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How Can Men Have Kids Risk Free?

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Entrepreneurs in Cars (4 months ago)
Conclusion: There is no safe way I am aware of to do this without some risk, either to the father getting ground through the divorce machine, or to the children. Thoughts on this video or any personal experiences dealing with this? Post a comment below. Channel Sponsor: You're showering anyways, so why not buy handmade soap from a sponsor that supports the creation of my content. Use code "COOPER" at checkout and Get 10% off Tactical Soap mentioned at the end of the video here: http://bit.ly/2jQEZbz If you want to join us at the 21 convention this fall, you can grab a ticket here: http://team.21university.com/78641/6171 Make a reach.me request: https://www.reach.me/RichardCooper Get 1 on 1 coaching with me: https://clarity.fm/richardcooper Join us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/EntrepreneursinCars
BabyFUG (1 month ago)
I don't remember when my family went to court for me, but I do know that my whole life I'd see my mother on the weekends and holidays. When Me and my dad lived a long ways away I'd only see her on the holidays. My parents have always been understanding and has mostly let me choose who I live with my whole life. I know I'm very blessed for having understanding parents. Like the videos man!
Thefenix 007es (3 months ago)
He can just adopt a kid. You don't need a women for it.
Drk RE (3 months ago)
All you can do is mitigate the potential loss, don't get married, don't live in a state with common law marriage, don't link your finances to her in any way, live in a rented property (because she'll get you kicked out of it when you break up if you have kids). Yes, there is going to be some financial pain, it's inevitable, not only will there be child support, you will also have to help her out if she is destitute for the sake of the kids. The damage, however, should be limited, of course if she is completely financially incompetent then you have to go for main custody.
John Smith (4 months ago)
Tony Montana really? I heard Ontario was one of the worst places to get divorced. From my understanding Rich got divorced there
Me AndMeToo (4 days ago)
France. Default share parenting and no alimony.
S.J.'s DIY Adventures (9 days ago)
Find a good woman. Yeah, hard to do these days, but not impossible.
Rodney Biddle (10 days ago)
Had to comment - I met a woman 16 years ago. Was quite younger than me and after just a short time realized she was F'd up - Molested and abused as a child left her too broken to date. Put space between us but she was struggling and had a skill (work) as a graphic artist so we stayed in touch and became a Brother/Sister friendship. She struggled and I helped - she was a user but knew the rules and limits. She was knocked up by another guy - 2nd child. Kept struggling, 2 kids & 2 dads. I helped some, enjoyed the friendship and kids. Later she was homeless, moved in with me. Few months later went bat crazy and was committed, lost custody of the kids. I took the kids in - loved both of them and they me. Fast forward over a year, got the late night phone call while sitting and she was dead. Overdose with boyfriend. Family decided to take the kids, but I blocked them and adopted them (Drug addicts and criminal histories). Have raised both kids, one to adulthood and she is about to have her own. She is closer to me than ever realizing how I protected them. Younger daughter and I have an amazing relationship. I did date for a while but after too many bat crazy f'd up women (Single moms) I decided 4 years ago to go completely on my own. Have no regrets to being single dad - two wonderful kids. But unfortunately the key to my success was loss of the mother. Had nobody to argue with, no fighting, all of the decisions were mine. Was hard some, but in the end I feel I was blessed. In the end - My suggestion is Adoption. There are a lot of kids out there needing help. Unfortunately the older they are the more breaks. My older struggled for years and I had to let her in many cases. But in the end she has come around and is appreciative. My younger I was able to shelter and protect her from her mother's stupidity nearly completely and is amazing.
Brilliant Torquoise. (17 days ago)
Australia does standard 50/50 custody but, surprise surprise, the system makes it easy for Women to bs in court.
Jim Johnson (23 days ago)
Nope, nothing is safe. I could be sitting here at my desk, in the greatest shape of my life, and suddenly have a meteor crash through and knock my head off. What is an acceptable risk? Well I have six kids and my wife is a stay at home mom. I know I would be screwed if she suddenly flips out and decided to use the system against me. But, I’ve taken steps to reduce the risk (virgin bride, church, homeschool kids, no TV,) so far so good.
Compound Pictures (27 days ago)
What if you get kids but not get married at all. Jack of all trades?
MaRk dAtheist (1 month ago)
@Entrepreneurs in cars WRONG. We KNOW kids from SINGLE MOM HOUSEHOLDS do terrible. We DONT KNOW how kids from single dad households would do. Additionally, single father household would not suffer from the "man dessert" problem that their counterparts would suffer; all of daycare, nursing, child medical care, elementary teaching etc etc are pretty much ALL women. Plenty of potentialy decent female role models for those kids pretty much 7 days a week.
Dan M (1 month ago)
its a divorce tax
The Working Dead (1 month ago)
That's like asking "Can I shoot myself in the head and survive?" Well, it's not impossible but don't count on it!
Ella Lovli (1 month ago)
As a married woman with two small children, I wish we could have two homes ( one for me and one for my husband). I love being a mother and housewife but doing 24/7, 365 days of the year becomes very overwhelming and burdensome . Mothers need a break. I think co-parenting is probably a great idea. Having some free time to reset the mind and body is needed it. My husband is a hard-working man who refused to ever change a diaper. But I can't complaint because he brings the dough. When I think about getting a divorce, all I really want is some space to breathe. We need to make some adjustments, so marriage and parenthood doesn't become burdensome to either partner. Having kids is a lot of work. But you won't know until you have your own.
Christopher Williams (2 months ago)
Just Adopt, there are so many kids without homes in foster care, yet all people wanna do is go and make their own, in a way you could call it selfish. Maybe I'm biased as I was adopted and that's the only way I'll have a son, since I already chose to get a vasectomy when i was 19, about to be 22 now.
TheMedicDude (2 months ago)
Mothers are great for turning infants into children. There is absolutely no use for a mother beyond that. Fuck the 1950s, that shit is done. Fathers however, are great for turning children into adults. Indoctrinating said children into the way the world actually works is a Fatherly role. And the way that the world was pre-feminism. And that this society continues to disregard this at it's own peril is extremely hilarious. It's gonna be a society of drug dealers trying to sell to other drug dealers...all supply and no demand. Just enjoy the decline boys!
Illuminated7 (2 months ago)
Why can’t Family court be sued ?
godstomper (2 months ago)
Just adopt.
Dmitry OZ (2 months ago)
Yes you can. If you live and work in western country but have a family and children outside. I know personally 2 guys like this and they send money to their families to support them. And visit them on holidays.
Cee Tee (2 months ago)
That's easy, egg bank and a handful of lawyers....
Jackie N (2 months ago)
What reward would there ever be without risk. What a ridiculous and totally beta question. Man up. If you want children you need to sign on the dotted line.
Brian Coley (3 months ago)
It take a village to raise kids, is just an excuse for society accepting, and not discouraging and punishing, paternity fraud. This is why feminists love the saying so much and are in favour of men being on the hook for child support who've been proven not to be the biological father of children they're legally liable for.
Alex Zukosvky (3 months ago)
God this makes me depressed. I guess I'll just have to give up on having a wife and kids until Congress passes something.
Erkut Eronat (3 months ago)
Awesome subliminal Pellegrino ad.
David Steiger (3 months ago)
Switzerland has default Shared parenting
Matt THX (3 months ago)
Move to an Islamic country ie Qatar Saudi Arabia and marry as a muslim is the solution to this.
Uni Versity (3 months ago)
How much do you charge for a one to one coaching??? After your own divorce, how have you divided your finances so that there is only fixed amount for alimony and child support. If one is so scarred for life after divorce and have so many issues with women, then why continue to date women with such toxic mentality?! Why not become homosexual and have less hassle?! Surely, 'brothers from another mother' with like mentality would rather hangout together, enjoy each other's company and so should sleep together to meet their basic sexual needs. Wouldn't this ultimately save a lot of hassle altogether?! I'm a woman myself and after my own divorce with my being in exactly your disposition with extensive exploitation and damage, after watching all your videos now despise both men AND women. Any man who approaches me, I want to chop his dick off and stab and mutilate him for his sexual advances. And any toxic woman who was ever my friend or even an acquaintance, their nonsense talk and issues makes me feel like chopping their tongue off and stabbing and mutilating them so that they can no longer be an issue for men and myself. I have restricted all my social interactions because every man and woman has issues with the opposite gender and that's what they talk about most of the time without anything else productive to talk about. Honestly, I feel if there was no sexual need of any sort, life would have been so much better for everyone. This sexual need and emotions in our own head we call love are the actual root cause of all negativity and damage in our lives.
Cássio Correa (3 months ago)
I have share parenting that my ex wants to destroy using my attempting of suicide (because of the divorce) to justify it. You guys must fight for shared custody, it's much better.
Thefenix 007es (3 months ago)
He can adopt a kid . so he won't have to deal with a women. I am gonna do it later on. There is no point to live with a women. ( sex? I can rent a body) ( have kids? I can adopt) ( emotional affection ? They don't care so don't waste your time.)
a88888888a (3 months ago)
most of these guys can't find the diamond in the rough... Hahaha... They blame the system or the woman for making a bad decision. No one told you to inseminate them if they don't meet at the check lists.... Hahaha.... Problem is there's a lot of vaginas but not many winners, so finding the winner is like finding the pin in the haystack. Thus you want to be alpha to the core so you have more options to choose from in the quest of finding the one that checks off all the boxes.
Bizguy 4Life (3 months ago)
Great topic I wish I would have known this stuff 12 years ago period. It's okay now I get to pass it on to my 17 year old son
drewman 87 (3 months ago)
I thought being a blue pilled beta happens with a [email protected]
eclipseNF (4 months ago)
@Entrepreneurs in cars MGTOW Doesn't mean checking out of the sexual market. It just means don't get married or co-habitate. It's the same thing as the red pill.
Cavemantero (4 months ago)
fuck this corporation. bout to go off on these oppressors posing as lawmakers and countrymen.
David Shultz (4 months ago)
It's called adoption, folks. You don't need a purebred child, so to speak. That way you can bring a woman into your life and she can't use your child to crush you.
double dollarman (4 months ago)
Hey Rich. Things won’t ever change because the criminal justice system makes way too much money off of men being incarcerated. The court system would rather push rational men towards irrational behavior and have us jailed instead of helping. A woman can marry you. Spit out a couple kids. Get you to buy a house. Cheat on you and then divorce you and take everything you’ve worked for. For any reason. The judge will roll his eyes and give her everything no matter what you say. It’s the bleeding truth and we need to let these young guys know the truth. Marriage ain’t worth your life.
1hard2findbro (4 months ago)
How to meet women in Canada 😊 🏃 🍁 👩
John smith (4 months ago)
Marriage is a bogus fairy tale created by someone with a sick sense of humor.
Russell Nash (4 months ago)
With my luck, I could have 10 kids and every one of them would be female. I'd have to spend 35 million dollars raising 10 little future whores.
luis luis (4 months ago)
Get a surrogate like Cristiano Ronaldo, he has 3 kids via this method and his mother and sister helped him raise his first son.
Chris Kelly84 (4 months ago)
34 single...no kids. Just had a vasectomy 2 weeks ago. Overall cost was about $750. Way cheaper than paying child support or raising a kid.
anonymous anonymous (4 months ago)
In the UK vasectomys are free most of the time .
Chris Kelly84 (4 months ago)
And yes I paid out of pocket.
dastodavid (4 months ago)
Your beard is epic! Im not homosexual, but if i ever seen you in real live, id probably ask to touch it lol.
ageofbogyo (4 months ago)
Buy an Island , make your own country and laws, import women who obeys to those laws.
Macio Luko (2 months ago)
Yes! That's it! With Solar panels and battery packs you could make this work.
anonymous anonymous (4 months ago)
If they don't obey chuck them out .
Neo Matrix (4 months ago)
The only way to have kids risk free is playing The Sims
HOTBALLZ (4 months ago)
Long version: You can’t. Short version: You can’t.
Richardson Freight (4 months ago)
I was thinking about this dilema for past 4y. One of the solutions is surogacy. 1st) It's legal in India and will run between 10-20k USD. Then you can move anywhere in the world. (watch the episode of VICE on this subject) 2nd) You will need help raising the kid and a women "soft rolmodel" till the age of 13-14 In every culture this is the time when child goes from mother to father. In my opinion hiring well educated young full time sitter is the best way. It will run you between 4-6k USD a month in US outside of CA and NY. or 25% less in europe outside of London. It's not that expensive. Lifetime sitters were very popular in Europe not that long ago. I know several friends raised this way. Bond between sitter, child and (you) will create artificial family and the effect will be good. I expect a lots of criticism. Lots of beta snowflakes out there. You ask for solution this is one
Joe Smith (4 months ago)
53% of marriages end in divorce, would you jumpd out of an airplane if your parachute had 47% chance of opening?
stinkopants (4 months ago)
Well.... If you're American, jump the border and impregnate a bunch of Canadian chicks then go back to America! Seed spread success!
Eugene Mokwele (4 months ago)
Really guys....lol having a kid risk free ? ....if that is your thought process then dont even have one because a kid is not just an object its a human being.
Plant-Based MD (4 months ago)
Go to San Diego and get a girl in TJ Pregno.. You can go every other day to visit if you like and no consequences
76ers (4 months ago)
Adopt a kid. Get a girlfriend but don't marry her. Both of you serve as Father/Mother figure.
Plant-Based MD (4 months ago)
Get a smart good looking girl pregno and don't get married.. You will still be paying child support but won't be married.. Simple
Plant-Based MD (4 months ago)
Bro if you have a kid don't call it get screwed by the system.. You will have to fork money to take care of the kid for at least 20 yrs
bunberrier (4 months ago)
Have children with a terminally ill woman? Idk, thats why I viewed this video. What sorcery is this, I thought.
Anne B (4 months ago)
If you don’t care if it’s your child biologically, of course there is adoption. But what I think mgtow guys overlook is foster care. First, you can state you would only want a male. Second, if you don’t want diapers/infants, you can say school aged, etc. Third, the government actually pays you money to help offset the costs of raising these kids. Fourth, you are still mgtow. Sadly very few of these kids are reunited with their biological families. Sometimes after a couple years of knowing the child you can even adopt. It’s certainly not something to do in a whim, but there’s no guarantees with any child, including your own. It would be something to consider. So many boys are in need of positive male role models. You could have a huge impact on a boys life. If foster care is too much of a commitment, there’s big brother programs.
Buttcheeks Mcgee (4 months ago)
There are so many children who need good homes...adopt a kid.
Nadi Mian (3 months ago)
the problem will be their (lack of co parenting
Joe Paquet (4 months ago)
Hi, I just found your channel, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for vlogging. Lot's of people comment on many channels about statistics. I'm writing to tell you I'm one of those individuals that makes up some statistics. 51 year old male, after a thirty two year relationship I started to get healthy, asked my wife to return to full time employment, six months later she claimed abuse. I was evicted from my home and have not seen my daughter in 9 months. My case is before the NH Supreme Court, see the July docket. Silver Bullet victim and survivor. I'm considering starting a vlog to help others understand the journey. Thank you
Post Mod Gent (4 months ago)
I avoided the major bullets by establishing joint (not shared) custody at birth and a private support/access agreement, not marrying her, owning my own home prior and then jointly owing another property where she and children lived and she has educations/skills to earn her own money (or better but rare is wealthier than yourself). You will find that many women are open to this arrangement once you're upfront about it. There are a lot of women who want children and to own their home but do not possess the resources or have the options to do it on their own. My arrangement does not come without minor hassles and headaches but my legal rights as a parent are in place (health, education, residence, travel). My children's mother has been agreeable for the most part over the years mainly because upsetting the arrangement would be acting against her own interest.
Joe Jones (4 months ago)
As someone who was a full time single father for 8 years, I can tell you Rich, it’s a whole different ball game on this side of it. No one gives 2 shit’s about male father’s.
Kyrious (4 months ago)
I honestly don’t know if I want kids anymore. It’s a big commitment, and it’s very very high risk. With today’s system and women I just don’t think it’s stable enough for me or the kid.
Red Samurai (4 months ago)
you are coming at the breeding problem from the wrong premise. You have to come at it from the angle that you’re going to take the child and leave before she can do it to you. Children don’t need a mother they develop normally without a mother, so you have to see the female as the incubator only, stop thinking of her as a mother. Stop thinking like a nice blue pilled simp and that means mentally overcoming your male weakness of compassion. You use her for breeding then you take the child and disappear. You have about a four year window before she does not need you and will start thinking about fucking you over and taking the child. First start to set up your escape plan, then tell her everything she wants to hear, breed quickly one or 2 children, within 2 years, remember you have about 4 years before it’s too late to do the runner with the child. Once you’re really to do the runner, disappear with the child and start your life. Remember it’s not illegal for a parent to take a child and just leave. If you’re worried about the police then do it with a lawyer and disappear but use the lawyer to notify the police and say it’s for the child’s safety, simply lie and apply for custody saying the child was in danger and make up some really good bull shit. You have to be a ruthless cunt just like a women will do to you. You would have no hesitation shitting on another man if he was going to hurt your child so this is no difference, if you stay with her you know that the odds are against you and the mother will most likely abuse the child and deny you access, so its only you doing it first. Women are not your friend, not your lover, they are a tool you use and then upgrade from. stop thinking tradition. Things will not get better, fairer, or go back to the good old days, that's an MRA fantasy. evolve to the new type of male and incorporate female behavior into your redpilled mind
Tom B (4 months ago)
Don't marry, don't move in. Make them earn your devotion everyday. Once they have no reason to please you, they wont
Thomas Russell (4 months ago)
Switzerland has had automatic 50/50 parenting since 2011.
RSVDCN (4 months ago)
If you're tall, healthy, smart and good looking, there's always sperm donation
zzospreyzz55 (4 months ago)
The US, at least PA is starting to lean towards 50/50 split. Still very femme slanted though with child support and decisions, etc. I don't recommend it unless you can take the woman out of the picture beforehand. It's not a healthy situation for the kid though
zzospreyzz55 (4 months ago)
From personal experience, there is no way to do it. The child, not the woman, has the right to the child support meaning that it doesn't matter if you have parental rights or not, you will always owe child support no matter what she does. She will eventually find someone else to move in with and you'll be funding their lifestyle through the child support. Even if you have split custody, the courts will generally rule that the man owes the women child support. Essentially, you'll be paying for some other guy to raise your child. Of all the guys I know that have full custody of their children, you can forget significant child support. One friend has full custody of three kids and she doesn't even pay enough to cover their school lunches. He makes under $60k/yr. Edit: also forgot that even with a split, the mother will likely be able to qualify for more public assistance than you but the courts will make you pay for half of the bill that she's getting for free. Things like daycare, schooling, soccer practices, camp, doctors bills, etc. plus, chances are that she will be able to claim custody of the kids for tax purposes. Oh, and don't forget that child support works out to be 28% of your gross monthly income but you have to pay it with after tax dollars. She doesn't pay taxes on child support. Safest way to have kids without getting married? Make sure you get full custody and she gives up her rights. It's not going to happen though
anonymous anonymous (4 months ago)
Luckily we don't have those child support laws in the UK lol .
Ilham H (4 months ago)
Think outside of the country. Hook up with an illegal chick or import her on a tourist visa. Knock her up and let her stay illegal while she gives birth to your child. The key is, never let her get legalized. She will hide behind you like a brick wall and do whatever you say. Trust me, I'd been illegal, nothing drills deeper into your mind than the thought that you are a second class citizen. She'll always feel your superiority and will be under your rule. My pal did it and he is happy.
Sir TrixxxAlot (4 months ago)
There's no definitive stats on single fathers like there's definitive stats on single mothers. All we can go by is the impact of the father's absence or presence in the childs life. Based on those stats, I'm going the surrogate single father route. I'll accept that risk over marrying or pair bonding. By the way folks, Mexico would be the country to look for cheap surrogates. Don't let these super red pill dudes have you paying child support for 18 years.
Quantumline (4 months ago)
About two years ago one of my really good friend (women) came to me with a proposition. She said "I'm 44 now and still could not find a partner. I'm not sure I even can have kids anymore but I would love to have at least one. You are my type. Would you make me pregnant? You don't have to pay child support or anything. I'm willing to sign a paper about that". It broke my heart. I told her that the child needs a father. and I don't think it's a good idea. I did not even want go into how risky to have a child over 40. And of course she could change her mind about the child support anytime.
JBH8063 (3 months ago)
smart move
Rob Paulson (4 months ago)
Buy a dog..
Mickey Turner (4 months ago)
Kentucky is the first and only state with default shared parenting laws
Jacques Lewis (4 months ago)
Divorced fathers commit suicide because they realize that getting married is the worst idea imaginable. Women fuck up men's lives.
Lee Martin (4 months ago)
This guys videos just keeps getting worse and worse... i used to listen to you back in the days when your videos had good content... now its all segue and ads... im no expert but your style and shift will lose you subs. Your channel will die if you dont churn out good content and lessen your segue(s)...
Constantia de Gier (4 months ago)
I can not understand why people still want children? Society will certainly not die out. Ask yourself why you want children? Do they have to fill an emotional void? I already knew at age 7 that I did not want children and I am so grateful that I listened to myself. I have all the time for myself and do not miss children. There is nothing as strong as a hormone, but put yourself over it. It will be your best choice ever to choose for yourself.
Constantia de Gier (4 months ago)
My mind tells me that you find everything stupid besides yourself. Grow up. Get mental help.
Space_Race (4 months ago)
@Constantia de Gier - Stupid reply! "Choice" *Wake up.*
Constantia de Gier (4 months ago)
That is Fatima her choice. Not mine.
Space_Race (4 months ago)
Western woman does not want children.... Meanwhile, Fatima down the road is having 5+ on welfare - thanks to western woman's tax bill.
Sun Rise (4 months ago)
Have a child with a woman that is terminally ill & has 9 months to live.
Sun Rise (4 months ago)
The Howard government made many legal reforms involving shared custody in Australia, then the Labour party was elected & reversed all the reforms. Surrogacy is the only safe reality.
Royston E. Smythe (4 months ago)
If we care about the civillisation our ancestors created we have to solve this problem. If Western men are afraid to breed while our governments keep importing the rest of the world we will lose the culture and civillisation. More men in the manosphere need to pool our resources and find out how to keep the nations going while minimising the risk of divorce rape and women screwing up the lives of the children and turning them against us.
Jason Jay (4 months ago)
Do women EVER commit suicide after a divorce? Talk about a unicorn there, geesh. Men take all the burden in life. The current female primary order and gyno-centric laws would have never happened if women weren't allowed to vote. 80% emotional creatures being allowed to vote is like giving a 3rd grader keys to an M5 convertible while the parents are on vacation.
Anne B (4 months ago)
Jason Jay When I was in school I recall learning women actually “attempt” suicide more, but are more likely to take pills, that do not actually kill them. Men are more “successful” (hate using that word in relation to suicide), because they tend to use more violent methods. There is not enough discussion, awareness of the sky rocketing suicide rate in men, particularly divorced men and/or veterans. It’s tragic. We all wear ribbons for breast cancer awareness. How about some ribbons and exposure for suicide prevention.
FiveWest (Voyaller) (4 months ago)
Let's say you own a house. You have a job. Your money etc. What are the success possibilities of having an LTR with kids without marriage in between? Edit: Your all live in the same house.
Snake Plisskin (4 months ago)
Simple. You can't. So....don't.
Dark. Duke (4 months ago)
My take: just bite the bullet and live with woman (there are decent one out there), having full family is good for kid AND guy (oh and for woman, I suppose), just try not letting her run (and ruin) Your life, also contacting lawyer before marriage and ANY huge financial decision (starting Your own business, buying house etc) may be good idea. Monsters are made, not born, she may try to rip You another hole IF it come to divorce. TL:DR be The Man, don't get f* in the a*. That's a woman's job.
Thierno Thierno (4 months ago)
Let me give the solution guys : Be hypergamic just like they are. Don’t low date . UP FUCKING DATE! She has to make more money than u. That’s how u will get a chance to save your a** from this scam system.
GreGuaR (4 months ago)
Hi Richard, I have watched a lot of your videos and I like them a lot. Two topics to talk about: 1) In many of your videos you state that women are hypergamous "by nature." You imply that it is in the "biology" of the female to seek the highest status male. What is your opinion on social programming, you know, what women are taught by their parents and society? For example, mother to her daughter: "You should date a lawyer or a doctor, don't settle for anything less!" and so on... 2) (Immature) Women select partners based solely on their social status/wealth. This is the basis of their hypergamous nature; based on that criterion, they will search to find men who maximize its value. However, we also know that (immature) men select women based only on how hot they look. So women tend to select the highest social status males and men tend to select the most beautiful females. Couldn't we classify that behavior of men as hypergamous as well?
GreGuaR (4 months ago)
Yup, that's exactly my point. We men will try to get the most beautiful woman and marry her, at least that's what most guys do. I never said that male and female hypergamy are "identical." Suppose that social status and wealth is x and that beauty/attractiveness is y. Women want to maximize x and men want to maximize y when they want to have a partner. The strife to maximize only one variable is what makes hypergamy, hypergamy. And yes, hypergamy serves better women than men. Beauty declines with age, however, wealth and social status can increase.
Daryl Miller (4 months ago)
You missed one possible situation. Being up front while dating, that you are looking for partner who wants to have kids, but tell them you are not willing to marry. But want to coparent. Then, you want to have a coparenting written agreement before getting pregnant. You may find some women are open to this. Generally they may fall into the over 35 category. This is a situation i am in. And it is working great. Plus best part of life for me has been seeing and being a part of raising my child. Worth it.
Fuzzy Camel (4 months ago)
Living in Canada is like a god damn slavery nightmare. You'd have to be nuts to have kids in this screwy liberal country. If anything goes wrong in that marriage, it's total financial wipeout for you. They literally put 100% of the blame and risk on the men. If some guy comes home from work early and catches his wife blowing the plumber, guess what, he loses his house, kids, and gets slapped with support payments. What happens to her? She gets a nice payday and a monthly allowance, and is now free to bang as many men as she wants. Most white Canadian born women are not loyal either, the majority are feminists and they cheat, a lot. I wouldn't trust most of them. Their diet sucks and they don't take care of themselves, and the side effect of that is their brains are malnourished and inflamed, so they make crap decisions. You can't honestly expect someone brought up on empty calories like Kraft Dinner and Wonder Bread to have healthy brain function and make good choices.
Scrooge (4 months ago)
Wife and dog missing. Reward for dog.
sam cruz (4 months ago)
You can adopt
Esharido (4 months ago)
Can't blame a man for wanting to pass on his genes it's in his primal instincts
anonymous anonymous (4 months ago)
I know right but by having kids comes with a door of opened problems and burden .
The Modern Man (4 months ago)
Most men want sex and don’t want marriage or children. For this reason, girlfriends go out of their way to create the “accidentally on purpose” pregnancy with the boyfriend. They are betting a pregnancy will cause you to get married, and they still get money if you don’t. If you want children, just allow your girlfriend to “trick you”, have the baby, and pay the child support. A girlfriend has already selected you as worthy of children, which is why you are dating. Child support is manageable as long as you didn’t get married because you don’t have to split assets or pay alimoney. You also get the benefit of sharing the parenting, and is much less expensive than surrogacy. Typical child support is between $400-$500 a month if you make 45-50K salary, but it is income based. Most women respect the visitation rights in exchange for the money, and parental alienation is illegal. Having children out of wedlock has become common. This method has worked for me anyway.
dennqus1 (4 months ago)
I'm 57 years old. At approximately 32 years of age I felt an incredible urge to reproduce. Never found anyone who was worthy of my seed. Richard is right. If you get someone pregnant no matter where you will eventually take it in the ass. There's far too many people on this planet anyways and I really hate to see what the next 50 years will bring.
Shadowman (4 months ago)
The only low risk option is to move to a country with marriage/divorce laws that favor men and encourage tight knit family bonds. The trade off is that you'll have a harder life in general due to a less developed economy. But keep in mind that those laws can always change 5 to 10 years from now due to western influence on foreign cultures.
Andrew Chapman (4 months ago)
Move to the Pitcairn Islands. You MIGHT have luck there.
homebrandrules (4 months ago)
funny man
Michael Stoddard (4 months ago)
Please share a "Shared Parenting" clause for prenuptial agreement
Michael Stoddard (4 months ago)
Shared Parenting should be in every prenuptial contact
hoffman411 (4 months ago)
Just think if you are a single guy now that is alone and has no kids and wants a woman and family but if feels so hard to find and get and you feel like you are missing something it sucks right. But it feels way worse when you have nothing, govt forces you to hand over money and you cant see ya kids. Biggest regret was making babies fucked my life hard. So much money lost and heart break. Emotional cancer for men
Andres Felipe (4 months ago)
If you have enough money you can always adopt.
El Desó (4 months ago)
Wait. This a catch 32 here. You can't get married, nor live with a woman together. At the same time 2 parents are required, living together, to raise functional humans in society. So either humanity will become distorted as fuck (on an individual level), or the population will decrease. I feel like there's a bigger agenda in play here, lol.
clintsco (4 months ago)
Move overseas and find a foreign wife where her country's marriage laws are fair to men, She can't divorce rape you! Live and raise your family in her country can't do that? then Stay Single and don't bring her to the West!
The Daughter Who Sews (4 months ago)
Masculine and feminine energy....excellent words
aussiebear22 (4 months ago)
Buy a dog. Dogs are loyal.
ThePlummer Speaks: (4 months ago)
How about setting up a living trust, where you personally own nothing but the trust, and the trust owns nothing but a C corp. All holdings are then held in the C corp. That would put you two arms lengths away from anyone grabbing your assets. Oh, and pay yourself a very modest income for day to day expenses. Now, I've thought about this same issue, and have came to one possible conclusion. You hire a female, live in employee. Have a written contract that states exactly what her duties are, and how many hours minimum she will 'work' around the house, for a salary. Her residence in your home is part of the benefits package, and if for any reason, she decides to leave, she's free to do so, but if you 'fire' her, you state in your contract that you will provide her with a rental property amount to get her into the rental home, of modest means. That's her severence package. Implement a three strikes and your out rule.. If she commits an action that deserves a strike, issue it to her, explain what she did wrong, mark it on a calendar, with red ink, and keep the calendar in a place where she can visually see it every day. If she goes 6 months without receiving another strike, the first strike falls off. If she commits another violation within the 6 months, she gets strike two. And naturally strike three and she's out. Now, once you've established this 'working' relationship for a matter of no less than two years, and you are somewhat compatible, you may decide to open up the conversation about having children with her. She will probably be the one wanting that before then anyway. Tell her that the only way you'd consider it, is if she would sign a surrogacy agreement, giving you sole custody of the child, that if she left or was fired, she would have no claim to the child(ren), and would be subject to the above employment contractual rules. In return, she would be allowed to continue to be the child's 'nanny', for so long as mutual employment conditions were met. I posited this idea before two American Lawyers. One whom spent a large portion of his career as a circuit court Judge, and the other whom has been a lawyer for 50 years, doing divorces and adoptions. The judge lawyer (who specializes in Divorce), shook his head and said that I'm always looking for a way to protect myself, he then said that I may have found such a way, then left my presence (I upset him, as I was threatening to break his rice bowl). The other lawyer felt like a judge would have the opinion that I was attempting to 'game the system', and the contract would be null and void, simply because it removes HIS authority to rule on the matter, should she ever decide to petition for custody. Prenups have exactly the same problem. There are certain things that a couple cannot decide themselves on prior to marriage, such as child support, and custody times. It is illegal to do such. So, bottom line, there is no way to protect yourself from being financially raped and your children legally kidnapped from you, by the gynocentric state, should a woman decide to call them to arms on her behalf. MGTOW is the only way to ever right this ship, if it can even happen. MGTOW is a peaceful, passive, resistance to the gynocentric zeitgeist in the west. And all this, maintaining frame, gaming women, and such, is just giving women attention that they crave. Only when the majority of men, OPT OUT, will women collectively demand that things change, in hopes to call us back to the plantation. Me personally, I'm out till three things change (so that means I'm probably going to die of old age before these conditions are met). 1. No fault divorce is deemed unconstitutional, or the state is taken completely out of the governing over relationships all together. 2. The end of the federally supported welfare state. 3. Universal suffrage is eliminated, in favor of a merit based election system.
Drk RE (3 months ago)
I agree with you ThePlummer, but in reality none of that is going to get fixed in the next 30+ years - I think things will get MUCH worse before they get better...
Thomas Russell (4 months ago)
Living trusts don't provide any asset protection; it would need to be an irrevocable trust, which unfortunately incurs gift tax when you contribute to it. The best asset protection vehicles are partnerships or LLPs with more than one member. In common law courts judges can't break up partnerships to serve creditors, and in Alaska even charging orders to grab the distributions are illegal. The next best move is to buy a house in Florida when the shit hits the fan. You can even do this after you get served with a lawsuit since such a transfer is exempt from fraudulent conveyance laws.
El Desó (4 months ago)
You are describing the current situation. If MGTOW is to be a sustainable, permanent solution, then we need to figure out shit. Not say "oh, but there are will people who will do that regardless" and rely on that solely. MGTOW will go down the shitter if it's not forged into a sustainable philosophy. Trust me. It has a lot of value as a philosophy. It will be sad if we allow it to die.
ThePlummer Speaks: (4 months ago)
homebrandrules... Turd Flinging Monkey and DDJ at Misandry Today is who I'm closely affiliated with, but I like huMAN, Marcus at the Metaphysics of MGTOW, and Big John at the society for men's Freedom.
homebrandrules (4 months ago)
mr plummer you should be the one receiving the 75 bucks for this vid. NOT richard butler. well done, yr suggestion is food for thought p.s. who are yr favourite MGTOW youtuber brothers?
TJLazer (4 months ago)
When you have a daughter you can tell her how worthless she is
fthepolice (4 months ago)
"A guy was trying to vet an a list daughter for marriage" what the fuck does that mean? That sounds like some creepy pedophile shit.
Neil Bryan Closa (4 months ago)
This is sad.

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