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Cartoon Characters as Monsters 2017! 😱

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Cartoon Characters as Monsters! Creepy cartoons remade into monsters... I hope you enjoy this video of creepy cartoon and disney characters! We have winnie the pooh, minions from despicable me, monsters university, spongebob, patrick, stitch, mickey mouse, donald duck and more! Subscribe to our Vlog channel! http://bit.ly/2kH6kOY Follow us on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/viraltrendsyt/ and Twitter! https://twitter.com/ViraITrends Thank you for watching! Check out some of my other videos! :) Most Oddly Satisfying Video In The World 2017! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Lw59A8hI0A&t=25s Super human Level - Fast Workers God Level 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtrAxu1gnhwFast Workers TOP 98 Ultimate Fidget Spinner CHALLENGE Video! (BEST Fidget Spinner Tricks DIY Toy VS Compilation) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbFLQ_eXEi0&t=25s Top 10 CRAZIEST Cliff Jumps On Youtube 2016! (Do NOT Click If You're Afraid Of Heights!) http://bit.ly/2gbgFyN 25 Family Photos You Won't Belive Actually Exists http://bit.ly/2fhL3YQ 10 Teachers Who Had SEX With Their STUDENTS! http://bit.ly/2fhJ9Yy 15 BEST Mannequin Challenges! Best Video Compilation! http://bit.ly/2fSd9Zc Best Cliff Jumping FAIL Compilation On Youtube 2016! http://bit.ly/2gbg2W0
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Text Comments (1153)
Viral Trends (1 year ago)
*These pictures were INSANE!* 😱 *WHICH ONE WAS THE BEST??* *Like and Subscribe for more cool videos!* 👍
Leigha Spurr (16 days ago)
Viral Trends s
Femke Sietsma (17 days ago)
Viral Trends p
Rebekah Leonard (20 days ago)
Viral Trends .
Rebekah Leonard (20 days ago)
Viral Trends l
Thomas Davison (10 days ago)
Meri Mavaega (12 days ago)
Congrats you just ruined my childhood
a g (12 days ago)
It's already 2019 and none of that happened
Гупка боб не честно он был страшен в самом мульт е
Holy time (15 days ago)
Janel Tackett (16 days ago)
Janel Tackett (16 days ago)
But elmo and cookie monster are already monsters
fiona eda gökçe (19 days ago)
Pıkachu no pokemon
Latoya Jenkins (21 days ago)
The smurf one looks like a monstar from space jam
Latoya Jenkins (21 days ago)
So is sully and cookie MONSTER
Latoya Jenkins (21 days ago)
The courage the Cowardly Dog broke my heart poor courage
Aresortiz10 Ortiz (22 days ago)
Spongebob is not a monster that is in the show hey want to hear a joke roses are red violets are blue I liked my own comment because nobody will sorry if I spelled something wrong please let me know if I did
Aresortiz10 Ortiz (22 days ago)
You know the first one
Edgar Noel Hernandez (22 days ago)
P ,b55
Они не этак смотрятся дурачина
Mg Jhostin (23 days ago)
Jay-r Natividad (23 days ago)
Wala akong pake diya alam ko lang pogi ako
Bianca Pinheiro (24 days ago)
Um lado bom e o roi
Denice De La Paz (24 days ago)
What have u done to stich!!!
Guadalupe Cervantes (24 days ago)
whats the song called?
Cupcake Paradise (24 days ago)
Isn’t mike already a monster?
Jace Johnson (24 days ago)
Ruined my childhood
Stefee Bee (25 days ago)
.?.?.!.!P,,,m,!.!m...? M!M..,,!.. .m,!m,.!m,,m.M..M,,.M.M?! ,, ,,,,,?,?...!.?.??,?.,,.?,,,.....!..,..,...,?,M.!!?m?..?,!!m?,..M..?.,?!!,M...?..M..,,,MM...M,.,,?,,!,.?!?.,,,,....,.,M...,M?.M.,,.,,.M,,m!mm,.M.?....!M.m.!.!?M,m.,?,.,m,,,.,?,.M.m!n,,n!!?!?.P.M!!!!!,,m.,M.,,.,!.!,n.,,!....!?.,,,m..,!,.,!.m,M.M,,..,.!.,!.SÀ
Malaika Whitley (25 days ago)
0:31 Whatcha gonna do with that chain you kinky mouse
raul vargas (26 days ago)
This completely ruined my childhood, I mean SPONGEBOB?!.........WHY SPONGEBOB LIKE WHY..... but this says cartoon animations soooooooo I guess it's ok.......yeahhhh............
Osmar Zetino (26 days ago)
Super Bloxer (26 days ago)
Isn’t mike already a monster?
Raymond Heath (27 days ago)
Not scary
Moonlight Edits06 (27 days ago)
My childhood ruined
Eliene Fernandes (27 days ago)
Nossa qual a graça de fazer isso meu filho ficou muito triste e charando conta que vcs fizeram isso muito triste 😢
Thetruesaltbringer 1 (27 days ago)
Wow dude u suck the smurf one wasn’t made that demon with a wrench is from a game
Alexander Steele (27 days ago)
And pinocchio
Alexander Steele (27 days ago)
And Donald twice
Alexander Steele (27 days ago)
You did Mickey and spongebob twice
Amy and Mia and Molly (27 days ago)
2:55 (on the right) when it was only a fart
Candog (27 days ago)
2:29 that is the scariest by far
CΔIØ VΔZ (28 days ago)
2:23 the worst
Camila Vieira (28 days ago)
e o diabo
Oliver Weiss (29 days ago)
Childhood ruined
cool kid (29 days ago)
Mario, Pooh, and Sully are the scary ones
Maddpirate 75 (30 days ago)
This creepy
The Race Carr 55555 (30 days ago)
*sips coke* Interesting
Pura mierda subes causa
Victoria Victoria (1 month ago)
ahhh like I saw them in my dream
Asian Andy (1 month ago)
At least @ the artist
Ana . Ani (1 month ago)
what happened to marios Dick ?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Fox (1 month ago)
The “monster” version of Stitch reminds me of a predator hound from “Predators”
fan Abry (1 month ago)
Celia Mireles (1 month ago)
That cool
James Tena (1 month ago)
Yhhhhhhhhhh uu
Crystal Potato (1 month ago)
Hell to the no!!!
Tata Martins (30 days ago)
Tiffany Brummitt (1 month ago)
Mickey didn't deserve this
The Music sucks
Salvador Medina (1 month ago)
Natalie Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Mike wow
Mirna Bravo-Wilson (1 month ago)
To scary
purplegal gamer (1 month ago)
Zara Hossan Zara (1 month ago)
agnes films (1 month ago)
Stitch looks cool!!
Da Hippopotamus (1 month ago)
Aren’t mike, sully, and Cookie Monster already monsters?
Onie Patrick (1 month ago)
1:44 omg
Onie Patrick (1 month ago)
Omg !!! 0:10
Mythitorium (1 month ago)
You absolute Bafoon mike wazowski is already a monster to begin with what the fuck "Oh LeTs jIsT mAkE mIkE bUt mOnStEr - eR"
Bendy The Devil (1 month ago)
0:03 well that's not really a monster that's was in a episode
Raymer Vinluan (1 month ago)
Pikachu was funny
Elisa Zielinski (1 month ago)
What have you done
Elisa Zielinski (1 month ago)
You son of a bitch
Charlie Savage (1 month ago)
Oohhh soo scary
Richard Scott (1 month ago)
You sociopath👿👿👿👿👿
ッBrooklyn Chan (1 month ago)
Squid ward is kinda already a monster in creepy pasta, I think..
JaetonWesley (1 month ago)
Pooh, Donald Ducks, Cookie Monster, Pinocchio, are the only ones that were scary
Ozzy n (1 month ago)
Mickey just look like a old mouse
Alan Bateson (1 month ago)
5 likes = they get a better look (mainly because I have never got too 5 likes
The great Papyrus (1 month ago)
Some of these characters are already monsters
The great Papyrus (1 month ago)
Cookie Monster is already a monster,that’s why he is called Cookie Monster
The great Papyrus (1 month ago)
Sully and mike are already monsters
naib99 gaming (1 month ago)
Salut a vous
宋晟榮 (1 month ago)
Janell Perez (1 month ago)
Kalach doré Persyn (2 months ago)
Robloxgirl I (2 months ago)
Ur the best but I wonder what is this song I love it
julia Rafaely13 (2 months ago)
RenFA (2 months ago)
0:49 reminds me of undertale
AddisonLoves Pokemon (2 months ago)
0:44 My sister is on here wow
Jamar Robinson (8 days ago)
Jay And Tab Flanagan (2 months ago)
Eeeeee aaaaaah :(
Bernard Lunga (2 months ago)
judit budai (2 months ago)
Zebra Tree (2 months ago)
Do u see cookie MONSTER is already a monster?!
Zebra Tree (2 months ago)
But now 2018
Della Knapp (2 months ago)
Not scary
Yaoi Is my spirit animal (2 months ago)
The song they used for this video.....
Desiree Piggott (2 months ago)
Delete this video
Estrella Castillo (2 months ago)
Wat mario

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