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2018 Latest Action Sci Fi movie - Best Hollywood Action Sci Fi movie [ HD #1064]

14502 ratings | 5865900 views
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Text Comments (1225)
Harry Wong (1 hour ago)
deciding missiles count on young general ? where are the others old general ?
Hamada Ail (2 hours ago)
ؤء ش ء شؤون ش👡👡💸
Joseph Dodd (1 day ago)
Carlos Tenorio (2 days ago)
Dios....cuanta Basura de peli
Daddy Trump (3 days ago)
Daddy Trump (3 days ago)
at 1:20:25 25 fucking shotgun shells fired. it would be physically impossible for the shotgun to hold 25 shells without a FUCKING mag. What the fuck.
Daddy Trump (3 days ago)
at 1:17:03 the kid dropped something when he caught the object being thrown at him.
Lazaro Perez (4 days ago)
only watched it cuz i dont have netflix.
Lazaro Perez (4 days ago)
how the hell did smith survive that?
Daddy Trump (4 days ago)
at 2:15 she is not FUCKING colonel she is a lieutenant colonel for Gods sake.
Daddy Trump (4 days ago)
at 0:17 why the fuck does no rank Cook have no rank on and why does he have his PC or patrol cap on when he and she is inside of the fucking building?
tsigaro21 (4 days ago)
How can a movie this bad make it to production?
zax reds (4 days ago)
Kimberly Brown (4 days ago)
movie was ok until 1:10 when I had the story line figured out before they spoke it. Oh, and the president decides to make a political speech. Lame president.
Careless Alaskan (4 days ago)
kinda wish the lady didnt get injured so annoying
Careless Alaskan (4 days ago)
poor acting cool content
stewheelie (4 days ago)
I especially liked the fireworks as the secret weapon. Page had awesome technique in taking out those aliens with fire works 58:26. I was looking at what I could watch on netflix and ended up here. lol
Antonio Jarquin (5 days ago)
Salma Hayek? Yo no sé porquè la ponen pa que la veamos en película, Ella no sirve para eso Ella ni en telenovelas actúa, nomás mírenla, el zonzo de Banderas pa què le besò la frente sí no se iban a separar, ahí andubo tras El como perro faldero, ahora cuando la hirierom, no paraba de dar berridos, qué vergüenza de actuación, de Plano no sirve. Pasaba una escena, venía otra y otra tras otra y Ella con Los mísmos berridos.
Joseph Nutt (5 days ago)
what was the name of it?
toni Kizito (5 days ago)
Good movie to watch
Abuzar Qureshi (6 days ago)
MOVIE name, please?
Christopher Sean (6 days ago)
Stupid kids
UserName Whatever (6 days ago)
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. You have been warned.
s c (6 days ago)
i guess those are the mountains and desserts outside Washington DC huh
Stosh Y (6 days ago)
What a joke.
Adrian Viniegra (6 days ago)
This is a very lame movie Does why they didn't show up on the theaters
Stephen Meek (6 days ago)
Totally silly but entertaining so thanks
Cabdiraxmaa Aarshe (6 days ago)
Iam somali
Cabdiraxmaa Aarshe (6 days ago)
Nice film
2Legit 2BReal (7 days ago)
Had to stop watching, too insulting to my intelligence.
poser (7 days ago)
not sure where there is a desert just outside of DC or all the other dumb stuff in this movie but the blonde bimbo has magic black lipstick so...
Anirudh Gupta (7 days ago)
what a movie ....if it is one....a high end school project at best !
ഡേയ് എന്തര് ഒണ്ടാക്കിയ സിനിമയാടഡെ
catnips (8 days ago)
Always wondered where VWs went to die.
Pappajohn372 (8 days ago)
One of the hokiest movies of all time.Thoroughly hilarious...especially scenes where Luke was called Patrick or the President takes cover, while under fire, behind a gas pump; and killing off the high tech aliens with bottle rockets. Most of all the thought that someone got paid to get stoned enough to write this cesspool of a movie. What a stinker.
robbo77kraze (8 days ago)
Paotintong Kipgen (8 days ago)
hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa its really funny........
talipmuhamad01 amat (9 days ago)
Sarwal Micheal (9 days ago)
Md Belal (9 days ago)
Shubhechchha Ghimire (10 days ago)
Nice movie... I loved it 😘
Saleem Saleem (10 days ago)
diversaint2011 (10 days ago)
What a crock of garbage. ANOTHER black President!!! How about a Chinese one for a change. LOL. Somebody should also take the costumiers to one side and show them how the military wear a beret. Don't bother with this C movie crap.
pc joseph (10 days ago)
go to the dogs...
AD G (11 days ago)
Gordon wright (11 days ago)
i stopped watching at 30 mins....holy cheesy movie....the acting .. directing ...ohhh boyy....enough is enough ...cant take it ..done.
Chew 0n1t (11 days ago)
Holly cow, what 10 year old wrote this? And who the hell decided it'd be a good idea to make a "C" movie out of it? Not so much Sci-fi as moan and groan due to the strain of trying to keep your eyelids open beyond the first 10 minutes. @MLP Candy TV You should be ashamed to put your name to anything half as bad as this!
luc PIERROT (11 days ago)
j'ai une chaussette trouée dans une belle paire de grande valeur pourtant ...Dommage : ça me fait le même effet !
Angel Sahil (11 days ago)
movie name please
Fly Oz (12 days ago)
Stupid aliens Americans have 50 guns and 10,000 rounds at any given time. Well just hold this plywood up thatll stop the bastards. Not to mention our back up weapon the roman candle
Ed Petrovski (12 days ago)
Glenn Alvarez (12 days ago)
ShellyAnn1a (12 days ago)
Another take on the movie "4th of July."  To bad the beginning and end were chopped off.  That was one fast CH-53 chopper to get from the temperate Washington, DC to the parched hills of SoCal.  Had to be doing nearly the speed of light.  Another thing, the big choppers like Marine One are not very good at flying evasive maneuvers against a jet powered fighter craft.  A couple of broad bursts and it is down.  An advanced alien race that can travel between solar systems could easily down a chopper, as easily as the did the two fighters   If the father was truly in Force Recon, then why did he not take the weapons of the fallen aliens?  As a Veteran, I love to tear these movies apart for their stupidity, even if it is good entertainment.  Al Have A Good Night and A Better Tomorrow. - - - A Navy and Army Veteran, 1965-1994
sonia taitt (12 days ago)
I was rooting for the aliens lol
M. H. Nude (12 days ago)
I could tell this film was bogus and the lowest of the low budget be films when I looked at the girl with blonde hair and Marilyn Monroe read lipstick that could stop and 18 wheeler from a half a mile down the road! So many things wrong with this film it is impossible to start naming them. I have to look it up and find out if they even made back the costs of production
scorpian poison (12 days ago)
better watch cartoon
Bret Petersen (12 days ago)
I gave it 15 minutes out of generous hope but this is Z grade
Michael May (13 days ago)
What is the bestname of the movie?
Paul Dalkie (13 days ago)
Clunky dialogue, and aliens who are quite possibly the worst shots and the slowest walking in the universe
robert lavallee (13 days ago)
Does anyone know what this movie was called?
Taunter Atwill (13 days ago)
This movie deserves thumbs up for being beyond pathetic, it's crushing sharknado in retardness!
James Wilson (13 days ago)
yanks always heroes more like wanks i say
Kamalakannan K (13 days ago)
last scene la hero avanga wife kitta irunthu gun vanigittu povaru spaceshipku ana antha gun avanga thiumbi varathukku munnadiya avanga wife kitta avanga shoulder la irukkum ithu eppadi possible avaru eppadi alian ana konnurupparu
Furqan Khan (14 days ago)
It is very amezing movie
James Jones (14 days ago)
Go Red
Alex Funelas (14 days ago)
Wasting of time watching this fuckin movie..
Ayob Dalvand (14 days ago)
abraham bliah (14 days ago)
quelle connerie
Don Czarny (15 days ago)
What the f**k is that? Top ten of the worst shit I've ever seen.
Marcello B (15 days ago)
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🧠🤯 horrible
Akhtar Hussain (15 days ago)
Worst movie I have ever seen
Hardy von Lübeck (16 days ago)
I did stand it up to 32.. Stupid !!
will waikee (16 days ago)
Not only low cost film, syndrome down too!
Anonymous Unknown (16 days ago)
This was too bad to even be a parody ... LOL ... :)))) ... By the way, who needs aliens when we have the United States to destroy the world?
Mark Duxberry (16 days ago)
The colonel is a right Wanker...
I am now anglysh
Just a simple indie sci fi
ujang gondrong (17 days ago)
Rina Cantir (17 days ago)
Va iubim pe voi actori
Rina Cantir (17 days ago)
Super fantastic boevic ...
Sambath p v (17 days ago)
Name of the movie please????
dhojie peps (17 days ago)
dhojie peps (17 days ago)
Luiz Martinez (17 days ago)
Q pelicula tan cagada pinche productor q tenia mierda en la cabesa cuando iso esto basura
Van Arsdale (17 days ago)
teens are upset about losing cell service while alien fighter chases president overhead. wow
MD Kutzler (17 days ago)
I can always tell when Americans have written the scripts for movies. It is because the dialogue is so.....so,,,, almost childish or just plain cliche ish. Also, love the California foothills in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.
Lu D (17 days ago)
dreadful..dire...how can it be so baaad?....?
Sosthene Konan Kouamé (18 days ago)
t-roop cool
Rinka Mondal (18 days ago)
Bekar movie
Sz P (18 days ago)
A light bulb change everything. Like wtf hahahha
Hamid zohan (18 days ago)
Absolutely waste of time
SK Rahimi (18 days ago)
Steve Jarvis (19 days ago)
Does anyone know what the name of this comedy movie is?
André Kruger (19 days ago)
De Jing (19 days ago)
Prakash Jodha (19 days ago)
Jitendra Kumar (19 days ago)
Low budget movie.. waste of time
Deepak Pal (19 days ago)
Please language in Hindi
Deepak Pal (19 days ago)
Please language in Hindi
AR Williams (19 days ago)
Horrible music = lousy script + even worse actors = a bunch of time I'll NEVER get back!
Nisar Ali (19 days ago)
😂😁😀😆🤣 so funy

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