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Two and a Half Men - What's With the Lunch Lady? [HD]

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Alan and Rose have started dating. Charlie asks both Alan and Rose for an explanation, referring to Alan (who wears a shower cap) as the 'lunch lady'. Season 6, episode 21 (Above Exalted Cyclops). I do not own the rights of the content in this video.
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Marcus Withers (8 days ago)
Back when i was watching the show i couldn't have image alan and rose having a fling. Now i should've seen that coming a mile away.
Ralph Goodman (1 month ago)
No wonder the series went to the crapper when Charlie left. HE WAS the series!
Cyrus Irani (1 month ago)
I can't believe Rose ended up with Charlie instead of Alan. In the animated scene of the final episode Rose and Alan would have lived happily ever after instead of her and Charlie.
nightmastercool97 97 (1 month ago)
Rose is such a sweatheart
“I now pronounce you Fruit Basket and Nutcase!” XD
Sigma Geranimo (2 months ago)
Rose is crazy but lovely.....
Orleanborn Lyngdoh (3 months ago)
3: 23 'I do' 😂😂😂
olivia-J Trans (3 months ago)
Allan is / was soo gay ( not that there's anything wrong whit that 0) Seinfeld quote.
Dakoda Baxter (3 months ago)
Charlie: I pronouced u fruitcake and nutcase
Lord Royce (4 months ago)
You may now kiss the fruit basket
A- DOG (5 months ago)
That's my fav scene in this show.Alan is such a moronic loser
Dustin Boyd (5 months ago)
As soon as I saw them link arms and heard Charlie's final question for Rose, I was so certain it would result in "I do" from both Rose and Alan and Charlie saying, "I now pronounce you xxxxxx", though I wasn't sure what that xxxxxx was. Anyway, this is definitely one of the best scenes in the series, though that isn't saying much since there are so many great scenes lol.
George Christou (5 months ago)
They are a cute couple
Argentina Libertaria (7 months ago)
"My sphincter slammed shut so quickly you could've used it as a cigar cutter" This is hilarious and disturbing at the same time
Erik Hopkins (7 months ago)
Did he say Cigar cutter?!! #ROTF!!
j dog (10 months ago)
This is why Charlie is the big brother
Mizzy Roro (10 months ago)
You gotta love Rose, she's so cute. ❤
Mizzy Roro (10 months ago)
So Charlie boinked Rose?
911.Pravda.cz (10 months ago)
The "What‘s the deal with lunch lady here" in czech dubbing was translated as "Ale jak do toho zapadá tohle stvoření?" Or "But what has this creature to do with it?" referring to those Cyclops and dragons. I find it funnier.
Anil Ch (10 months ago)
Lunch Lady 😂😂
Kynslie B (11 months ago)
rose is craqzy n all but i woulda banged the shit out of her - worth it!
Easypickens (11 months ago)
What ends up happening to her?
1989NickiD (11 months ago)
Chuck Lorre, bring it back (with Charlie) before it's too late!!
jay blaze (1 month ago)
Charlie proposed a spinoff in order to come back for the finale but chuck turned it down
Joshua Ramiandrisoa (1 year ago)
I know Alan is not conventionally eye-candy but I am kinda attracted to his shirtless body...LOL
andy woui (1 year ago)
Malay Milan Choudhury (1 year ago)
Guess what! It's easier to explain Internal Combustion engine. :-D
Richard Lam (1 year ago)
If Alan the lunch lady would she be naked like that
Kumar Kshirsagar (1 year ago)
What other sides? He got only 2 of them, one "oh no! Here it comes" and other is "oh Good his leaving" That's where jump up laugh
King of Rivia (1 year ago)
You know Ashton cutcher is not a bad actor; he actually is a pretty good actor but he is no Charlie sheen
Charlie deserved Rose, but did Rose deserve Charlie?
Blair McAuley (1 year ago)
Allan is fat
Justin Myslive (1 year ago)
when Charlie said internal combustion engine it reminded me of that movie he was in "Beyond the Law". that scene with Rip Torn right before they build the bike when Rip Torn says to him "do you know anything at all about the internal combustion engine???"
Mr. Ryan (1 year ago)
I now pronounce you fruit basket and nutcase.
Vikash Rakshit (1 year ago)
Alan's body is so lame
Erik Delgado (1 year ago)
Vikash Rakshit He needs to hit the weights
Willie Aviles (1 year ago)
Charlie- What with the The Lunch lady Cinema Sins 2 expansion- Roll the Credits
WirHyperboreer (1 year ago)
I love how happy she is in the very end.
Etienne Aubert (1 year ago)
"But what's the deal with the lunch lady here?"
Packfan69 (1 year ago)
Who wears a shower cap besides Alan and why?
Ralph Goodman (1 month ago)
Because he was in the shower. Where else is he going to wear it?
olivia-J Trans (3 months ago)
Packfan69, Allan is / was soo gay ( not that there's anything wrong whit that ) Seinfeld quote.
SALOMO KONDJILA (5 months ago)
His hair
carultch (1 year ago)
The concept of a shower cap always seemed a bit strange to me too. My hair is the part that I feel is biggest priority to wash, when I wake up and take a shower each morning. If I go without showering, the hair is where I feel it the most. I can understand needing to wash my hair without washing the rest of my body, as I do in the kitchen sink when the hot water isn't working, but intentionally doing it the other way around, doesn't really make sense to me. From what I understand, it is for when you get permanent press hair styles, or when you dye your hair, that you have to avoid washing it, when you first get it done. And the shower cap is there, so you can take a shower and not wash your hair. Some people have hair that they need to protect from excessive washing, even in its natural form, otherwise it looses quality or falls out.
Packfan69 (1 year ago)
My fantasy was a threesome with Rose and Judith. Both psychos but it would be great.
Marcus Withers (8 days ago)
Rose and kandy.
Ralph Goodman (1 month ago)
If you want to stick your dick in Crazy twice
potterpotty01 (5 months ago)
Come on, got to take kandi over Judith!
nicholas langley (5 months ago)
Kandy and Chelsea is my 3some
Richard Gibson (5 months ago)
Hell yes
Adolfo Rufatt (1 year ago)
This scene and the blind date diner are among the top best! And Rose once more she is just wonderful.
Hrishi Alda (1 year ago)
Rose is the cutest demon
The Stuport (1 year ago)
I can NEVER look at a cigar cutter the same way EVER again. Cheers Everyone
Seti Afoa (1 year ago)
I now pronounce you fruit basket and nut case. God have mercy on your souls. Hilarious!
Charlie: A little awkward? When I saw you sitting there my sphincter slammed shut so quickly you could've used it as a cigar cutter! XD
jay blaze (1 year ago)
Danish ALI (2 years ago)
lunch lady :p
What Up Gangstaaa (2 years ago)
Alan's body is so funny
martin wepener (2 years ago)
Alan definately takes the best part as per usual
cazia9 (2 years ago)
Does Jon Cryer have a surgical scar on his stomach? Or is it shadows from the lighting?
Lisa Smith (5 months ago)
cazia9 it’s a belly dimples
Primal Self (1 year ago)
It sure looks like a scar, but an appendectomy scar would be below the belly button, not above it.
Kevin Collins (1 year ago)
I noticed that also
MónicaDls (1 year ago)
cazia9 appendicitis
Rene Vazquez (2 years ago)
what the song when they were in the room before this?
I now pronounce you fruit basket and nut case, may god have mercy on your souls
+xmenxwk sorry, i'll edit that 
xmenxwk (2 years ago)
rolf778 (3 years ago)
Allan doesnt work out!
Roy White (5 months ago)
Goggarin1991 (3 years ago)
i now pronounce you fruit basket and nutcase xD haha, good one :D
Ted Sampson (3 years ago)
Always watched this program - thought it was great. Sorry to see it go - new version with Austin Krutcher not as good.
Ralph Goodman (1 month ago)
Understatement of the century
Weelah (3 years ago)
Charlie:Help me understand ! Alan:You mean Rose ? Charlie:Nooo I mean the internal combustion engine..YES ROSE! still cant stop laughing
carultch (1 year ago)
I actually wanted Alan to explain the internal combustion engine to Charlie.
David Price (1 year ago)
Little house
whodafunk (2 years ago)
bad hahahahahhahaha
King Jenkins (3 years ago)
starsaberfan39 (3 years ago)
Jay Nicks (3 years ago)
Still, why the hell was this episode called "Above Exalted Cyclops"?
Artur HP (1 year ago)
Almost every episode of Two and Half Men is a quote from the episode is not exactly the main topic
Packfan69 (1 year ago)
I wonder how many takes it took Charlie to get through that scene? It must have been hilarious.
Volgax364 (1 year ago)
Jay Nicks I agree since that's only one obscure line and has nothing to do with the story. Slammin Sphincters would've been better
SRT8Driver (2 years ago)
I'd vote for 'Truck Stop Hooker' then....
Jay Nicks (2 years ago)
I did pay attention. Rose says the quote in this video. Still stupid. The title really should have been "I now pronounce you Fruit Basket and Nut Case."
Jay Nicks (3 years ago)
It's such a shame how this show ended, it kind of makes me depressed knowing Charlie's future while watching these great episodes. Although, going back to them, I kind of forgot how hilarious this show once was.
1CrazyBlondie (2 years ago)
I love these shows! No matter how bad my day is, Charlie always makes me laugh!
E E (9 months ago)
What's the deal With the Lunch Lady here? JAJAJAJAJAJA
E E (9 months ago)
Suleiman Bachoo i'm latino.
Suleiman Bachoo (9 months ago)
E E what happened to the old “hahaha”
John Corelli (4 years ago)
Who's the fruit basket?
sasanka 99 (1 year ago)
lmao ,Alan it is .
nazz fernoz (1 year ago)
Lunch Lady
John Corelli (3 years ago)
+Ran Sherman Ha Funny!
Ran Sherman (3 years ago)
im gonna guess the lunch lady.

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