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Barça fashion shooting, Behind The Scenes

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Neymar Jr., Andrés Iniesta, Gerard Piqué, Cesc Fàbregas and Dani Alves have been the first Barça players to adopt a unique style off the field, with the help of REPLAY. The stars have seduced the camera in a single photo shoot wearing a totally Denim style. REPLAY called together the five stars of the football team last November, who posed for the first time for the camera of the French photographer Thierry Le Gouès, the creator of many REPLAY advertising campaigns and a leader in the fashion world. The shoot took place in a relaxed environment in which the five football players joked with all the professional team and seemed pleased to have the opportunity to show off the casual but elegant style that REPLAY has designed especially for them. This is the Behind The Scenes video. More information: www.replay.it/fcbarcelona
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Tasnim Tabassum (5 months ago)
I love Neymar my hero💪💪💖💖
Alan KS (1 year ago)
lol pique is such a natural, is it part-time pro model.
peggica (3 years ago)
Dani Alves and Neymar are georgeous <3 :)=)
Julie Enjoy (3 years ago)
♡I Love Neymar ♥
shaffa shareef (3 years ago)
Rachel McAdams (4 years ago)
ua sss (4 years ago)
Pique is so freaking hot
Nora Hoseini (4 years ago)
Hey I think you'll like my fan account on Instagram the nene is imagine_neymar_
Apolline Okito (2 years ago)
Nora Hoseini 6yzheyYYYYYJUYY2
kleri kleraki (4 years ago)
all the players-models are cool but Neymar is super damn hot! <3 <3

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