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BONGO, Styled by Peyton List!

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Peyton List greets fans at Sears and selects a few lucky Bongo Girls for a personal styling session! The resulting looks are perfect for Fall and, of course, Peyton-approved! Shop the new Bongo Collection, Styled by Peyton at Sears! www.Sears.com/Bongo
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Who love peyton list?😍😘
Brett Koeshall (8 months ago)
A very sexy Peyton List.
Ketura Honaker (3 years ago)
I wish I was a movie star.I love fashion.
Robert Coleman (3 years ago)
Robert Coleman (3 years ago)
really cool
Robert Coleman (3 years ago)
Deb Walker (3 years ago)
This totally made these kids day. They will be stars at school for a while. Peyton has a good eye for girls fashion and they are age appropriate. I hope she know she is a role model for these kids no pressure Peyton. In your world it's hard to be a normal young lady but I hope you can keep it this way for all the younger ones who adore you and are able to keep your personal life your own. Stay strong!
Ximena Duarte (3 years ago)
+Deb Walker Yeah I was in this video and she even invited us to go watch the filming of Bunk'd and we even got to go to Disneyland with her!
rob Ro (3 years ago)
katten is so petty i watched her grow up on the tv show jessie
Ximena Duarte (3 years ago)
I was styled by her, it was a great experience!
Taylor Steinbruckner (3 years ago)
I want to meet her so bad. 😔
It's me Yvonne (3 years ago)
I was in the video had a great time see her
Grace Victoria (2 years ago)
+It's me Yvonne omg your so lucky I love Peyton list

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