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Custom Rolex Diamond Watches

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Text Comments (19)
Shakeel Ahmad (4 days ago)
Shakeel Ahmad (4 days ago)
Shakeel Ahmad (4 days ago)
Any watch pricen
oskeen (5 months ago)
how much was the dial and the dimond bezel custom job?
303king Mc-P (1 year ago)
Fake asf
Lucky7club Vll (1 year ago)
Your brain is fake asf
Alexplayzpena (1 year ago)
Alexplayzpena (1 year ago)
im calling 303 king a idoit #idoit you lol
Alexplayzpena (1 year ago)
Kevin C (1 year ago)
Who are you calling an Idiot?
Brandon Attaguile (1 year ago)
Beautiful. I bet the husband and wife love it!
warren blue (2 years ago)
why would anyone void a warranty in a rolex, to have it customed
Peacok (2 months ago)
warren blue not taking it apart. I would however let a person customize my ferrari
CreatedbyLeon (2 years ago)
+warren blue it's customization yes I would if I was pay the person who specializes in customizing my item. If you wrap a Ferrari they have to take certain pieces off to completely wrap it.
CHROMETHAZINE (2 years ago)
+warren blue lmao
warren blue (2 years ago)
+CreatedbyLeon so you'd let a random dude take your Ferrari apart?
CreatedbyLeon (2 years ago)
People who do this usually own more than one Rolex.

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