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C&C Generals Zero Hour 1v1 HARD Dozer Attack (Under 5 Minutes)

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Defeating a HARD Opponent in a 1v1 in less than 5 minutes using only Construction Dozers as my main push. I do apologize for the initial freeze at the start, my Bandicam took some time to get to full speed with this. General: Laser General Map: Final Crusade Mod Used: A Global Crisis Mod 1 vs. 1 against a HARD AI China. Anyways, yeah, this is how I quickly deal with Hard opponents in a 1v1 scenario. I could have gone through without losses, but the AI were persistent in building a lot of tanks which got to one of my dozers, and of course, I was not able to manage my Southern Rangers well. This strat could also be done to human players especially if they are slow to start. xD
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