est le coin du centre Bell.J aime tellement les tours la bàs. C est notre New York ou Dubai. Ce petit New York va bientot grandir davantage. Et en plus,il n y a pas d'expo ou d'autres évènement internationaux qui attirent les yeux du monde entier. Montréal croit en silence, et c'est mieux ainsi. Montréal est une ville encore habitable sur tout les aspects. Il y a un faible taux de criminalité ,un taux de chomage inférieur à l'ontario et un marché immobilier beaucoup plus abordable. Je pense que Toronto est dans une mauvaise posture maintenant.
Marisa Cuciti (5 months ago)
i think the new Montreal will be 10 times cooler then the 60s one.
Jesse Pinkman (5 days ago)
Technet9090 Other than for the congestion I think it’s a cool project
Technet9090 (5 days ago)
+Jesse Pinkman oh I would love to see that lol!
Jesse Pinkman (10 days ago)
Technet9090 Maybe the Royalmount project
Technet9090 (2 months ago)
+Gole Zozol ok you need to give me some of the projects that you think they will be abandoned!
Mike Devyatov (4 months ago)
With 10 times as little spirit and culture. Modern design is synonymous with safe, contemporary designs with good resale value
trainrover (5 months ago)
What a bunch of masochists here, pining after this shitty video..actual, real Montrealers bemoan the v i s i o n l e s s monstrosities blighting out the mountain, you fools you!
jacob reid (5 months ago)
Man if only the french liberals didnt fuck over are beutiful city. We wouldve been a powerhouse. Very good video either way, good job.
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Yes, you are right. Montréal needs to have its own province to have a better self management. If it s do, Montréal wouldn't have to support more strange and complex rules from Quebec.. And with more powers, Montréal would not have to fear the PQ sovereignty movement. The city is now growing after 40 years of stagnation. I am happy to see this extraordinary bloom.
Rian McDonald (5 months ago)
I like how you don't even show the new Champlain bridge... just the part of the highway that leads up to it. Wtf is up with that??
Klaudios (5 months ago)
Why can't we just restore neo-classical architecture? We should have a hybrid city (Neo Classical and Modern combined) Too much skyscrapper cut off the Royal Mount view on the St-Lawrence river. Oh and if it is possible extend the underground city.
candy feet (5 months ago)
what the children's hospital
chopstiks TRB (5 months ago)
montreal... beautiful city... clap clap👏
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Yes it is.
Chaargegaming (5 months ago)
Actually the Mirabel airport still exists and is still used for cargo planes. Lots of people work there everyday.
Markus S (2 months ago)
The main terminal for passenger flights was demolished. The cargo airport still exists. FedEx uses it for example.
Chaargegaming (3 months ago)
+Whiterun Guard there's not much going on but the airport is still used you can take my word for it.
Whiterun Guard (3 months ago)
I see the airport every morning before going to work, and i see nothing but the control tower.
Chaargegaming (3 months ago)
+Whiterun Guard nope!
Whiterun Guard (3 months ago)
I thought they completely demolished the thing?
Anam Saleem (5 months ago)
Proud to live in montreal canada
Anam Saleem (5 months ago)
+enrigue8 where do you live?
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
+Anam Saleem I will live there very soon. it's the best city in Canada.
Anam Saleem (5 months ago)
+enrigue8 certainly
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Montreal is wonderful.
Anam Saleem (5 months ago)
Montreal (the city of festivals)😙😙😙😙😙😙
Nico Cione (5 months ago)
#enrigue8,can you do New Jersey's mega projects?
JulesRouleau (5 months ago)
Quelle horreur que toutes ces hautes tours. Beaucoup d'ombre dans les rues en perspective.
nic joe (5 months ago)
Vous êtes fatiguant avec votre ombre dès que quelqu'un veut construire le moindrement en hauteur ! Vous dites tous ce genre de niaiserie, mais vous parlez de quoi au juste ? De l'ombre dans la rue lorsqu'on va au travail ou magasiner ? Tout le monde s'en fou ! On veut concentrer les villes dans leur centre-ville au lieu de s'étaler à plus finir. J'aime pas mal mieux avoir un peu plus d'ombre au centre-ville, mais avoir de la nature à 30 minutes du centre-ville que d'avoir du soleil en ville et 2 heures de route à faire avant de trouver une forêt !
TruztNo1 (5 months ago)
I don't like how Valery is ruin and divide the city I still in progress of thinking to run as Mayor. I really would like to give more freedom and respect to the citizens plus eliminate bureaucracy... Sorry but you got to much imagination about the city there are to many.. It is not like that from 2018 I will keep what works and eliminate bad stuff... This city could do better..
tosh 120 (5 months ago)
2- Royalmount mega mall: any one know the tune to the song to the slide show of it sick as beat. love the vid bring on the future of buildings
Tony Koter (5 months ago)
Great video!!! I'm still amazed at how Quebecers like to downplay the fact that the rise of Separatism, the PQ and Bill 101 had nothing to do with Montreal's economic decline in the late 70s....sure there are other factors but the Separatist movement was a major one. There's one more thing that Montreal can do to improve and to really become a city of the future: BECOME OFFICIALLY BILINGUAL (like it used to be in the past)
BC Boarder (16 days ago)
+Félix Hurteau It was wrong and is now far in the past. Bill 101 and anti-English laws are happening now. I fail to see how two wrongs can make a right.
Félix Hurteau (4 months ago)
+Arational You get spit on for expecting to get served everywhere in English because you are too lazy to learn the local language
Arational (4 months ago)
+Félix Hurteau Now I get spit on for speaking English on the east side of town and Construction costs double what it does in Ontario due to corruption from the RBQ on up. It has been an overcorrection.
RANKER190948 (4 months ago)
continue to be amazed lol
Ludwig Birnbaum (4 months ago)
+Alex Plante : j'ai toujours vécu dans des quartiers francophones et lorsque j'étais plus jeunes toutes les publicités des devantures des magasins étaient en anglais -même dans des quartiers dont 100% des résidents étaient des francophones.
MINECRAFT DUDE (5 months ago)
Engriue8 you made me smile thank you
Dr Forhad Akhtar Zaman (5 months ago)
Awesome man great work
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Thank you.
AznKei1 (5 months ago)
I'm seeing you at the MTLURB website. Though I'm not a member there, being a Montrealer, I think it's a great thing that the Montreal skyline grows. I would favor more about infrastructure improvements for the people needs than seeing the city trying to be a world city like Toronto. Not all world cities are known for the quality of life in which Montreal should stick into.
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
+AznKei1 Ta chaîne est cool. Je m y suis abonné.
AznKei1 (5 months ago)
+enrigue8 You're welcome. I remembered in 2017, the city was in 1st place according to QS World University Rankings for best student cities in the world. Now, it's in 4th, but competing the likes of London, Paris & Melbourne. It's ranked pretty high in Global Financial Centres Index too, though recently it got large drop for unknown reasons, as of September 2018. That's good to hear. I hope the city can keep its positive momentum for a long time too. Oui, je parle Francais. Voici une example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mB-xd2HVnI
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Thanks for sharing this with me. Many factors can explain this.Montreal now invests a lot in infrastructures,science,technology. The city has world class universities and school.The city enjoy a low jobless and crime rate too.The separatist movement from Quebec is almost dead. They are really unpopular. I am glad too see the city booming. Montreal is also attracting many immigrant,the opposite form the rest of Quebec. Salaries are finally growing fast,even if there are a lot of to do to catch up wealthier cities in North America.The city also enjoys an affordable real estate market. All these key factors helped Montreal a lot.Montreal is catching up its lags. Toronto is finally tired and Montreal take its chance. This time,the boom of Montreal is good and will last for a long time. Just one question, do you speak french? Je le parle très bien.
AznKei1 (5 months ago)
+enrigue8 Btw, it's probably related to Montreal's recent growth, but I saw the recent data from GaWC in 2018, and Montreal is ranked Alpha - World city, not far from Toronto's Alpha rank and Vancouver's Beta+ rank. In 2016, the city was Beta rank. I wonder what explains Montreal's rank ascension? Here's the link: https://www.lboro.ac.uk/gawc/world2018t.html
enrigue8 (5 months ago)
Yes,it's true. Montreal is a great city and one of my favorite cities in the world. My favorite area in Montreal is the Bell Center area. There are so much beautiful modern towers there. My favorite one is L'Avenue condo. I am glad you like my video.
אליעזר מייטס (5 months ago)

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