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Top 35 World's Richest Countries 2020 by GDP (nominal)

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Sources: * http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2018/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?pr.x=51&pr.y=7&sy=2020&ey=2020&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=546%2C924%2C532%2C528&s=NGDPD%2CNGDPDPC&grp=0&a= * http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2018/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?pr.x=15&pr.y=7&sy=2020&ey=2020&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=512%2C946%2C914%2C137%2C612%2C546%2C614%2C962%2C311%2C674%2C213%2C676%2C911%2C548%2C193%2C556%2C122%2C678%2C912%2C181%2C313%2C867%2C419%2C682%2C513%2C684%2C316%2C273%2C913%2C868%2C124%2C921%2C339%2C948%2C638%2C943%2C514%2C686%2C218%2C688%2C963%2C518%2C616%2C728%2C223%2C836%2C516%2C558%2C918%2C138%2C748%2C196%2C618%2C278%2C624%2C692%2C522%2C694%2C622%2C142%2C156%2C449%2C626%2C564%2C628%2C565%2C228%2C283%2C924%2C853%2C233%2C288%2C632%2C293%2C636%2C566%2C634%2C964%2C238%2C182%2C662%2C359%2C960%2C453%2C423%2C968%2C935%2C922%2C128%2C714%2C611%2C862%2C321%2C135%2C243%2C716%2C248%2C456%2C469%2C722%2C253%2C942%2C642%2C718%2C643%2C724%2C939%2C576%2C644%2C936%2C819%2C961%2C172%2C813%2C132%2C726%2C646%2C199%2C648%2C733%2C915%2C184%2C134%2C524%2C652%2C361%2C174%2C362%2C328%2C364%2C258%2C732%2C656%2C366%2C654%2C734%2C336%2C144%2C263%2C146%2C268%2C463%2C532%2C528%2C944%2C923%2C176%2C738%2C534%2C578%2C536%2C537%2C429%2C742%2C433%2C866%2C178%2C369%2C436%2C744%2C136%2C186%2C343%2C925%2C158%2C869%2C439%2C746%2C916%2C926%2C664%2C466%2C826%2C112%2C542%2C111%2C967%2C298%2C443%2C927%2C917%2C846%2C544%2C299%2C941%2C582%2C446%2C474%2C666%2C754%2C668%2C698%2C672&s=NGDPD%2CNGDPDPC&grp=0&a= * http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/weo/2018/01/weodata/weorept.aspx?pr.x=43&pr.y=10&sy=2020&ey=2020&scsm=1&ssd=1&sort=country&ds=.&br=1&c=001&s=NGDPD&grp=1&a=1 Top 50 United States China Japan Germany India France United Kingdom Brazil Italy Canada Korea Russia Australia Spain Mexico Indonesia Netherlands Turkey Switzerland Saudi Arabia Argentina Poland Sweden Belgium Nigeria Thailand Austria Norway United Arab Emirates Malaysia Ireland Israel Denmark South Africa Islamic Republic of Iran Philippines Singapore Colombia Pakistan Bangladesh Finland Chile Czech Republic Vietnam Romania Portugal Peru New Zealand Greece Iraq
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Text Comments (123)
Stephen Podesta (4 days ago)
GDP per  capita  64,000  is Australia  2nd  highest next to the US  which is  66,000. This GDP per country means  nothing to the  man on the street.  12,000  for China being the supposed  2nd largest GDP  shows the  disparity of it all.
Abdulla Almamun (5 days ago)
Indian man bolda aga jantam na sob abal
Oliver Szadaj (5 days ago)
GDP per Capita is bullshit and not true in this video, the rest okey:)
RAJ SAINI (6 days ago)
fake h
Rob Reese (8 days ago)
this is completely wrong ,Mexico is really #85
E AI JA VIU ? VIU ? (10 days ago)
1 China 2 índia 3 EUA 4 Brasil
E AI JA VIU ? VIU ? (10 days ago)
6 _ Brasil. What 8 ?
VISHAL KUMAR (11 days ago)
TRAVEL WORLD TV (11 days ago)
*China* should be no.1 not *USA* *According to Forbes 2018 - **http://www.worldsrichestcountries.com/*
Belofamily insanity (11 days ago)
*he's an American patriot.* That's why he always put USA as Top number 1. *the information is not updated* This make us dumb if we always believe this.
Shubham Verma (12 days ago)
Nope everyone will see India will be no. 3
ashutosh sharma (12 days ago)
Pakistan dekh kisi ko sala bikhari desh
Silver ImpAct (12 days ago)
East or West, INDIA is the best
Richard Zayn (13 days ago)
India , The best of the best .
Aditya Vishnu (8 days ago)
+Iceman Chambers you asshole xd India is the best.in 19 century everyone say about U.S.A also but they did it and now our turn
Iceman Chambers (9 days ago)
Hahaha. Best in shitting on streets and drinking cow piss. :;D
UltraPop (18 days ago)
México is gonna be number 9 by 2030 ,because at this moment México its the number 12 largest economy in the world..not 15.
Lucas A'dab (10 days ago)
Kensst Riser, este fuente es de ese año, no hay más actuales.
Kenssth Riser (10 days ago)
+Lucas A'dab ya supero a canada e italia
Kenssth Riser (10 days ago)
+Lucas A'dab la economia mexicana es la 11 en el mundo. Mira otras fuentes actuales
Lucas A'dab (15 days ago)
UltraPop, mira las fuentes en la suscripción.
UltraPop (15 days ago)
+Lucas A'dab NO
Sebastien Barbe (18 days ago)
Sebastien Barbe (18 days ago)
France <3
Kingbr Zueira (19 days ago)
Junior você é um bosta pau no cu do caralho vai se fude
SSMART (22 days ago)
Republic of China is a country. Mainland is not a country that is part of Republic of China!
Mingming Liu (4 hours ago)
木 木 in China
木 木 (1 day ago)
Yeah,where is republic of China
吴少波 (12 days ago)
Karol Jahn (24 days ago)
Poland :)
Marklaurence Manjares (24 days ago)
This is fake because Philippines now 2018 current GDP is 371.8billion rank 34th and in 2020 is 450 billion and Rank 29
Nesmer Bole (11 days ago)
Where did you find those info? I'm sure Philippines is top 28. With its GDP per capita $985 billion. Philippines is richer than Argentina. But the poverty is still the problem.
Applelitchi (26 days ago)
Well, unfortunately, from this data, countries that are largely against the U.S., including China, Turkey and Russia, are expected to see a sharp downward trend. No, it will certainly be even lower.
Dakota Ballenger (1 month ago)
Long live America and the constitution of freedom it stands for. Evil China will never be as clean and great.
Chinglen Thokchom (17 days ago)
America is going down like it or not.China will surpass america by 2030.And you will cry like a helpless bitch.
Chinglen Thokchom (17 days ago)
shut the fuck up faggot.America is the one moving around killing thousands of civilians in other sovereign countries by droping bomb these past decades,not china.And america is the holy righteous one and china who haven't fired a single bullet to anyone since veitnam war is the Evil?Hahaha pathetic moron like you should be shot dead and the world will find peace.Scumbag
Dakota Ballenger (1 month ago)
China's is wrong buddy. It's 14 trillion not 18
fattah afkskisukaih (6 days ago)
That is for 2020.
Tang Hugo (1 month ago)
Love China🇨🇳
+Dakota Ballenger slum? Are you sure? China is more develope than US and India. Because china always win on tradewar and they are the only country with biggest export products in the world. And China is industrialized country. China is a modern country.
Dakota Ballenger (1 month ago)
China is a slum ridden filth
Alvin Channel (1 month ago)
Indonesiaaaaa 👏👏👏 2030 Top 5
waleed ali (1 month ago)
Ibrahim Dragon (1 month ago)
李显斌 李显斌 (1 month ago)
Janis Briedis (1 month ago)
我喜欢韩国 (1 month ago)
Chian CN (1 month ago)
China 1 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Mingming Liu (4 hours ago)
Dakota Ballenger yes, we are developing country. You are developed countries. Thus, we have no threat to you guys, we are still weak. Don’t worry.
Pho Thanh (10 days ago)
Địt cụ mày
Gamingtill80s - (12 days ago)
+Dakota Ballenger its not a third world country you dumbass
Alex Earl (15 days ago)
Chian CN 不知道你干嘛刷存在感,低调点不好吗
Dakota Ballenger (1 month ago)
Ahahahahaha no. USA is. China is a 3rd world undeveloped slum ridden filth
Asia Penguin (1 month ago)
USA power is completely crazy
Nicolas Worsnop (1 month ago)
Siempre España dando la cara por los hispanos A pesar de no ser el pais hispano mas poblado
Martín Armendáriz (1 day ago)
Nicolas Worsnop Nadie dice que México no lo sea. Me refiero a que México está en crecimiento. Hoy en día se construyen más carreteras, puertos y aeropuertos que cualquier país de Europa. Ya es tercer lugar por número de aeropuertos en el mundo detrás de EEUU y Brasil. Es tercer lugar en inversión de aeronáutica. En 8 años dobló su riqueza pasó a tener un PIB cercano al de España y según Goldman Sachs en 4 años su PIB desbancará (en el siguiente orden) a Australia, España, Rusia, Corea del Sur, Canadá e Italia. Y en cuánto al IDH obviamente España le gana por qué es un país pequeño. México muy grande con una población diversificada, pero aún así hay dos municipios (San Nicolás de los Garza y Benito Juárez) que tienen un IDH mayor al de Noruega, el país con mayor IDH en el planeta.
Nicolas Worsnop (2 days ago)
+Martín Armendáriz españa supera a mexico en pib percapita, idh, salarios mas altos, mejor infraestructura, menos pobreza, mas seguro, mejores universidades, y vas a decir que españa es de tercer mundo y mexico no?
Martín Armendáriz (2 days ago)
Nicolas Worsnop Las mejores ciudades son las norteamericanas EEUU y Canadá están por encima de Europa en servicios e infraestructura. México no es un país pobre de tercer mundo. La percepción de pobreza es porque pertenece a América Latina. Pobre Bolivia o África. Más españoles migran a Mexico que mexicanos a España. Además España es tercer mundo. Sólo Alemania, Suiza, Francia, Italia Países bajo, Bélgica, Escandinavia y Reino Unido son primer mundo.
Nicolas Worsnop (4 days ago)
+Martín Armendáriz ricos son estados unidos y canadá porque mejico es un pais pobre de tercer mundo Las mejores ciudades del mundo son europeas
Martín Armendáriz (4 days ago)
Nicolas Worsnop Italia está en crisis y la tasa de crecimiento económico de la Unión Europea es de risa. NUNCA en la historia EEUU, Canadá y México habían sido tan ricos. Y tienen algo que Europa no: energía. Dependen del petróleo de Medio Oriente y del gas ruso. En cambio los norteamericanos nos pudrimos en petróleo y gas. No por algo ya es la única región que es sustentable en energía. Y ya se está construyendo el superducto de Canadá a Mexico que proveerá de energía barata a los 3 países.
Palms Shaw (1 month ago)
Mr.CoolGuy (22 days ago)
Franco Santander (2 months ago)
21º <3
Rhaniel Santos (2 months ago)
China certamente passará os EUA até o ano de 2025, além da Índia que vem crescendo em um ritmo frenético. Pena que na comparação desses dois países muita coisa muda, a China investe em educação e exportações, tirou mais de 500 milhões de pessoas da pobreza nos ultimos 20 anos e sua renda per capita não para de crescer, a Índia cresce no mesmo ritmo, mas fica estagnada na renda Per capita. Finalizando, mais um video esplêndido, meus parabéns!
Sou fã de vocês dois @juniorpetjua e​ +Rhaniel Santos!
Mr.CoolGuy (22 days ago)
Renda per capita = População / Produto Interno Bruto, falhou em matemática? De um índio.
Mr.CoolGuy (22 days ago)
Per-Capita income= Population/Gross-Domestic Product, failed at maths? From an Indian.
Rhaniel Santos (2 months ago)
juniorpetjua (2 months ago)
Maravilhosa análise, Rhaniel! Isso ocorre porque a taxa de natalidade indiana é bem superior à chinesa. Inclusive a Índia se tornará muito em breve o país mais populoso do mundo, ultrapassando a China.
Charles Shan (2 months ago)
India no1,China no 100
Dew Dew (4 days ago)
+Nesmer Bole We don't need niggas like u🤣 I know from where you are JUNKIE😂
Nesmer Bole (8 days ago)
+tanya tripti I don't care about chinese. Because I'm not chinese. I just hate India and US.
Nesmer Bole (8 days ago)
+tanya tripti India is *polluted country,* people there are *ugly.*
tanya tripti (9 days ago)
+Nesmer Bole if u haven't visited India yet then don't speak rubbish bout it....because the racist India u all know was crushed down long ago by its leaders n now all Indians live with unity without any discrimination....pity u....enhance ur partial knowledge....u won't be able to do anything instead
tanya tripti (9 days ago)
Who is the most hated..that we all know Mr. Whatever....did u mean China....which is full of hatred is better than the sacred India? Hahhh...lol....joke of the decade.....China is literally hated by the entire world n don't forget even ur religion has come from mother India...the god whom u all worship Lord Buddha was born in Uttar Pradesh ,India n not China....n u r saying that China is better than India....Hahh....lol get ur eyes checked bro
Ronald McDonalds Twin (2 months ago)
Eu me inscrevi e liguei todas as notificares.Sinto muito se meu portugues nao e tao bom!
juniorpetjua (2 months ago)
Fico feliz que goste tanto de meus vídeos. Eu entendi todos os seus comentários! :) <3
Jair Bolsonaro (2 months ago)
Chris Dahlen, está bom :)
Ronald McDonalds Twin (2 months ago)
Eu amo seus videos mais ricas do pais,cara.Eu sinceramente nao me importo com o PIB per capita.I aperas como as fotos dos paises com a musica. Mantenhase!
Ronald McDonalds Twin (2 months ago)
I honestly dont care about GDP per capita and all that...the reason im here is because i like looking at the pics of the countries along with the music.
EMRE 10 (2 months ago)
Yahya Işık (4 days ago)
+Hamada Taleb that's true
Hamada Taleb (9 days ago)
Haahahaha Erdogan donkeygan monkeygan .. Crazyman drink eran milk of donkey
Hamada Taleb (9 days ago)
Poor country 46 million under poverty......
Mr.CoolGuy (22 days ago)
You're definitely not a Pakistani.
sanjay awasthi (26 days ago)
Zoo Land (3 months ago)
Eu sou linda! A música é perfeita! Obrigado por um vídeo maravilhoso. Seu canal é muito interessante. Eu me inscrevi. Tenha um bom dia!
juniorpetjua (2 months ago)
Muito obrigado! :) <3
Prashant Sharma (3 months ago)
Hamada Taleb (9 days ago)
900 million under poverty
Mark Laurence Manjares (3 months ago)
Where's Philippines? The Philippines GDP is higher than Malaysia, UAE, Normay and Austria in 2020
Mark Laurence Manjares (3 months ago)
Where's Philippines? The Philippines GDP is higher than Malaysia
Akshay Choudhary (3 months ago)
Totaly wrong...i don know frm where dis dude comr from😂😂😂
Chinglen Thokchom (17 days ago)
What is right then?Please enlightened us.
Methrebish Obama Natashe (3 months ago)
long live Nigeria. labour of our past heroes shall never be in vain
Jab Jal (2 months ago)
it's an illusion comparing countries through their nominal GDP...most important is the GDP per capita, which really means (if the wealthy is not in the hands of half a dozen multimillionaires...) the welfare of the people...otherwise the size of a country (and its population) will make all the difference. Compare, for instance, the 5th place of India with the lowest rank of Switzerland...an immense ocean of difference...
Jab Jal (2 months ago)
any people can handle the data the way they want...the way they prefer...the way is it most useful and convenient for their goals...I don't discuss these matters...data is data and statistics are statistics...so be happy with your buying capacity...I'll do the same with mine...
G Joeye (2 months ago)
as per the UN, world bank, income is measured in terms of gdp per capita PPP, NOT NOMINAL GDP PER CAPITA, and as of 2020, it will be $10,000. but cost of living in india is low. Electricity $5, water $2, internet $5, 4G 1.4 Gb data per day is $3 etc. *Go to Amazon india, look at the commodity prices, and convert it to $* as per the UN, india's middle class is 862 million and living the same lifestyle just like any other foriegner. And india has reduced extreme poverty to 67 million as of 2018 as per the UN. U keep getting brainwashed like this, by agenda driven, brown skinned heathen country hating western media.
nono Ahmed (3 months ago)
You are beautiful
Hallif Battisti (3 months ago)
Tanks , Brazil 🇧🇷
Lucas A'dab (3 months ago)
Blz! Brasil!
Hallif Battisti (3 months ago)
Nice (^^)
Top Tudo (3 months ago)
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