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How I spent 1000HKD(6500PHP) in Hong Kong! - Travel On A Budget Challenge

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PLEASE WATCH IN HD! :) FOR MY ITINERARY: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html A video of how I spent 1000 HK Dollars or 6500 PHP worth of pocket money in Hong Kong! I actually spent less than that. Budget Inclusions: HK Fare(using Octopus Card On Loan) Food/Snacks Souvenirs Exclusions: Airfare Hostel Disneyland Ticket Victoria Peak Sky Pass Music and Sound Effects: Rainbow Street(Background): http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Holmes/Music_For_Commercial_Use_Volume_2/Scott_Holmes_-_01_-_Rainbow_Street# Applause: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLX-kD10Tdc
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Text Comments (223)
coco xxsjxx (1 month ago)
Ma try nga to.. 1k hkd. Hmm kaya..
Daisydel Toledo (1 month ago)
Hello po 😊 baka pwedeng pashare ng itinerary nyo? we planning to there sa april po😊 [email protected]
Jane Geocadin (1 month ago)
Daisydel Toledo hello! You may check the description box here for the itinerary po 😊 thanks!
Nenen Gonzaga (1 month ago)
Hello we are goin to hk dis april. Can you share ur itinerary??? Please
Jane Geocadin (1 month ago)
Hello! Please see the description box for my itinerary po. Or you may check this: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html
Vivienne Mae R. Apuli (1 month ago)
Hello! Watching your vlog this year! Can i ask for your complete itinerary? Kasama na yung accomodation and yung pagcommute if possible. Hehe thankyou [email protected] ang email ko thanlyou
Jane Geocadin (1 month ago)
Hello! Thank you so much for watching my video! You may find the complete itinerary and breakdown of expenses here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html
Azzi Sanchez (1 month ago)
How much po buget for 4nights Pocket money, like taxi fee and for food
Jane Geocadin (1 month ago)
Hello! Thank you so much for watching my video. You may find the breakdown of expenses here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html
CRISEXY Love (1 month ago)
Wooow ipon din aq to travel there...tnx for sharing..
Pinoy Screen and Stage (2 months ago)
Dislike cuz the point of taking a trip is experiencing stuff. You could've done your research and visited landmark places which have no entrance fee. This is boring.
Kristine Cagadas (2 months ago)
I saw you ikaw ba yung nag withdraw sa MetroBank sa High Street today??
Kristine Cagadas (2 months ago)
+Jane Geocadin sempre po I'm your fan now. And sobrang happy ko nakita ko kayo. Hihi. God bless you po. Thank you so much. ♥️😍🤗
Jane Geocadin (2 months ago)
Kristine Cagadas Awwww. Thank youuu! First time ata may naka-appreciate ng vlog ko 😊 More budget vlogs sa susunod! 😊
Kristine Cagadas (2 months ago)
+Jane Geocadin so happy nakita ko yung Vlogger na nastalk ko last time. Galing dahil nakapag HK na ako nag vlog ma din me. Idol kita ate laking help sa amin ng bestfriend ko nong nag HK kami itong vlog mo. Actually habang nandun kami pinanood namin to. Hahaha. God bless you and sana madami pang makaappreciate sa vlog mo. 😘❤️
Jane Geocadin (2 months ago)
Kristine Cagadas aaay heheh ikaw pala yun! Nice to meet you din :) Wow! You’re welcome! 😊 sana nakahelp hehe 😊
Kristine Cagadas (2 months ago)
+Jane Geocadin ako po yung nagtanong sa inyo na Metro bank po ba card niyo o BPI. Hehe nahihiya ako mag aapproach kung tama ba na ikaw yun tatanungin sana kita. Kaya tinitigan kita malalim hahaa nice to meet you po. Nagcomment pala ako dito dati at saka nakapag Hk na kami. Ty sa vlog mo. ❤️❤️❤️
Al Zamierah (3 months ago)
hi sis pwd tanong if magkano kaya istemited budget for 3person... pls reply
Avril Aristoteles (3 months ago)
Kawawa eh
krishawn (3 months ago)
para po sa mga pasalubong/souvenir kaya po ba yung 300hkd? ilang shirts po nabili niyo sa 50hkd? salamat po!
rose angeline regachuelo (4 months ago)
Hi we're planning to go to hong kong next year with my parents. I just wanted to ask if its okay not to buy a ticket for activities?
Jane Geocadin (4 months ago)
rose angeline regachuelo yes, it is okay. Tho, some lines tend to be really long when buying on the spot tix. 😊
Ixhia Casi (4 months ago)
Hi, what can you recommend about currencies? Mas okay po ba na Peso-Hongkong Dollar or US Dollar-Peso? Thanks
Jane Geocadin (4 months ago)
Louise Casi hello! I’m not sure abt that kasi I always change my money from peso - HKD or to other currencies lang
Darryl Tirona (4 months ago)
Seems like ill be going to hong kong at a 500 hkd budget , is it even possible?
Darryl Tirona (4 months ago)
+Jane Geocadin 4 days. Bahala na nga. Hahahaha =)
Jane Geocadin (4 months ago)
Darryl Tirona 1000HKD has been a real challenge to me alrdy! So I am not sure abt 500HKD, maybe 2 days for that budget is finen😊!
Marie C (4 months ago)
Hi po! First time ko mag travel abroad this december sa hk. Bet ko yung itinerary i follow. Question ko lang san ka nag papalit ng pera from php to hkd? Any suggestions? Thanks!
Marie C (4 months ago)
+Jane Geocadin thank you po! ❤❤❤
Jane Geocadin (4 months ago)
jose marie catalan hello! Usually, dito na ako sa Pinas nagpapalit, sa Makati Cinema Square because they have really good rates there... pag sa airport kasi mahal... 😊
Mike Del Mundo (4 months ago)
ate.. you look fresh po.
franz angelo capistrano (4 months ago)
hello po pwde po pa send ng itinerary? thanks: [email protected]
Jane Geocadin (4 months ago)
franz angelo capistrano hello! Pls check the description box for the link 😊
Jhoshenkish Mesina (4 months ago)
...hi, would you mind sharing with me your itinerary?planning to go to hk nxt year..thanks in advance..
Jane Geocadin (4 months ago)
Jhoshenkish Mesina Hello! You may check out my itinerary here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html?m=1
Jaydeelyn Galos (4 months ago)
Hi! Ask ko lang if kung pede un bdo atm jan sa hk ?
mauro aspillaga (5 months ago)
Anong month po yung maginaw dyan sa Hong Kong? Andyan po kasi ako sa November 2nd week. Salamat po sa sagot.
mauro aspillaga (5 months ago)
+Jane Geocadin thanks!
Jane Geocadin (5 months ago)
mauro aspillaga Hi! I think mid October to Feb or March is really cold there. 😊
Sab Rina (5 months ago)
Can I have the complete itinerary? [email protected] THANK YOU!
Jane Geocadin (5 months ago)
Sab Rina Hello! For the complete itinerary, please click the link on the description box 😊
Shiela Marquez (6 months ago)
Where did you stay and how much per night? I am looking to travel to hk with my husband and 2 kids
Laddie Du (7 months ago)
Hi maam , mas better po bah mag klook for disneyland passes ?
Jane Geocadin (7 months ago)
Laddie Du I think they have better rates and less hassle 😊
Cano Manuel Gonzaga (7 months ago)
Was that really a challenge or was that all you can afford? Either way, if that's all you can afford, then that is indeed a real challenge.
Kenneth Charles Rondez (7 months ago)
sa immigration pa lang, di ka ba hinanap ng financial docs? Like bank statement? Aside HKD 1000 challenge, may dala ka ba dala ibang budget? CREDcard?
Jane Geocadin (7 months ago)
Nope, di ako hinanapan. I have travel history na din kasi... I brought my ATM card with me just in case hindi kaya ang 1000 HKD challenge. lol.
Han Nah (7 months ago)
Ng travel agency po ba kayo o diy po?pls reply
Jane Geocadin (7 months ago)
Hannah Mae Magomnang hindi naman
Han Nah (7 months ago)
Hindi po ba nakakatakot?
Jane Geocadin (7 months ago)
Hannah Mae Magomnang DIY lang po
Lar M (7 months ago)
I bought a house in Manila for 6500 PHP in the early 1960's.
Lar M (7 months ago)
$1000 HKD is what a OFW earned in 3 months in the 1970's Hong Kong.
Rose Haidee Tamano (7 months ago)
Pwd mam pashare itinerary? Thank u
Ashie Hao (5 months ago)
hi pwede po pa share din hehe go kmi next month kasi firstimer please ate.. pa email. [email protected] thank you
Jane Geocadin (7 months ago)
Rose Haidee Tamano Hello! You may check out my itinerary here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html :)
Mary Grace Malimban (8 months ago)
HI :) can i ask your itinerary :) so that we have a reference :) you can send here in my email [email protected]
Jane Geocadin (8 months ago)
Hello! You may check out my itinerary here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html :)
tia baker and ate (8 months ago)
Hello po, ask ko lang po mga magkano budget round trip ticket to Hk at ang hotel po?? At anong hotel pd pwde nyo erecommend na medyo kaya sa budget?? Tnx u po
Jane Geocadin (8 months ago)
We got our ticket for 2700+ roundtrip na because of piso fare.... you may check out affordable hotels from booking.com.... Mine was a double room for 7k for 4 days na :) sa Pearl Premium Guesthouse Mirador Mansion
earldhane18 (8 months ago)
Can i know whats the temperature when you went there last february?thank u
Jane Geocadin (8 months ago)
earldhane18 around 15degree celsius 😊 more or less 😊
krisandra dasmarinas (9 months ago)
hello!hingi po sana ako ng itinerary and hotel accom niyo, very helpful yung vlog eh for budgeted hk travel. [email protected] yung email ko.thanks!!!!
Jane Geocadin (9 months ago)
Hello, you may find the itinerary here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html
Nur-farah Sangkula (9 months ago)
Can I have the complete itinerary? Including airfare and hotel accommodation. Thanks :)
Jane Geocadin (9 months ago)
You can check it out here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html
Joel Enero (9 months ago)
Hello Wala bang visa ang tourist sa hk? Exit country kasi ako from Kuala Lumpur this June 26.
Jane Geocadin (9 months ago)
Wala po. :)
Maueee's Happy Feet (10 months ago)
Ang tipid siss planning to go to hk this july. ...support,,,
Convoludity (10 months ago)
Any info about the fees yung terminal and tax something?
Jane Geocadin (10 months ago)
Travel Tax costs around 1600+ and the terminal fee should be paid already when you bought the ticket, it's the 550pesos in your ticket. :)
Elton Jornales (10 months ago)
Hi, Can I ask for the complete itinerary and the hstel info? Thank you! :)
nielvin Simbulan (11 months ago)
Hello po ate first time po namin magttravel, ilan po ang limit na kilos ang dala nyo pong baggage? Thank you 😊
Jane Geocadin (11 months ago)
Yung checkin ba? I bought a 15kilo baggage allowance. :)
Mary Rose Ingat (11 months ago)
Pwede po malaman complete itinerary ? Ito po email ko [email protected] thank you
Jane Geocadin (9 months ago)
Check it here: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html
Avril Aristoteles (11 months ago)
Hi po, Saan po yung hostel ninyo at how much po yung cost and ilang days po yung stay nyo?
Jane Geocadin (10 months ago)
Hi! Ok naman, maliit pero maliit din naman kami eh :))
Alexza Selina Caraan (10 months ago)
Okay ba yung accommodation nyo?
Jane Geocadin (11 months ago)
Pearl Premium Guest House - Mirador Mansion Around 7k for a double room/4 days
Peach Pei (11 months ago)
You're good at budgeting, nice sis 🙌
Jane Geocadin (11 months ago)
Thanks sis!
Rhonie Dell Rick Gamil (11 months ago)
Hi, pwd po malaman yun mga place and name ng resto na kinainan nyo :D
Jane Geocadin (11 months ago)
I didn't document everything eh.... pero nandito sa vid yung ibang names, I believe.
ehlda 02162809 (11 months ago)
hm po ang tiket fare with package. may plan kasi kami 2 adults 2 kids. tnx
Jane Geocadin (11 months ago)
I got my ticket on a Piso Fare Sale sa CebPac for 2700+ pesos only po. Regular fares can reach up to 7k per person I believe.... I didn't acquire any package po. This is DIY.
Gel reyes (1 year ago)
Hi. Can i have the complete itinerary? Including airfare and hotel accommodation. Thanks 😊
Adonis Briones (4 days ago)
Krissynesss Lantacon (1 month ago)
Pasend din po @[email protected] Thankyouuu
Steff Borbon (1 month ago)
Ako din po sana first time ko po kasi huhu [email protected] thanks po
katrocafort (2 months ago)
Pa email din po ng details pls. [email protected]
Carmina Garcia (7 months ago)
Pasend din po 😁 [email protected]
Von Von (1 year ago)
Hi im currently watching your vlog. Me and my family (a total of 10pax) is travelling to HK for just 3 days. 2nd day in Disneyland. Do you have any suggestions for us? Para sa mga bata talaga to. Pero budget mga magkano kaya? And if mura ang bilihin. Weather now? Thank you!
san hotel kau nagcheck in? and how much?
Jane Geocadin (11 months ago)
Pearl Premium Guest House :)
Karen Garcia (1 year ago)
Nagklook po ba kayo?
Jane Geocadin (11 months ago)
Yes po for our Disney and Victoria Peak Tix.
Guia Garcia (1 year ago)
hi po! pupunta kami ng hk this year. we are on a budget po. meron po ba kayong itinerary? huhuhuhu. pwdeng pahingi po?
Crazy Me (17 days ago)
Pasend naman itenerary [email protected]
Meneses Andro (1 month ago)
pahingi din po ng [email protected]
shelley orifon (2 months ago)
pwede po mahingi itenerary nyo po. [email protected]
Yanna Tbtb (2 months ago)
Ako din po pahingi ng itinerary [email protected]
Al Zamierah (3 months ago)
sis pwd p email din ako iterenary pls this my email [email protected] thank you and good bless
Cyclops Marvel (1 year ago)
Hi Ms. Jane, saan puba dapat magpapalit ng HK$, sa Pilipinas na dapat or sa HK nalang? Saan puba masMalaki ang palit?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hindi ko actually sure pero whenever I travel outside, I make sure nagpapalit na ako dito palang kahit yung budget lang for transpo doon, tapos doon nalang yung ibang expenses.
chrstntaps __ (1 year ago)
Hi! I'm really amazed with how you budget. Can we get your itinerary po? Thank you!
RosesareRed (10 months ago)
Pasend din po please. [email protected]
Christine Jade (11 months ago)
Pa-send din po ng itinerary [email protected] Thanks! 😊
Jennifer Balbacal (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin sakin din po please. [email protected] thanks!:)
Hecko Copiat (1 year ago)
Hi Jane. Can you send me as well the itinerary at hotel accommodation. [email protected] Thanks
chrstntaps __ (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin [email protected] Thank you so much! ❤️
Maria Lyneth Gaabon (1 year ago)
Pwede mag joing next time balik nyo? 😊 wanna travel na walang hassle. Ayaw ko kasi mag join sa tours maam. Hihi
ZEL TIROL AVIATOR (1 year ago)
babe @[email protected] awa..kaya gani nila. hahaha
Pears Myra Leosala (1 year ago)
ano pong name ng hostel nyo? and how much.thanku
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Pearl PRemiu Guest House, 7K for 4 nights, double bed :)
islandkidd (1 year ago)
Hi!, anong airways ang sinakyan nyo?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Cebu Pacific :)
Youtubero Cantik (1 year ago)
Ms. Jane ask ko lang, about sa mga kinainan nyo, may price po ba sila sa menu? GUsto ko lang po manigurado hehe :D Please reply po kayo. Saka paano po umorder? Parang normal lang po ba?
where in hongkong kayo nag stay? hostel name and address? san ba na place maganda mag stay, yung paglabas mo kita mo na lahat ika nga. hehe.
Jane Geocadin (9 months ago)
Check it out here po: http://www.cheerfulwanders.xyz/2018/06/hong-kong-2017-itinerary.html
Rolando Carabeo Jr (1 year ago)
Once na ni refund mo ang laman nang octopus card kukunin ba ang card kung saan mo ito ni refund
rechjm teatrx (1 year ago)
Hi.. What usually documents need in immigration? I wanna travel in HK? Individual ba kayo ininterview sa immigration or duo kayo?
Nina Suarez (1 year ago)
Rechie Malunes no visa required ang hk. Passport and return tix lang hinihingi ng check in counter
inx inx (1 year ago)
Hi any tips po on passing immigration? 1st time traveller here haha. going to HK this sept! wohoo
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Just relax and answer truthfully.... and wag pa-bibo. Always have the necessary docus ready pero wag mo ibibigay hangga't hindi hihingin sayo. :)
Katherine Closa (1 year ago)
any affordable restaurants to recommend in tst area? perhaps the names of the restos you visited. i will be in golden crown guest house along nathan road. this will be my first time to stay in the said area. thanks.
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
I can't really recommend any kasi parang walang affordable hehe. We just walk around to discover new places to eat everyday eh :D
Jerlyn Bano (1 year ago)
hello matanong ko lang po alam niyo ho ba pano maka punta sa 10000 buddha? from nathan road po, thanks :)
Jerlyn Bano (1 year ago)
how about sa victoria peak and ocean park po alam niyo ba paano maka punta doon via mtr? and matanong ko po mura lang ho ba ang bayad sa mtr?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hi! No, I haven't researched that when we were planning the trip eh :)
nica ella b soriano (1 year ago)
saan po better papalit ng peso -hk dollar
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hi. I always change mine here na sa PH. :) BUt if hindi na available yung currency. I sometimes change yung amount na enough lang ng pamasahe sa airport sa bansang pupuntahan ko then dun nalang sa labas magpapapalit ng pang-gala. :)
This is such a fun video. Saya naman. ;) Hope to see more of your budget travels. ;)
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hi!! Thanks! Hoping to do more soon! :)
Marjorie Osias (1 year ago)
Hi ate sa sep po kasi mag hohongkong kami iinterviewhin pa po ba bago ka makapasok ng hongkong?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
You'll pass thru immig sa PH muna then immig din sa HK... sa PH usually may tanong at docus na hinihingi... :)
chix allera (1 year ago)
hello po. im planning po to go to hk hopefully next yr my question po is my kelangan po ba ipakita sa airport esp sa immigration? baka kc harangin ako dn at d ako makalabas ng bansa ..thanks po
chix allera (1 year ago)
thanks po for the info
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hi! Well, you need to bring as much documents as possible esp if first time mo mag-travel. May hihingin at hihingin tlga ang immig officers sayo so you should have your docus prepared. But don't show it as soon as you get to the officer. Let them ask their questions and then if they ask for some docus, that's the only time na ipapakita mo sila. Usually, company ID, hotel bookings, return tix ang hinihingi eh, but prepare ka na rin ng ibang docu or proof na may panggastos ka dun and may work or biz ka ditong babalikan :)
Sereen Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Hi sis. ask ko lang san ka nag palit ng pera dto nb sa pinas or sa hk na? thank you. Great vlog though🖒
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Dito na po sa Pinas. :) Thank you!
jake Borja (1 year ago)
magkano nagastos nyo sa roundtrip airfare at dun sa hostel magkano rate per day
jake Borja (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin ahh ok thank you
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Abang abang sa Piso Fare promo announcement ng airlines, then book agad. :)
jake Borja (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin paano nyo naavail yung promo.
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
I got my airfare as a promo in CebPac eh, around 2600+ roundtrip. Normally, it's 6K. Our hostel costs 7500+ for a double room for 4 days.
Mackey Flores (1 year ago)
Hi ate! Just wanna ask, how far is the carousel from the arrival at hk airport? I heard that you need to take a train that would bring you to the main airport... ganun ba talga kalaki un?? Kaloka! 😂😂😂 anyaway, I will be checking bags din kasi and my worry is baka maligaw ako dun at di ko ma claim ung bag ko ..tia!
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Haha, it's just a transit train from the terminals/arrival/departure area to the immig/entrance/exit of HKIA. It takes minutes lang naman. And hindi ka maliligaw, signs are everywhere and just follow the crowd. :)
brandt ns (1 year ago)
hi jane, new subscribere here, already have ticket to HK this september back n forth, but the question of having how much of a pocket money i have to save is really a big challenge, good thing you have shared your 1,000 HKD challenge, such an inspiration, thumbs up!btw which would you advise, to have the exchange money already into HKD or bring dollars, or philippine pesos?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Credit Card or Paypal only po. :)
Ryan Alabado (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin ano po mode ng payment sa klook pwede b siya uppon arrival bayaran in cash or kailangan talaga ng credit card ?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hi! Thanks for subscribing! I did challenge myself here. But as I mentioned in my disclaimer, it's pocket money for food, fare and miscellaneous expenses only. Hindi pa kasama dyan yung tix for Disney and VPeak because we already bought it online via Klook... :D Just to be clear. Hehe... I would suggest having it already in HKD before going there... It would save you so much time finding money changers there in HK, and it's really expensive to have your money changed in airports din eh.
Arah Galido (1 year ago)
Hi Ate san po kayo nag hotel sa HK please sagot po kayo.
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
It really depends sa room na kukunin mo eh. For us, we got around 7500PHP for 4 days :)
Arah Galido (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin Magkno po dun per night? please reply ulit
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Sa Pearl Premium Guest House sa Mirador Mansion :)
Princess Jose (1 year ago)
balak ko sna budget ko sa HK mgdala ako ng 15kpesos... ksma n bayad s hotel ko na 3980 for 3nights. sna sumobra pa. kc knknbhan dn aq magtravel mag isa pero xmpre kailngan q maalis takot ko. :)
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Yes, I hope! Just budget your pocket money well. And if you want cheaper attraction prices, you can buy sa Klook. Good luck on your HK trip!
Princess Jose (1 year ago)
malamig nb sa HK by August ?
Alexza Selina Caraan (10 months ago)
August is typhoon month na sa HK. Best to go ng October.. or anytime between Dec-March. January is the coldest month.
Tess Alferez (1 year ago)
Princess Jose that's summer pa
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
I think not yet...
Princess Jose (1 year ago)
Hi Jane sna mkareply ka saken. sa August 6789 kc nsa HK ako. solo travel.. nka booked aq s hotel . 3980pesos for 3nights lng sa day and night hotel jan.. un lng b bbyran or my additional chrges pa ?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
With the additional charges, it really depends po sa hotel... You can check it with your booking maybe?
Awesome! We do vlogs about Hong Kong. We've just subscribed to you, sis. Hope you'd sub back. Salamat.
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
No prob! Now subbed back!
kareen soberano (1 year ago)
What is your background music for this video? Thanks!!!!
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Here: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Holmes/Music_For_Commercial_Use_Volume_2/Scott_Holmes_-_01_-_Rainbow_Street#
Maria Pabalinas (1 year ago)
hi. tanong ko lang magkano po ang plane terminal fee sa from PH to HK at from HK to PH. plano ko kasi mag avail ng promo papunta ng HK eh baka kulang ang pambayad ko sa Terminal fee sa airport.. Salamat po.
Ar D (1 year ago)
Hi! Terminal fee is 1,620. It only varies if you fall in one of the conditions (pls check TIEZA website for info). There is no terminal fee from HK to PH.
Mother of Dragons (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin Hi! Yan din ang hotel that I chose to book for our stay there with my son this coming Nov. Sa Klook ka din ba nag-book? all-in na sya di ba? Feedback about the hotel pls, 2 lang kami ng son ko & I booked 3 nights twin bed. May mga money changer na good deals ba dyan sa Mirador?
Ar D (1 year ago)
It's 1620 pesos
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Pearl Premium Guest House po. In Mirador Mansion, Tsim Sha Tsui....
Angel Catap (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin hi! pwede po malaman name ng hotel kung saan kayo nagstay?
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Hi again :) id like your opinion. I could only pick one to have for a whole day either HK disneyland or ocean park. Which do you prefer?? :(
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin I see.. thanks again 😊😉
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
I actually wasn't able to explore much of Kowloon. I bought some souvenirs from Ladies' Market and Temple Street Market in Mong Kok. With food, I really couldn't recommend a place. We just ate where our feet takes us.
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin Nice.. thanks so much :) In kowloon, can you recommend a place to buy souvenirs? Or cheap foods nearby?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hi! Well, that was also one of the decisions I need to make when I was planning my HK Trip... I chose Disneyland for my trip... But for your reference, in my research while doing the itinerary of our trip, Disneyland is more like for kids while Ocean Park caters more to adults. Ocean Park have more extreme rides if you are the type of person who enjoys extreme rides. :)
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Can you pls recommend if which is a better spot for accomodation, preferably near the peak. Causeway bay, Wan Chai, Mongkok or Tsim Sha Tsui? Sorry for the many questions 😢😢
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
I guess Wan Chai is nearest to the Ocean Park... with Disneyland, it's like in a different island so it's basically far from all four of those areas...
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin soo kind.. 😇
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin wow. Thanks so much. 😊😇 among the 4 which is near disneyland and oceanpark? sorry this is my last ques 😢
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Don't worry. You could ask me a lot of questions! I'll try my best to answer them :)
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
We stayed in Mirador Mansion at Tsim Sha Tsui, near the MTR. The hostels there are really cheap and the area is pretty much near everything! But among the areas you mentioned, Wan Chai is the area closest to the Peak.
Kristine Joanne Tigue (1 year ago)
hi, i really want to make a budget itinerary for hongkong. where can i book disneyland tickets online? is it cheaper if i book when i get to hongkong? pls help :(
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin Thanks so much for the help! God bless 😊😊😊
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Hi again! I am not actually sure how the app works since it was my friend who booked our tickets using the app. But I think once you finished booking and and paying for it using the app, they will send you a voucher and there will be a QR code in it, something that you can save or open in the app and then that's what you will be showing to the booth in Disney and they will give you the real ticket. What my friend did though, is that she printed the vouchers for our Disneyland, but for the Victoria Peak, she only showed her phone with the QR code.
Kristine Tigue (1 year ago)
Jane Geocadin thank you so much for the reply. I installed the app. how does this work? Can i just show my phone or do i need to print for ticket?
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
I booked mine in Klook.com. It's way cheaper! Hope that helps!
hi new subbie here :) please check out my channel too and sub back :) lets support each other :) godbless!
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Sure! :)
kim Angelu Balmores - (2 years ago)
I really want to go to HongKong disneyland😊 New subbie here, hope you sub back
Jane Geocadin (2 years ago)
Go chase that Disneyland dream! Haha. Sure! I'll sub back! Thank you so much!
raff tin (2 years ago)
how long u stayd in HK? and is it possible not to book in adv. and just come as walk in guest in cheap hostel there? Tnx!
Jane Geocadin (2 years ago)
I stayed there for 5 days, 4 nights. I think yes, it's possible to come as a walk-in although I am not very sure because I have made a booking in advance before going there. But there are a lot of cheap hostels in either Mirador Mansion and Chungking Mansion so you can always have a lot of options just in case the first hostel you'll go to is fully booked.
Maaiilda (2 years ago)
Thats not bad, I can never follow a budget :( Haha money is a problem!
Gabo Prado (7 months ago)
Maaiilda filipinas
Jane Geocadin (1 year ago)
Malayo. Mahal yung malapit sa Disney na mga hotels eh. We stayed in Pearl Premium Guesthouse sa Mirador Mansion.
rhiza garcia (1 year ago)
paano po yun hostel nyo mam magkanu po malapit ba yan sa disneyland
Jane Geocadin (2 years ago)
Haha! It is indeed. I sometimes have a hard time following a budget too... So this was a real challenge for me. :))

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