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How To Define Your Style & Look Put Together Everyday!

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Salam everyone! I'm wearing the Lady Penelope Scarf (available in a wrap: http://www.hautehijab.com/collections/hijab-wraps/products/lady-penelope-wrap). Blog posts mentioned: 1) A Hijabi's Guide to Dressing For Your Body Type: http://www.hautehijab.com/blogs/hijab-fashion/6343910-a-hijabis-guide-to-dressing-for-your-body-type 2) A Hijabi's Guide to Building the Perfect Wardrobe of 10 Essentials: http://www.hautehijab.com/blogs/hijab-fashion/13145685-a-hijabis-guide-to-building-the-perfect-wardrobe-of-10-essentials 3) A Hijabi's Guide to Shopping - Should You Buy It? http://www.hautehijab.com/blogs/hijab-fashion/9713034-a-hijabis-guide-to-shopping-should-you-buy-it Follow my Pinterest boards: www.pinterest.com/hautehijab {Join the HH Fam!} IG: @hautehijab FB: Haute Hijab Snapchat: @hautehijab Shop: http://www.hautehijab.com Blog: http://www.hautehijab.com/blogs/hijab... E-mail: [email protected] Don't forget to Subscribe! xoxo, Melanie
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Text Comments (25)
Roro Aya (1 month ago)
All love to you
Haute Hijab (1 month ago)
Aww thank you so much! Same to you! ❤️❤️❤️
Zineb Leboudi (3 months ago)
Perfect advice, thank you so much !!
hanna salim (3 months ago)
You sound so familiar to Jennifer L. Scott
Thal Lu (8 months ago)
Alsalamu Alakauim Allah bless and Protect you Ameen. Love this video. Love you 😘
JIHANE BEN DAHAN (1 year ago)
I discover your channel sub xx
Kaylee Johnson (1 year ago)
I need help as a fairly new hijabi..... Do you (or anyone else) have any tips for choosing shirts that help hide fuller breasts, I saw on that sight you linked about covering my hips but not my bust. Btw I have a more hour glass shape, it's hard finding the right clothes that cover everything correctly lol. I love your videos, they are very helpful and fun to watch, please keep doing what you do. You are a ray of sunshine.
Kaylee Johnson (1 year ago)
MissPinkieLips thank you very much!!
MissPinkieLips (1 year ago)
Kaylee Johnson I myself stick mostly to a-line tops, in a muted color, and in a solid color or with a subtle print, no loud colors or bold prints. If i do want a piece of clothing to pop, ill do it with my scarf or accessories. I also wear hijabstyles that have plenty of coverage on the front, but you do have to be careful with the kind of fabric you use, cuz some will look bulky and pull the eye to the chest area.
Justanothergirl (1 year ago)
the is a great video, why is there no more views??
exactly what i need, your an angel 👼
Aaliyah Ahmed (1 year ago)
when your friends say you have style but you know you dont 😂😂😂
ryouko misato (1 year ago)
people are actually judging me because i wear similar style (I'm comfortable with) or i prefere a colour more than other so i have most of my clothes with it
nayissa (2 years ago)
Short and effective!.. When I started to wear hijab I would buy anything loose at zeenwoman and even when I found them in beautiful colors they still didn't fit my context. So people would make fun of me.. I was even bullied 😓.. Confidence ripped off! Alhamdulillah I came across modanisa shop and start learning again how to combine western modern and modest..! But no kidding here..style is the key! Will definitely take the Pinterest's tip!
Amel s.bagi (2 years ago)
great tips thanks
rabia nasir (2 years ago)
Lovely video
Maya S. (2 years ago)
Really needed this! I have been living out of the same couple of outfits for months now! :/
Haute Hijab (2 years ago)
Yay! Happy I could help! <3
Rula Martini (2 years ago)
I love this. Thank you!!!! Every once in a while I will spend hours on your website <3
Rula Martini (2 years ago)
I do :)!
Haute Hijab (2 years ago)
Awww :) Hopefully you get some useful info out of it!!
Aysha Sen (2 years ago)
i think u are the only hijabi who has a different style; you look very classy and professional. And this is the exact look that im looking for. Most of the hijabi out there wear this flowy tops and always the same old hijab style! And i dont need those kind of dress since im working in a professional environment and need to look smart every day. Thank u so much for your usefull tips and keep it up. Love from Germany :)
Haute Hijab (2 years ago)
Thanks girl! Yeah I def have my own distinct style - it's so important everyone figures out what works for them in order to feel comfortable and confident!! Thanks for the kind words hope you enjoy my vids!! 💋💋💋
marumariful (2 years ago)
Great ideas! Thanks for making this video! I have very few clothing items as a ultra minimalist, I will be sure to make some outfits and snap pictures for rush outings. Xoxo
Haute Hijab (2 years ago)
Definitely do - it's a life saver!!

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