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Kenneth E. Hagin. Prayer in the Holy Spirit.

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Mimi Juneau (4 hours ago)
Leelamma Thomas (6 days ago)
Glory to God
Carlton Wilson (8 days ago)
This man was a false teacher. He has no idea what he is saying.
Ricardo Garcia (10 days ago)
well Tanto came out
Oghenero Cousin (11 days ago)
O lord thank you for your spirit, I am bless
Wa3ypx (12 days ago)
Many moon come chocktaw
Barbara Dorio (12 days ago)
Let his name be magnified throughout the universe
Favour Aderinto (15 days ago)
This man is phenomenal... He was completely given to the Holy Spirit!
Brigitte Yerima (19 days ago)
Awesome!, awesome Holy Spirit!
Lee Connect (19 days ago)
Maria Ponce (23 days ago)
Why are churches these days not welcoming the Holy Spirit...the devil is a liar.
Uche Boniface (24 days ago)
I always hear my spiritual father Bishop David Oyedepo always talking about this man of God now I can see by myself. Very happy to be one of his spiritual grandson.
epiphany 1.618 (27 days ago)
I don't believe this for a second. This ain't no speaking in tongues
Herbert Yogo (27 days ago)
Barbara Freeman (30 days ago)
Saying oh oh over and over again , is not speaking in tongues. I know this because I can speak in tongues. Kenneth Hagan was just another prosperity preacher. A,liar and,fraud
lillyofthevalley (20 days ago)
thanks God father! and Farez Olar^^ ,,,this is very cheer up~ ^^ deeply move in my soul when i pray follow with this pray
Farez Olar (30 days ago)
Let God bless your heart!
Pablo 1065 (30 days ago)
That is/was NOT “speaking tongues as The Spirit gives utterance”. 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾
Armstrong Kwame (1 month ago)
What a blessing for us to receive the Father's Holy Spirit to live in us forever..
prabath Warnasooriya (1 month ago)
Amen. ....Hallelujah
prabath Warnasooriya (1 month ago)
Thank u holi sprite. .......
prabath Warnasooriya (1 month ago)
Amen. .......HALLELUJAH. .......Hha...Ha....Haa........holi Good........
Have_At_IT (1 month ago)
Absolute World Class BullShit.
Janet Bilbrey (1 month ago)
As it it writen in the living word.One to prophesy one to understand what is being said in a real language that can be interpreted and tranlated.This is mass hypnosis and a bunch of gibberish. Get out of that church as fast as you can go!!!!!!!!RUN
Joylove258 Joylove258 (1 month ago)
Amen thank you lord jesus
Jo Je (1 month ago)
I love this great man of God's word manifestation
What a surprise, no jumping, hopping, running here and there, laughing like demons this time?!! Looks like his God didn't pour the power in this session!
Patricia Perekovich 😂👏🏼 Yeah I'm a demon and evil spirit😇🖕🏿
Patricia Perekovich (23 days ago)
John Sluder (1 month ago)
He's another false prophet.
sfiso khathi (1 month ago)
I started praying with Ps Kenneth last night
daroyalmusic (1 month ago)
ekere oyare (1 month ago)
mystery brought to light...
karlakor (1 month ago)
Such deluded people, so desperate to believe in an imaginary god that they abandon their intellect. What a waste of humanity.
Esrael Teffera (1 month ago)
Amen amen amen
luigi di agostino (1 month ago)
I was watching, but I'm lost. I dont know what he's saying. I thought it was English.
Betsy Vas (1 month ago)
Yes in jesus name we pray to God ❤❤
Jacky Waldon (1 month ago)
Using vane reputation the Bible speaks of this. Can someone tell me what the meaning and how do they feel when they jibber-jabber in their self before the spirit takes over. Can you tell there is a difference? As a Christian do you believe living a life above sin? Can you speak in tongues and not be a Christian. What I mean sin once in awhile and never lose the ability to speak in tongues?
David Ikung (1 month ago)
We all love the holy spirit
David Ikung (1 month ago)
GIANNOTTI ENA (1 month ago)
Lord is good. Hallelujah
Nathan Moore (1 month ago)
Glory to the Lord Jesus!
Nathan Moore (1 month ago)
was mightily blessed
Anthony Olaitan (1 month ago)
We need Revival in our nations, From the willing heart
Lawrence The Divine (1 month ago)
Father we thank you for the grace to do more
Lawrence The Divine (1 month ago)
Wow what a legacy he left. But the Glory of this later house has to be greater than the former
jaytaron (2 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks for posting. I love this man of God you have taught me so much
AM Williams (2 months ago)
19:35 "The end shall be good; the end shall be good. But when does the end come?" 20:17 "In the meantime be patient. Look to me and I'll give you peace; look to me, and I'll give you rest."
Dylan Wagoner (2 months ago)
Its sad and amazing how many people get caught up in this stuff. So fake(or demonic) and deceitful. 1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.
mitch rawles (2 months ago)
glory to Jesus-Thank You Holy Ghost
gilb bel (2 months ago)
Glory to the Living God..
JAIME MUÑOZ (2 months ago)
Están no son las lenguas del Espíritu Santo
LifeinChristJesus (2 months ago)
Where is this in the bible? This is just nonsense babbling. Show me scripture where this is what God wants from us in worship.
Komala Vinay (2 months ago)
thank God for your son keneth garu
Merkha Indira Tirkey (2 months ago)
Pray for my family members complete deliverance and spiritual development amen
Merkha Indira Tirkey (2 months ago)
Pray for my marriage and deliverance amen
Prisca Ayuk (2 months ago)
Thank you lord for your presence
Minister Shanda (2 months ago)
The Holy Spirit is the greatest gift Jesus Christ left for His children before He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father! Amen for the Power and Presence of the Precious Holy Spirit!
mejabi segun (2 months ago)
I want to be connected
zydecobill (2 months ago)
Kenneth Nzogi (2 months ago)
Hallelujah papa
bigslice54 (2 months ago)
I'm sorry, but that gibberish is RIDIUCLIUSNESS!!!!!!!!!! The repetition gives him away. He is manufacturing that noise
Craig Callaghan (2 months ago)
Strange fire!
New Seed Life (2 months ago)
James Powell (2 months ago)
I was in some of those prayer services led by Bro. Hagin...it was what helped me grow spiritually...I learned to be led by the Spirit...now I pray that way every day!
riana louw (2 months ago)
Brenda Lim (2 months ago)
Speaking in tongues is your heavenly language with God.Don’t be afraid. It is a beautiful conversation that you and God understand so demons get so confused they back off from you.
R Ganz (2 months ago)
". . . mama hosa ta tanto . . ." at 29.59 is Portuguese meaning " . . . My mother is so fat . . .". Source: Google Translate
R Ganz (2 months ago)
". . . mama hosa tanto . . ." at 29.59 is Portuguese meaning " . . . suck up so much . . .". Source: Google Translate
Lavendor Town (2 months ago)
10:12 - Um, is that a demon goat spirit? Lol! Okay well, you guys have fun ....smh*
Lavendor Town (2 months ago)
Yaba biddy booty body!! Lol! Idiot, hahahaha!
C darby (3 months ago)
“If anyone speaks in a tongue, two—or at the most three—should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret. If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to himself and to God.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭14:27-28‬ ‭NIV‬‬ http://bible.com/111/1co.14.27-28.niv
Irene r (3 months ago)
To God be the glory
Karen Littleton (3 months ago)
The fervent effectual prayer of righteous man availeth much James 5:16 Hallelujah to the Most High God,Lord Almighty.
Shamiah Tom (3 months ago)
Fervent prayer of faith availeth Much
Brian Norman (3 months ago)
Copeland has been indited as a fraud, conman and charlaton. Like all so called pastors he is interested only in making money. When religion is tax free in usa every man and his dog claims religious authority. All are bogus. Every mother's son.
Ken Edward (3 months ago)
Thank you God for the gift of Salvation and The Holy Spirit
Rachel Whitefield (3 months ago)
very powerful prophet
Rachel Whitefield (3 months ago)
yes really we are doing
mspixiedust100 (3 months ago)
I'm so glad he gave honor to the holy Ghost and didn't quench it for man's opinion
Mary Costa (3 months ago)
Deus seja louvado!!!
wanda echevarria (3 months ago)
Amen, A christian that don't pray or fast Is A Defeated Christian, I'm saying this because that's what I used to be, one more on the group.,stuck to the couch and soap opera end up backslider. Why? Wanted to live a christian life my way and at my own convenience.,until lost everything I had even my family. By the Love and Marvelous Mercy of God He Restore My Life, Heal My Awful Broken Hearted, Gave Me An Unspeakable Joy Nothing In This World Calls My Attention No Matter How Good It Looks, Gave Me A Beautiful Ministry Intercede and Pray For People, But Most Important JESUS Gave Me His Peace That Passes All Understanding, I've been going through different cancers and surgery's and Since The World or the devil Didn't Gave Me My Joy There's Nothing That Could Take It Away. To Me To Live Is Christ and To Die Is Gain . I encourage every christian to get up at 4:00AM to pray for people and family, Why? By my own experience with the witchcraft close people all of them get up at 4:00AM to prepared their rituals and consult demons to work it during the day. I'm not trying to be more spiritual than anybody, but that's what JESUS called us To Pray For Each Other and Help Carried Each Other Burdens. Whoever read this message encourage yourself like King David when he lost everything he pocessed 1Samuel 30 . Also no matter how awful you think your situation is Lift Your Hands Up And Praise God, That's How You Get God's Favor PS When Moses Kept His Hands Up People Of Israel Won Every Battle
Farez Olar (3 months ago)
When we walk by flesh we are not led by the Holy Spirit.. He tries to talk to us.. but it`s a vain. We are fulfilling our own vision. The main reson, why christian fall, because of their ignorance. God is mercyfull and He restores. We are a new creatures, and we have to renew our minds through prayer, meditating and continual worship! Let God bless you Wanda, and keep you!
Thanks for sharing 😍😎🤗🤩
mspixiedust100 (3 months ago)
I have been attacked by a lying spirit at work, through a new boss that is trying to cause damage to my career and spread slander about me.  I ask for prayer in this, thank you!
Farez Olar (2 months ago)
Every tongue that rises agains you shall be condemned in Jesus name. God is our Source!
David Cook (3 months ago)
Kenneth E Hagin   was the Best Bible Teacher. I miss Him on the Radio ..Soaring Raven...soaringraven1
Zereyesus Teklebrhan (3 months ago)
Amenn yesus goyta you
I am blessed by this prayer. Praise God
chriz liz (3 months ago)
The Bible says seek and you shall find. I sought the lord for the longest to be baptized in the spirit and speak in tongues by asking him everyday had people pray for me and all until a month ago when I got my prayer language I was filled with the Holy Ghost when I started speaking in tongues I was amazed and ever since then I have been praying in the spirit which is the tongues. What the Bible says is God’s will for the believers in Christ to live. So u can’t receive if you don’t believe or understand. It’s in the spirit
Enoch Danbaba (1 day ago)
What do you believe?
mspixiedust100 (1 day ago)
Mark, there's really good testimonies all over youtube.  Have you seen the one of the muslim woman Khalida who saw Jesus and visited heaven?   She is not faking!    https://youtu.be/xM047IWQVF8
mspixiedust100 (2 months ago)
Of course I haven't seen something "photographable", this isn't ghost busters for goodness sakes.  And yes, he has appeared to people.  Again it's as easy as typing in a few letters.   He INSTANTLY delivered me from a 30 year smoking habit  (started when I was 14).  GONE.   He has healed me and others.  And FYI just because "you" say He doesn't exist unless you see something recorded on tape, doesn't mean that you set the rules on what is proof that he exists.  Where do you think your sense of morality comes from?  What makes that right and not something evil or someone else's version of what's right?  You are working from an inborn sense of right and wrong, of loving life, because that is placed in every creature from Jesus Christ who created everything.  So that we can have a chance of survival.        John 20:29 -“Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.”
Mark Olsen (2 months ago)
Have you seen this god of yours? I mean, "seen" as something photographable? Have you heard this god of yours? No, not just a thought in your mind, I mean "heard" as something that could be recorded on tape. If you haven't seen or heard (in the real world sense) this god of yours, then for all practical purposes, he's merely a ghost in your brain, a mute and invisible entity that you only believe in because of what others have told you...and they haven't seen or heard him either. You're free, of course, to believe in such fantasies, but please don't preach to others about him because you have zero evidence that he even exists. I don't wish to rob you of your comforting beliefs in a life after death, but again, there is absolutely no evidence that any part of you is alive after your body expires. Near-Death Experiences prove nothing, because being near death is not the same as being dead. And what do I believe in? I believe we are all in the same boat, and our lives are too short for our dreams and fantasies, and before we know it, our lives are ended and sooner or later all memory of our existence disappears. Thus, we have only each other, so we should find purpose by being good to one another. Believing in a fantasy god relieves us of the necessity to face life and death as they are, and never try to harm others...not because of fear of everlasting torture by a loving god, or the promise of a special mansion somewhere in a mythical paradise, but because it is the right thing to do, and even the chimps, our closest relatives in the animal world, have a sense of morality with others of their kind
Mark Olsen (2 months ago)
You really think that because something is on the internet it is true? Wow you are dumber than you sound. If I tell you that Santa Claus is real will you believe it? How about the easter bunny? I really don't care where the money goes, it is about those that line their pockets from people like you and millions others
James ayegba (3 months ago)
praying in our most holy faith praying in the holy spirit.
Chuku Okorie (3 months ago)
Lulee Tomas (3 months ago)
Just think how strong the church would be if we all got on our hands and knees and cried out to God with an earnest heart
Said Ibrahim (2 months ago)
that is the heart's anguish
Mark Olsen (2 months ago)
And begged for money?
Margarida Rodrigues (3 months ago)
Traduzir em Português. Deus abençoe !! (Atos 4,7_12)_E,QUE VIVA CRISTO JESUS EM NOSSO CORAÇÃO AGORA E SEMPRE !! AMÉM !!
Silvana Pagano (3 months ago)
Por favor traducir a castello
Erika Wegner (4 months ago)
AJinthehouse 1 (4 months ago)
Thank you for posting this I feel refreshed..
Olive Kamy (4 months ago)
Karen (4 months ago)
Simon Shilo (4 months ago)
Thankful for this video
Rima K (4 months ago)
When are you people going to learn??? When it's too late??? Repent!! Change your ways!! This is not of God. This is demonic in all sense of the word. Lord have mercy on you all!! Read Scriptures and pray for discernment people! Your eternity depends on it.
Patricia Perekovich (23 days ago)
Repent! U r most definitely not FILLED WITH GODS HOLY SPIRIT, if u were, u would not be speaking evil of GODS ANOINTED SPIRIT FILLED PROPHET!! Repent!!
Terease L. (4 months ago)
This man was mighty in the Spirit of God BECAUSE He was a praying man. He prayed all night at times I am told. His anointing power was far greater than any I've ever encountered and this was almost 20 years ago. Who is praying all night daily like Brother Hagin? Jesus have mercy on us and help up to understand the importance and necessity of prayer. Amen!
Richard Qualls (4 months ago)
This guy sounds like a baby trying to talk. Not really. Is he going to interpret what mumble jumbo he is saying. What language is he trying to talk in. Unbelievable????
Graham Klink (4 months ago)
Polly eat a bowl of kaka ha ha
vipul kayat (4 months ago)
Thanku Jesus n you pastor

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