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XBOX Game Pass Games Work On PC - Xbox Play Anywhere Brings Even More Value

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MaDz Gaming (1 year ago)
XBOX Game Pass Games Work On PC - Xbox Play Anywhere Brings Even More Value. If you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass you can run Xbox Play Anywhere titles on your Windows 10 PC without any extra cost. Microsoft adds more and more games to both Play Anywhere and Xbox Game Pass Programs which brings huge benefits for both Xbox and PC players. Well Done Microsoft.
Whatswhat (1 year ago)
MaDz Gaming madz is this feature for game pass new or has it always been the case?
yo an (3 months ago)
eggz bogz
Zitix! (4 months ago)
10K SUBS NO VIDEOS? (7 months ago)
Sounds like gattis kandis
Jay Pierre (8 months ago)
Stay tuned for more !
Sagar Garg (9 months ago)
Isn't we required Xbox console for using on Windows 10
Rohit Gamer (8 months ago)
+MaDz Gaming can i play halo 5 guardians on my pc? With game pass
MaDz Gaming (9 months ago)
You don't need Xbox console to use it on PC. But on PC you can play only few PlayAnywhere games. Just check which games on XGP are PlayAnywhere games and these you can play. Gears 4, Recore, Halo Wars 1 and 2, Ruiner, New Foraz Horizon 4, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2 and few more you can play on PC with XGP subscription. Try it out . It's only 2 dollars now
REV3NANT (11 months ago)
MISTY WITCHER (11 months ago)
Hey man, I'm getting error in pc if I click on join Xbox pass, I already added card details successfully.. Do I need Xbox one console to activate game pass?
BloodyMonster PL (1 year ago)
Polska xd
GRUBI_PL (1 year ago)
Xd pozdro z polski
Stephen Burkholder (1 year ago)
Does it have to say PC under platform in order to play on PC? For Example Under the Available on the game in windows store It says X box and PC is not listed under the available tab.
NazmusLabs (7 months ago)
Stephen Burkholder it has to say PC, yes, and play anywhere
Clasma ' (1 year ago)
Seriously there is no download button for me having free gamepass
Clasma ' (1 year ago)
Nvm i fixed it, you need to open the Microsoft Store APP, there u can download the game
_ _ (1 year ago)
This whole video is entirely incorrect. As of right now, you CANNOT install all "play anywhere titles" on PC without an Xbox. I actually subscribed to game pass today and can confirm that several games are not able to be played with the pass. Play anywhere titles such as Shadow of War, Forza 7, and even Cuphead are NOT able to be installed and only offer discounted buy prices with the gamepass.
Seb Littlewood (3 months ago)
Do I need the game pass to play sea of thieves on windows 10 or can I just buy it from the windows store without the game pass
Joshua Stanley (1 year ago)
I actually spoke with xbox today about this. In the game pass FAQ it states that play anywhere titles couldn't be played but I informed them that is incorrect. It allowed me download halo wars and GOW4 no issue and play them with my xbox save data. They are going to update the game pass FAQ.
BLAZE (1 year ago)
Joshua Stanley i had this same argument with someone yesterday m because their is an issue with gears 4 with nvidia drivers and i need to buy 3 copys of gears 4 for 4 computers in my house for 3 gamers in my house , but we do not wanna buy a game and it not work because we all have nvidia cards and gears 4 crashes with nvidia cards unless you use old drivers and we refuse to use old drivers , so lets get game pass for 10 bucks and try gears 4 and see if it works , great lets do that , so i go to xbox game pass website and like you read the facts , and in the facts i specifically says NO YOU CAN NOT PLAY ON PC IT MUST BE A XBOX ONE X , well of course the facts say no you can not play on pc i am to believe no you can not play on pc , also some game websites say yes you can play on pc and other game websites say no you can not play on pc , wtf man , yet another Microsoft fuck up , they need to communicate more , i still am unsure if this will work but im about to go try this free trial and just see if it works now the xbox game pass website in the facts STILL SAYS no you have to be on a xbox and can not play on pc , this caused me 3 hours of google searches and a huge internet hour long arguement yesterday
Anthony Fioravanti (1 year ago)
If u own the games in the game pass can u use them on the pc
xavier stargher (1 year ago)
XBOX is the best! sony is lame...and they come from a Shithole country!!
Lukáš Novotný (1 year ago)
WTF Xbox no have exclusive titles :D Xbox is for lame :D
Corey Massey (1 year ago)
Microsoft seems determined to make Xbox console useless for PC owners. Between this and Play Anywhere games......I never need an Xbox to play some of my favorite Xbox games. If this idea seems to not sit right with xbox console fanboys, please take up your grievance with Microsoft. Don't attack me because I already have a device that is more than capable of running Xbox games, and that device does not require me to pay for xbox live, it allows me to fully customize my play experience and I still get access to all the Microsoft platform games.......this is a win for me. Happy Microsoft doesn't care that I don't own thier box, because I have no intention of buying thier console ever again.
Caffeinated Critic (8 months ago)
Whatswhat  Because a $1,000 PC, besides being a BEAST, is also an investment. Your $60 a year you console players pay goes to nothing.
Caffeinated Critic (8 months ago)
Whatswhat  Wow. So much wrong here. You seem to be confused and think that gaming PCs start at $1,000 which is hilariously false, and no there will be no Xbox exclusives anymore. Starting with Gears of War 4, ALL Xbox exclusives launch on the same day on PC. PC has cheaper games and free online play. Consoles are shittier AND more expensive. XD
DkmarcusDk (1 year ago)
Whatswhat Peseant LUL
Mars Bars (1 year ago)
Corey Massey Well that's the fucking point. Why do you even want games to stay on Xbox only? Now that to me is very anti consumer. Xbox is still doing better than ever so what's the bad thing here? Do you want to be forced to buy an Xbox? Because that's what you seem to be saying right now. I thought you'd be happy that Xbox games are coming to PC but nope, you just want to complain about everything that Microsoft does because you just love complaining don't you? If you don't have any reason to buy a Xbox, then why are you complaining? PC is also a Microsoft platform so they care if you use PC :)
Corey Massey (1 year ago)
Whatswhat Why you mad at my wallet. I ain't mad at yours. Besides, Xbox one day one adopter.......500.00, then day one adopter for xbox one s........350, then day one Xbox one x adopters.......500.00. So I spent 1000.00 on my PC, but if you supported the xbox one since 2013 then you have spent at least 1350.00 on Xbox consoles alone and you clowning me over how I use my wallet.........please troll less!
Fuck all of this, when are the next Conker and Banjo Kazooie Games?
S7eventhHeaven (1 year ago)
In the UK we can get xbox game pass for £2.50 a month
Sohn einer Mutter (1 year ago)
S7eventhHeaven oh wow that's only a trial, so you can activate it once. Sorry for the mistake. Stupid hope xD
S7eventhHeaven (1 year ago)
Sohn einer Mutter worth it
Sohn einer Mutter (1 year ago)
S7eventhHeaven Germany 2$
UHD Gaming PC (1 year ago)
Tei Mo (1 year ago)
but pc dont have feautre like home console. it wont work if you play with a buddie via 2 pc on one account. this works on xbox so xbox win. its more coop friendly
Whatswhat (1 year ago)
UHD Gaming PC you realize that game pass has been on pc since the start... lol
UHD Gaming PC (1 year ago)
making xbox completely useless now, no games at all, no wonder switch is selling more than xbox one x, xbox one s. why should anyone play on xbox pc has superior everything over xbox
Shaheed Chopdat (6 months ago)
If you thought further than ur nose dickhead multiplayer games will pair you up against other pcs
Caffeinated Critic (8 months ago)
MaDz Gaming  Implying it's some difficult task to plug a computer into a TV. That's a good one.
arranmc182 (1 year ago)
Only time I ever consider a game on physical media if its a collectors edition all standard editions I just buy Digital, I know plenty of people that still buy blu-ray if you have a 4K TV with a proper Dolby set-up will beat Netflix & Prime Video hands down its a night and day difference some times as the bit rate of Blu-Ray much greater than all streaming services.
UHD Gaming PC (1 year ago)
NO ONE EVEN BUYS DISCS ANYMORE AND THEY ARE COSTLY TO WATCHIN ONLINE, COULD BREAK, GET LOST AND TAKE SPACE. Most people watch online these days and its been proven, i can stream all 4k content online with my 55mbs fibre internet
arranmc182 (1 year ago)
Remember Xbox One S & X supports 4K blu-ray not even Sony doing that
Michael Gomez (1 year ago)
They should they r making even more money now this revenue should just go for making new IP's
Srex 117 (1 year ago)
Michael Gomez you need to do researching first. The reason why they insist on Gamepass is cuz they want to make Xbox as streaming service instead of classic homo console. Gamepass is great for consumers but its bad for MS in the same way as Play Anywhere. Play Anywhere is great for gamers but is awful for MS since releasin their bigest 1st party games on PC give these PC owners less reasons to buy Xbox One.
Michael Gomez (1 year ago)
Srex 117 first go do your research before u y would they do something that they not benefit from think about it
Srex 117 (1 year ago)
Michael Gomez how they make more money? New games are 60$,gamepass is 10$ so for the start they are loosing 50$ just for one game and one user. And imagine you wait few months and there are 3 games that you want to play and they all cost lets say 150$ . You will pay 10$ for that month play all these games and cancel your membership. MS is going to loose 140$ just from 1 user.
Kerninja the Frog (1 year ago)
MS has already invested into first party. Only more investment to come i think
Whatswhat (1 year ago)
MaDz Gaming with phil spencer on top he can make his own budget decisions....

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