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UNSCRIPTED Moments From The To All The Boys I've Loved Before Movie

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Unplanned moments that happened during the filming of To All The Boys I've Loved Before and still made the final cut! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/TheThingsSub WATCH MORE: New Videos!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1jyNKIVfz6NuNT8Hz3SUVDK&playnext=1&index=2 Most Popular Videos!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1jYlgzJKAd6Cn3t_1DgLmmh&playnext=1&index=2 Disney Facts You Will LOVE!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1h06xnRmvgW883ztsGRLGeE&playnext=1&index=2 EVERYTHING Nickelodeon!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1hOTlUYsgJaUbznOme0txut&playnext=1&index=2 Toys, Toys, And More TOYS!: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwC1iDMKe1gb5f4hkisidW-VtoWe7rUT&playnext=1&index=2 There’s nothing like a good old love story to get you through the day. “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” tells the tale of two high school students who end up agreeing to engage in a fake relationship. While they both have their reasons for wanting the secret arrangement, things start to get complicated when they get to know each other on a personal level. What first starts off as a fake relationship blossoms into something so real it’s hard to put a finger on. Actors Lana Condor and Noah Centineo play the roles of protagonists Lara Jean Covey and Peter Kavinsky. Their on-screen chemistry is hard to miss. In fact, they’re so in tune with one another that many of their scenes were actually improvised. Tune in to find out which romantic scenes were totally unscripted. You might just be shocked to find out how many of your favorite moments were completely and utterly spontaneous. FOLLOW US: For more videos and articles: https://thethings.com Facebook: https://facebook.com/TheThingscom
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Text Comments (547)
Danielle Goettsch (1 hour ago)
Yes i did the popcorn thing
Danielle Goettsch (1 hour ago)
😁 👕 👖 👟👟
Emma James (9 hours ago)
They need a sequel ive watched this movie 5 times in 3 days I need to know how lara jean and peters love goes on or ends and what happens with john amberson
Macy Monical (13 hours ago)
I love this movie because it seems like it could really happen! It’s not like this Kissing Booth where it is so ridiculous (though I still love it)
Alexa Sandoval (1 day ago)
CW NATION (2 days ago)
Alzain Hamada (3 days ago)
The spin was da best of all
This is a good movie to watch when your lonely ;-;
Harper Tucker (5 days ago)
this is my by far favorite movie ❤️
zreyesxo (7 days ago)
No one else would’ve made a better Peter Kavinsky!!!!!! Noah Centineo is just AMAZING !! And I’m in love with him !! Can’t wait till the sequel!!!
Friday Marg (7 days ago)
Aah Noah is so great
Κυριακή Κ (7 days ago)
A sequel is more than necessary!!!!
Ashley Joramo (8 days ago)
👩 👕👜 👖 👡 Idk what this is but it's fun😁
Chimene Wihardja (8 days ago)
ash foo ed com bes mom tr ver tee ver du sho tee hi fam vre ed mode haal bes mat del ver sa
Tova Skogström (8 days ago)
I love Noah!😍
Natalie Miranda (8 days ago)
OMG! YES I would love a sequel. I think the spin was the best one.
Mel Hmar (8 days ago)
I notice the popcorn the first time.... And i watch this movie twice,🙃
Dallas Jenkins (9 days ago)
I need a Noah in my life specifically that noah
Rhylie Elizabeth (9 days ago)
Wow it’s just a movie don’t make a big deal out of it
Rhylie Elizabeth (9 days ago)
Wow it’s just a movie don’t make a big deal out of it
xXhIgH FiVEXx (9 days ago)
Beth D (10 days ago)
3:27 Lara condor🤔 I think it’s Lana condor
Love (11 days ago)
Yas save the popcorn🙌🏻🙌🏻
Young Goose (11 days ago)
Yeah i had been noticed that
Samantha Smith (12 days ago)
They need to make a least another movie about it it’s sooooooo goood I loveeee it so much Noam And Lana are literally amazing together!!!!!!!!!! I’m a total fan girlll I LOVEEEEe this mobie😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
愛書Aîshø (12 days ago)
The popcorn thing was the first thing I noticed before the pillow fight XD The moment I saw it move, I was like, "RESPECT TO THE POPCORN."
Hailey Morrison (13 days ago)
I saw that he put the popcorn down
Ssimmerstar sS (13 days ago)
Actually when he splashed the water and rolled his eyes and whateva was cuz she said"you really like yoghurt?". WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE
Kai Cunanan (13 days ago)
I noticed how he placed the 🍿 on the floor before the pillow fight and I kinda liked it...when I was watching the movie, I was like "Oh, Peter's not a douche.." and that it says a lot about him genuinely liking Lara Jean coz he was concerned about the mess it would make with all the popcorn on the floor and the couch.. #lovingthisromcom
Layla Chaney (14 days ago)
Freya Allen (14 days ago)
This is the best movie And Jane the Virgin is the best series
You’re saying centineo wrong
Mrs. Dolan (15 days ago)
The ONLY person I am ok with Noah dating is Lana
L V (15 days ago)
Love this movie and not just because of his cute adorable face but that is a big factor, all the chemistry and the great story line a love story to rival The Notebook and that is saying something, the cast was beyond excellent. The writer did that shit and the cast brought that ish to life. Bravo Well Done Part 2 Please
Nastaysha Nelson (15 days ago)
It’s crazy how I watched this movie 5x bc of Noah he so sexy🤤😍
Marina Abroad (15 days ago)
This makes me love him even more!!!
Reptiles Channel (16 days ago)
I Want a sequel that is just as good as the first one
superflash fangirl (16 days ago)
I read all the books and looooooooooooved them
Karla Jacquez (16 days ago)
Eggz _765 (17 days ago)
I ship it💚!! Love this movie, they are so cute together 😍.
ぉヴぇ (17 days ago)
They are coming out with a part two i think
Xenia Massyn (17 days ago)
I love how when they said subscribe it showed how they subscribed to himself
Jamie D (17 days ago)
Haughty Gamer (17 days ago)
Okay this movie is good, but have u guys seen on my block?!
Miss Classy& Miss Diva (17 days ago)
Mann I want a squeal
Camden Bissonnette (18 days ago)
Oh and I did notice that he did put the popcorn on the floor.
Camden Bissonnette (18 days ago)
There is a sequel!!
Erin Tice (19 days ago)
I loved this movie SOOO much!! I've watched it twice now!! I love how diverse and real/relatable it is. A sequel would make me lose my mind with happiness!!!!!!!!
alyssa bare (19 days ago)
3:27 Lara Condor???😂
Lois Morrison (19 days ago)
There is also a mistake when Margo, kitty and Laura Jean are making cookies and Laura Jean goes to get the door one of the Christmas decorations fall off the stairs. P.S. who else has watched this movie like twenty times
dangerr dolann (19 days ago)
3:26 you said lara condor not lana
Alexandra (19 days ago)
Hmm I wonder what a sequel would be like. I love the lock screen one
Savannah Prestero (19 days ago)
Yesss there has to be a sequel or a third because of the third book
Joyce Thomas (19 days ago)
I think a sequel would be great, but lets be real, the original is always the best. Sequels don't come close and trilogies are always the worst in my opinion.
Yo gur Shii (19 days ago)
I’ve only watched it like 800,999,00000 times
Bianca Pond (20 days ago)
I want a part 2 of this movie soo bad!!!! I wanna see them finish out high school then say, "I LOVE YOU PETER" "I LOVE YOU TO LARA JEAN!!!!!!!" Perfect couple right...??????? LIKE or COMMENT if you agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Agostina Federico (20 days ago)
the hot tub scene is my favorite, scratch that,, i love this movie <3
Christina Graham (20 days ago)
britts Life (20 days ago)
Wow he put popcorn on the floor big deal OMG NOAH IS SO CUTE HE PUT THE POPCORN ON THE FLOOR OMG !!! That is what they act like
Jul 13 (20 days ago)
I noticed the popcorn the second time I watched it and I melted.
Genesis Aguirre (21 days ago)
I new the moment Noah read the note and left her at her house he was in love with her they make a good couple🥰😍🥰😍😘😘🥰😍
Kaitlyn Meaney (21 days ago)
The best movie on Netflix
sophia Katreeb (21 days ago)
i didn’t notice the popcorn!
Shai Ireland (21 days ago)
How did you know i have a crush on peter😂 he is hot
Rosalee Delvalle (21 days ago)
Noah played the frosters
Jadyn Cruz (22 days ago)
This movie is one of my favorite romantic movies two watch !! They should make one of their senior year
Yuhang Harper Liu (22 days ago)
3:26 umm, who the hell is Lara Condor?
Hai Luong (23 days ago)
It's confirmed now that there is a sequel!!!!!!!
L I Z A (23 days ago)
to all the money ive wasted before
Guadalupe Garcia (23 days ago)
I noticed the popcorn thing
Savannah Sanchez (23 days ago)
I like when Peter spun Lara Jean in the cafeteria and I want them to get together in real life
Sarah Sloth (24 days ago)
Everyone there IS A SEQUEL Netflix just announced it
hey lookathme (24 days ago)
the secret of 567 (25 days ago)
How did they know those moments doesn't have a SCRIPT?!
fe4rlicia (26 days ago)
fe4rlicia (24 days ago)
+Angelina Tran yesss thank u for this information you made my day now :D
Angelina Tran (25 days ago)
Dear. Cherry btw a sequel is coming soon
Sophia walker (26 days ago)
I love this movie
Maximum Melody (27 days ago)
The book is great so obviously the movie was popular too.
I want a sequel
I did
Mrs. PCY 61 (27 days ago)
A. • (28 days ago)
3:27 " Lara Condor" 😂
Leeana Rajpaulsingh (28 days ago)
Favorite movie! Can't wait for the next one to come out.
Myra Amier (28 days ago)
Blonde Hippy (1 month ago)
iv Arianavi (1 month ago)
Peter is cute lol
Sarah Reese (1 month ago)
3:27 the narrator said Lara Condor. Something I would totally do!!
Angel A (1 month ago)
YAY! Can't wait for more adorable Peter and Lara jean scenes from the sequel ❤️❤️❤️
Emmy Butler (1 month ago)
I love the books so much ❤️
Jasmine Faiza (1 month ago)
Does the author of the book is lara jean's mom???
h9 (1 month ago)
katelyn irrelevant (1 month ago)
Snap211 (1 month ago)
I'll bet directors wanted to use the typical white, all-american girl as the starring female lead. Glad asian writer stuck to her guns. It's ABOUT time other nationalities, like asian, get a chance to be the main lead of a movie, besides karate! So refreshing, I love it!
rosie rosa (6 days ago)
rosie rosa (6 days ago)
+Snap211 ur actin like an immature 11 year old with childish comeback, grow up undeveloped piece of shot
rosie rosa (9 days ago)
+Snap211 nigga stfu
Snap211 (10 days ago)
+rosie rosa It's YOU that has NO idea how to write a 'complete thought', idiot! You NEED to go back to school! 😂🤣😆
rosie rosa (10 days ago)
+Snap211 congrats u developed common sense🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
Paradox586 (1 month ago)
Why DID Peter give away Lara Jean’s scrunchie
Does anyone else have the book bc I do
victoria cerero (1 month ago)
Yeah I totally noticed the popcorn scene
Zayana 1 (1 month ago)
Feeny Zhang (1 month ago)
I cant move on need the sequel asappp😭
Life is just AWESOME (1 month ago)
Ashley Farrow (1 month ago)
YESSSS!!!! part 2, PART 2, PART 22!!!!!
Andie Burns (1 month ago)
They need to make number 2 of this movie it is that good

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