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Custom Rolex Diamond Watches

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Text Comments (17)
oskeen (3 months ago)
how much was the dial and the dimond bezel custom job?
303king Mc-P (1 year ago)
Fake asf
Frost blue Scorpion (10 months ago)
Your brain is fake asf
Alexplayzpena (10 months ago)
Alexplayzpena (10 months ago)
im calling 303 king a idoit #idoit you lol
Alexplayzpena (10 months ago)
Kevin C (10 months ago)
Who are you calling an Idiot?
Brandon Attaguile (1 year ago)
Beautiful. I bet the husband and wife love it!
warren blue (2 years ago)
why would anyone void a warranty in a rolex, to have it customed
Peacok (9 days ago)
warren blue not taking it apart. I would however let a person customize my ferrari
W S (1 year ago)
because you can afford to lol
CreatedbyLeon (2 years ago)
+warren blue it's customization yes I would if I was pay the person who specializes in customizing my item. If you wrap a Ferrari they have to take certain pieces off to completely wrap it.
CHROMETHAZINE (2 years ago)
+warren blue lmao
warren blue (2 years ago)
+CreatedbyLeon so you'd let a random dude take your Ferrari apart?

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