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Strange Deep Sea Creatures( documentary)HD

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Deep Sea Creatures Beyond The Ocean Animal Documentary HD BBC Science. The term deep sea creature refers to organisms that live below the pic zone of the ocean. These creatures must survive in extremely harsh conditions, such . National Geographic Animals 2015 Creatures Of The Deep Ocean Animals Documentary Wildlife National Geographic Animals 2015 Creatures Of The Deep . A HD Nature Wildlife Documentary about the habitat of Orca Killer whales and sea creatures. A HD Nature Wildlife Documentary about the habitat of .
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Text Comments (28)
Carlington Mascara (26 days ago)
Almost wanted to FFWD a little after almost 30 sec of unoriginal intro.
Je' Czaja (2 months ago)
Prehistoric fish? That just means a fish that existed before history was written-in other words all fish. Dinosaur fish? Why are gators not called dinosaur lizards? Fossil fish? All an attempt to distract from the fact that science was WRONG about this fish going extinct a bazillion years ago, and is now desperately trying to fit it into the preconceived paradigm.
Je' Czaja (19 days ago)
+Lion Cubz I believe we don't know much, but refuse to admit it. This keeps us from learning new things-the paradigm blocks us. An open mind is science's best friend.
Lion Cubz (21 days ago)
Je' Czaja so what do you agree with/ believe in
Tracy KaPoni (2 months ago)
I love and enjoy documentaries that actually delve deep into what they are literally researching. I love nature. I love animals and greatly enjoy watching them engage and thrive in their natural habitats. And I also believe that sea life is literally a world of its own. #HEAVEN #EARTH #SEA
Russell Hammond (4 months ago)
Documentary about only one fish? I know, let's call it "strange deep sea creatures" and use an image of an octopus for no reason whatsoever.
Brian Haskard (9 months ago)
Beautiful creatures, please let them live.
Jo Alex Sg (9 months ago)
That´s just amazing! Thank you so much for this most interesting documentary!
LKNANML (10 months ago)
Just click the thumbs down button and save yourself from hours of disappointment.
R Kraus (11 months ago)
https://www.sanbi.org/news/coelacanth-tagging-study-success Coelacanth study results
Citokyne Studios (11 months ago)
Why do divers roll back off the boat to get in the water?
Cole Vien (25 days ago)
I have no diving experience, but I was wondering why as well. My guess would be that it's easier considering all that weight they carry on their backs like others have mentioned.
Tina Belcher (4 months ago)
+Russell Hammond I thought so too but when i did my first open water dive, i realized that it really ins't difficult. You have so much extra weight on you, just leaning back is enough to flip you over. They do teach you a way to do it standing up, and that's the easiest option when your diving off a flat surface (into a pool for example)
Russell Hammond (4 months ago)
I'd rather roll backward than roll forward and risk (a) getting my flippers caught on the boat or (b) slipping and falling trying to hurdle over the side with said flippers.
Tina Belcher (6 months ago)
its the most efficient way to get into the water. With all of that equipment, it's easy to lose your balance or trip over a flipper when jumping off a boat standing up. You have to account for the rocking of the boat, and the step up on the edge
C. J. (1 year ago)
Love how they gave them french accents in the dub
LT (1 year ago)
you're a fucking idiot, they're French translators.
Adnane Moubarak (1 year ago)
They thought the dinosaur fish was extint. When they found it blew the Darwinian logic and their materialistic view. So they call it ancient hhhhh
Russell Hammond (4 months ago)
What an idiot.
El Cucuy (1 year ago)
+unnilnonium Do a search for "deep sea life" here on YouTube. I've found some neat stuff that way. There's one called "The Incredible Glowing Creatures of the Deep Sea; Documentary on Bioluminescent Sea Life" (long title,) that's really nice; plus a bunch of others. I hope that helps. :)
unnilnonium (1 month ago)
Thank you, I appreciate the tip. Actually, I think I left a similar comment on that video also, LOL. I'm afraid I won't find any documentaries I would like made after 1995 or by anyone other than Attenborough. I really like some of the really old stuff, like there's this great documentary on Liquid Helium from the 60's on YouTube.
Tracy KaPoni (2 months ago)
unnilnonium (1 year ago)
I do love good documentaries about deep sea life. Anybody know where I could see one? This is a fascinating pic about the people who study deep sea life, with some deep sea life interspersed between the scenes of beards in wetsuits. A good demonstration of the downfall of educational programming that occurred when it was decided that documentaries weren't personable enough to sustain the interest of reality TV watchers. When it was realized that watching people f***ing with crocodiles was more interesting than watching crocodiles. God I hate stupid people. You ruin everything and we keep dragging you into progress kicking and screaming. I'm not bitter, though.
unnilnonium (1 month ago)
Also, I'm sick of people acting like intelligence is a negative trait. Stupidity is the negative trait. In my original post, I merely postulated the existence of stupid people. I did not say the people in the video are stupid or the people who made it, or even the people who watch it. Just the people who were added into the intended audience compared with documentaries of the past. Now it's a fact that educational programming has had to change its focus from disseminating information to garnering views, and that is unfortunate given the purpose of educational programming. I'm sorry if pointing out that the average person is stupid as hell, and half of the population is stupider than that offends you, but it's a fact, and if you haven't felt the same way, guess what side of the bell curve you're not on.
unnilnonium (1 month ago)
I don't think I'm smarter than everyone else just because I don't have the patience to listen to scientists. It's because everyone else is so goddamned stupid.  Please just watch one of David Attenborough's old documentaries like the 1984 Living Planet series and note the difference.
Emma Bradford (9 months ago)
unnilononium makes a valid point. Some documentaries try the patience of the viewer and this is one of them.
Kittenclysm _ (10 months ago)
lol Imagine not having the patience to sit through those boring ol' bearded scientists in wetsuits while they talk about marine life because you'd rather look at pretty pictures instead, and still somehow acting like that makes you smarter than everyone else.

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